You KNOW that I have written on this blog this year – over and over – how the Democratic Party is in a full on Civil WAR. There are no nine factions ( splinters ) of the once more or less United Party that are in splinter groups. Four are socialist and two of the four are full communist backed. The largest splinter is saying they will vote for TRUMP and that ;is the fastest growing splinter group we call the NEW WALLET PARTY we are all joining and we are all staying inside of moving forward. Another equally large splinter says they are so disgusted they will not vote until the Democratic Party can define itself to their belief and philosophy. It is a mess. Just when you thought it could NOT GET WORSE for them or better for Trump at the mid term this happens. Wait for it…..

Comey – yes Comey the former Director of the FBI and a top tier leader for the Democrats – the FBI director that was anti Trump and Pro Hillary ( thats history now ) with the famous line from the Apprentice ringing in HIS ears – YOUR FIRED – ( still I”m sure based on today’s tweets ).

Comey came out and asked the Democratic Party based on the truth I report here to:

  2. Democrats ( led by Pelosi Socialism ) PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE YOUR MINDS.

Do not lose your minds?

From the former FBI Director now gone full on political. Is Comey setting up his own run for office like he – the fired – could beat and win the White House. Now the Comey SPLINTER is a whole new SPLINTER ( Thats for SURE ) further dividing the Democrat CIVIL WAR.

The Party that divided, mismanagement, and failed to United in the last Presidential Election is now fragmenting into self destruction as no model we have records for. The money rising to 100 million Nancy Pelosi has raised is almost exclusively raised from the most wild socialist sources and right out communist party affiliated donors. So the party is steering by the money to all the things we love to talk about but that economically can’t be paid or ever.

Lets forgive a trillion in student loans – left.

Lets pay for free college for everyone – left.

Lets pay a living wage to everyone so no one has to work ever again – left.

I love the idea of paying every 75,000 inflation adjusted. The way a nation pays for that is HOW again as an economic thinker? I’m not right I’m not left and the majority of the WALLET PARTY is not left or right they are moderate and want COMMON DAMN SENSE as the comedian Gallager defined for us with his giant wooden hammers smacking water melons all over the audience screaming COMMON DAMN SENSE. The Common Damn Sense party is leaving the Democrats the Republicans and the Independents and joining without any formal institution the MAJORITY NEW WALLET PARTY. We are voting our wallets.

So IS Nancy Pelosi on something or is she insane? She has turned the democratic  party upside down. The base at the top is leaving. The bottom calling all the shots in the Pelosi Upside Down Pyramid for the Democrats – has Nancy with her nose like an ant eater poked in the ground telling us all about the landslide coming – as she wiggles and squirms her TREASON issue on Trump as he had a discussion with a world leader – just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and so it goes. The base is running for the hill as socialist Nancy Pelosi is by Comey today – called upon – Please Girl do not lose you mind – which means she already has. America regardless of party simply HATES NANCY PELOSI save for communist and socialist which is now what the party has become or Comey would not write what he did today. Now we have TEN FACTIONS or SPLINTERS with the millions that will join the COMEY splinter. The Democrat Party melt down means donors are wasting their WALLET money – it means that they can’t repair this in 2018 or even by 2020.

Their candidate appears right now to 2020 be Biden – a geriatric by then – and having run for President since I can remember and lost every single time – the multiple endless loser running against Donald Trump seems not only a ROCK STONE LOSER PLAN and a donor repulsion – plan – but in the splinters – THATS YOUR BEST – I mean RELALY. It speaks oceans about the divisions in this Civil war as the party dissolves into splinters with splinter leadership and a attack plan Nancy Socialists are running to the extend Comey writes this July – PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR MINDS DEMOCRATS ( he means Pelosi underline that item and her socialist communist factions all tracked documented and speaking volumes of Nancy push to the outside extreme of the left side for AMERICA ). I don’t hate her because my guy said forgive them father for they know NOT what it IS that they do. She thinks she is RIGHT in absolute terms and all the other splinters and anyone called Republican or Independent is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. That is her actions triggered by her thought.

Nancy Pelosi has done more harm to the democratic party than anyone since the end of World War II. WOW its pain full to watch Comey write to tens of millions DEMOCRATS DO NOT LOSE YOUR MINDS IN A RUSH TO SOCIALISM.



Nancy Pelosi is circulating “sign here” on her ice breaker march to no destination related to her bought and pay for issue at the mid year – Trump committed TREASON for talking to Putin as her only game plan is impeach the President GRID LOCK Congress and win my seat back so I can run Congress again. Now thats a plan right there billy bob.

The “sign here” seeks to BLOCK the Putin meeting. Now congress does not have powers to block meetings between hears of state as the President powers are SEPARATE from law making. The President has absolute powers to EXECUTE THE LAWS on the books and to act within long established court ruled precedent on those powers. Nancy attempts to bloc Trump have failed in the Supreme Court separation of Powers. Again and again in fact.

So Trump. Lets look at this. We are meeting with an enemy. We are not meeting with a friend. Can enemies meet, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Japan ( we went to war with them ) and so many others in Africa to South America and all over the world with over 200 nations many of which are NOT OUR FRIENDS. Can we meed them? Can we reduce the competition and elevate the cooperation? Is a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PLAN of value? Is a new world order on trade and box top rules for how we interact with one another timely and important?

Should we pay attention that for the first time since the Cold War a United Russia 82% supporting their leadership ministries and Putin – now believe it is likely we will move to World War III. Why? The America Russia culture almost Pelosi insane if not hysteric.

What does it all look like from Putin’s view and his teams ? Lets put on his glasses for a minute:

  1. They don’t get it. They don’t. They don’t see what we see.
  2. They believe they were set up in the election by another nation because if Putin hacked us we would NEVER KNOW as they are that good.
  3. Plus they don’t get how inept it was if Russia influenced the election there would have been real influence no footprints at all.
  4. They don’t understand as some face book silly stuff had no effect and the US Justice said it had no effect on outcome – so why would they at the top ever do such nonsense.
  5. They KNOW the US influences elections massive intrusions in Iran, Iraq, and world wide and has forever so what pot is calling what kettle black here – Putin thinks the congress is hysterical on Russia.
  6. Putin on coming to office FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS was to remind the USA of Reagan’s fixed agreement – WE BRING DOWN THE WALL IN BERLIN and you as the USA do not MOVE NATO and your sphere of powers east into our trade blocks of the Soviet Union as our sphere of influence and we remain good.
  7. As Clinton Bush and Obama vastly moved NATO’s net ever east – breaking our agreement with Russia time and time again – against warnings there would be consequence – Putin in the end drew his own red line and acted.
  8. Ukraine has a lawful democratic election and elects in their Russia touching Russia nation – a Russian leaning leader who said NO to the EU membership and wished to remain trading with Russia raising their deals where all their energy comes from. The US influenced their COUP as a revolution moved the elected leader OUT and he fled to Russia without due process. Putin acted on this final betrayal not willing to allow NATO to move to its own borders and took over Crimeria which as a red line  said – they folks used to be our nation and are again – and this port now offsets your military in the MED and we are NO LONGER FOOLING AROUND WITH YOU.
  9. If a war took place with Russia Nato would currently lose in 60 days experts report. Without Nukes with Nukes in 60 minutes Nato would lose. Russia has drawn its red line from Putin’s view where America breaks its agreement with Saddam, With Gadaffi – with RUSSIA ( on treaties on multiple broken agreements ) with Iran now – and they are willing to fresh start but they will not permit any further agreement making that is subject to be more worthless than the papers they are written on. For this opposing reasons and no break in agreements RUSSIA is highly respected world wide and we are not so much.
  10. Syria – we were backing factions including UN terrorists with billions to take over Syria as we don’t like King Hussain – Russia has s multi billion dollar World War II high tech critical port in Syria which it can not let fall to the WEST as it is strategic and Russia is an alliance with King Hussain and his father before him the legitimate roller of Syria. So Russia comes in and coordinates Iran’s help and support and they coordinate with the US commanders on now focusing attacks on the ISIS group – along with the American backed opposition to Hussain – which has lost their war and we have lost untold lives and billions upon billions of dollars – total loss no gains of any kind save for ISIS is gone – which and this is the good news – may NOT have happened without RUSSIA AND USA COOPERATION.

So put on Putin’s glasses.

Now then the spin having zero proofs is endless on Putin being a monster. Consider the monster ( by our bought and paid for media ) is a follow the money issue for me at least. First bashing Trump is what it is. Bashing Putin is more of the same though and we tend to make Putin fact and Trump spin. Now put on new glasses and consider if Putin bashing is a lot of SPIN as well. The monster Putin has the highest approval rating of any world leader upon this earth where millions upon millions approve of Putin and his policies for his people and nation including overwhelming stopping NATO moving East and yes Ukraine policy. All those 82% are brain washed – I don’t think so folks.

Russia is not America. Not by values culture or on any comparative. if you know Russia history really you don’t expect Russia to be America. Stop putting America criteria thinking manners and outcomes as a saddle you place on Russia. Wrong horse wrong saddle. Russia is Russia. Can we talk and cooperate on some levels with the largest Nuke Power next to the USA on earth? Yes we can and yes we must. Can we reduce a World War III spiral – yes we can and yes Trump must its his day job – just that first priority – Trump or any President.

Another Cold War in a push button digital world is not a spiral we can afford where AI may push THE BUTTON soon. I mean really folks ?

Treason? Come on. Comey to Democrats – DO NOT LOSE YOUR MIND DEMOCRATS – but no one is listening as the middle the mass on all sides in all parties is joining the non political WALLET PARTY because voters have become TOO DAMN SMART for brain washing. Thats new.

So with all the distrust on all sides Putin and Trump seek to forge a NEW WORLD ORDER. Why?

  1. The problems created by the world world order model can no longer be solved by those old world box top rules in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.
  2. The solutions to assure WORLD PEACE is secure require alliances of opposing powers to resolve the problems without which such problems can not be resolved and World War III “IS” around the corner and the massive majority in America’s new WALLET PARTY knows this at bone marrow level.
  3. Team work over time to construct a new box top rule set in which opposing powers can related agree and canton is in process and is historic and prioritizes world peace with events in North Korea and Iran where outcomes require Russia and China working with the USA and the EU to resolve the world slate of issues.
  4. Will it be rocky and without bumps in the road – you bet. Can we do better. You bet. Should we try. You bet. Is that treason folks? DEMOCRATS DO NOT LOSE YOUR NANCY PELOSI MINDS TO THAT WOMAN.
  5. History is unfolding as never before as some of the most amazing LEADERS are TALKING. The EU is talking about new box top rules for trade as a TRUMP vision for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND rises to the future like an economic light house.

We as a nation have interests. President Eisenhower the first President I personally can remember speeches and presence from as a very young person sitting on the warmth of an RCA tube heated radio like a piece of furniture – listening to the CONVENTION Screaming – WE LIKE EIKE – WE LIKE EIKE over and over. I recall in my first retained Presidential Speech – I think I was age seven but it remains clear to that little boy even today…..

….As with President Lincoln I also know that no giant can span the oceans and every threaten the United States of America. No our damager today remains as Lincoln warned us so long ago – always from within. Today I caution you against the greatest danger to our way of life which is the insidious post war MILITARY INDUSTRIAL UNHOLY UNION OR COMPLEX…….

Do you believe the founding fathers would see the central government controlling all your rights privileges etc. You didn’t need a license from state to drive a car fly a plane or ride a horse bu soon your universal chip will track your breadth heart beat and AI will rack your movements habits purchases and every move you make. Today the largest customer for all and everything is the US central government do you think the Founding Fathers saw THAT when they  invented a constitution to limit central movement powers and taxation – preclude parties from nominating candidates – and assuring no third party could print money ( like the FED ) where only the Treasury of the people could print money and then within balanced budgets save I times of war. How do you think they see us today?

So the largest cost of the US Gov in central economic terms is indirect and direct defense cost to the reported and non reporting military industrial complex. Said another war without fear threat and spending the US economy contracts. Booms are created when consumers spends, government spends or they both spend. If they contract we have a recession risk. If Defense spending reduces we have a recession.

Follow the money.

So what forces wish a hostile relationship with Russia based on fear and maximum defense spending? Third graders can answer this folks. So stop the press and Pelosi mid year election hysteria ( has she lost her mind as Comey cautions Democrats to not follow PELOSI SOCIALISM in 2018 – and the splinters in the civil war are rebelling right this minute and today and Comey is leading a new splinter entirely ) – so you can answer this. A trillion dollars is fearing less spending if Trump and Putin make new box top rules.

ECONOMICS wars are economic and so is peace.

In the end it is competitive thinking is a form of insanity. Denial of that is insane itself. Cooperation is sane thinking and virus free thinking where the competitive virus is removed from whole brain thought process. Your reptilian mid brain will always introduce insane fear competitive thought impulse – which your higher brain can train itself to deny – you know hard wired to preclude being eaten by a raptor which RUSSIA and her people who LOVE US in fact – if we could calm down here – are not raptors. They do not want war and we do not war. But tension is profit and its billions.

A new Cold War in digital space with AI coming is insane.

Sanity is the right move – find common ground and forge new bo top rules. To call that treason is sure insanity by insane brains virus infected. Comey had to call it today – its INSANE.

Not my words but words from your own Former Director of the FBI.  Billion people looking in on 300 million of us – see the insanity and think America has lost its way.

But America has not lost its way. America is inside reform – the most significant upgrading and reform in 100’s of years – in generations and the move to the NATiONAL WALLET PARTY NWP is the new majority about to usher in massive Republic majority to congress because voting for a splinter democrat assures grid lock – recession and lay off’s and massive waste of billions upon billions of dollars – a pure mess as we slip from 5th gear in the commuter lane – to reverse out of all lanes and on the shoulder backing up into an economic boulder. NOW THAT IS INSANE IN FACT.


Statistics do not lie. Trump economics take some time not one quarter by three years. Today the pay out of states and nations to welfare and unemployment are soaring downward. Meanwhile jobs are soaring up as you see quarter after quarter after quarter. This is a double benefit. The treasury stops paying out cost while income to the nation is soaring. This moderates the national debt to better numbers than all prior projections.

THE USA against its assets is a 12% home loan and not bad on debt to GNP because GNP is ahead of all projections and US GNP is soaring led by oil rising to 12 million barrels a day when we pass RUSSIA as the # 1 energy and oil producer on the earth ( again ).

Trump Team economics is about to restore the AAA CREDIT RATING that was downgrade under Obama. We expect that by the mid year vote this November and remember you heard that sound byte here FIRST no where else.

The USA can afford the Wall new immigration policy and upgrade box top rules long over due – and infrastructure investing to rebuild upgrades and modernize our nation back to global leadership for our unborn generations of prosperity. WE can’t afford to NOT but we if insane Pelosi wins the congress – NOT IS THE GRID LOCK AND IMPEACHMENT YOU WILL HAVE.

Pelosi Impeachment as with President Clinton has a ZERO chance of PELOSI outcome ( which is insane ) but will create:

  1. Chaos
  2. Division like never seen before
  3. Billions upon billions wasted for deep state powers
  4. Grid lock as never known before and back lash
  5. Recession Super Crash and massive unemployment within socialism and Pelosi economics but she’ll be speaker again?

THE NATIONAL WALLET PARTY – NWP – IS DERAILING PELOSI POLITICS AS COMEY DECLARED INSANITY – and Democrats are voting for republican congress because it is mechanical not political – such voting MAKES CONGRESS WORK versus grid lock.

The NWP voters have no party spin like a duck NWP voters shed spin like ducks shed rain drops on their feathers as they fly and soar.

NWP voters in the dark privacy of the voter booth vote to assure:

  1. Congress WORKS
  2. Congress remains in dysfunction and does not work well

Its no longer political it is mechanical. Elect a Republican brand President NWP elects a republican congress to make CONGRESS WORK.

Elect a Demorat brand President NWP elects a Democratic Congress to make CONGRESS WORK.

In the new box rules VOTERS HAVE WORKED OUT THEMSELVES much like the old movie – THEY ARE MAD AS HELL AND THEY ARE FULLY UNITED IN NOT TAKING THE INSANITY ANY LONGER…..hence the WALLER PARTY we vote privately for our prosperity and obvious function versus dysfunction and party spending has zero bearing on that VOTE.


Common damn sense.

For five years I have blog reported for sanity versus insanity. We have started a movement the NATIONAL WALLET PARTY. Folks in 2018 the NWP is becoming the new majority and no one has registered for anything. America just comes together as one when its time and its right because in the end – when the music stops – in our chevy by the levy the day the spin music died – we Americans have a first LOVE – for the world never see’s through our USA glasses in all our division and all our debates and all our views all Americans’ all of US – why we simple cherish and love EACH OTHER in a way impossible to explain unto the world.

Reagan perhaps explained it in our modern world with his words…

….Oh you can migrate to Russia or France and you will have a life in Russia or in France – but citizens of the world make no mistake your generations and childrens children will never no not ever “BE” Russian nor will they “BE” French. But you may also be resolved that when you pass our French gifted Statue of Liberty and you ( legally ) enter our nation – not in generations – no not in years or months of time – for in one community upon this earth in 90 days just that – you will be welcomed and appreciated and included and you in this single nation you having arrived in wonder WILL IN FACT “BE AMERICAN” and only here is that reality expressed in the 1700’s and again here today….only here……..

The National Wallet Party understands we majority LOVE EACH OTHER without condition American to American at a foundation level that is our super glue that unites us all so uncommon and impossible to express at core to the world as our first truth. We are core love each other as one people one nation and yes always under GOD in our vast vast majority.

So in God we trust and frankly in the WALLET PARTY this mid year I completely trust but if you cancel my vote I chose you all over again my brothers and sisters – always you.






When I write I never express political views although I may report them from others. I report to the best of our information and opinions in the end, economic conclusions. My readers may disagree and I love those comments. My objective is to provide facts you can add on top of your own other sources – as just one additional source. I write as an investment banker economist. As Chairman fo the leading # 1 ranked by third party press – BUSINESS CONFERENCE for CEO’s who lead small business’s in over 140 nations today at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL we serve entrepreneurs and professionals of all scales and interests. Remaining # 1 ranked by third party press for so many years is all about quality. We also lead in advocacy work in Washington DC for various legislations and outcomes along with predictions from our multi decade “inside’ work in influencing legislation positive outcomes where and as we can as a tiny little institution compared to those larger lobbies like Wall Street TECH AND PHARMS but we try.




The Republican Congress by just a few votes, seeks to improve the ability to govern, by picking up ten seats or so.

The Democrats seek to defeat republican control in the mid year, and show an anti trump back lash – a campaign of TRUMP HATRED versus policy issues as a rally cry.

If the Democrats win those seats and they may well – Nancy Pelosi – the contour sheet waring head of the HATE DONALD TRUMP tribe, has her game plan as she would return to lead the House of Representatives. The newly elected now controlling party of the House will as first order of late 2018 business, seek to draft for 2019, IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES for the President of the United States. This process is long and halts all governance in effect, during that period.

The vote required to impeach a sitting PRESIDENT is 2/3rds of the US CONGRESS. Trump is not President NIXON. Trump never backs down from a fight as everyone knows on every tweet. The Republican House and Senate are sufficient scale no matter how the mid year goes to preclude a successful 2/3 vote to impeach. So the Impeachment process is a LEGAL PROCESS RIGHT that will do what NANCY PELOSI desires – which is to simply BLOCK all Trump and Republican agenda’s until they sweep the Presidency away in 2020.

The impeachment process if the Democrats win will however derail the markets – probably dive the entire world into a recession – create untold economic misery for years – with no remedy in sight and add fuel to a real war out there as a process of REACTION. Politically. This will not take place in a vacuums and the risk is that Nancy’s plan may backfire royally and the democrats loosing impeachment may secure a TRUMP SECOND TERM with a REPUBLICAN Shift back in congress.

Those dice are rolling down the American CRAP table and NO ONE can predict what those outcomes will be.

Billions will be spent on the mid year elections itself a waste or resource within an industry – elections – that should never be an industry at all in the first place.

If the REPUBLICANS win the higher control to govern, the markets would explode and the boom we are experiencing globally would likely continue for five to eight years forward. Such a boom period would be in our opinion the LARGEST MOST ROBUST FINANCIAL EXPANSION PERIOD GLOBALLY OF THIS GENERATIONS LIFE TIME – never to be repeated to those alive today including age one years old.

If the Democrats win and impeach – the boom stops on a dime in the uncertainty and confusion and governance stops which is Nancy’s plan. Obstruct TRUMP until he is voted out of office – one way or the other. The wasted resources cost and related to impeach President Trump is a cost of politics and in the long term of no consequence to those who embrace a strategy of this model.

So today the Democrats are betting it all on IMPEACH the PRESIDENT and VOTE FOR US to DO IT. Trump HATRED is the United States Policy of choice for the minority party to become the majority party.

This policy has potential to back fire seriously as well. If Republicans make the issue clear – PROSPERITY FOR A GENERATION OF RECESSION FOR A GENERATION – WAR OR PEACE – Republicans may pick up sufficient seats to sit Nancy and her tribe out for the duration of six more years of growth as we have seen to date.

If those who just hate Trump versus the outcomes they are enjoying in prosperity today – vote to obstruct and place Democratic breaks upon law making with a confidence the Presidency is swept away in 2020 – prevail the prosperity ends and the confusion begins until 2020. It will take some years after that to set things on a positive track again.

Trump is a non political expressing unconventional leadership. As we have reported the war is between:


  • SUPER MONEY POOLS seeking to continue the system they have enjoyed for 50 years without change to that system model.
  • SUPER MONEY POOLS seeking dramatic system reform to the system of 50 years they view as modernizing upgrading and revolutionary change to a new future model.

The voters are caught in the middle of POLITICAL SPIN that never draws attention to this ONE AND SINGLE ISSUE that is the ONLY issue in FACT.

Who will win?

Will voters hate Trump enough given his media competency gap to cross votes over outside his base or – win. Or will TRUMP rally his base and find the formula to win cross over voters to gain a congress that will govern for six forward years?

The result is a MID YEAR ELECTION IN AMERICA more important perhaps than any election to economic outcomes – than any modern election since World War II.

We have no clue how this will unfold.

For example could TRUMP cross over existing Democrats to bi partisan outcomes and agenda on forward results – that present outcomes of great advantage to the American economy and people in 2018? Wild card?

Nancy Pelosi tribe which has been actually shrinking – is a Trump OBSTRUCTION circle of law makers united in their hatred of President Donald Trump as no modern President has experienced we suggest EVER – and will seek to block anything moving to a success before the MID YEAR. All Congress is now engage in POLITICAL THEATER for the MID YEAR ELECTIONS. The bi-partisan governance in these times America and American PEOPLE required and deserve, is hostage to the POLITICAL THEATER.

The two SUPER MONEY POOL agenda’s control this model today.

Become clear it is all spin.

It is all bought and paid for.

Enormous sums are circulating beyond anything known to date to destroy the President and to REFORM the GOVERNMENT. Two camps. The TRUMP DESTRUCTION CAMP desires to restore the system as it was before TRUMP and without TRUMP.

Just that.

The man who makes 800 million dollars in personal income and who is worth billions and billions of dollars in net worth is what? His life is unchanged by any of this including its outcome.

Donald Trump will do what he and his team can to advance reforms and represent the voters who elected him to office. Will these same voters give Donald Trump a congress that CAN GOVERN and REFORM?

The beautiful thing in my opinion is this:

  1. The majority of all voters are so much smarter than the press or the parties give credit to.
  2. The majority of voters in my opinion do not vote party anyway they vote along the lines of the two items we just presented – reform or no reform. Ultimately.
  3. The majority of voters see the spin as entertainment and they think right through all that spin – it really is a waste of money and productivity but it is what it is and we all know it.

My personal comment is that I wish – as I approach my own birthday next week – THAT – the AMERICA that should be the light house – the HOPE AND PROMISE BEACON to all people’s of the free world – would regain its legacy and display that light which is inside our people so well illuminated in their core values and love of this great country to a person. I wish we could disagree in law making with the greatest regard for differences on issues. I wish none of those disagreements were ever personal. I wish personal political bashing would depart the low ground for the high ground. I wish we would celebrate our differences in respectful democracy versus punish those differences as we are doing of recent years.

I wish the AMERICAN PEOPLE had a better way forward and a process they were proud of. I wish Congress had a voter approval rating of 70% versus 9% the lowest ever recorded in our history from all voters of all parties. I wish elected officials would put us first and everything else second and govern.

I wish the Debt ceiling would raise and the budget pass for the obligations Congress already approved and which the US Treasury must execute preserving our prosperity and credit rating – as job 1 and without mean cruel hatreds and turf defending.

I am a fool but I remain foolish for my country. THE PENDULUM in our system always swings back in The United States of AMERICA. Whatever is wrong with America and there is plenty will be repaired and fixed by what is RIGHT WITH AMERICA.

THE PENDULUM always swings back.

Oh it may take a generation but it always will swing back.

This period is a PASSING ENERGY and it too will pass.

Can AMERICA do better than the strategies set forth here?

Should American DO BETTER?

Is there a BETTER WAY FORWARD for AMERICA and its precious people and the world?


I trust in God and that we will that better way if not in 2018 but soon in history and in time itself.

I believe in the magic of America and her people I speak in front of in all our states and communities as I live with real American’s our back bone up close and personal and I TRUST THEM. Always.

I am confident these elections will surprise us all.

Prosperity is economics hostage to political process versus economics driving political process – a far better way forward.

The PENDULUM always swings back.