What is important research and what is our team focused on this weekend in August? What do we KNOW? We know the majority of SUPER MONEY POOL traders are on vacation. We know AI running markets is maximizing profits up and down the trading rope at every sound bite. We know Face book is solid as a rock and the 100 billion was as BUY DIP once a decade – miss that or not – its out there. One of a number.

Record Earnings everywhere and when there is a miss its tiny the majority of estimates came in just fine including Face Book earnings – they did not disappoint US at all they impressed US go Mark. We know Super Money Pool leadership returning from Holidays in September after Labor Day will work to advance year end reporting to best wealth advantages we feel will create soaring bull markets and record year end wealth up bubble. Keep in mind a democrat presently splintered not just fractured party has so many interest it can not united to create a phony sell off and recession – nor would AI permit it today – such that economic manipulation of elections is now beyond party and their wealthy super money pools and collectively protection wealth trading ranges via AI controlling 90% of circulation for everything globally. This new AI market only 60 months reality is game changing and promises prosperity world wide into 2019. Beyond we have squall or typhoon with WILD CARDS presented here to consider as fact.

Although after Apple the next Trillion Dollar horses that come in next are neck and neck ahead of Face Book by a nose – Google’s Alphabet and Gates Microsoft and the likely next winner Jeff Bezos – only needs 15 cent growth in 2019 to get there – thats like a shoe in on prime from Amazon. Shout out for Jeff for most improving our lives in one man’s lifetime and from SPACE to Home Space – thank you JEFF for always improving for us the outcomes. You deserve to be trillion dollar next – buy Amazon.

China is having serious trouble with its declining economy at speeds unexpected as a trillion dollars US has fled the nation in 2018 and a trillion more is out that door by the end fo the year. Given the number of investments on hold now, companies from INVERSIONS now “re-domesticating” under President Trumps signed into law tax upgrades for the USA – investments stoppered or taken off table – and the capital running out of China ( forever and its TRILLIONS FOLKS digital and fast )  China is becoming an economic sink hole, and the trade sanctions and tariff’s have not had even 90 days to kick in YET. This is all PRE TARIFF effects – anticipatory set by the markets – and they are still anticipating way to optimistically – with the one wild card – WILL CHINA MAKE A DEAL. They kick in due to no deal no discussions that are outside old protectionist preservations China wishes for its national firms – NO DEAL progression – means – CHINA implodes in a hydrogen fuel of DEBT SUPER BUBBLE breeder reactor. TIME is killing China – MAKE A DEAL or SEAL YOUR DEAL. Typhoon or Squall? Economics.

Keep in mind the Trump Train ( team ) is charging with Tarif’s on 260 billion dollars of trade to China punch back of 60 billion to us – WEAK and Of ZERO IMPACT TO THE USA why – we buy 5 to one what we sell and if that does not change China’s prosperity is closing forever. MARK MY ECONOMIST WORDS ON THIS TRUTH. China is now having to pay cost just like they have in fact Charged the USA for 70 years. Do not buy their spin and press and PR which is global. China wishes to caste the USA wrongly using media as its usually dominant flavor of propaganda from Chinese communist media experts educated at HARVARD STANFORD YALE AND PRINCETON and TRAINED in San Francisco and New York. Not second string players on their own agenda. They work to caste lies that include:

  1. The USA started a trade war – LIE and Fraud SPIN from CHINA liars – the USA worked in good faith since Ronald Reagan seeking to get a revised fair trade agreement and IP protection treaty as China is the worlds # 1 THEIF of innovation from atomic weapon planning – to military designs – to space – to industry. They can’t invent it so they steal it with the best hackers in the world. CHINESE STATE BACKED GRADE DIGITAL WEAPONS TO WHICH THE WORLD HAS ZERO DEFENSE. YET. China started the trade war by resisting multiple opportunities under Trump to his RED LINE ON TIME – when the same oh same – talk no reality shift of any kind – became reality for China – still a bit surprised the MAKE A DEAL guy who loves the Chinese People and XI at the top – loves – unlike all prior Presidents since George Bush – draw a red line – and than that is IT. BAM. No kidding.

2.All US  tariffs are RECIPROCITY NEW TAX POLICY GLOBALLY. – we tax them like the tax us OR MAKE A DEAL AND TAKE SUCH TAXES OFF TO ZERO we will meet you folks on the game board of your own taxes upon us match per match we did not start anything we are finishing the abuse from YOU ALL. They wish their 40,000 car to sell for close to 40,000 in the USA. They tax us so our Detroit proudly made products of quality sell in China say a 40,000 Chevy USA for starting prices of say 275,000 dollars in China as they tax us to protect their own unfairly in economics that are now over for China and the world unfairly taxing the USA trade goods we will not MATCH YOU IS ALL – which you an make a deal and set a fresh start – or you can decline. NO OTHER CHOICES ECONOMICS 101.  China also state sponsors through a phony STATE RUN ORGANIZATION system SRO’s funded by the central government where state subsidized business – sells to market at below cost – items like steel – trashing the home steal industries of the EU the USA South America Africa Russia and Japan to name a few who can’t fight back with ECONOMIC TERRORISM – steal out stuff than price dump it back wiping our industries out. They won’t sell rare earths at all thinking they derailed all our technology now they stole our future plans – and they alone would leap ahead in quantum computers IP theft brought to them – AI in general stolen from USA – and now rare earth dependance by all global technology for 80% of it to manufacture tech -is “no more for sale” from the dominant provider – this is TRADE WAR FOLKS and CHINA STARTED IT – we lost the first battles as we do in financial pearl harbors – but now we are as we always do winning THE WAY which for China is make a deal or seal the deal to depression and revolution. It is all  economics not political. Squall of Typhoon coming to markets everywhere ? China is a WILD CARD to prosperity continuation globally. THE USA is not the bad guy in this play – DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHINESE PRESS SPIN.

3. China engages ASYEMTRICAL WARFARE – what you do not know about China is a great deal. First over 80% of Chinese are no longer members of the Communist party a little worry for the small % using their RED ARMY to keep “peace and order”. Read Kevin Freeman Buddy and legendary contractor to the Department of Defense from Dallas Texas two books to become updated on CHINA and ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE in his two books Presidents of nations read and study:

THE SECRET WEAPON – Amazon by Kevin Freeman

GAME PLAN ( Get your own soon your nation has none and why ) – Kevin Freeman

Both in my library from date of release and critical not optional to readers who wish to be brought CURRENT in our new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE?

Kevin talks about the storm clouds being a TYPHON versus a Squall economically and Kevin runs a Hedge Fund of some respect.

Books like President Bill Clinton’s block bester world wide best seller are inspired as are others by Kevin Freeman ( on Faculty at CEOSPACE when we can get him ). So respect this great American patriot ( Kevin and Bill )  and his life work for all the rest of us which we at CEOSPACE support endorse and stand behind. BUY THE BOOKS and KNOW – your reading news will change forever related to CHINA as these works are essential.

Asymmetrical WARFARE attacks enemies ( the USA being the leading capitalist nation we are the target –  the # 2 economy China is about to sink to # 3 and then # 4 as Japan rises again over China almost in a tie now – India passes China after 2020 – and Indonesia is right in there in the nose to nose horse race. Now all of them China – Japan – India – Indonesia – ( where is the EU in there – falling apart in a sea of debt and bad law policy ? ) – are and remain only tiny fractions  fractions of the USA GNP – # 2 is like a earth quake scale – far far 10 x’s far from USA # 1 economy – and that was USA economic  1.8 % growth for 16 years under the last two Presidents of the United States – where in 18 months of the Trump Train – we have 4% last quarter in GNP growth and Fed Atlanta says over 5% GNP growth in the coming quarter all before the Holiday 70% of all buying occurs.  A 100% up improvement in a year are. you KIDDING ME. NO one has done anything like this and it is I’m without apology to all parties – MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN in FACT.  The distance of the US the # 1 economy to all others including the EU is that a fraction of GNP and economics a small fraction – is what the # 2 are. Think of it economically like a foot hill in the Sierra’s against Mount Everest in the Himalayas which China virtually took over from Tibet to soup nuts – CHINA IS A FOOTHILL ECONOMY NOT THE EVEREST MT of which there is only “one”. the USA and  with a Military that is 95% LESS than  the budget of the USA DEFENSE BUDGET  – just funded this last week by the congress and president – a new DOD budget upgrade  to fully modernize and dominate the Asia rule of law by world order and tradition. CHINA has started with allies – the Axis of Evil – Iran – North Korea – Russia and others – World War III with the USA which is digital. A nation state weaponized digital “beta test” almost brought world markets to closing all banks – and the system shut down in 2008 – those attacking us made over a trillion dollars of profit on our pains – enough to carry though all sanctions – by plan – and – proved how powerful digital weapons are in WORLD WAR III. Then they hacked every IP from every state federal and institutional PRIME contractor and innovation firms – bar none. 100% success and all documents from hacks to the NSA CIA White House and more. Read Bill Clinton’s book to see whats coming. SQUALL OR TYPHON ? FINANCIAL STORM CLOUDS ? The war goes on – the war of words and the real trade war is reducing China’s budget into the most dramatic economy referral of Modern times for China. Lesson – STOP AND CHNAGE BEHAVIORS – the USA may have lost the first battles of WORLD WAR III but you can’t seen nothing YET as we simply almost effortless defeat our enemies and win the WAR which the only possible forward outcome – only MAKING A DEAL brings China prosperity – anything less brings China bankruptcy. Why?


4. China borrows 300% more than she earns every year for more than a decade. Communist China phony economics – borrow more than any nation related to GNP. The IMF has warned the world 12 times in 24 months so many posted right here on this blog with our own warnings – THAT CHINA CAN BRING THE ENTIRE WORLD ORDER DOWN. How? Debt defaulting. Asia has over 100 trillion of bad loans from Indian banks but mostly in China with bankrupt SRO’s and bad loans from nepotistic placements never to be repaid – held as good loans on nation and institutional balance sheets as assets. If these junk “assets” were relabeled as losses the nation of China and its financial institutions would be bankrupt with rule of law accounting. China lends more money to third world nations recently Pakistan – itself still classified as a “developing nation” as the # 2 Economy on earth ( come on folks ) . All this is going to overtake China. As her economics turn digitally to a crises mode that their leadership does not realize they are in – and may never resolve in fact to the point of revolution – the survival of China as WE KNOW IT and the preclusion of unwanted interruption in CHINA PROSPERITY is economic symbyism with America – unless Communist leadership unites to MAKE A NEW WORLD ORDER DEAL – and time is running out for CHINA economically to stop their run on the nation – A DEAL HAS TO BE MADE. The lack of good faith to make the deal – business as usual – world war III as usual – and more – ends with Trumps absolute red line. I will be your greatest friend China and or I will be your very worst nightmare – you were born to CHOSE now chose – politics or economics – I”m good either way. However if we take back our production as the tipping point of you rising labor costs and transportation fuel and related costs make profits to move things back to the USA – cheaper – has been reached in 2018 and if we take all that production back – you NEVER GET IT RETURNED OR MADE UP – and if we keep going American consumers you absolute dependent on will simply STOP BUYING MADE IN GERMANY OR MADE IN CHINA unless you stop the legal theft and make a deal that is two way and opens markets to free trade versus competitive versus cooperative capitalism – one or the other – RED LINE MAY NOT BE CROSSED as you have seen – no more talk this is reality – China prosperity or bankruptcy and debt super bubble bursting with world wide pain from China debt defaulting – taking place with unreported riots in nation from labor unrest in many areas. China economically is a typhoon right now not a squall. Their world War III digital has now caught up to them.


5. CHINA is influencing our election with their state hackers and laying the blame on Russia as our emotional capital flows in that direction. Russia and its industries desire a republican congress to avoid GRID LOCK and to make a DEAL WITH TRUMP. China wishes to keep Russia at arms length. China wants a democrat win in Congress in November to hopefully GRID LOCK CONGRESS – Impeach Trump – both distractions – and to limit Trumps Trade War and Tariff “powers” – delay delay delay while they protect their old model pay pay pay days – as long as they can before they have to make a deal. The NSA is going to discover Russia would never leave sloppy tracks and China state Hackers would not either – they leave RUSSIAN FOOTPRINTS to keep the NSA off China as the source of election tampering rising in Digital War World III – part of asymmetrical warfare – Read Kevin Freeman’s two books – to discover the hard data on what you DO NOT KNOW ABOUT CHINA AND WORLD WAR III AND DIGITAL WARFARE seeking to bankrupt the USA. This warfare plan has already failed we are now winning the war and we learned from every battle we lost – note to China war planners – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY which you so have done as a losing strategy in your OWN ART OF WAR – I read your book. Prosperity or failed policy That is the only forward choice. TIME is your issue.

So trade war has not started yet. As we move forward we move forward into what? The 70% of all buying. Holiday season buying. But now 260 billion of taxes on anything and everything made in China as it hits US ports. The cut back in buying from China is going to shock then stun the world as the down bubble year to date frightens all state planners in China following failed policy – still borrowing and still lending Trillions they do not have – outside borrowed money – to lend in the first place. Lending borrowed money to nations who will never not ever pay you back – is well – a lesson China will learn the USA has already learned. China – time is your killer. This is your one guidance to abandon failed economics policies where politics runs economics so you can enjoy decades of new prosperity – MAKE A DEAL BY CHRISTMAS. End the appearance even of competition and move into cooperation. Unconditional cooperation as the USA is there now with an open hand soon to become more than a fist. No winners in the game outside the USA – the largest most powerful engine fueling the entire world economically in the history of humanity.


Trade war with China engaged in thinking they can sink the west – now moves to the war not the battle in which China loses and crashing moves into debt super bubble bursting – debt defaulting – and a cascade into chaos and revolution all due to failing to read economic tea leaves appropriately. Accurately. Trump fully engaged to end the war:

  1. Rule of law no more digital theft on any basis no more digital warfare at all.
  2. Fair Trade – zero tariff’s my goal – as we cooperate and cease competition.
  3. Or escalation to China’s continued decline – a killer on timing by the Holiday

China’s failed communist policy ( trade war not MAKE A DEAL ) leads to China decline in world standing – Japan just passed China again as the world’s number 2 ranked stock exchange by value as China seriously is sinking now – financial collapse – debt super bubble bursting – all beyond planner control – and no recovery as consumers will stop buying MADE IN CHINA for generations – a factor the communist press and media failed spin – utterly failed to consider at all. Its not far off …wait for it …if this continues – huge storm cloud CHINA DEBT DEFAULTING another reason for the FED to slow down – way down. Time is required to normalize – without TIME the Fed tips us all into serious economic risk.

  1. CHARTS – the terror chart for our team is price to stock price a chart not used that much as a reliance today – but frightening as a storm cloud. The Price to stock price index is over 2.2 to 1 and is presently the highest ratio since the Dot.Bomb world sell off and SUPER CRASH before 2008. In the DOT.BOMB Super Crash the stocks affecting the overall where an upside down pyramid. The value TERROR BARRIER was less than it is today – on those FEW stocks effected. Today the Terror is absolute. The Chart is a upside down pyramid too but not the base at the top on that wobbling Pyramid POINT as to proper ratio’s see’s the base at the top – endemic – the entire base of weighted stocks across the boards are PAST the 2000 SUPER CRASH imbalance of price to stock price rations – the tipping point that sinks market.
  2. Largest Hedge FUND with over 5 trillion under management reported after Markets closed Friday into this week to the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD – SLOW THE FUCK DOWN ! We’ll the CEO did not use the “F” word but in financialese talk – its exactly what he told the Fed. LIQUIDITY is the issue. He noted in world wide LIQUIDITY the Fed raising interest way too fast – way too soon – way too frequently way to higher each raise – is normalizing the market over 15 months versus 15 YEARS. Time is required to work out of this new economic beta test never done before. The Fed was told its central banker policies have taken HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS from WORLD LIQUIDITY and forward circulation and investment to create sustained growth. The higher cost of interest – is HIGH RISK to developing nations who can longer maintain higher interest note roll over triggering RISK REALITIES OF SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING IN GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES bankrupting the financial system of the entire world. The liquidation of FED 5 trillion of crap they bought from their member banks making bad bets in the casino – going back Ito the market – is not sustainable liquidity draining and if not SLOWED THE FUCK DOWN we risk a depression let alone a recession – which is historic. The Fed makes profits for its own shareholders – banks and investment banks as the Fed is a private non government institution: read Fed Fraud links : https://www.google.com/search?q=WHY+IS+THE+FED+A+SCAM&client=safari&rls=en&ei=MoRXW7b8KILujwTQpI_4Aw&start=30&sa=N&biw=1100&bih=808 . As a GREED MACHINE the Fed see’s short term profits into the huge Holiday year end season for all its shareholders – as the drive point to win year end reporting upon – and the blinders on profit making represent a lack of independence ( the GREAT LIE of the Fed Fraud – merge it back into USA Treasury ) – and blinds the planners who self justify raising from the huge RISK that is now world liquidity they are draining from world markets. Fed borrowing with US borrowing is up over 60% from this time last year – those dollars flowing now into Fed higher interest debt rolling over – is a LIQUIDITY SUMP that is robbing the entire world of the prosperity the stability of the system requires – is not sustainable economics – and the FED will be the single CAUSE of third world nations going into DEBT DEFAULTING as the dollar SOARS those nations have impossible economic challenges – and the FED is dice – Prosperity or Depression and World War – Squall or Typhoon? We’ll see as more and more come out against FED policy to our economic suicide – NORMALIZE FED just do it over a 15 year graph and announce that and markets prosper stabilize and work out of the debt super bubble with fiduciary TIME as the asset your missing in policy errors today. Plus FED we are engaged in Digital WORLD WAR III of which trade wars are just part of resetting world order – we need TIME TO WIN THE WAR – do you not see TIME as the missing asset in your economics? The Risk is your short term normalization ahead of all other storms in 2020 and beyond. The Hedge Fund leader suggests for his industry ( controlling more wealth circulation than the Fed by far ) is that 2019 will be a far more challenging profit year due to FED accelerated normalization and prosperity is at RISK if the FED does not SLOW THE FUCK DOWN – Risk # 1 after China – world liquidity and circulations required to keep prosperity advancing globally. All nations should rally behind this issue not – influencing congress in the mid year – stay out of that and let America decide – while you advance core economic policies at the Fed to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN or we are economically doomed to repeat history – world depression with debt cascading into defaults – digital speeds to those corrections as typhoon’s over equals because of FED storm making machinery. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR TIME TO BE THE POLICY.
  3. WILD CARD – republican congress grows – surprise surprise surprise – NO GRID LOCK FOR YEARS – Congress WORKS versus is dysfunctional – no impeachment distraction – and the final bill is passed in 2019. INFRASTRUCTURE REBUILDING I THE USA – trillions invested – prosperity into 2030 – if the FED SLOWS THE FUCK DOWN AS WELL – or not. Both don’t happen. Then we see 2020 as RISK on for Super Crash or before due to the conditions set forth here and the triggers set forth here and the history. Fed policy and lack of national spending created the Depression of 1907 FED CAUSED by raising interest just as they are now – too fast – and WORLD WAR I – countless death and misery to rebalance debt economics in that Super Debt Bubbler and Asset Class Bubble – then only a few years later the imbalance in economics grew to never seen in history in speculations and price ratios – 1929 SUPER CRASH ( Fed caused by failed interest policy precisely as today repeating again ) – and WORLD WAR II and over 100 million slaughtered to rebuild and rebalance economics and Debt Super Bubbles bursting. So INFRASTRUCTURE is required as the OTHER STIMULOUS to assure with all other positive factors the USA leads the entire world into 2030 with prosperity and stability the world has never known before in history – or not as FED POLICY also seeks to influence elections – as republicans may merge the FED back into USA treasury where Democrats who created the Fed will preserve the FED in its GREED MACHINE business as usual – accountable to no one not even the President or Congress – immune – autonomous – no power can check of balance audit or hold the Fed accountable for any decision it makes – including printing tens of trillions of dollars enslaving generations of America in debt burdens ( to themselves ) – in a never tried before experiment to bail out their bank investment banks from bad side bets made by trillions into markets where the banks and investment banks owning controlling FED Shares of stock are bankrupt unless bailed out – now the Fed seeks to profit those member banks too fast too soon in a GREED MACHINE that will derail the entire world – who remains economically literate and no press and media spin exists like the FED to assure FEAR drives you always back into their safe arms as safe harbor – the Fed is inland and has no SAFE HARBOR – put on 20/20 reading glass folks for this financial reality to avoid depression and world war – FED SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. ( As blogged about for 18 months non stop scroll and get as much data films and proof’s as you may need from charts ).

2018 is going to be amazing. The growth of mild second quarter into summer everyone is on vacation will surprise everyone – but the fourth quarter Holiday season with the wealth and employment we have to today – has malls in recovery – consumers buying as never before – industry reinvesting at year end those tax saved trillions – companies coming back to USA in record numbers – no end in sight – and a year end of third quarter USA momentum up bubble – and fourth Quarter. Than with way too frequent a rate raise by the FED – 2019 storm clouds from Congress becoming democrats and GRID LOCKING and wasting our leadership on impeachment – no chance of winning – becomes economic TYPHOON versus Squall.

Fed aggressive normalization in UNREALISTIC TIME FRAMES as a repeated 100% failed policy by the Fed historically – screams to place the Fed processes back into US treasury – pay off the debt with 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS – retire forward debt as we stop paying interest to print money – and real time market reporting provides audits transparency from M1 to M6 as models. The Fed was born when the pony express delivered the mail – bad idea in and an economy killer now. Who would risk to violate your constitution and create a third party private company named FED to exclusively have control over a nations money supply by contract – as a contractor – without any accountability audit or check and balance – in the name of telegraph – pony express independent – which the Fed is not independent it is like all private institution responsible to its own shareholders – which is the final point to stabilize RISK Economics – to MERGE THE FED into the USA TREASURY for check and balance over sight the FED IS A FRAUD – read up on it and if its criminal bank shareholders all with billions paid in get out jail free cards – are pure financial criminals – and they own the FED why is the Fed not a reflection of their criminal shareholders? Ignorance is bliss is it not – that is the way the Fed wants voters – don’t vote with your wallet – vote the way we brain wash you by party – never vote by your wallet on the economics – vote on Stormy Daniels and blind hatred of Trump – is their wave pattern – and yours as you wake the fuck up is? So easy to click https://www.google.com/search?q=WHY+IS+THE+FED+A+SCAM&client=safari&rls=en&ei=MoRXW7b8KILujwTQpI_4Aw&start=30&sa=N&biw=1100&bih=808 than scroll on my many blogs on the Fed for more data films and proofs of how this truth is all out on line – if you go past the sound bite of the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ( who is anything but a Spanish Inquisition witch killer – immunity to the majority of witness – say what we wish you to stay and your not indicted and bankrupt and in solitary confinement like those who will not cooperate and who fight us – we want you all to turn on TRUMP one KGB and NAZIS set up – we “set up its all “set up” – is that our American tried and convicted by media today. Example: Friday Harv Weinstein and  I know an have respected him in the entertainment industry – always fair – never disrespectful to ladies at the top around him that I saw over decades in the Entertainment Industry via CEOSPACE projects – filed to dismiss New York state brought charges. The witness alleging rape – for the State of New York has countless emails over years ( after the rape ) seeking to get together with Harv – sex implied as well – that she loved Harv – respected Harv – all in texts and email – for YEARS. Her acts were consensual and she did relished a special relationship with Harv. Should Harv get help and preclude loving sex with beautiful women inappropriate to his standing marriage and studio responsibility to shareholders – YOU BET. Did he commit a crime to go to prison for as his wealth was wiped out along with his industry standing – the SYSTEM NOT THE PRESS should answer that question and WE AMERICANS MUST avoid BRAIN WASHING To conclude – in our great nation you are in political issues today – INNOCENT AND TREATED WITH THAT FULL RESPECT UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU ARE PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. I present that example to just state you are BRAINWASHED TO FOLLOW SIDE BARS AND TO VOTE THE WAY THE FED WISHES YOU TO VOTE – more influence and manipulation than any foreign nation can effect on face book postings my God for real?


STORM CLOUDS – Typhoons or Squalls – it is too early to tell. WILD CARD ISSUES for Prosperity:

  1. Fed SLOW THE FUCK DOWN your the cause of FATAL SYSTEMIC RISK.
  2. Mid Year Election Wallet Party or manipulation to emotional capitalism and grid lock – Congress WORKS or Congress doesn’t work – we’ll all decide that.
  3. Liquidity drain from failed central bank policy is source to SUPER CRASH and Debt Defaulting Cascade which closes all banks in a week or so once it digitally hits the world – IF – TIME is not an asset to fix all this.
  4. Infrastructure and the wall are not passed as final stimulus to 2030 prosperity in the USA ( and thats for sure ) one way or the other way – WALLET PARTY FOR PROSPERITY or party voting as usual for Super Crash as consequence – economics not politics – rule.
  5. China – Trade War or Make A Deal – the world is at highest risk via failed Communist leadership policy on politics versus economics controlling outcome as TIME is not on China’s side. Waiting to the Mid year suggests – asymmetrical warfare with the west is on going politically where Trumps team becomes China’s worst nightmare winning the war – while China is economically utterly surround and blown off the map as a once upon a time – TIME is running OUT for China to MAKE A DEAL.

Storm Clouds in late 2019 and 2020 – with outcomes we will define as the rolling dice hit the side bar of world casino capitalists’ crap table in the mid year Nov American election. RISK ON and RISK HIGH based on outcome. Read recent blogs and you’ll have more data. You have a ton more this weekend – first here – summarized here – and crystal clear economics you can understand outside the spin.

Moving forward the issue for you is Stormy Daniels or global prosperity. Decide as you get better truth integrity and hard facts of which this blog is just one source of WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE and with 20/20 new reading glasses who is really doing what to whom which is always FOLLOW THE FREAKIN MONEY.

Reader comments from all over the world suggest – keep doing what we do to bring you the. truth – and for so many – it was like waking up from a fog – from seeing life through 15/10 vision and having 20/20 glasses given to your new eyes – the entire world is different with the new reading ( economic ) glasses. We are FREE from brainwashing and the spin – we see it all now – we control the matrix. WE voters hold all the powers – we ARE ALL THE ONE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.


Squall or Typoon – There is safety in numbers inside our safe harbor here – share this blog as we become a Wallet Revolution of informed VOTER POWER no longer voting politics but voting PROSPERITY – which will insure RISK is a squall versus a TYPHOON – the big systemic risk the Fed and the Mid year vote – congress grid lock or congress WORKS and we decide that – us no one else. Share with your American friends all my readers around the world – share this blog Link on walls and social – viral on you tube – and reading becomes less personal as you join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION define by: five star best selling book backordered due to high demand ( filled I hours at Prime not days ) :


Lead the revolution or be bled by it……leaders are readers. Thank YOU for being a leading reader within our family of informed 7 billion world wide….and thank you for sharing and subscribing which helps our standing globally – in one of the world’s fastest growing Blog sites – serving 100 nations today with the TRUTH ABOUT WHAT IS “REALLY” GOING ON …OUT THERE….just for your tribe and for YOU today.



PS: Russia economically not mentioned here is an economy the size our say New York as one state budget – and their defense budget is 90% less than the defense spending for the military utter dominance the USA represents to the world. Today Rome is America for the world peace – and all the nations together lack the powers of ROME. Make a deal and usher in the new cooperation – defeat insanity of competition between nations and usher in the sanity for THE NEW DEAL and cooperation and prosperity where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND – new American Trump Train policy. All within rule of law and no digital theft or warfare – the 11th commandment MOSES never received  – thou shalt not Digitally spy steal or influence upon another nation.



History was made last week. From Monday to today on Sunday the Press of the entire world – 90 % of American Press bashed President Trump as no President has ever been bashed. On many papers 70% of the entire real estate was 7 front page articles bashing Trump.

All the Kings Horse and All the Kings Men tried to assure Trumpty Dumpty COULD NOT be put back together again.

President Trump’s poll numbers rose from the full side barrage of every caliber weapon fired. President Trump should be impeached. President Trump committed Treason equal to World War II Hitler, Equal to Pearl Harbor equal to 9/11, President trump is evil a traitor and more.

Why? President Trump like all Presidents of the United States of America since Eisenhower – the first President I met personally, in the 1950’s and I was little – 70 years of Presidents – met with the leader of Russia. So did Trump. What was his treason? He agreed Ito have another meeting – they framed in their issues with one another and their own agenda to fresh start and move forward – and they agreed to have another meeting to see if they can move into a new arena a Fresh Start. In Public President Trump did not Bash President Putin.

They both KNOW that Russia has an economy the size fo New York State which is struggling and in marginal recession save for higher oil prices, and, their military budget is 90% less than the USA. We are not equal Super Powers and President Putin knows that.

President Trump told Putin he would not tolerate election meddling in his elections this year. I’ve reported the concept what if Russia is being set up by a worse enemy like IRAN? Is that a possibility? Do we believe like on faith the intelligence agencies that were dead wrong on weapons of mass destruction and over a dozen other ERRORS in the past 70 years. Why is this inside a justice department obviously needing reform and an intelligence agency team obviously needing some upgrading – not another time we think versus lock step and follow the politics. GET TRUMP.

So Many Pelosi will soon pass 100 million dollars raised of the trillion dollars the PACKS are uniting behind democratic lock step to get TRUMP in the Mid Year election. To assure they get Congress – grid lock years moving forward of any legislation and instantly begin impeachment process – which will waste a billion slide us backward into economic recession and massive unemployment – all blamed on TRUMP. As the game plan. A TRILLION TO GET TRUMP.

Now all the media is GET TRUMP all week. President Trump’s poll numbers go up.

So lets follow the money shall we.

So President Trump costs contractors to America delivering weapon systems and other items a billion here and a billion there in lower costs you have seen it read it and know it to be true. To you think a weapons company ( most of them ) tossing each a billion or more – don’t take 100 million and put that 100 million into GET TRUMP PACKS.

You just saw the Pharm industry roll back price raises in 2018 on your drugs because of one man President Donald Trump. DO you see the ads on TV and in print that are PHARM ADS. The media is bought and paid for by advertising. These advertisers are united to GET TRUMP OUT and return to their legal theft of the public. Do you really believe the media is free to be in the middle? Their advertisers are paying them record sums never seen before to GET TRUMP.

All week they did that agenda. GET TRUMP GET TRUMP GET TRUMP.

Trump’s poll numbers went UP and are still going UP.

The Nancy Pelosi Party is under Nancy splintered into a mean spirited cruel harsh all out war fare to GET TRUMP. To lie to build illusions to endlessly assure they and no one else wins the Congress in the mid year election. The all out warfare. The never seen before budget. The all out saturation to BRAIN WASH AMERICA to vote Trump OUT OUT OUT. United behind a party of fear and hatred.

FEAR AND HATRED IS WHAT YOUR SEEING and ask yourself is that what YOU want – forget party – for America.

The DEEP STATE wants no reform or change and seeks to continue the America of LEGAL THEFT from the citizens in a never ending decline of our way of life.

The REFORM group wishes to stop the legal theft – reform agencies and systems – taxes – rebuild the nations infrastructure and defense – and with new efficiencies in HOW we do that and to stop the LEGAL THEFT OF NATIONS in our trade agreements. STOP TRUMP ON TRADE is filled with lies that are ridiculous when you know the economic s in fact. STOP TRUMP STOP TRUMP it is not almost mindless hysteria.

As the STOP TRUMP movement unites the socialist and communist and so many factions into a single fringe group the vast voter majority is moving behind TRUMP and the pool numbers go up why?

Trump is outgunned. HE can’t influence 90% of the media. They are spending a trillion dollars Trump is out spent.

Trumps poll numbers of voters go up. Why?

Trump goes by the media and tells us the truth on Tweet. More folks decide based on the TRUMP TWEET than the media bought and paid for and the bought and paid for media published every single TRUMP TWEET where President TRUMP is the first President to a) not care a wit about the attackers he has their dial up number and b) Trumps controls the media and the agenda in absolute terms and the opposing forces have never seen anything like POWER being expressed here in 2018.

THE WAR between the DEEP STATE and Reform is fully engaged in the mid year election in the United States – and Oh with Trump alliances in many Populist alliances world wide in nations everywhere.

In America the new party is winning. The entrenched parties have lost their franchise.

The Majority of Voters are not swayed or brain washed by bought and paid for media – they are in fact – disgusted with bought and paid for media and with DISRESPECTFUL LYING DECEIT FILLED AGENDA SPOON FED MEAN CRUEL IN THE GUTTER NANCY PELOSI POLITICAL WARFARE AT ANY COST TO ETHICS INTEGRITY AND REGARD FOR WHAT IS HONOR AND REAL ABOUT AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE AT CORE.

The majority of voters are now members of the largest new UNITED PARTY THE NATION HAS EVER KNOWN – the WALLET PARTY.

The voters are in private in those voting booths – disgusted with media and they are voting a republican congress into power in the mid year election with oceans of moderate democrats now voting the WALLET PARTY – to assure CONGRESS WORKS and is NOT GRID LOCKED and that the nation gets infrastructure rebuilt.

When we borrow to rebuild and modernized AMERICA we get the highest 200 year returns on money – profits on money – from revised G 5 communication systems – upgraded power grids – environmental roll backs to reduce all pollution earth air water – massive shifts in transportation upgrading -= warehousing – deep sea ports – energy transportation – and more. WE secure 200 years of prosperity for ourselves and unborn generations – or we sink back into a recession the like of which you can not imagine.

The politics would sink us into that recession blame trump to secure congress and the White House at any cost to us  to our security to our future to our prosperity and well being. Those political days are over.

The Massive shift to the WALLET PARTY will vote beyond party spin and media moving forward.

Trumps poll numbers rise and rise.

Its not about TRUMP.

Its about the truth.

Trump team policies are working and reform is occurring and our wallets are benefiting. WE VOTE THE NEW AMERICAN WALLET PARTY. Founded right here and unstoppable across the nation today.

Most of you in America are members of the WALLET PARTY.

If you are emotionally invested in non Waltet agenda’s vote to grid lock congress and STOP TRUMP join that vast minority and see how that works out for you.

Lets move into the endless TRUMP bashing on children taken from their parents. This is legal policy for illegal immigrants. So thousands of politically organized families bringing five children each to our border were told over and over – there is a rule of law on immigration. Those who took the time and applied and had their approved entrance papers are welcome respected and part of the America tapestry.

Those who by pass those laws are not. As with any nation.

The laws congress passed are being enforced. Stopping unqualified immigration with packs of criminals also coming in with each new wave. Our own social services and law enforcement are over whelmed ( the Wallet party knows these facts ) with billions upon billions being paid to support ILLEGAL law violating invaders from other nations.

Legal immigrants are welcomes as we always welcomed them.

An organized political march USING CHILDREN to over come our border agencies saying – you will never turn back these babies – were told along the march over weeks and weeks – you will be detained as criminals and your children processed in care facilities separated from you as adult parents will be in JAIL. This what congressional law calls for.

The LAW AS ENFORCED as congress wrote it.

Illegal criminal adults were put in jail.

Children are well cared for.

The majority of older children seven and up all tell officials they want to GO HOME and they do not want nor did they every wish for asylum in America. Their parents made them come.

Their criminal parents warned over and over what would be the outcome.

TRUMP is the horror because 90% of this cross border parent children invasion has stopped from the once red line Trump put across our borders while congress fails to give him new immigration laws and a boarder wall – and that red line like all Trump Team red lines was real.

Another item – the bought and paid for GET TRUMP Pelosi media – advances endless how the TRUMP Team is in disarray. This week the Trump Team reported where no one reported it how together units and proud they all are – in the PARTY OF THE WALLET toting their job for the future of the economics of the nation.

My final point. GET TRUMP?

My God how boring would it be without 6.5 more years of TRUMP. We would have boring. Just the entertainment factor motivates more and more to join the WALLET PARTY and vote your wallet.

I’ve told my American readers as a large % of my enormous rapidly growing blog readership is outside America as CEOSPACE is serving 146 countries for some three decades our peeps are global.

Thank you for reading.

I tell my American’s CANCEL MY WALLET VOTE but my God VOTE this election. We all need to vote as  there is only one issue not bought and paid for ridiculous sit com stuff the issue is:

* Wallter Party and Republican controlled congress that WORKS

  • Grid lock and we move into recession and hardship

That is the only issue for the WALLET PARTY.

So all the Kings Men and all the Kings Horses and all the Kings MONEY can not knock Trumpty Dumpty off his Wall as they are losing billions of dollars – as what worked a decade ago in politics has been undone by social media entirely and no longer works at all.

The last week of saturation TRUMP lies and bashing pure manipulation of voters – failed and






Opec Members have simply had it with Saudi and Opec failed policies. So lets look at the failed Saudi OPEC Policies over the period 2014 to now:


  1. 2014 oil is $ 120 dollars a barrel due to cartel manipulation of price.
  2. American Shale Oil rose to shatter OPEC monopoly and influence bringing cheaper easier to refine crude to markets and stealing OPEC customer market share.
  3. To crush the American Oil Shale industry OPEC led by Saudi turned on the spigot to all time record flood the market with oil. This shattered the price to 39.00 dollars from 120 dollars a price SUPER CRASH of oil now in massive over supply of demand ( a failed policy ) – we are talking a crash of almost 90% of the price of 2014 by failed Saudi policy.
  4. This created a lower profit for shale from America which rose from 2014 from two million barrels a day to 10 million barrels a day from 2015 to 2017 – a short time to become more influential than OPEC. Today Saudi cuts supply in November by 600,000 barrels a day at their target price of 60.00 dollars ( which utterly failed ) losing three billion dollars a day to force their own customers to leave.
  5. Russia and other OPEC members are losing market share to customers buying now from America and non OPEC producers who supply draw’s OPEC. Their failed policy to REBALANCE OIL MARKETS which means to manipulate a phony supply demand price cartel tax on the peoples of the world – is seen for what it is – criminal taxation of the development nations of the earth. OPEC is shattered and shattering on pure economics.
  6. OPEC members are cheating. No OPEC member wants to follow the idiot  Barkindo and his failed Saudi jaw bone with dentures and no teeth as OPEC no longer controls sufficient supply to do anything but to pay a trillion dollars – which they have to lose their own market share.
  7. OPEC sought to CRUSH SHALE PRODUCTION by lowering price so they could not producer. American invention used technology to make profits at the lower price and took the oil drilling rigs and shoved that rig right up Opec’s economic ass hole. Which is bleeding red ink in all Opec nations. They are in the RED and bleeding red ink if they subscribe to opec membership and follow the  Barkindo idiot savant economic plan of the most hated oil minister in 100 years. Saudi has lost the war by failed policy.

The market knows this.

The market is smart.

The market knows the MARKET SHARE WAR has been won by America and non OPEC member production.

Today –  Barkindo on his prayer rug – blinked before Allah and the entire world. Making the King of Saudi Arabia look even more enfeebled than he is. We caution the IPO coming from SAUDI is going to end up in falling market share and falling prices and failed policy the worst IPO loser of the century. Watch as time passes on that item.

So today what took place that changed everything? Again look at the history.

Barkindo oil minister sets up a failed plan to crush American oil Shale Production.

Last WEEK not sometime in the distant future the Saudi King from Russia and  Barkindo the idiot economic failure for Saudi and Opec – stated in the press – WE HAVE NO CONCERNS ABOUT AMERICAN OIL SHALE PRODUCTION.

Today a week later what does the PANIC we told you was REAL in OPEC tell you?



NOW  Barkindo is an absolute idiot economically. He has cost OPEC its entire forward membership. OPEC IS FALLING APART. Members are going to leave to preserve their economics and their economic market share. IF they don’t leave they will lose market share ( at any price ) and never get that market share back.

Nations and customers are FURIOUS at the manipulation. They do not want REBALANCING of Energy at 120 dollars a barrel by artificial greedy manipulation of the few against the many. They OPEC members need to pressure market share – making profits at any price by selling more not less oil.

Oil is GOING TO BE IN SURPLUS and Saudi has lost the market share wars. They are going bankrupt at todays’ price due to their internal budgets, failure to crash those budgets when oil price crashed, and they now long term must adjust – and if the continue to cut back by billions a day – they accelerate their own bankruptcy as OPEC members. That is economics 101.

Today OPEC blinked.

Barkindo on his prayer rug asked Allah to inspire America ( Christians by the way ) to STOP SHALE OIL PRODUCTION which is doing what?

  1. Shoving up OPEC’s ass for trying to destroy the American industry.
  2. Beating OPEC at their own game and trashing OPEC on the score board.
  3. Controlling global market price splitting oil markets Into two prices – phoned OPEC pricing at 57 dollars a barrel down from 59 and American pricing at 49 dollars a barrel dropping from 54 for a day or two.
  4. Raising oil market share to 10 million a barrel and rising to 20 million a barrel a day and OPEC knows that – OPEC knows America has the largest oil reserves on earth making OPEC look like a dying lake.
  5. American Oil Shale industry is making the dollar stronger – rebalancing unfair trade with the world in the American trade export accounts and fast and forever taking MARKET SHARE from OPEC with easier to refine oil and cheaper oil and this victory for America is endless.

Asking a FREE TRADE NATION to cartel manipulate prices to penalize the development world from China to Africa for the advantage of some Gulf economic failures trying to monopolize oil like the 1970’s embargo – is not repeatable. Turning oil off would only make America absolutely dominant in market share. THE NON OPEC MEMBERS are prospering at the enormous cost of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – the failed economic policy of OPEC since 2014 and before frankly.

OPEC has failed in all its models.

OPEC had its opportunity for success and by its own policy has set its people in a struggle now economically that will not be easy to get out of and will consume decades to REBALANCE not oil but their own economies. Russia needs to DEPART FROM OPEC for one reason. SURVIVAL and the prosperity driven by its own return to market share trashing the relationship with an economic child  Barkindo who has bankrupt ideas bankrupt IP and today showed panic on his prayer rug with his global admission of utter total failure for the Royal Family.

If I where the Kings son and heir apparent I’d use the phrase from Alice and Wonderland  Barkindo off with your head. How many trillions does one man cost a nation and his failed team and advisers?

We offered to set them on the right path. We hand carried proposals to the heir. But no one listened and now we have the failure at such extreme panic that OPEC ‘begs on its knees” for AMERICA to cut back and join OPEC.

Now this causes the market share war and market markets to simply laugh over two martinis lunches from New York to Hong Kong to London. The press and comedians are going to have a field day with this one. I hope this blog reaches Saturday Night Live writers – hey send it to them.

Barkindo one man has made OPEC a joke to the world.

Barkindo one man has destroyed OPEC influence and relevance to oil markets.

Barkindo has shattered OPEC confidence its only membership glue.

Barkindo has OPEC members leaving in droves as you will see in 2018.

Barkindo destroyed OPEC.

Barkindo one man announced the end of OPEC today with his prayer rug on his knee plea to American shale Producers to please oh please cut back to rebalance ( manipulate price for our cartel profit against the world ) and can you do that today as we are bleeding to death over here at OPEC.

There is no tweet – no moron comment – no history like today with this one man  Barkindo who will shatter CONFIDENCE in the ARAMCO underwriting and IPO in free fall pricing like oil itself. To say the plans of a nation are destroyed and shattered by only one man is to understand the failure of  Barkindo policy to oil markets.

He rolled the dice and he lost.

America gutted him and OPEC intestines are falling onto the pavement and its 120 degree’s over there.


Barkindo is a moron and a loser in classic economics so predictable from each step by economics 101 and any text book. This is not rocket science.

So OPEC customers want to pay less not more for oil.

OPEC customers are furious the cartel wishes to tax them for their own profit account.

Opec customers have choice now and do not need OPEC now or in the future.

OPEC customers are strategically buying around OPEC and moving supply long term and now short term to NON OPEC suppliers.

The HUGE WINNER of the MARKET SHARE WARS with OPEC hammering them all along that path is AMERICA.

The United States of America is NOT going to JOIN OPEC or HELP OPEC and only an idiot would do what  Barkindo the moron did today – which is a public display of ABSOLUTE OPEC PANIC as they free fall beyond any control and have no end in sight how to repair their own internal budget as customers are leaving them now as a RUN on the OPEC BANK.

The longer members oil bankers stay with  Barkindo and the OPEC OIL BANK the more they will lose depositors running on their accounts. So the way to secure oil banker deposits is to publicly announce you are LEAVING OPEC and focusing on your customer services at market prices satisfying customer need not  Barkindo need.

The longer you stay in the failed OPEC OIL BANK the greater the velocity of market share RUN ON YOUR BANK will become because your OPEC BANKING CUSTOMERS are FURIOUS at your interest charges for your product and are all moving to full oil banking services with far lower interest charges for the future.

Barkindo its economics.

So today was the final PANIC. PANIC is public.

Everyone knows. EVERYONE.

OPEC has lost its CORE VALUE AS A CARTEL and now BEING an OPEC member is toxic for your nation and future. Day by Day you are loosing so much MONEY until you announce to stop the RUN ON YOUR OWN BANK you are leaving the TOXIC FAILED OIL BANK now sinking into historic oblivion and obsolesce.

Barkindo the moron failed to understand that economics always rebalances from market manipulation and abuse. Debeers if fighting mass manufacturing of perfect man made diamonds – always plenty and never rare with prices only controlled by cartel. Now price is beyond cartel control as Diamond markets deflate and rebalance. Oil is rebalancing to economic market forces of plentiful supply as the earth frats and craps oil and gas – there is no scare supply. Or costly supply.

ENERGY the COST OF EVERYTHING has taxed nations to the bone by artificial greed and cartel pricing. OIL “IS” rebalancing and OPEC has nothing to do with it. Saudi the “swing producers” are loosing 600,000 barrels a day – where those customers are moving to America – and Saudi never gets that business back. They are not rebalancing anything but their own bankruptcy and budget.

Oil is in free fall as we reported.

OPEC is going to shatter and oil price is going to range 35 to 45 dollars.

OPEC pricing is dead on arrival.

Barkindo soon will be too we suspect. One man costing trillions to oil bankers from a totally failed policy. When does the money hold  Barkindo responsible and install a customer service market share minister as the OPEC model is failed.

It is every nation for itself as oil bankers and OPEC members are such losers for staying in the most failed cartel in history. INCREASINGLY OPEC oil bankers are seen as pure criminals trying to regain a tax on the poor and the development nations taxing billions trying to rise to full partnership but unable to do so because a few profited from 120 dollar a barrel of energy cost for their own greed at the enormous cost of nations developing as ENERGY IS THE COST OF EVERYTHING ELSE.

Today solar – wind – tidal – and natural gas which burns clean and makes lower electric cost – is with atomic power – fueling the world energy grid away from oil and more and more transportation is moving from oil to electric as demand peaks are going to fall off a cliff and oil can never be manipulated by OPEC or any supply cartel as a crime really – because today the supply oil bankers are not OPEC members and are the dominant and rising market share retiring OPEC oil banker market share the longer they force their own customers to RUN ON THEIR OIL BANK.

So now you know the truth of 2014 to October of 2017 when  Barkindo on his beggger prayer rug threw in the towel for his 82 year old King and stated – HEY AMERICA YOU CUT BACK so we can rebalance ( criminally move prices to high so we can stay out of bankruptcy as nations ) and America – having been hit by economic motors and missiles from OPEC for years – watched the economic mushroom cloud over  Barkindo – had a good laugh and invested as never before in MARKET SHARE SUPPLY GROWTH to utterly run on OPEC OIL MEMBER BANKS and destroy what remains of their final existence.

Barkindo gambled and lost the entire war.

America won.

The United States is so much STRONGER at 3% growth now rising to even higher – because of our THANK YOU to  Barkindo the moron economists and oil minister that personally DESTROYED OPEC as we reported here – for some time with data and the press fails to report the news with OIL advertising and underwriting for all press the ultimate spin to information on the earth.


Environmentally the one and sole cause of CLIMATE CHANGE.

Killing life on earth for greed and profit.

Being slowly retired.

By demand…..

Market supply demand and customer service define oil markets from NON OPEC membership today.

Those who leave OPEC will prosper.

Those who remain will be in economic pain that becomes unimaginable.

Economics leading politics or politics leading economics.

Economics always wins.

Barkindo and his tribe always lose.

Today OPEC is one word – LOSER !

Berny Dohrmann – You can read the tea leaves properly now on OPEC

Saudi Arabia ON Mothers Day 2017


Opec led by Saudi Arabia is like.a sword fish fighting for its life with a deep sea fisher men like approach where the sword fish on its tail fighting for its life ( OPEC ITSELF ) throws its stomach out of its mouth so great is its effort to survive in the sea it used to know. Versus the new economic  hook OPEC  is now caught on ( crashing market share ). Loosing massive market share forever from the GULF and paying to lose it. How long will it take for smart OPEC suppliers to see the tragic economics of a failed SAUDI policy. BACK TO THE FUTURE? Far from it. OPEC IS DEAD like the sword fish slowing being reeled in to be butchered.

Opec was 20 years ago the high 70 % of world oil supply.

Today Opec is only a magical  30 % of world oil supply. And falling.

OPEC has one forward future. EVERY NATION FOR THEMSELVES and a full utter break up of OPEC. SHORT THAT MODEL. DO THE MATH. GEO OIL SUPPLY is in SUPER CHANGE and has changed more in 24 months than 24 years and the pace of discovery Trump and others opening never ending new supply as demand growth moderates on all charts and stalls – South China Sea to US coastal finds – OPEC margin of supply is falling like NIAGRA falls and the super money is betting on OPEC BREAK UP today. You heard that first here.

The nail in the coffin. Failed Saudi Arabia POLICY where OPEC Members PAY BILLIONS by cutting back to have their market share stolen from them at their own loss. ECONOMIC INSANITY as a policy. HOW LONG BEFORE NATIONS GET THE MATH MODEL?

During is MONOPOLY MANIPULATION YEARS Opec created a ruthless HIDDEN TAX upon the economies of all nations and the peoples of all nations. This HIDDEN TAX for 20 years was the most distorting economics ( as oil IS the cost of EVERYTHING – because it makes fuel for crop transports so we and livestock an eat – it makes pesticides without which half the worlds crops fail – it makes transportation containers and medicine delivery systems from IV tubes to syringes and of course it makes fuel we just burn up forever to move around versus other options and we burn it up to make electricity ). As the price of oil reached 100.00 creating the largest WEALTH TRANSFER of nations in a single generation – all the while the world is drowning in fossil fuels the earth simply is farting out year to year – and the impoverishment of nations who over decades could not prosper due to OPEC manipulated phony oil prices. Their % of market share allowed them to do this while no nation went to war with them given the oil firms that lobby nations made huge partner profits on destroying a generation globally. Fiscally.

The largest sin of modern times has been the manipulation of oil prices by a cartel.

Nations lost decades of prosperity with wealth transfers to the GULF that imbalanced all world economies at great harm to the core system of nations and the world. A small number of elites of SUPER WEALTH became fantastically more wealthy through policies of the FEW AGAINST THE WELFARE OF THE MANY in all nations including their own long term. Why does the Gulf Wealth end with 40% youth unemployment? With massive impoverishment with the FEW are so fantastically consolidation their wealth privilege advantage and powers over the FEW. How is that GOOD? How is that RIGHT? How is that of Allah or any God? How is that not why it is – a form of insanity. Competition is a form of insanity where all diversity of class and variety between humans is punished. SANE BRAINS are COOPERATIVE with zero competitive thought where all variety between humans is CELEBRATED versus punished. Only insanity creates this economic damage to the entire world system for the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Competition is the thought form of insanity – learn this if you learn one thing from reading my blog over time.

As the mistake OPEC Made in their GREED MACHINE and MONEY GLUT engourging themselves thinking it would never not ever end – at 120 dollar per barrel oil prices “END”  – lasted for some years – a blip in time – the world elevated supply globally until the % Opec controlled globally was less than  35%. Today Oil has fallen from $ 120.00 a barrel oil to low 40’s last week or over 70% in a matter of 36 months. IS ANYONE SEEING THE CHART HERE? The biggest fall recent falls since OPEC CUT BACK SUPPLIES WHICH WERE TOTALLY MADE UP BY NON OPEC SUPPLIERS AND MORE .

During this loss of all advantage they once enjoyed by creating unsustainable market share advantage – the market share shifted. Today Opec has lost 70% of their market share as the price of oil REBALANCED outside MONOPOLY and SPECULATOR INFLUENCE.

In the old 20 year old of OPEC market share dominance, speculators could bid the price of oil upwards or to any price by taking forward positions in oil. Today the issues related to forward OIL Price revolve around:

  1. Ever declining market share for OPEC members, now picking up incredible momentum by utterly failed economic policy of OPEC to stop their delivery of falling market share – while their massive % of supply in NON OPEC supply % advances their MARKET SHARE to % diversity OPEC can never – not ever – reclaim. As this MARKET SHARE chart advances staying LONG in OIL is a financial death march for billions. Why do they do it? Speculators wish to return to their profit making market manipulation days and failed to appreciate the rapid time shift to MARKET SHARE or that the NEW OIL PRICE model is MARKET SHARE MARKET SHARE MARKET SHARE and OPEC is loosing all of theirs forever.
  2.  Today the day before MOTHERS DAY Opec aggressively seeing Oil sliding toward the 39.00 Dollar Range which Oil will pass through soon in my prediction – CUT MARKET SHARE TO ASIA. Oil rose a bit Thursday. ASIA will shift MARKET SHARE buying within the GLOBAL TRADE WAR taking place today. As they make this shift to the 70% of oil suppliers that are NON OPEC you will see OPEC market share move toward the 20% range from 70% only a blip in time ago. Their planning investment and modeling is FAILED ECONOMICS and those advising OPEC have cost those nations including Russia a trillion dollars in wealth and climbing.
  3. The supply of oil is soaring world wide. The on line supply from growing drilling rig counts for immediate market share shifting a trend going on for 20 years – has crushed OPEC who made every possible mistake trying to extend a model that died 25 years ago and will never rise from the dead.
  4. Opec Nations are growing in debt and operate in the RED INK fiscally. They can not survive as they once were budgeting within 40 to 30 dollar price range. Today deep sea oil and shale oil are profit making at 25  a barrel and with new technology and AI it may drop lower than that – there is no come back for oil.
  5. World demand for oil is changing and moderating and the growth of demand models have all been wrong and the shallowing of demand with soaring non OPEC supply as in record 10 million a barrel a DAY supply of sweet crude from the USA is taking market share from OPEC forever – now shifting to the US dollar which will soar because of the wealth under the dollar from the largest oil reserves that make OPEC look like losers. They ARE Losers in the board room.
  6. The hidden tax on the peoples and nations of the world are forever rebalancing wealth world wide.
  7. OPEC has FOREVER lost any control to manipulate prices and its public PR jaw bone bludgeons to the market only make speculators money on the 72 up and downs as the markets always roars back to REAL SUPPLY and REAL DEMAND.

The price of oil will go down down down like ALICE in the Rabbit hole – watch. Remember you heard this in 2015 2016 and 2017 HERE and you made a ton if you followed our reporting which you always hear here FIRST. We reported on why Comey was fired. Then all the PRESS of the world were filled up with our BLOG news. We reported on OIL and the price fell next day.

So today – OPEC plays a FAKE NEWS CARD that is cutting back ASIA on Oil by more than they said earlier. That is a lie as SAUDI production this year is UP over their agreements – so where are they moving that surplus ? They are not stupid as they cheat on their own membership. No hand knows what the other hand is doing.

The world is in MARKET SHARE WARS or TRADE WARS. This creates the nightmare of all nations DEFLATION ECONOMICS. This creates a SUPER CRASH ( eventually ) and a world depression and world war typically. Which we think nations are preparing for as their debts are no longer sustainable and you all know that if you do any math on it at all. My readers don’t buy into so called NEWS presented for ENTERTAINMENT and what is known as PACKET WEALTH 0r viewer replies to ADS in their own FAKE NEWS WARS to keep EYE BALLS on every growing number of channels. Or to get liberal – middle and right groups and far left and far right groups divided into their own channels and slamming those views to keep those eye balls to ever buy MINDLESS CONSUMER CRAP.

News real information is on line. The smart crowd of all political belief’s wants REAL NEWS and the TRUTH and they’ll filter that news into their own action. Investors ( our CEO tribe and their investment houses and press ) who dominate this blog readership world wide in over 140 nations – want REAL NEWS and the TRUTH reading this blog for over 30 years. Sharing this blog with awake readers of their tribes who we seek to serve tirelessly within our economic research. We report data – investment banking economic data – without any political agenda of any kind. Ever.

So OPEC is beyond STUPID and we can not believe PUTIN is allowing this unless he pays lip service to cut backs and is selling like crazy to protect RUSSIA Market share – why would they PAY BILLIONS ( being totally broke ) to FOREVER LOOSE RUSSIAN MARKET SHARE? Would YOU do that if you could keep market share at any price?

So OPEC see’s stocks fall in America. And says their cut backs are working.

This is FAKE NEWS and a BIG LIE.

The truth IS that Asia is moving MARKET SHARE that OPEC and primarily SAUDI leading OPEC is having OPEC members pay ungodly loss in revenue to force their own customers to leave them forever. The customers have easy options in bidding wars over the 70% of OIL SUPPLY that is NON OPEC and rising as OPEC decline in market share is IRREVERSIBLE and picking up terrible momentum for OPEC nations losing the market share.


The MARKET SHARE WAR over the COST OF EVERYTHING has been accelerated and lost by Saudi economic suicide policies that are stupid, more costly than any insane economic policy but war itself. The Gulf Stability given their debt, their move to diversify away from oil ( which now they must accelerate ) and their inability to manage budgets without higher oil prices, impossible given their declining market share and failed policy – which they seem insane bent to continue – further accelerating revenue declines to all OPEC nations – though cheating will advance and accelerate – as well – such that OPEC must crash economies – budgets – massively downsize and law off. Readers against press ignorance in their reporting today – probably think this economic is insane itself.

Folks OPEC is so debt ridden that oil prices at today and lower ranges BANKRUPTS OPEC MEMBERS across the globe. They have no options given their debts if they PAY OUT LOST REVENUE TO FURTHER LOSE MARKET SHARE IN THE MARKET SHARE WARS. They are like a whale in a sand lake where the water has dried up and there is no forward rain coming in the long draught and the flopping around appears to be life when the whale is dying in fact. Economically speaking.

OPEC Is dying inside its own sand due to wrong sided policies. OPEC needs to PROTECT MARKET SHARE at all cost regardless of price or bankrupt. Watch as economics fails to forgive stupidity. OPEC is trying to manipulate prices as in 1973 where even a total embargo would only accelerate their own bankruptcy and loss of market share.

I wrote in 2015 and 2016 and 2017


Control of price is no longer having anything at all to do with OPEC. All OPEC is doing is sending its own customers out the door forever – paying for them to leave – and giving speculator wind fall profits when they jaw bone markets with economics that have no basis in reality.

The supply draw down in America was market factored. The reasons for the draw down are:


  1. Seasonal normal supply as during every year repeating expected patterns occur.
  2. Refinery seasonal down time to repair – is over and peak season during the summer is seasonally on point.
  3. Supply will go down then come back. Opec has nothing to do with it. Why?
  4. Opec cut backs are completely over come by NON OPEC supply off setting those cut backs to the market. The supply of oil is greater this instant in 2017 than it was before OPEC decided to pay to lose its own market share ( an insane economic move by a stupid stupid policy ).
  5. Open is using POLITICS to drive economics but ECONOMICS is now in control not political manipulations. In OPEC world and politics almost always fails in driving success to economics.

The world has moved through the stages of 5,000 years of base line economic history that unfolds as follows:

  1. Following the most recent global wars prosperity unfolds and elites consolidate wealth world wide until in all leading economies 1% own more wealth than 99% ( and consolidation continues ) creating enormous system instability economically speaking.
  2. This system wobble ends with a melt down globally with the last Super Crash 2008 as a consequence of economic consolidation and removal of stability circulation.
  3. The system then spends years of ever greater consolidation for the winning SUPER RICH, while the world moves into distrust negation and a spiral of TRADE WARS.
  4. A contagion event due to debt abuse occurs ( always ) as a consequence of imbalances to accounts from losers in the spiral of trade wars. and a bigger SUPER CRASH and global depression due to DEFLATION SPIRALS no central bank can over come as circulation is no longer adequate to sustain growth in a stable economic model. The old model is broken beyond repair.
  5. The world prepares for and moves into WORLD WAR to rebalance economic account when the FIVE TO DIE cycle begins all over again with a new post war prosperity.

As this 5000 year never varies economic modeling is INSANE why do we not revolutionize a new model we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM? While we have time?

The elites are blinded by mindless accumulation of consolidating wealth and power for endless gratifications  and see any system reform as threat to their franchise on wealth. This mind set is insane and holds the people of the world hostage.

The system is broken beyond repair.

The system managers are insane and do not see the value of revolution to the core system model benefits them long term.

They chose in many cases risk of destruction and death from war such that the winners are the new elites. That insane pattern of thinking and emotional capital must be upgraded to revolutionize systems.

Billions are hostage to 1000 at the top. Who are without knowing it by majority insane.

Will sanity win?

It does not look like it as we see patterns repeat in Saudi Arabia and OPEC paying untold wealth to lose market share forever and utterly fail to rebalance supply and demand no matter what summer week to week data shows – watch the annual data and weep. THE EARTH IS DROWNING IN RENEWABLE OIL AND GAS.

OPEC has no influence on price other than a speculator sake to make software profits that disappear in a matter of hours. You’ll see.

Oil in the 30’s?

You heard that first hear in 2015 now everyone is reporting the news.



PS: Today for the first time ever SAUDI reported the sad math and numbers of the failed policy stating they are LOOSING MARKET SHARE….this falls under given my many blog economics on this data …DUHHHHH ?




Last year we told you to expect an insane election year FOOLS rally that would set prices already at record high’s, inside a record boom length period in time, where the higher it goes the longer it waits to correct the more SAVAGE the ultimate SUPER CRASH.

We noted the world markets were in a casino of speculative market pricing where all asset classes were now in a speculation fuel BUBBLE.

We told you this Spring ( that is Sunday folks ) the downward pressure would reach a tipping point. IT has been going down all week – pretty solid as we made that prediction last year against all experts we can find online or offline. We were right. Again. For our long time readers, this accuracy is now expected.

We also told you OIL, contrary to the world experts was not going anywhere. The notion OPEC was relevant somehow was wrong and that OPEC had lost influence control and credibility over the oil markets of the world.  The day of OPEC is over.

We noted it is not longer a price war it is now and for years been a MARKET SHARE WAR. The foolish recent move to PRICE CONTROLS failed. What HAS HAPPENED is that Saudi has paid a price to let its other market members profit as Saudi loses market share and others gain the Saudi market share ( forever ). This was not a solid economic move. Why? Because politics led economics.

So the USA is now producing 9.1 million barrels A DAY. This market share on our side is soaring. And we have only been exporting for less than 12 months in fifty years. Our output is just soaring and nothing is going to stop that output.  Also, our reserves in a nation have RISEN ( soared really ) for 9 solid months without let up. The USA is setting record after record of RESERVES OF OIL GLUT. While production is SOARING cutting market share from EVERYONE ELSE more rapidly than ANYONE ELSE.  Said another way Oil will PLUNGE through the 50 dollar range and move to 42 dollars or below. Saudi will have to stop PAYING FOR OTHERS TO STEAL THEIR MARKET SHARE. Their strategy is no longer working. Everyone is taking advantage of them. Today they stated their market position was LIMITED IN TIME on reduced pumping. SAUDI MUST JOIN THE MARKET SHARE WARS OR DIE ( financially speaking ). 

SUPER CHANGE is speeding up. We thought things were going to slow down and return to a new normal. They are not slowing down. They are continuing to speed up at every faster pace. What we all need to do is to CALM DOWN TO CATCH UP collectively. 

Oil producers outside the USA from Nigeria to Russia are in new frontiers to plan budgets, and remodel their economies around decades of cheap oil. Without a world war or even with it – Oil is too abundant to finance old models for producer nations. Russia can’t afford to pay its bills and one would WATCH OUT FOR WAR as a way out of their PETRO nation crises. Putin’s failure to reform the communist system, economically, to diversify into entrepreneur national interests versus a single PETRO NATION with crashing prices and demand – has moved RUSSIA down in GNP by 80% in only sixty months. Failed policies are so punishing for the masses of everyday people while the 1% own all the wealth. Insane systems must rebalance eventually. 

So the tipping point for a big correction is coming. Can the market go up some more – you bet and I suggest it would base on computer software manipulations.

However, as these items occur:

  • Endless derailment of massive inflation coming – by the FED – raising interest rates every single opportunity and more aggressively on rates than anyone saw until something BREAKS LOOSE like a recession – WILL RATTLE MARKETS.
  • Tepid growth in the USA running around 1% in 2017 is too weak to secure price ranges of all asset classes.
  • Reality – many of Trumps HOPE CHEST items will take longer or NOT BE DELIVERED AT ALL and that reality check – will derail the markets entirely.

When is the SUPER CRASH? I can’t predict THAT other than to say its soon – by next Spring or sooner ( anytime ).

When is the market correction – Now to October is my best guess with all the King’s men and all the King’s horses trying and trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Meanwhile, RUSSIA moving next generation cruise atomic weapons into the EU theater does threaten Nato and is a violation of a treaty. Things are escalating. 

North and South Korea are two trains at full speed charging into a head-on collision. Even China is worried now. Trump asked for MILITARY OPTIONS against North Korea. They might not wait and do the FIRST STRIKE. Then what?

China is in meltdown and riots are breaking out everywhere as controls get tougher and tougher – none of which are working. The CHINA DEBT and housing asset bubbles must SUPER CRASH and they will. When is all we don’t know?

Greece is about to default.

As dollar values soar with higher interest African South American and other developing nations in Asia will be unable to pay debt and defaults will begin to contagion through the system as the World Bank and IMF warned.

The good news is: what? Fake news is all. The economic recovery following the 2008 crash SUCKS and is THE WORST recovery ever.  Period. Despite trillions poured into the markets to avoid depression. What a mess.

The policy has failed.

Now what?


As the shells move around the table and the politicians ask the voters with this big ass grin – who has the pea? Which shell has the pea? Do you know? How about YOU? Do you see it? All the while moving the shells. DO YOU. Do YOU see the Pea?

I don’t. 

Perhaps there is no pet any longer if there ever even was.