As Chairman of the # 1 ranked Business Growth Conference by third party press in 2018 we hold pride in a thirty-year track record. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL has assisted more entrepreneurs to enjoy more success globally than any alternative institution in the world. Serving 140 nations of our Business Owners and Professionals we have seen so many common mistakes that are educational deficits in core competency – so easy to remedy with an investment to upgrade software in the vital CPU computer housed just a few inches over your NECK today.


Sequence is the master CEO skill for owners and practices we will call for the future of this blog, OWNERS. The majority of OWNERS are reactive to their growth versus truly active. The majority of OWNERS fail to realize the potential of their life work, by executing everything correctly and in fact “right” but slightly in the wrong sequence.


If you graduated from Tony Robbins Flight Mastery week long workshop you would know a lot about flying. You would not however be an FAA pilot. You would not be safe to fly airplanes as pilot in command. But you would have graduated from a Tony Robbins advanced training in flight and my buddy cross mentor Tony IS a pilot.  When you practice flying you learn muscle eye ear body conditioning outside what simulators and ground school can educate you into. You master sequence. If you work all those bells and whistles you learned about in Tony’s mastery flight class – you may fail if you work them in just the wrong sequence. Those same bells whistles and buttons (and I’m a 5000-hour pilot myself) if worked in just a bit out of sequence in a 40 mile an hour cross wind May 100% of the time create condition errors in flight dynamics in which that heavy thing always crashes. Another pilot who knows just the right SEQUENCE will 100% of the time (like Tony and I) produce air dynamics where that heavy thing will always SOAR versus crash.


What is the difference?


SEQUENCE is the difference for OWNERS in their venture growth.


But who teaches SEQUENCE and where can the OWNER as pilot in command of their venture, create futures that always SOAR versus always seem to crash off the runway when almost in the air – so close – always so close on the runway of life?


Weak plans weak teams and lack of resources retard venture success outcomes more than any other actor we have seen over three decades serving Presidents and OWNERS worldwide.


Strong plans, strong teams, and resources to execute RESEQUENCE OWNER OUTCOMES to SOAR versus stall or crash. Because the owner is so consumed with keeping their venture from falling out of the sky they often lack the critical resource – TIME ITSELF – to pull up – calm down – and to take stalk of their altitude at this moment in time – a freeze frame – and to determine if they have the FUEL to reach their destination ( by the math ) or if they are flying at a speed that will keep them with lift to remain in flight at all – or if they are flying in a cloud and blind or if they possess instruments and required skills to fly out of the cloud by instruments alone ( an FDA instrument flight rating for that pilot to fly safe in more variety of business conditions ). Even then such pilots must take regular check ride updates and continue their own going education to remain CURRENT in their sequence to safe flight at all. As your venture owner what is your COMMITMENT to remain CURRENT as the pilot of your own venture flying into the future really?


As all owners now fly in the new Age of SUPER CHANGE what is your context to remain current to pilot in far more rapidly changing business flight conditions today?


As ALL OWERS are experiencing the PACE of SUPER CHANGE is vastly accelerating, an ongoing process to be brought current in OWNER skill sets – and to stay current into the future. CEO SPACE lifetime membership is the # 1 ranked OWNER process ranked by third party press worldwide. You might explore http://www.ceospaceinternational.com/ and click QUICK links to review a video of the Super Star you most relate to or google search ceospace and your favorite thought leader – Bob Proctor – Les Brown – Lisa Nichols- Sharon Lechter – Jack Canfield – Mark Hansen – John Grey – Greg Reid – Steven FARBER – and too many to name here. Or just go to YouTube and search CEO SPACE for endless videos on owner topics all short and packed with proofs at the owner level.


This blog invites you to examine your SEQUENCE. We suggest the following model may be useful to you:


  1. Work with a CPA you pay for one day – to develop a hypothetical two-year budget – without regard to resources. Pretend you have millions to spend. Map out staff ramp up – advertising monthly and PR monthly as a market outreach – bill board marketing – magazine marketing to your target audience quarterly with 10,000’s of thousands of profile clients being gifted value based information featuring your best customers on the cover – expand your customer service department and smother your customers – install a referral marketing promotion by annually turning every 10 clients into 30 new clients – and fully ramp geography in your county – group of counties – your state – then sun belt states Carolina’s to West Coast – then SNOW BELT STATES then global. Ramp over a full budget takes one day and no more than $ 500 CPA time. Include a 40,000 budget for upgrading your web site into a SUPER SITE where growth from line exceeds your projections.
  2. Next develop a capital plan to infuse capital to execute your ramp up budget including your higher income as you develop the plan to market.
  3. Finish the capital raise before you launch ramp costing. Do not violate this sequence.
  4. Follow your budget and reinvest higher income in further growth.
  5. Don’t stop till a major % occurs outside your home nation.



This work is complimented by upgraded skills if not from CEO SPACE than a leading program like Tony Robbin’s BUSINESS MASTERY or Greg Reid’s SECRET KNOCK. Pick your process to elevate your piloting skills to create legacy to your venture work.


We all enjoy the same time.

Our wealth is our LIFE TIME and how we use and apply “time” ever more wisely.


Wealth Plans envision your owner genius benefiting far more individuals than you could in a lesser plan benefit by yourself with your week of time. You leverage when you serve more customers than you can individually manage within an improved plan.


An income plan secures owners in endless struggle trying to maintain that income in every SUPER CHANGING market. Without help the owners often because “care worn” from their efforts to keep their dream – their venture – in the air at all. Owners are exhausted from flying over mountains and avoiding crashes over water or hitting the endless birds and traffic leaping into the skies every single minute in SUPER CHANGE.


Owners need a BETTER WAY. A better PLAN.


Wealth Plans represent thinking and vision we all should have been educated concerning, those box top rules – INCOME PLANS (wage slavery) or JOBS (just over broke) versus WEALTH PLANS – the commuter lane for creating wealth by serving every greater communities of happy raving fans – totally removed from struggle within a far improved plan and a happy ideal sequence – all because the OWNER knows what they know. They learned.


So many OWNERS are stuck. Trapped. Miserable. Wishing there was a better way.


The issue is YOU. The OWNER.


The issue is your competency gaps. Some you know of or you suspect. Most you cannot see and do not know at all.


Assessing YOUR COMPITENCY GAPS and CLOSING YOUR OWN GAPS is the ball game for owners. But where should you choose to play?


We gave you THREE FIELDS and I’ll give you yet another – Sharon Lechter author of RICH DAD POOR DAD and THINK & GROW RICH FOR WOMAN as released on our CEO SPACE STAGES (see her film at http://www.ceospaceinternational.com/ under quick link video section). Her THINK BIG MOVEMENT is another field of dreams to improve plans and sequence.


CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 by third party press year after year after year – you might choose # 1. Never the lowest cost – but always you get what you pay for. Quality. After all it is your future being transformed – what is that worth.


My business card if you ever receive one says on the front….


Berny Dohrmann




On the back, it says –


…..We create self portraits ……


          yours is our master piece



There is no higher work than transforming futures for those who make the difference in the world as OWNERS. None. You are the planet shifters. You are tomorrow for all of us. Your work is priceless and important. Today and every day to follow. Assisting you – nurturing you – keeping you safe and out front of the clouds and serious weather patterns of SUPER CHANGE is our mission. For Management of Global Leading Fortune institutions, we have served from founding CEO SPACE to a space billionaires hang out with millionaires and all coach a single mom starting her charity from her apartment.


Futures are transformed in a decision.


The decision is to choose your own space to work on YOU the OWNER. To set YOU the owner as your own first priority. To select wisely and profitably. CEO SPACE offers clients a pay once for lifetime membership to a process of improvement over five events annually that grow customers clients and markets and accelerate growth – or we refund the OWERS membership before they leave the host hotel. No questions asked – pure protection to customer risk taking.


Compare value and warranties and select wisely.


Chose the process that will identify your OWNER COMPITENCY GAPS and will rapidly CLOSE THE GAPS.


 As the majority of owners do not understand their gaps they can never close them at all


Owners need to seek out a process versus an event to develop their GAP CLOSING and to upgrade into stronger plans stronger teams and resources to execute fully.


SOAR or stuck?


As you explore making the OWNER AND BOSS the number 1 priority job # 1 – your own options – ongoing and never a destination you arrive into. A river of options that open doors and potential for growth. The rule as you do make yourself your own priority IS – that – as you GROW YOUR DREAM more fully your DREAM GROWS YOU MORE FULLY in return.


Nothing pays the high return of investing in your OWN GROWTH as a leader. Nothing.




Get into the habit of growth for yourself and you will grow everyone around you.


Stop any ordinary busy work routines and first step back from the dash board of your own plane and let’s review and assess if you even have the right information on your current dash board to upgrade your flight altitude to reach your own GROWTH DESTINATIONS.


    Become far too consumed with making a fortune to spend even a minute of your precious wealth – your LIFE TIME – in daily struggle to just earn a living………


Adopt the rule set – if is not my genius alone – it is NOT MY JOB in this LIFE TIME! Delegate to become truly great. Delegate. Pilots sit beside great navigators for a reason – as closing competency gaps in critical skill sets adds up. It is true when you make it real as team work makes all dreams work – where the math is – 1+1 = II!


Eleven not two when your team leverage is gap closing.


You can’t see what you have never known.


Until you crash or fly over or around it.


Then you really KNOW.


It’s your flight plan.


You can always make a safer better one but you may need a mentor along that journey to greater faster success.


Make yourself the single priority.


Set a time to upgrade your most important computer within frequent upgrading = your selected process versus a single event.


Research. Choose wisely. Chose best value for YOU.


Proceed – and commit. Make decisions.


Block your calendars. Today. Register to one of the suggested process suggestions here – CEO SPACE next is May 21st than July. The others are all on line.





Nothing HAPPENS until you make a better decision a wiser choice.


Make more decisions and make smarter decisions as your GAPS close.


Never delay opportunity.


Never delay superior options.

Never delay your own future PAY.




If this blog helped you opening your mind to the core issue of improved sequence planning and team plus resource building to grow faster without delay – you read to the end and made that decision already. You’re a winner just for that.


If you buy into the reality – that when your own future transformation is the outcome – yesterday is already too late.


My famous father who founded the human potential industry in the 1940’s suggested that –


 There is only one time to transform human potential …..the very first second the impulse to do so flitters across your mind………


For OWNERS, the future is clear – yesterday is already too late to begin improving YOU.


That’s the message.


The future of course is a decision away.








CEO SPACE is a private exclusive club of business owners. Members range from Vistage Owner levels to development stage firms. CEO SPACE offers lifetime memberships, engaging five business acceleration trade shows annually serving members. The week long Business Growth Conference’s are held in Las Vegas. Teen programs are offered at some but not all programs. Business acceleration is guaranteed or membership fee’s are returned in full.



CEO SPACE engages a week of proprietary mentor processes at a one on one level with each business owner, upgrading their skill sets. CEO SPACE MENTORS have Fortune 1000 training experience and are among the best of the best in the mentor category alive in our generation. The large mentor faculty is tithing their service without selling of any kind. A unique trust is forged when the services are donated versus individually priced. Team mentorship develops better plans, better teams and resources to go all the way. CEO SPACE engages unique business development networking protocols that rapidly advanced new customer acquisition, new channel markets, joint venture and alliance partnerships, with measured bottom line deliverables including access to investors in the venture space.




CEO SPACE serves clients in 140 countries. CEO SPACE has provided services since 1988 to the present in the area of entrepreneur advanced education and networking for new clients, within a new model of a trade show.




Booths don’t work in the digital age. Everyone wastes their money. At CEO SPACE Deal Meal processes develop relationship between CEO’s and customer base from CEO to CEO networking over meals. CEO SPACE is a great ladies and gentlemen club. CEO SPACE engages proprietary networking protocols that further deepen relationships and customer base. Booths are engaged on exit weekends for members who can no longer keep up on contact accumulations. Booths at CEO SPACE are used to process existing relationships not develop superficial relationships that wish to know only if they won the free IPAD drawing. CEO SPACE delivers traction to action. Deal Meals create SEE ME CARD appointments between President CEO’s of companies. Seal The Deal follow up brings the early stage interest to deeper explorations and contracts with checks. CEO SPACE is a fully transactional week for business owners.




CEO SPACE PACING permits business owners to run their business virtually while development new clients from each of five CEO SPACE business acceleration trade shows. CEO’s are never more than 90 minutes from their virtual office to under take calls, skype to replace in person meetings, emails and traditional CEO obligations during the program week. CEO’s run their operations virtually and use the desk over looking LAKE LAS VEGAS from the wonderful WESTIN RESORT in Henderson Nevada – 20 minutes East of Las Vegas Down Town.




Phone us from our web site ceospaceinternational.com and we will assign a Club President Account Manager, nearest your location. Our Club Presidents service our CEO membership, host regular free local meetings, and support member CEO’s between and at each program. Your Club President is highly trained on our service offerings, will deep dive on information for your requirements, and will explain our various price plan options for new Members. The Club President will walk you through the enrollment process on line – and you may complete the process at anytime yourself at a click. Your Club President will walk you through on line registration, hotel in and out confirmations, ( also on line on our web site ), and take the new member to our PRE CLASS pass word protected web site to complete pre class development to maximize your profits from your first CEO SPACE.



CEO SPACE gets new members who research our business acceleration deliverables on line, and enroll on line. CEO SPACE gets the majority of its members from 30 years of our own membership community sharing CEO SPACE with their communities of business owners and professionals in private practice. CEO SPACE does not advertise or market its services in the market and word of mouth is our only outreach, one we call caring and sharing. New Members seeking a more cooperative collaborative business community to grow with, versus a dog eat dog competitive market space, chose CEO SPACE as much for culture as for hard deliverables. The COOPERATIVE nature of our CEO community is one of our secret sauces that delivers substantial acceleration to every level of business. If we are not a fit we gladly refund membership before a new member leaves the hotel if the promise of faster growth is not being delivered…we will never make it harder for a business owner to reach their goal wall. Our entire business is forged to help a business owner reduce time and money costs ( substantially for both ) to reach their goal wall. CEO SPACE is the high integrity short cut to reach growth goals. It always cost more and takes longer outside CEO SPACE than inside CEO SPACE which is why our members cherish their lifetime membership. Spread the word as this is the only way the blessing of CEO SPACE reaches another business owner.



CEO SPACE is ranked by Forbes Magazine ( on line ) as their # 1 Meeting Forbes business owners and readers CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IN 2015. CEO SPACE has press articles in Forbes, Wallstreet Journal, Bloomberg, local press in Las Vegas, testimonials on video on line ( 2000 hours which is only 40% of the library ) and written business owner endorsements. 30 Years later CEO SPACE is not trying to establish credibility as we work with national governments on entrepreneur development. Our legal team at Locke Lord in Washington DC include the Former SEC COMMISSION for Two Terms under George Bush Roel Campos Managing partner of Locke Lord, and part of advising the administration for President Obama for six years. Marlon Paz who is on faculty at CEO SPACE is the senior SECURITY LAW PARTNER at Locke Lord, and former Deputy Director of Trading for the Security and Exchange Commission. Our mentor faculty whose resume’s appear on line are the credibility the firm relies upon, with their standing with a major market share of the Fortune 10,000 Company Executives and CEO SPACE. Our next Chicken Soup, our Next Airborne, our next entrepreneur win, is our best reference and drives demand for our sold out programs.