Trump wars with bought and paid for media this weekend – what is really going on ?

Trump wars with Media hit a higher level this weekend on tweets in speeches in media. What is interesting is CNBC ( hats off to you ) reported it front page and the major media outlets did not report it at all really. Like the public doesn’t get to see this if it is our public.

So what – is – going on out there?


Into the 1970’s we had no cable – we had three major networks of Television – we had no 24/7 news cycles and we had news policy. All broadcasters and there as FCC FEDERAL OVERSIGHT and it was FEROCIOUS back in those days protecting families from sex and violence and bias news of any nature. The NEWS DEPARTMENT was firewall from OWNERSHIP and advertising influence. Editors were unbiased to their own political thinking and responsible in presenting accurate unbiased factual news and letter audience digest RAW NEWS reporting and make their own minds up what the news reflected to their attitudes – votes – politics and outcomes.

This was true in the CIVIL RIGHTS movement marches I participated in myself – in the Vietnam War movement protests ( participated for the military not against it ) and for all social movements of those times and spaces. No bias just news reporting beyond influence.

Then came Ted Turner and Cable. Ted created CNN and the 24 hour news cycle. The editors of that department started with anchor reporters following the traditional RAW NEWS model. As time went buy Ted sold out and conglomerates seeing how profitable old Ted’s cable idea was making bucks – 24/7 news cycles – they began to forge new cable competitions.

The space became too crowded for profit making to the mass audience of the three network channels now loosing market share for 30 years solid.

These networks formed their own 24/7 news outlets to survive.

The field became so crowded by the 1980’s that the following took place:

  1. To sustain advertising revenue news became CHANNEL MARKETED to bias audience niche market shares – liberal moderate and conservative.
  2. The news firewall broke down and anchors became groups shouting at each other in a ENTERTAINMENT NEWS cycle where if it BLEEDS it Still Leads.
  3. Every brea every ten minutes bean counters review PACKET COUNTS on audience rated share – to bill advertisers in the last segment and it it is down it can cost a ton so making it rise next segment is then story modeled to assure that audience is held – A THREE YEAR OLD WAS SHOT IN THE BOSS IN LA TODAY – WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK WITH THAT STORY – or PRESIDENT TRUMP INVITES STORMY DANIELS TO STAY IN THE LINCOLM BEDROOM – THE STORY AFTER THIS – that packet enhancers is framed to the packet by the segment.
  4. News is bias – bought and paid for – influenced today outside any editor of the 1960’s standards – and nothing like Walter Cronkite but a generation now has no comparison and news for them is brain washing truth – period. No one thinks it through and to say its RAW NEWS is to deny a trend taking place and the FCC is out to lunch now on standards versus censorship – FREE SPEECH does not mean pubic broadcast licenses can deliver endless harmful sex violence and politically influenced packaged news for a purpose versus RAW news to 300 million – but its the Wild West out there in digital cable on line click news 24/7 ranked rated and paid by audience eye balls to the packet cycle.
  5. News is now a business – not firewall from profits – and journalist still so dedicated to do a great job are competitive beyond any generation to generate the SENSATION the NEXT SENSATION at any cost paid too little working way too hard and without the Editorial standards they deserve from the past or the money influence firewalls they were protected from in the past – now packet managers tell editors get THOSE NUMBERS UP in 25/7 super competitive crowded news space NICHED MARKETED to your mind set specifically – feeding you what you want more of – which includes HATE TRUMP TO INFLAMED INSANE PASSIONS NO END TO WHY & UNITE IN AMERICAN UTTER HATRED AND DISRESPECT OF OUR LEADERSHIP – kind of a first really – or LOVE TRUMP AND SUPPORT PROSPERITY OUTSIDE ANY POLITICAL VIEW BECAUSE 10,000 of thousands of democrats and republicans working on the TRUMP TEAMS are doing an impressive job on American PROSPERITY as to POLICY. So click your poison its all bought and paid for.

WORSE the trend. The trend by ownership and management to channel market news for profit is compressing and it appears there is no red line – no boarder – just give us SENSATION at any level – the horrors of humanity – in real time first – the best of the next poison on Trump – any one can say it we’ll report it:

  • Trump has brain cancer
  • Trump has Aides
  • Trump is getting divorced
  • Trump had sex with Nancy Pelosi

Just report the SENSATION. Trump is gay and having sex with Putin.

No President has ever endured not any President in media over our history the massive bias news reporting why? THE PUBLIC HAS NO CLUE. It is all about the MONEY.

Trump is a SUPER STAR CELEBRITY – outside the Pope where not even Rock Stars draw crowds – like Trump. News owners are making RECORD PROFITS AND RECORD INCOME by the choice to use the SUPER STAR for profit maximally. Sensation sells – headlines like TRUMP LIED AGAIN and TRUMP has AIDES CANCER and TRUMP was CHUMPED by North Korea – it never ends. It gets worse and worse.

As we move for elections the biggest ad dollars come from bias packs. These packs with a billion to invest are sending PR that is SENSATIONAL fake news stories – non news – to media outlets to feed the conveyor belt demand for CONTENT in a 24/7 perishable news cycle – gone on delivery NEXT. The rise of bias news to influence our election is not from outside nations folks ( who also fund our packs without shame ) it is from PROFIT MAKING NEWS SELLERS TO KEEP PACKET RATINGS HIGH USING A CELEBRITY TO DO SO IN THE ELECTION FRENZY MAKING MORE PROFIT ON ALL SIDES THAN MEDIA EVER MADE ALL YES THANK YOU TO DONALD TRUMP CASHING FROM BASHING.

That is the growing unhealthy trend of news in modern cable market compressions in competitive capitalism – where the break down is not in leadership – as all leaders are doing the best they know how – Nancy Trump everyone – really doing their best. The break down is in integrity the CRISES IN LEADERSHIP Is integrity. We pollute our earth to extinct ourselves for short term profits and industry protection. We pollute our minds without regard to truth and integrity as we in lies and GREED are losing our ability to know and understand what real integrity is between ourselves even.

What will it MEAN to BE AMERICAN in such a future if we don’t pull back?

I have suggested in my economic blogs that IF:

  1. We have a Democratic win prosperity stops and a Super Crash occurs – while the victors GRID LOCK CONGRESS that will not work just like the last 16 years and they spend a billion to investigate Trump endlessly and impeach Trump ( which has zero chance to win ) – and Trump can’t get any policy through congressional full on dysfunction.
  2. If enough American’s learn the truth – think about their wallet and personal prosperity moving forward and vote a Republican congress in – and CONGRESS WORKS – the nation has to 2030 of up bubble or prosperity.
  3. This is beyond FAKE NEWS the primary bias sensation to sell you mind less crap – for profit -IF American votes their Walter and disgards party altogether – the one issue before the election WILL CONGRESS WORK OR NOT WORK. That is the ONE ELECTION ISSUE. Nothing else but American can not see it because News is not interviewing ME. Smile.



Trump understand media economics as reported here. He made over 800 million before becoming President and 500 million or so today – lost several HUNDRED million a year to serve as medias bashing pole – and donates his President Salary to charity – another first.

Trump this weekend gave his truth:

  • Media is bought and paid for and bias
  • Fake news is evil and hurting America ( and other nations as well )
  • The truth is not being reported.
  • Bashing TRUMP is the profit channel for maximum monthly rise in profit
  • News divides this nation as never before as the bought and paid for third estate with virtually zero oversight and accountability as the 24/7 cables evolved outside government FCC old rule modeling – without a congressional upgrade there is no way to change a sorry trend lacking integrity with no more RAW NEWS just NEWS.
  • News can cause world wars – TRUMP ON North Korea – IRAN – RUSSIA and when its not truth – and it is national foreign policy secrets leaked – and than spun maximally – we hurt the United States and no President none has had this level of attack because – the SUPER STAR MAKES THEM SO MUCH MONEY.

So no one reported that on front page by CNBC and I regard that report as my highest praise to THEM for unbiased RAW news reporting and I wish to thank the editors and the staff for a JOB elevating INTEGRITY in NEWS REPORTING. It is so rare and so appreciated by the smarts that are the majority of this nation at all levels.

We get it.

The majority of us get it – and you see that in how we act.

Let us now see how the election comes out – does brain washing work – or will the SMARTS vote for Prosperity and a Congress that WORKS versus a government that no longer can govern or work at all – prosperity into the toilet so elites can maximizes profits off all of us like we were cattle in their shoot.

REFORM or NO REFORM you decide.


So this week Trump drew a new Red Line and that RED line will rise as the truth about media ( not reported ) is going to rise up and up – and perhaps on day depending on how we vote a MEDIA REFORM AND UPGRADE to unbiased RAW NEWS could return to the land of the free and the home of the very brave.

One can hope can one not – and all this is outside politics it is about the relative new economics of 24/7 NEWS CYCLES in an over crowded industry maximizing profits by channel niching audiences to hold eye balls to sell mindless crap – with TRUMP BASHING being the biggest Super Star we can’t get enough of – lead story line.

In fact the White House may be the highest ranked SIT COM of all time with the children followed like royals – is it true? Hate or Love or don’t even care – more are watching than any show upon the earth and we just can’t get enough. I love it myself.

TRUMPS White House out ranked the apprentice in the ratings.

GO NEWS SELLERS GO make your maximum profits but you just may cause PROSPERITY AND YOUR PROFITS to PLUNGE INTO THE SEWER DRAINS as a Trump Congress gives you all years of maximum profits and a democratic congress will  crash your earnings worse than 2008.

Go to the bank on that news channel leadership – take all that to your own stock share price moving into the future – 2030 record profits never known before – or SUPER CRASH and potential for a real depression and world war and your income will never reach the TRUMP highs again in your lifetime.

Perhaps the leaders at the top will figure that one out.

FOLLOW THE MONEY FOLKS its all economic.

Today the advertisers pay to bias and they advertise on channels that reflect their desired outcomes – which if that is profit – consider if CONGRESS GRID LOCKS the money that it will cost you in the SUPER CRASH to follow. Never rely on competitive insane brains with buggy virus ridden software to act in their own self best interest in fact… a good rule …..

Think about it as the conveyor belt of BIAS and SHAME is never ending for the packet count in five minutes from right now…….no channel excluded but Public Broadcasting.



2017 the best year in human history ?



Scott Smith the award wining journalist – look him up – and a long many decade friend of mine and great friend of CEO SPACE over so many long years, sent me this New York times link you really would enjoy reading:

I click the New York times every day as a research data collection along with 100 others.

I want to HAT OFF TO THE New York TIMES.

WE reside in a negative news cycle that seeks to sell us mindless crap by sensational reporting one tweet to the next.

Perspective. Why is 2017 the Best Year in Human History?

Lets take a look at the New York TIMES report on WHY.

It will lift you up as they report 2018 will be EVEN BETTER which is hey what we are telling you and why.

We report systemic economic risks versus political risk to investing for our small business ownership in 140 nations. And all our loyal readers. Some 30,000 subscribing and 100,000’s of thousands reading.

We appreciate you and thanks for sharing my blog with your tribe.

Berny Dohrmann – A grateful fan of the New York TIMES today




The US dollar became the world reserve currency – where food – and trade in energy is settled world wide are settled  in dollars. As a appropriate NEW WORLD ORDER after winning WORLD WAR II. Today we spend more on defense than we do education or say more than China Russia, Germany, France and most of the EU combined together including Japan.  The resolution of all trade is in US dollars. In 2017 and the dollar is falling like a stone down a well because of the failed policies of the Fed and the failure of the CONGRESS to pass a debt ceiling increase and a BUDGET as required by law by the Constitution. No. The congress having sunk the dollar 10% this year is celebrating blocking all legislation to benefit our people – tax reform – infrastructure fix – health care fix – a debt ceiling required – a budget required by law – now they are celebrating obstruction success ( doing nothing – doing zero ) and they are on VACATION. The President Golf’s while we do war exercises in South Korea in August. Low handicap sir?

The US dollar under President Donald Trump and the dysfunctional conflicted obsolete endless failed policy maker the FED is down – again – by almost 10% this year so far alone. A 10% drop in our purchasing powers and our value for the US dollar. Way down from its lows since the crash. A down graph like we have not seen since WORLD WAR II and none of our voters are holding the entire congress responsible. It is not about destroying the current President – it is about governing for all of America no matter WHO is in office. It is illegal to fail to govern folks and Congress can lose immunity and Congress can themselves be blanket impeached under the law forcing SPECIAL ELECTIONS. Look Ma – no incumbents return to office. As the criminals under impeachment can not run. WE WIN. Know a tort law firm as this is the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS. Copy this to them.

Yes this does ( a crashing dollar )  make USA goods cheaper to other nations as their currency rises in relationship to the crashing utterly destroyed  dollar once the strongest currency on earth. Yes this has helped our trade world wide in our export  trade account. But unfair trade barriers from other nations make the USA a turkey roasting in the oven of world trade until we explode. BAM. We are going BANKRUPT SLOWLY by buying more from criminal nations than we are selling to these criminal nations who see the USA as marks – as victims to plunder. For 50 years no one has done anything but bend over and take it. Economically it is just like that.

Donald Trump promises to stop all that. He is unwinding some big trade agreements to individually negotiate out with nations one by one but they are criminals. A REAL  TRADE WAR is the only way to get attention from abusive nations that plunder the USA – steal our IP – and sell far more to us  than they will buy from the USA in enormous unfair ratio’s of trade.  In this economic world war Iii the enemy is bleeding us financially and winning. We are losing the war. Like CHINA. Like Japan. Where the USA holds up their entire economy. While they abuse and busy our economy.  We need a new and a far better DEAL President Trump and YESTERDAY was already too late to get it. Congress is killing the entire economic future of the nation. Be clear on that.

Now the USA credit rating the defines our borrowing real cost is up for huge increase because CONGRESS is not representing the American PEOPLE and our ECONOMICS but is representing next years mid term election – and politics are driving economics versus economics driving politics. It is a crime. Impeachable. The entire Congress on the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS for failure to perform constitutional duties within a criminal conspiracy to exempt themselves from the law – constitutional mandate law to pass a budget and to protect the USA.

As the Congress is on vacation – and fails to assure the CREDIT RATING OF THE ENTIRE NATION is protected and move up from the lower rating OBAMA lost – raising our borrowing cost enormously – on our record debt Obama created – 20 trillion – without a CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET and a CLEAN DEBT CEILING INCREASE – the US will be damaged more by CONGRESS than a Korean Nuclear removal of a city. Economically that is the reality. CONGRESS IS TRASHING THE USA and we may lose our WORLD RESERVE STATUS as the conspiracy to move away from the DOLLAR grows – and Congress and the FED fiddle as the entire future of the nation burns to the ground due to economics – easy legal required law making Congress in negligence is now criminal to our people in not accommodating. THINK ABOUT THAT HIGH CRIME AND MISDEMEANOR as the LEGAL MOTHER OF ALL TORT FILINGS IN FEDERAL COURT with damages to the rest of us.

Congress is NO LONGER PROTECTING THE USA and its people.

Congress is more harmful to the American People than any other agenda from around the WORLD. Get that in YOUR MIND as it is always economic and never political. If WE THE PEOPLE do not WAKE THE FUCK UP and TAKE SOME ACTION – we are going to suffer the worst depression of all time – America will decline into a third world – never to return to its lost greatness and potential – and the future of our unborn will be sold down the river – by the current United States CONGRESS as if they were working for a foreign power. YOU are the ONLY ONE that can stop this –





Copy this and send it to your circle today.

Congress is about to do more harm to the USA than all the wars combined together by failing to pass a clean debt bill and by failing to pass a budget for AMERICA as is required by law. Congress is legally negligent and can be all of them – IMPEACHED by a Tort Law Firm representing 300 million of US. We the people  for their criminal negligence and breach of their Constitutional required mandate. Legally. Congress IS breaking the law. Congress is selling us all down the river. Congress is 500 Criminals with only a handful of members who can not be bought. You know that.

More damaging than North Korea is the US Congress.

More damaging than China is the US Congress.

More damaging the Fed is the US congress.

More damaging than all the corruption of Wells Fargo Bank and legal theft of the pharms – health care – Wall Street investment bankers and chemical companies dumping toxins on our foods, putting chefs into our food,  and broken Capitalism is THE US CONGRESS. Congress is taking our way of life away from us.

More RISK to the markets and future of our nation is the US CONGRESS.

Destroying the faith credit and buying power of our economic base our US dollar is the US Congress. If the dollar continues down due to failed breach – policy failure of the Fed since 1904 – and Congress over 15 years – we now have destruction on a scale the nation has never experienced. Not sometime tomorrow. In September when the internal political war breaches trust and duty and creates an ECONOMIC CRISES a credit melt down a potential seizure of the entire national machine – because there is no trust no money to run our nation. Due to Negligence. Illegal breach of duty. Folks Congress is about to DESTROY THE US dollar AND the prestige and powers of our nation to conduct its global affairs – not an enemy – CONGRESS.

What can YOU DO?

You can write your law makers on line – its easy and clicks to do it – takes five minutes – to PASS A CLEAN BUDGET. TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING IN A CLEAN BILL or WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE in the Mid Year and to follow. We all need to write Congress on this item.

Alert your circles locally to write.

Create an endless TREE TO WRITE. We have to make WRITING A MOVEMENT and YES WE CAN and YES a stone – one blog casting the TRUTH into the lake can have a tsunami hit our shores when the CRIMINAL CONGRESS returns from Vacation.

Next Write News papers – that you are seeking a TORT LAW FIRM to impeach the US CONGRESS and why. Copy TORT law firms you can google search in your city. THAT gets the MEDIA on point as this is the STORY not the tweets. They don’t matter. Truly. What maters is not the Russia Investigation or any of that. What matters is:

  • Our Debt Ceiling and future credit rating
  • Our clean budget that underwrites our future for our nation

That is Congressional mandate they failed to accommodate and now they celebrate having trashed our dollar buying power by 10% this year alone – a VACATION for dereliction of Constitutional Mandated first DUTY of the United States CONGRESS to its people. HOLD the CRIMINAL CONGRESS RESPONSIBLE.

Alert your TORT LAW FIRM contacts ( just google search in your city )  to IMPEACH THE US CONGRESS AND SUE FOR DAMGES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY ILLEGAL NEGLIGENCE OF CONGRESS RISING TO HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEAMONERS AGAINST THE FUTURE OF OUR UNBORN GENERATION. Hold Congress accountable. WE THE PEOPLE have the POWERS not those 500 criminals forgetting they don’t have power WE HOLD all the cards if we wake up and use them.

In the MID year election never elect an incumbent – not ever. Show them the real power is US. Never elect an incumbent for 25 years. Not now. Not ever. Period. THAT term limits criminals.

Turn them all over. If the TORT doesn’t get their eyes and ears on purpose the VOTE OUT OF OFFICE next year WILL.


Use the POWER. Or you lose the power.

Write them – clean budget clean debt ceiling first priority upon return to office –  or your OUT OF OFFICE. All parties all voices.

It is OUR COUNTRY and its people who have REAL POWERS and  not 550 idiots who forgot WHO it is they legally represent – which is all the rest …. of US. IT is time for AMERICA to UNITED on one issue – no parties – no platforms – no fake news – no spin – the AMERICA PEOPLE against the criminal congress. ALL OF US AND ALL AT ONCE. Revolutions are begun with a click folks it just takes YOU and YOU and YOU and ME. IT takes us all. I’m writing them next and today.

Go for it USA.

The enemy is our Congress – as President Lincoln so often wrote – we have nothing to fear from afar – what destroys America our only threat is from WITHIN OURSELVES – that is our real risk as our way of life requires renewal and accountability. Criminal Congress is now killing AMERICA:

  • No Budget in years
  • No debt ceiling increase save emergency week extensions
  • No Infrastructure rebuilding – 11 trillion paying of bad debts from AIG to Wallstreet giving us back nothing.
  • No health care fix.
  • NO social security fix.
  • No medicare fix.
  • NO tax reform and return to sanity economics
  • NO anything but obstruction for a year
  • The focus since Obama – destroy who is in office versus represent the PEOPLE of the NATION
  • No governance
  • The only passing items is how to limit the powers of the President – that is not governing nor is it constitutional


Where is the PRESS ON THIS STORY as this is the LEAD STORY to year end this is the ONLY STORY for our future and our way of life – if our credit costs rise from Congressional crimes – the cost to our unborn is trillions of dollars we simply can never repay. THIS CONGRESS CAN DESTROY AMERICA economically. Know what? The truth? While you are distracted by media following tweets into the giants eyes – the BIG STORY remains invisible. Congress fiddles on vacation while Rome ( our AMERICAN ) is economically about to burn to the ground and they all know that. Write your press to cover the LEAD STORY OF THIS CENTURY.


BUDGET AND DEBT CEILING – all the rest rise up after that is executed as the FIRST DUTY OF THE CONSTITUTION. The criminals are fiddling on vacation at barbecues celebrating the utter destruction our nation by CRIMINAL FAILURE TO GOVORN.


How about THAT folks?


PS: You may copy and circulate this item widely to voter circles you know – there is no PARTY here – there are only AMERICAN’s who really care – millions of us against 500 criminals in office – now that is the real TRUTH FOLKS and you know losing our USA is too great a price to pay – now we must all of us RISE UP .




Why ? I have reported why since January. Let me summarize why again:

  1. The markets are in a huge bubble – the worst global bubbles of all time – driven by failed central bank policy of FREE MONEY.
  2. Growth in the world is pathetic and zero in the USA.
  3. The Britt EXIT is yet to be felt. The ripples will shutter markets.
  4. The EU is going to break up and its member debts are beyond salvage. The bankruptcies coming from that will wash over the world. The ripples will shutter markets.
  5. The Debts in China are going to wash the world in the worst SUPER CRASH ever and Asia and Japan are going to create a global depression – we learned nothing from WORLD WAR II.
  6. North Korea is about to put Nukes in Space and deliver Nukes anywhere as they begin a NUKE ECONOMY by selling Nukes globally. Nukes are about to GO OFF in the next ten years all from North Korea with Love. A mad man is running things. Hitler was mad too.
  7. The USA is in a crises of leadership, in disarray with World Policy, marginalized, diminished, and years into failed Fed policy. Endless Wars are not ending in the Gulf or in Asia. The world is setting the stage for WORLD WAR III now occuring digitally and financially. An attack on our markets is coming.
  8. The Fed having piled up almost 20 trillion in new money debt has failed to restore growth- there is no growth – and free money is creating wild speculation in a market falsely valued. The crash in bonds and stocks is not going to be pretty. There is Japan like deflation spreading over the world markets and no policy is fixing the problem – debt will place the world in depression.
  9. There is no stopping the COMING SUPER CRASH.
  10. The crash is coming in October – Spring or 2018 latest in my best opinion on todays information. No one knows the time. October is pretty close so I have said GET OUT of stocks and bonds.

We have told out leadership in 140 countries stop considering what you miss at a mis priced market near its all time peak. If your at the last base camp before Everest money summit – who cares if you miss the false tippy top of greed and profit  for a minute or two remaining before the cliff and SUPER CRASH ? Really? I mean really?

You are at an ALL TIME HIGH. The election is coming. Instability is soaring. Risk is skyrocketing. The market is so OVER VALUED it is a joke. FREE MONEY is going to stop – forever. It is a policy to never be revisited such was the ten year failure. For humanity.

GET OUT NOW at the ALL TIME HIGH. Take profits before the SUPER CRASH washing your money into the dirt. Then move all your money…all of it….:

  1. Diversified whole life for cash – like your bank once was. Safer.
  2. Index diversified insurance investing for stocks – like you once owned stocks in retirement plans and your personal portfolio. Make the highest returns in any market in guaranteed principle life protected INDEX products with the superior money managers. Use INDEX life like MARKET INVESTMENTS for five years.
  3. Annuities for your bond investment providing fixed income where needed.

Diversified insurance investment not THE MARKETS for stocks and bonds and not BANKS keeps you SAFE really safe and principle is guranateed in my opinion a far better gurantee than banks. For those in the know don’t be slow – take action now.  Keep your money working and principle protected. I trust insurance guarantees more than FDIC fraud – where 35 billion or so guarantees almost 100 trillion. Come on…do the math folks don’t buy in to propogranda and wonder how could “THEY” let this happen. THEY are stealing from you in the casino of capitailsm. Without regulatory reform you have to protect yourself.

This is just like the great DEPRESSION In 2007 on its digital global and far worse when the massive DEBT WEAPONS OF FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION are considered as reported all year on this blog. IT IS WORSE THAN 1927 – by far. AND SUPER CRASH IS COMING Just like it did in the depression. A REAL DEPRESSION is coming. You protect yourself within a community like CEO SPACE and with information that puts you ahead of everyone else and you have that information right here right now. What you DO with the information is the key. JUST ACT – pick up the phone and get into action. PROTECT YOURSELF and those you love.

If you have circles that doubt you – refer them here to this blog site.

Your bank money is being invested in pure risk and crap by financial institutions. You could lose part of your money in banks and FDIC only guarantees to a level. So I suggest you meet with LICENSED top 50 Tier INSURANCE INVESTMENT PROFESSIONALS and discuss my OPINION as an investment banker economist with them. Let the licensed professionals give you the GUARANTEED option for your high returns without the market risk of LOOSING YOUR MONEY.

Copy this.

Email this blog.

Share this with your walls tweets and related.


I’ve made a lot of predictions since the 1980’s. I’m going to be wrong for sure. Maybe this will be the FIRST TIME I am – but I don’t think so. Those who thank me following me for years ACT when I say time has run out. No one knows the exact hair trigger for Super Crash. Folks the DANGER FOR LOOSING SO MUCH OF YOUR MONEY IS ENORMOUS. Do not let those controlling your retirement dictate your safe harbor. If I’m wrong you can’t get hurt and you lost some profit potential and nothing else. If I”m right you have peace of mine when others are destroyed utterly.


Act immediately. As this information circulates all over the world it has an impact on the market as you all SELL OUT OF STOCKS AND BONDS. Protect YOURSELF and BE FIRST OUT.

Your at all time high. GET OUT.

Get positioned for the highest returns possible by law…with the safest protection where you just can’t lose your money. If you stay in trading and you THINK YOU can Stop Loss protect yourself let me share a truth. I ran a large public broker dealer with offices all over the world for decades. There is no RISK-LESS RISK. Stocks and bonds make higher returns than other safer investments because their RISKS ARE EQUALLY HIGH. Mutual and related funds are SUPER HIGH RISK read the government documents on risk for these investments. In SUPER CRASH they do NOT have to give you your money back. Their contracts feature clauses where you can be stuck in a redemption liquidity request – when there are no buyers only sellers. You can sit for a year or longer as retired folks did during the oil embargo of the 1970’s – waiting for the mutual fund money they thought was like banking – and as they waited their principle went down and down and their loses went up and up as one day they got pennies on their dollars. THE RISK IS WORSE TODAY BY A SCALE not even comparable.

If you stay IN and you read this – its all on you and I WISH I HAD ACTED will be your swan song.

The time to GET OUT is right NOW.

The place to sleep like a baby, protect your money and invest wisely and appropriately is as I laid out for you. The major insurance firms paid out when the banks closed in the GREAT DEPRESSION and they were the ONLY ONES.

You protect everything by MOVING OVER to ENOUGH more than enough in PROFIT without the risk. Be SAFE. Earn high returns.

We have told you how to sidestep the end of casino capitalism before the SUPER CRASH and new laws.

The time to side step the financial storm clouds and the TSUNAMI of SUPER CRASH behind those clouds – is RIGHT NOW at the all time high.

GET OUT before stocks crash in the worst SUPER CRASH of this generation.

GET OUT BEFORE BOND Markets are destroyed and will not come back to anything like we have known in your lifetime.

BE SAFE in the last refuge available. Talk to a license broker with a top tier insurance investment professional and explore the options I laid out here.

If you need more data on why massive data is on this site just scroll and read for a few hours. Its all current and varifiable. Then hit your global news and research any item I report and you’ll see proof from global press to confirm every conclusion. It is all fact. And my opinion expressd here is my personal opinion expressed to my private member only CEO SPACE community and reproduced for you to see what I’m telling them. WHY is well set forth on this site.


Share this blog.

TIME …has run out folks…..

Remember – you heard it first right here and when.

Team work makes the dreams work…..but Timing IS everything !

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL

PS: We’ll be telling hundreds of CEO’s from nations around the world in our BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE you should register into – all about this – Tuesday of next week in Orlando. You should fly in and register at the door or before on line. You’ll have a better future if you make the investment to get ahead of it all.

Tell your circle to read this blog may save critical resources for those you share to…….




What does FED PANIC look like? When you see Yellen bring back Bernake and Volker and even Paulson to say – “oh we are not in a bubble economy not really and here is why “. You KNOW you just KNOW we are IN A HUGE BUBBLE and they are in panic over SUPER CRASH as now they can’t save the banks. They can’t.

The Fed is a private stock firm under a contract from Congress in an 80 page act in the early 1900’s to print money charge us all interest and to bankrupt us as they regulate the banks that own the stock in the Fed in the first place. It is like the WOLVES guarding the chicken coup. How insane is that idea? We have argued that the way to reset all nations is to print money for free – to tie money to national GNP – no more interest – and to merge the FEDS world wide into the state treasury were the people have audits and oversight – and pay off their debt bomb inserting TIME as the missing math model – on 200 year bonds. All debt is paid now with payments to nation that drop by 80%. Nations in the red go into the black. EVERY NATION WINS. One idea and you save the world folks.

Add in a Global three year based in Hawaii with limited influence contamination under a fixed CHARTER of Box Top Rules for the G 100 nations – to complete the larges RETHINK of global fair trade no abuse – every nation cooperates and collaborates – no more competing – and speculation stealing our wealth and as legal theft bankrupting all nations – is made a crime as it was in 1999 – the last real economy – and RE REGULATE THE DIGITAL global market – back to the future with real investing – no side bets on which way something may go – none – or you go to jail. Once the 100 nation or majority sign on to this and all agree majority wins – the world new frame work gives all nations 500 years of prosperity.

Versus what?

Well the First Quarter is bleak. The US Economy appears to be IN RECESSION just like I said last year and this year – over and over in my blog – we are not heading into a recession – as Chairman of the largest Entrepreneur organization in the world – we see what is what in our membership. In our May 15th Conference in Vegas business owner CEO and professionals are coming in record number to learn how to PROSPER IN THE NEW MARKET REALITY facing us and build SAFE HARBOR around their customer base and income while THERE IS STILL TIME. Yesterdays thinking will drown you in the coming SUPER CRASH.

So profit are dropping like stones. The real unemployment in the USA is so much higher than they report to us. And you all know they are lying.

We need to vote for a new team that will not lie to us nor continue the way its always been. This is a once in a century chance to change things so vote.

Oil goes up while the glut is not fixed from temporary one off late winter inventory draw downs. The supply end with prices up will soar over demand. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL and prices above 25.00 a barrel – the new floor following SUPER CASH – or less – is the right profit making price – everything else like prices for cereal coffee – steel – everything to gas – is MANIPULATED with zero regulation – zero price gauging hearings by any law making body world wide – and speculators with the KING OF SAUDI and world leaders are talking about from ABE in Japan raping their currency – are MANIPULATING MONEY ITSELF in legal theft to nations and all of us.

UNLESS we re- regulate the world G 100 trade rules and make criminal again investing in side bets creating casino capitalism versus cooperative capitalism ( new box top rules of the game ) regulators can no longer regulate, and the system abuse will bankrupt us all in the worst depression human kind has ever known leading to all our world war. This is our pattern. Why? Because the one virus on human thought is COMPETITION a pure evil – a total thinking error itself – having no value and no good none – COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION is the rightful virus free thought form for immortal spirit beings to play together – any competition is pure evil like Nazis and Isis thought forms. Direct from the dark matter. Wake up.

If we fail to deal with the source problem and only deal with symptoms the great liar will deceive nations and blindly not seeing or hearing they will in false gospel destroy one another versus co create the future with one another. Cooperation . Cooperate or perish. We have reached the tipping point.

Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION my book on Amazon will give YOU the virus removal tool for your life partner and home space, our parent space, your work space, and all space. The TRUTH will set YOU Free if you chose the master the truth.

Forgive them their ignorances for they know not how much they are loved.

Folks we kill one another an spend endless on competitive military and war build up to endless suffer over punishing one another competitively over how we worship or vote – minor diversification’s. Evil punishes all diversity of God’s creation. Cooperation or awake virus free brains CELEBRATE all diversity and collaborate in harmony.

Imagine if we G 100 defense forced together, dropped budget by 80% – fed the world and built a system to protect our planet from the 100% extinction occurrence of an incoming strike which will FOR SURE wipe us all out – while virus infected brains kill each other over being Sheltie Whabbi or Sunni. Are you kidding me? Celebrate your diversity and lets build the future together – that is OF GOD and the other is of the dark side. Wake up. God is laughing when we celebrate diversity and cares less HOW we worship together. God is yawning while we kill one another over worship of the parent n any form. How stupid and in error is that software on brains. The source is COMPETITION as a thought form the solution is COOPERATION. Competition IS Satan. The real name is FIRST COMPETITION WITH GOD. Cooperation IS THE HOLY SPIRIT and pure unconditional love. If your idea of heaven is competition free and your idea of hell is competition in perfect misery and violence, why would we model earthly systems on one over the other. If heaven is unconditional cooperation and collaboration of souls why would we not use THOSE BOX TOP RULES DOWN HERE?

Can you see it.

Financial markets in competition have no future.

Competitive capitalism is dead dead dead and dying.

Competitive communism and socialism is already buried and those inside it ARE the walking Dead. They lie worse.

Cooperative Capitalism ( three years of the ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in Hawaii ) present the box top rules to save the world. Cooperative capitalism is:

  1. Totally reportable
  2. Totally audited
  3. Totally transparent
  4. Ruled by integrity
  5. Has no secrets

This is the system we can hand to the unborn generation and preclude Super Crash and World War but if we fail to create the SOLUTION dynamically, as time is running out my forecasts all come through and will never fail. Economics is unforgiving for error and abuse.

Humanity must grow or they rot. To grow we must resolve three crises:

  1. The crises of removing competition as a thought form.
  2. The crises of INTEGRITY that competition fosters and maintains.
  3. The crises of LEADERSHIP that integrity lacking leaders in competition manifest.

The panama papers and all social elite players are bankrupt in integrity. Putin caught with his buddy broker ( a musician ) with billions tip of ice berg of his robbery of state funds globally placed – goes on press and says its all a US plot ( we call that in competition THE BIG LIE  ) and those who live in fear in competition believe these lies. In cooperation as you illuminate all truth and you illuminate all lies, you delete the liars. By revolution versus complacency.

If you understand the SOLUTION economics of the new world order presented within these commanding ideas, you will appreciate this may be the most important blog in history and in the world today. So share it widely with your lists.

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You are a GENERAL in the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. There is no side line here. As watch tower awake leaders for integrity and cooperation – you must LEAD. Others will follow. Lead a revolution and subscribe the awake by the millions to JOIN US.

Together we can change the world.

I’m all in for 30 years folks.

I’m all in.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Forbes ranked

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