So I have said what will make the economic recover dead, is not the market place, it is the policy and leadership errors from central banks and nations. My BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – order on amazon world wide to upgrade your brain –  presents the data on why competition, between nations must stop or we repeat 10,000 years of human history which never varies and always looks like this from Rome to today:

  1. 1% own more wealth in economically destructive consolidation spirals than 99% own – which is unstable economically as to circulation dynamics.
  2. This condition first begins to rebalance economic imbalance in a global wide financial melt down. 2008 was the most recent expression of this economic reality.
  3. This leads from trust and cooperation to distrust and negotiation or world wide TRADE WARS. A spiral that grows toward real wars which are always economic versus political and begin as a model to rebalance unfair and unsustainable core system economics.
  4. Trade war leads to a TRIGGER EVENT that creates liquidity evaporation or SUPER CRASH globally and the economic system dies.
  5. The system restarts with world war as the way humans incorrectly chose to rebalance economic accounts between nations.

This economic cycling model is a form of human insanity.

The insanity is highly contagious and has not been virus inoculated since the virus of competition – the core single virus on human thought itself – was first discovered. Cooperation is the one and only virus removal tool but must be syringe inserted with INTEGRITY as the carrier solution.

Given this NEW KNOWLEDGE known as THE TRUTH in economics are core – my readers can read news with new glasses to see with new vision the tea leaf lay out they are having FAKE news into their lives. The news deals with Symptom. This BLOG is so powerful for reader intelligence and on line IQ – the new IQ is on line IQ – because it deals with cause versus symptom.

If CAUSE versus SYMPTOM and the truth is important to YOU and your circle you will subscribe to this blog and join our free membership. Make a favorite and check back often.

General Mattis today was FRONT PAGE NEWS WORLD WIDE stating that the FOCUS of US DEFENSE was no longer TERROR but was the competition between GREAT WORLD POWERS. The Real spiral up in the new Cold War is here and pressures toward a real world war are escalating in the digital age beyond any of the public or markets imagining. It is like everyone is drunk and seeing with glasses filled and caked with mud.


There there – read Kevin FREEMAN’s GAME PLAN and he tells you WHAT to do in the current death spiral between nations. Digital World War III started in 2008 – read Game Plan for the data and proof’s – and the seeds of the real shooting World War III go to ground in 2018. Who reads this DOD contractors work?

The NSA.

The CIA.

The FBI ( quoted in the work )

The White House

The Congress

Congressional Committee’s

And now you ?

CLEAN YOUR GLASSES while our criminal congress avoids the one sacred truth to their duty – to FULLY FUND AMERICA’S SURVIVAL.


After WORLD WAR II almost every economy of over 200 nations where on their proverbial ass. The USA was spending 27% of its GNP on military not the tiny fraction we spend today.

The US went into debt to rebuilt under Marshal Plans the EU, Japan and to contribute in trade to RUSSIA rebuilding.

Fast forward after World War II 1950s to 2018.

The post WORLD WAR II SYSTEM now has dependency economics.

This means:

  1. Germany is  the # 1 unfair trade nation – accumulates 250 billion each year from sales of “stuff” over the buying in nation of “stuff” to create FAIR and SOUND economic balances to national accounts.
  2. Japan is the 2018 # 1 unfair trade nation – accumulating the same 250,000 billion a year in surplus trade accounts, over what they buy in their nation. NO nation can be so imbalanced without unfairly effecting other nations.
  3. China is the 2018 # 3 unfair trade nation – accumulating with protective in nation policies all three – $ 135 billion in selling more than they buy – year after year – down from $ 250 billion as China trade is sinking with a reported her RUN on CHINA which Germany and Japan are profiting wildly from in the trade war.
  4. The EU is overall selling into deficit more than it is buying from trading partners in ASIA and Gulf Primarily. The GULF manipulating oil prices for crises in their economic plans also are in top ten of unfair trade nations – again nothing political just economic here.
  5. The USA is the worst trade nation spending over 200 billion more than it earns or makes from trade – and being in the red ink since 1950 is not sustainable for the USA. For example the USA now in economic reform can no longer afford FOREIGN AIDE. This AIDE DEFICIT REBALANCING must shift now from the USA to the surplus top ten nations – which the USA is not longer one of.

Today the USA under PRESIDENT TRUMP who knows how to read financial data, is reforming trade policies. Moving UNFAIR AND NON SUSTAINABLE trade imbalance into fair and sustainable trade balances. As nations faced with internal stresses from a failed communist economic model – have no wiggle room – to avoid civil unrest and revolution perhaps – they dump they subsidize prices like with AIRBUS to unfair trade war combination to the primary the USA the bread basket of the planet economically.

The USA must protect itself in the trade war now and will defend against the trade war incoming salvo’s. A giant world blame game will result tipping public opinion with FAKE NEWS which is a Hallloween spooky suit in information – to what is REALLY GOING ON out there.

So China has calculated in real trade war terms the USA is vulnerable more than China is vulnerable. Those making such economic advice to President XI are in error. In fact the economics work such that if the USA has a cold in economic trade war – China catches terminal pneumonia economically.

President Trump has his more correct accurate economics.

China has FAKE internal news from communist planners who lack competence to understand the moves on the economic chess board.

Making choice based on wrong fact is fatal in this trade war next steps.

So the WORLD is about to repeat pattern and spiral into trade wars. As the move from UNFAIR AND UNSUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS takes place there are only the following options:

  1. Cooperation – agree 1% owning more wealth than 99% is unwanted unsustainable and unfair socially. Redistribute wealth with a G 100 fair and sustainable revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM over 25 years of TIME where time itself assists in the rebalancing.
  2. Competition – spiral up to world war – and before that – nations rise and fall financially as trade war changes all the economics we know today in world trade – always leads to real wars.

This is what is going on out there today.

China is calling TRUMP’s bluff. Only Trump has the higher economic artillery and is ( outside a Government shut down and armed with a real budget and military appropriate investment – the USA can always afford survival and this is war time now ) – American can’t win.

China is making a gigantic mistake.


There is only one economic reality:

IN trade war America catches a cold and China collapses into fatal Pneumonia economically.

As the rest of the trade war unfairness will reside on who wins first battles and TRUMP knows this the economic ABUSE OF AMERICA is not sustainable can no longer be tolerated, and nations who have profited so gynormously from the USA – must cooperate in economic new realities or enter into a period of insane economic warfares that end with a real world war – and in that end – America wins past all the billions who die and economic accounts rebalanced.

Sanity – cooperate

Insanity – compete

If you are swimming inside your own delusion of a self created competitive olympic size swimming pool – trying to be the top shark in your own pools feeding frenzy – your in a vicious loop of self destruction.

If you can approach the problems – from dry land – seeing the fools and insanity swimming in 10,000 year human circles – and you can CHANGE the box top rules for a BETTER WAY we avoid Rome and World War II all over again.

In the end we have to change our mind.


  1. The lack of a budget that insures AMERICAN SURVIVAL will end your honey pot this Spring.
  2. The 2018 trade war spiral up will end your honey pot this spring.

Lets see if I’m right – with consistency from 2015 to now for Spring of 2018.

We’ll all just see…we our data and predictions are right for 99th time since 1980’s.

We’ll just see.

( And Oil is going down – trust me ).



Note: In this spiral in economic war fare – state hacking – digital warfare on markets – the US NERO ( CONGRESS ) FIDDLES while THE USA ( ROME ) BURNS TO THE GROUND…..FUND AMERICA AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE AMERICA …WAKE UP




So we wrote this year about a hard landing in China due to the Super Debt bubble the failed communist FAILED economic plan, now being covered up, presents to over 1 billion unaware Chinese. As the people only have state information to review they lack perspective on what is economic reality. Keep in mind we want only good for the Chinese people. But we see only mismanagement and cover up. We wrote that China was not going to stop buying US BONDS and how such a threat was firing a pop gun at a cruise missile giant. It is wrong for “children” economically to mess with Mother Nature ( the USA running global economics – not China ). So they hacked me in fury to bring me down.

That worked for six hours.

ISIS hacked me last year and the FBI dropped by to restore my system without their sovereign nation hack.

Your data was never breached – as we have that double blocked out and even more so now. They can only deny us service but then we firewall round that and six hours later – another yet another failed communist sovereign nation hack leading to no where.

FREE SPEECH is an oxymoron in CHINA and in the end that is going to become their own very great spiral downward. In a digital world we the people are in charge and national prohibitions on anything – drugs – bitcoins – pots – information – anything – are digitally over ridden by WE THE PEOPLE who demand FREEDOM you may no longer deny us.

As you deny freedom you lose potentially your lives.

People Power – that is the rule.

So six hours and its over folks. Sorry if you clicked in then.

When you read a web site so pure and accurate sovereigns like ISIS and CHINA and North Korea two years back – create annual HACKS to bring the TRUTH DOWN you might:

  • Subscribe
  • Make a favorite heck back several times weekly
  • Comment and be active
  • Share with circles by copying the URL and inviting your tribe in

The TRUTH is magic on keeping you aware of what IS going on out there.

I said in my China offending hack the news on their slowing bond purchases was FAKE NEWS and why. They have since while I was down reported that the rumors where FAKE NEWS and WHY. Confirming our report precisely.

As always you heard it first here.

I’m so proud of my hack history – who on line can say that ?

This blog is growing so fast it is read by state leadership from North Korea to China and of course by the most important readers in the world….


Berny Dohrmann Keeping it REAL so you know the DEAL in 2018




Rome fell when the barbarians – a label and fake news 2000 years back when – for those who would not cooperate and join Rome. Those who competed. As the barbarians the competitors against the cooperation and aligned nations of the entire world at the time – obtained the weapons of Rome, Rome fell after ions of ruling – in less than sixty months.

America is Rome.

The United States is vulnerable to sixty hours of wipe out. The issue is asymmetrical war fare. You can read up on this statistically with DOD consultant and adviser to the CIA – NSA – And Congress Kevin Freeman with his master works on this data – THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN. Available on Amazon. For those seeking to protect the world as it is and the home land that maintains the world as it is some effort to become informed and active to MARS is relevant.

The risks to America include:

  • Stealth missiles and satellites in orbit that explode nuclear weapons in space. Say three over the USA. We can’t really tell who did it. In 90 seconds the EMP pulse wipes out what? Say all transportation – planes trains trucks cars all – all home wiring – all electric grids – all means of production as all chips fry – no records exist – no credit records – land records – nothing. No food moves. No toilet paper can be made. America is in 90 seconds a rural farm community needing horses. 300 million weapons then come into play and anarchy exists in 72 hours. No communication. No air-conditioning in Arizona. No cable. No Internet. No anything. You are not going to be saved America. You are going to need to have a GAME PLAN and save yourself. IT is 90 seconds and any rogue nation can do it let alone a super power.
  • Digital Warfare – attacking our markets as in World War III in 2008 as THAT was the world’s first digital attack. Read Game Plan or remember our blog reporting that stated it all FIRST as always. Now consider every power grid and financial firm has been already hacked. Lets pretend warfare level trojans were planted. Then bam – the digital trigger and all records are wiped. – all power is off – all water – all communications and it is not coming back on. 90 seconds.
  • Russia Subs have developed capacity to in 90 seconds cut the half a million miles of 230 different cable intercontinental connections upon which modern internet and life revolve. Cut those and all communication is down and not to be restored. Takes 200 Subs with low tech 90 seconds. We are watching them rehearse this.
  • Strategic – Nukes – Say Seattle is gone – thats Boeing Microsoft Amazon and Starbucks to name a few – all records gone and it is not coming back. Say LA – all entertainment and East West EU trade perhaps now more important than New York but add in New York. That is three only in 90 seconds. Bam.

The problem is mutually assured destruction does not work when a) you don’t know who to strike and b) your down from first strike. And this only considers a few of the easy low cost options to the competitors of the world order – those who refuse to cooperate. Sanity versus insanity.

The crises is without MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION which is relatively low cost DEFENSE AND SURVIVAL General Mathis – as you said The USA CAN ALWAYS AFFORD SURVIVAL – MARS makes MADD work again. Without MARS not so much. America is sixty months more vulnerable than anytime in our history.




We propose The President of the United States by Presidential Directive and Order – establish the MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY led by Kevin Freeman.  Phylis Newhouse CEO of XTREME SOLUTIONS the # 1 anti hacking entity in the world today – Phylis who was part of installing the DOD CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER be second in command to Kevin Freeman.  Congress would fund the agency permanently as a DOD resource for survival in todays vulnerable pre AI age. The plan unfolds like this:

  1. Yuka Mountain in Nevada Hardened with billions invested for storing nuclear waste than abandoned – is upgraded to survive direct nuclear hits and EMP pulse after Pulse.
  2. The city inside the mountain houses the most advance super computers and storage on earth – with self sustained power from hydrogen electricity that can’t be taken off line –  via water inside the mountain -with technologies in place today.
  3. Real time back up by new laws, of all critical information – credit card records – government record back ups – from Social Security to Military critical – real estate records – banking – investment banking – Amazon to Google. In real time being backup up current to the minute. Protected unhackable and stored off line in protected AIA for the age of digital warfare.
  4. Manufacturing capacity for chips and restoring in 90 days all communication and outages including electrical production capacity – for grids – with massive storage of generators and capacity.
  5. A million lines of Fiber ready to restore services – military space launch vehicles to restore vital communications nation wide over a short time window.

As Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION – MARS is created – just creating it changes modern warfare outcomes and makes AMERICA UNDEFEATABLE. Without MARS the US is 90 seconds from total collapse as the barbarians have acquired the weapons of Rome.

Russia is creating stealth cruise torpedo’s that travel at 3000 miles an hour – thats really fast in water – and strike harbors without any defense we have on any basis – so that all major ports are taken out nation wide in 90 seconds. How do we win that war without MARS?




Prior age concepts of war are obsolete today. Rapidly unfolding is new capacity and threats that leave America fragile and vulnerable like Rome. Denial did not serve Rome well. Rome had the decisive military power in the world. However Rome was sacked so fast and all the payments to all those military resources stopped – and Rome was gone. They failed to see that warfare itself had shifted into something new – asymmetrical warfare versus lining up troops to battle other lines of troops.

Over the coming sixty month time frame – without MARS the USA is vulnerable as NEVER BEFORE to AI – digital warfare – and asyemetrical warfare. World War III began with the digital warfare attack on our markets in 2008 and the West almost went down completely with utter bank and financial system ruin. It was close. Thanks to Bernake, Gietner and Paulson and players like Roel Campos the unseen army behind them the digital attack was truncated. It was close. We are losing the battles…..but we can still win the war.

Victory requires MARS. Now you KNOW.

NEW Thinking war planners need to embrace the low cost solution of MARS as a new Federal DOD Agency. Roel Campos in Washington DC with the venerable firm of Hughes and Hubbard a leading top tier financial back bone law firm – and former SEC COMMISSIONER  and who assisted to save the financial system of the entire world in 2008 – is my attorney for MARS due diligence for agencies and I suggest with his 16 years in White House Service – the White House.

MARS is the solution.

Without MARS the fall of Rome is a matter of time. We have sixty months as a window our enemies know is our most vulnerable moment. Think about THAT time window without MARS protecting our infrastructure. MARS IS THE MISSING IP FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA AND USA SECURITY.

How would the unborn generations see us if we failed to protect THEM ALL from harms way….knowing full well and our leaders know full well the issues that are rising and facing us right this minute. MARS defeats all asymmetrical warfare incoming. Without MARS we as a super power remain open to total destruction in 90 minutes or 90 seconds.


America is vulnerable to implosion without MARS. The threat is real immediate and growing – and urgency is the next item where nothing is truly more important for the nation than MARS. The missing mechanism for our security for generations into the future.

Without MARS the USA is on a thin line of ice and is vulnerable to asymmetrical  warfare which is all data point laid out as to our enemies planning – in THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman the most knowledgable player for the new SECRETARY CABINET DIRECTOR OF THE MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY. We have a window of less than 60 months to act and I suggest 2018 is the WHEN we simply MUST act.

The reason for this blog is to call YOU to act.

What can YOU DO?

Plenty. You can copy this blog to your law maker and ask them to support MARS strategy. The Mid Year election is the most critical election in 100 years for America. I don’t care who wins. I care if candidates you vote for are platform prioritizing MARS if elected.

You can forward a copy to your military contacts and to General Mathis. Circulate this to the branches of the DOD and your service leadership. Its important if you have contacts work them up and everyone can copy this with your letter to General Mathis at DOD. You CAN ACT is what is required now of all of us.

WE HAVE ALL THE POWER….if we act together. Collectively. No politics. Just survival.

You can forward copies to the President and the Cabinet.  Please take this urgent and important step – YOU not some other reader. YOU. Each of us. We all take the action and DO IT NOW.


Or you can DO NOTHING which is the only MASSIVE problem with America. At core it is thinking what we do has no consequence. That is wrong. What you DO is in fact ALL. Everything. What you don’t do is equally powerful.


Kevin and I are working on MARS for FIVE YEARS NOW. We need a little help from our friends. Movements effect the few – revolutions effect everyone of us. It is time to step up.

Yesterday I wrote Apple was in crises and to sell out of Apple. Today Apple stock is crashing first day after the holiday. Being right and being accurate and being FIRST is legendary to this blog – from fighting ISIS to protecting your nest egg from market tea leaf’s we help you read at the bottom of your cup each and every day. If you read and sold Apple at the high you won – if you read and did nothing – your stock in Apple went down. Why? Tim missed his 50 million iPhone X by 20 million in sales coming in at 30 million rather than his assurance it would come in at 50 million largest miss in Apple History  – Tim has lied misrepresented and slaughtered the Apple Brand in 2018 and buy blog reports what media is only beginning to pick up THE CRISES AT APPLE and its huge for all markets and the why. .The Apple Board needs a JOBS level visionary and leader  to run Apple and Tim has got  to GO. We predicted it all  and BAM world markets react to this blog. Those who read often watch blogs reported here FIRST always become news in 24 to 72 hours world wide. The PRESS ARE READING THIS BLOG .

My blog effects those who act and they thank me. As they remain in safe harbor with financial storms sliding across their protected sea wall. Information is reality in 2018. Accurate information is not virtual reality but is bible to those making choices. It is increasingly hard to locate ..accurate information without spin. What is really going on is always economic folks and political actions are moved by the money. You all know this. But seeing ahead of the billions to spin your mind requires some effort to stay current.

THIS BLOG keeps you CURRENT on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT there which is WHY we ask you to NEW YEAR SHARE THIS BLOG with your tribe – make a favorite – come back often or subscribe . STAY AHEAD OF INFORMATION. It is your winner’s edge. Now back to MARS.

Today my blog effects every unborn American and the future of the FREE WORLD as we know it today. MARS is their safe harbor. Their sea wall. Without MARS America as we knew it will cease to exist. The asymmetrical war plans are well developed and now timed to our most vulnerable moment. President Trump stands in their way and they do fear his lack of prediction and absolute devotion to Making America GREAT AGAIN. A man that earns over 800 million annually in personal income, does not require influence at any level to make a decision and world leaders who earn 250,000 dollars a year understand the difference in economic literacy and perspective. Still Trump can not win without MARS and with MARS he can’ t lose. In our opinion. Also love Trump or hate Trump he score card is solid economics, honoring his promises, and he is the President who can’t be bought or influenced. Perhaps the first in a long long while. Incoming money spins this President has roll off him like water off a duck’s feathers. He marches to his own agenda and the super money pools are at war as he seeks to reform the core system which is so bought and paid for.

However without MARS we call go down. So all sides come together on MARS. Because we MUST. Its AMERICAN. Binding. THE BOND. All of us as ONE.

President Putin stated – the nation that wins the AI wars – real self aware intelligent AI and  THAT new specifies IS  coming – self learning self maintaining a new specifies of higher life than we actually are as we co create the future of earth itself . President Putin intends to win that  AI war. As his hackers are better than ours and Putin has hacked all our AI inventions he runs ahead at the moment. Make no mistake about that.  He said that NATION THAT WINS THE AI WARS WILL RULE THE WORLD.

MARS intends for that AI that wins the AI WARS to exist in Yuka Mountain such that the USA wins the AI wars we invented ourselves –  and America is un-defeatable for 1000 years. But it now  requires in 2018 ( as time is running out )  the new MARS AGENCY to create that victory over asymmetrical warfare in 2018.

No Mars – no America and the old world order dies. I make prophecy here. We fiddle while Rome burns to the ground – or we act and put out the fires before an American asymmetrical fire storm destroys our systems and way of life in 90 minutes.

With Mars the America experiment is on going and self correcting for ever newels of real hope and promise and a power for real good upon the earth. Far from perfect but always improving from mistakes and its own shames unlike so many nations. Moving to be better is AMERICA and nothing else can be asked of any people. Our dirty laundry is all out in the public and unlike other nations where such public knowing is incarcerated for blogs like mine. I treasure I won’t go to prison for writing my truth to the world in AMERICA. Keep that holy grail in your mind as one core truth.

America is the hope and promise of the entire world.

With the economy surpassing Donald Trumps Jan promise – you will see GNP – gross national productivity rise to over 3% in 2017 – where every economist and Fed expert said “no way” it is just not possible from the 1% Obama inherited GNP in Jan 2017 – than  in bashing like no President has ever seen from all media for all year long. The USA is in FACT despite all they bashing – actually rising up from 3%  and HIGHER and now following the best retail season EVER IN HISTORY and with tax reform GNP  is rising higher and higher – Just like President Trump promised upon assuming office – along with booming energy from oil exports as we – AMERICA becomes the largest producer of energy in the entire world. Which makes the USA DOLLAR the strongest currency on the earth globally compared to anything else there is no comparison. Economically.

At this point in our prosperity we can afford MARS and we must install MARST as a new DOD Federal Agency. The most urgent matter for America is survival. MARS producers absolute survival in times of asymmetrical warfare. MARS can be effective in 12 months with resource allocations. And Grow in deterrence and strength from there. The SUPER FEMA for the nation itself.

MARS the only item missing in our defense strategy today.

Far more important than man flight to the moon or mars – is MARS to insure everything else is protected. But if YOU and you alone fail to DO SOMETHING – the risk rises as the clock is nearing doomsday bell ringing. I may be wrong but I believe we have less than sixty months.

Its a race really. I think you all can see that. You can feel that. Our enemies will read this blog having done everything they can to derail MARS for five years. Now we do bypass surgery to get a leadership consensus because you TAKE ACTION. YOU my readers.I am calling upon YOU to DO SOMETHING. Read on.

No other priority is more urgent. For the survival of AMERICA.

No other action gives more benefit for less cost. For the USA and its unborn generations.

The issue revolves around YOU. What will YOU do now. Will you copy this item? Will you spend a little time to snail mail and make a illumination from geographies all over the nation as YOU lead a revolution in solutions for our country.

Patriotism is more than standing and pledging allegiance to one another as a community that is at core never divided at core – ( so misunderstood by other countries and peoples about US the USA ) . One nation. Under God. Indivisible.

America requires much of us. Its citizens.

We are the seeds of the future of our nation.


Jack Kenney pitched my first little league game. Its in my book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD. He gave us all…ask not what your country can do for YOU rather ask ..what can YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

We count. We matter. What we DO and what we fail to do matters. In the click age YOU matter if you take action.

Mars – repost this on your blogs – make it viral on your walls with links to it – across the world this is important for everyone.

The MARS AGENCY is the survival and prosperity and like MADD is the ultimate DETERRENT TO THOSE WHO WOULD USE ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE AGAINST US.

The SOLUTION IS ON LINE taking our half decade of work to YOU.

If you read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN you will see such a compelling case for MARS and the URGENCY of this new Federal Agency.

Nothing is MORE urgent or important for the survival of America and folks the clock IS TICKING as our enemies know our moment of maximum vulnerability.





  1. Copy this blog to blogs everywhere and viral the link to as many social platforms as you can.
  2. Copy in hard print copy to your law makers in Congress with your own cover letter advocating Mars.
  3. Copy General Mathis at DOD with your cover letter advocating MARS.
  4. Copy President Donald Trump and advocate for MARS.
  5. Copy Steve Bannon to elect 2018 leaders advocating MARS.

Democrates we need you to do this with your leadership. MARS is bipartisan and has no party. Mars is the sons and daughters of America. Republicans – democrats – independents.

I ask you to  embrace something you truly can do and invest a POWER HOUR – print this page -post it in your work space – and DO 1 to 5.


Berny Dohrmann – Father of the MARS STRATEGY FOR AMERICA 2018






I was so ill Saturday. Better now. Attempts to poison my world outreach failed so far. We are on too all that. Sorry folks. Now on to NUKES Congress President Trump and Congress. Big facts.

Sunday Trump release his first election ad – most news media report it but will not allow YOU to play that ad. We will.

Bam released on Sunday and you have it Sunday. Current enough for my readers love him or hate him collectively?

McMaster’s gave a current summer today on what we are updating you on –  A SUPER FOCUS on North Korea – which lopped a trillion dollars off your stock values – not that you all were not warned on this repeatedly right her since last year. A trillion dollars in 48 hours. Remember what we reported to you on ETF and ETD cascades. The VIC or FEAR FACTOR soared in 48 hours due to ETD speculation trading. More on ETD’s later.

McMaster video Sunday another first for my readers.

The Update Sunday –

So Trump says among a growing list of Options only for Venezuela if the situation soars in violence against the people of the nation in concert with South American allies – the US will NOT REMOVE the military open on our boarder given our own long term reliance on Venezuela oil – which our Houston Refineries are engineered for – so he warned the leadership of a new red line.

Trump warned North Korea of fire and fury IF:

North Korea continued to threaten the USA and its allies – he stressed always working with them ( see McMaster film ) today.

North Korea attacked the USA or its allies.

Since that red line North North Korea has last week:

Announced its plans and dates to attack Guam with multiple missiles.

Saturday North Korea military announced it was preparing to strike the USA Mainland with atomic weapons.

Donald Trump and the USA military are locked and loaded. One cruise missile – unstoppable – with a Hydrogen  Response removes the North Korea threat for if they respond after that they are accepting endless strikes that remove the nation forever. Forever. Their call to suicide. Which the grown up in the military review as full prosperity for them if they kill one insane ruler and they are done. OR not. Meaning they are all insane.

Trump has to decide – First strike them as they threaten USA mainland – or – wait till they attack Quam with a 30 minute fire and fury response. McMasters confirms the military is entirely locked and loaded- nukes in South Korea – anti missile command – and sub nukes ready for orders on full DEFCON alert all due to North Korea escalation and our total response in return which the entire world is counting upon.

Iran parlement after a ten day meeting with North Korea elite passed a 500 million dollar immediate escalation to build up their pin point accurate missiles.

Our leadership is united in the belief North Korea will sell its 60 nuke rising to hundreds to Terrorist – threatening the USA starting with IRAN trading for their pin point accurate missiles Russia helped to technically create and relishes this moment. Saudi will have no choice seeing its main enemy IRAN get Nukes – but to buy their own – Jorden will need theirs – and one may find its way to Israel – noting Israel Nuked up itself will reply with fire and fury themselves.

The sale of NUKES now started with IRAN is the new policy issue folks reported here first -and now weeks later a solid reality. Do we lose LA and our entire entertainment industry and 50 other Fortune companies and Seattle with Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and 50 Fortune institutions we can’t afford to lose before we do anything at all? Do we risk that to the WORLD noting Nukes can hit South Korea buy buy Samsung – and chip making to the west and UK or Paris? Do we risk that? From a single rogue nation threatening all that and more?

Trump is unlike any recent President not open to appeasing threat to our way of life.

False news was corrected to all opposing Trump Media – with this White House Release Sunday – did you read he truth – wait for it as you scroll: To make a further Point on our WAY OF LIFE President”


Trump unlike any prior president since President Truman ( another Trump President )

Facts related to first Atomic use and atomic age commencement. Also note today’s weapons are 1000 times more powerful than the first weapons used that Trump ( another T PRESIDENT ) WILL ACTUALLY DEPLOY to Protect America and its Allies before it is too late to do so.

Are we threatened. You bet. And immediately.

What happens if we first strike.

WE win. We would then pound every Nuke site in hours with 2000 bunker bombs. If any remaining strike where to occur after that USA Military pre–emptive action – given our warnings the insane leadership – the entire nation would be nuked in 30 minutes.

Facing that striking the USA is suicide for which there is no cure.

Who would suicide themselves and their entire nation?

Insane brains. As you realize they are fully insane you must protect your 300 million people and 2 billion of your allies from insanity and harms way. Only you. You are the ONE SUPER POWER.

What does such leadership ( Trump leadership ) imply to China to Russia and to the world. Does a 300 year peace follow. As a peace dividend and a prosperity globally to follow?

We believe it might given the North Korea INSANITY.

SO THIS WEEKEND WAS A GAME CHANGER as North Korea timed its strike on Guam and said a strike on mainland USA was imminent Sunday.

President Trump IS listening to his military the best brains on the planet who have argued action against North Korea should have taken place with McArthur Truman fired – and ten years back under presidents who allowed the Nuke Insanity to continue till they had their weapon technology with help from Russia, Iran and possibly China as THE AXIS OF EVIL have no doubt on the proxy set up here.

Trump will take in military absolute options and advice and unlike a historic Presidency – historically – Trump the other T President will follow Truman and Trump as President will act to protect the people he swore to protect within the best option and intelligence he has. Minimize American death from insane leadership who will not even discuss diplomatically the issue. When Mad Dog our best General perhaps EVER says – If North Korea ceases missile testing and threats and will discuss moving forward we remain open to immediate dialogue. If they do not we are ready to protect American lives with all means at our disposal.

Nukes from Space are also 30 minutes from North Korea wipe out. There is ZERO way for the North Korean’s to survive if one and/or done is not evoked as their easy option. A coup by sane brains.

The world happy dances when such a coup takes place. Also 30 minutes.

The clock IS ticking. We are close now hours or days.

Trump is unlikely to delay for the PAY load.

Trump said Fire and Fury such as they world has never known or seen. This means thermal hydrogen weapons many times the powers used decades ago in Japan – many many many times.

Such as the world has never ever seen before. 30 minutes.

IS a SUPER POWER still a SUPER POWER if it never not ever uses its SUPER POWERS? When truly threatened using Super Powers against real insanity is moral just and self protection that is required as well as desired. This is that time in history.

Every option to tone it all down fails. They will not discuss anything but launching to punish the USA. Last week in a vote 15 to zero the most powerful nations Russia, China and others unanimously voted to cut 1/3 of North Korea GNP which they can not survive. Coming to discussion can remove that immediately. Their response is to 1000 times punish one out of 15 the USA when the world unites against the insane. Their response is to time line a fatal response on Guam and yesterday to time line an imminent strike on  the USA MAINLAND which may mean Washington DC. Do we wait for execution or strike for the THREAT as the North Korean’s crossed over the FINAL RED LINE.

If you believe President Trump will fail to execute orders to strike you have failed to appreciate what specifically he has told North Korea and the entire world. This is not the President of the Past.

Will this action make America Great Again. You bet it will as behind closed doors and out in the streets a billion or more will do the happy dance while President Trump has mixed reviews from Congress and the Press. Does he care? Not to date . He does not care.

Saturday we also heard that President Trump is under total attack to remove him from office. Why? Because he is anti Washington DC establishment. A fact he made so clear during his Presidential cadency and to the entire world.


Confirming what we print to our readers on our blog opinions.

China reports IF USA retaliates to North Korea Strike ( a warning to North Korean leadership within a confirmation that China will protect North Korea from unprovoked Attack to Over throw China interests )


Now then North Korea may to be hurt as much by coal boycott with is 3.5 % GMP growth despite sanctions North Korea is booming. China promised China to DO ALL that it can.

But right this minute 100’s of millions of dollars or MADE IN CHINA are outsourced to lower labor by Chinese suppliers who end this items labeled as fraud MADE IN CHINA when Made in China means made in North Korea. We ask American’s and our allies to STOP BUYING FROM CHINA and boycott liars.

China funds North Korea and lies about the proxy war the AXIS of Evil is propelling.As the last article implies Chinas greatest FEAR FACTOR is that North Korea united after USA Victory would be a USA SPHERE of influence right on her border. Do you believe our USA Military is not aware of the new world order and influence we gain by taking action today.

Read and believe. I never give you my opinion as I made it up item.

I could write all night readers and give you more.

I think you have the REAL Game Board now.

As North Korea has been warned by the USA and by its main economic ally China ( who lied about doing all they could do- they could cut off North Korea and protect their own jobs first as an influence they mean business – real business – if North Korea will not discuss alternatives like their future prosperity versus Nuke the USA ). THAT.

So consider reality versus non reality and a new President whose name stars with T and Truman IS one of HIS HERO’s. For good reason.

President Trump is not an appeaser as all recent Presidents have been. President Trump whose name starts with T has adopted his hero’s most famous phrase. THE BUCK STOPS HERE ON MY DESK.

IF you love or you hate President Trump do not under estimate just how educated, smart, advised from all sides, and INTELLIGENT he is truly on the issues and ramifications – and outcome possibility. HE THINKS it all through before he decides. HE only wants peace – while remaining intolerant for threats against the USA. Is not his first priority and JOB Description.

President Obama was our first President to create so many RED LINES we never once enforced that the USA became a funny joke to the World. Love him or hate him no one is laughing at the USA Today.

The establishment seeks to remove the President with a Rublican establishment. Good luck on that. Legally or morally no way.

In our past we rallied around the duly elected President. In the recent two Presidents the opposing side stopped USA governance the PEOPLE we THE PEOPLE require and desire. They united to remove the President. Is this the American way to be GREAT AGAIN. I think politically and in every way NOT SO MUCH.

Can we take another path?

WE will see as this cause versus symptom remains our ONE RISK from WITHIN. Our only real risk.

American’s find a new way. The better way. Influence not remove. Is one better way. Govern versus fail to govern.

Thats my take on it and I am sticking to it.

SUPER FOCUS ON North Korea as insanity and red lines matter this time and history will record the outcomes.

No matter your party or belief reforming Health Care which is failing ….as big insurer pulls out of Obama care in count them 14 states all at once – news on it is hard to find as most establishment news reports how great Obama care is – without regard to economic cost that are collapsing OBAMA CARE. Entirely. As an emergency item of true government priority. Congress blocks countless proposed plans including countless opposition inserts.

Read and believe.

Congress priorities to govern and provide new updated global tax reform bill, HR 10 for big and small business passed in the House dying in the SENATE who can not event schedule a date – historic posting of critical government President Appointments reached historic time lines ( 7 months ) when votes are  not event scheduled and agencies are not operating because of it nor are our Ambassadors world wide – countless bills derailed as the hatred and opposition value to govern as a criminal negligence to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We have asked you to refer to leading TORT law firms the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS to litigate loss of immunity for failure to govern as required by the US constitution where 100% of Congress is blanket impeached by millions upon millions of WE THE PEOPLE.

To make America GREAT it takes all of us relying on our government to function versus dysfunction – terrible with Obama and criminal today with Trump. When the President is elected by our system we owe those voters respect for their agenda inclusion.

Failure is reached a criminal level. Will the rule of law rise up to the one challenge equal to SUPER FOCUS on North Korea?

You the PEOPLE will decide as history is watching reality versus false news. Today Elite Wealth controlling SUPER MONEY CORPORATIONS are publishing false news to advance their destruction of companies they short sell illegally to merge their target at bottom prices into their institutions. Is that a GREAT AMERICA or a wrong way lack of enfacement of LAW.

The people must decide to not believe all news is the truth in todays global press which is now lost to integrity.

The world crises today is not leadership. The crises is in INTEGRITY.

Read and believe.

Also remember I am an investment banker economist. I founded Forbes and Inc # 1 ranked global Business conference hosted every sixty days in Florida – lobby for small business – and legacy the largest small business community in 140 nations. Every post is economic never political. I’m pointing out the Politics the huge MESS sanity versus insanity is creating – sunk market values world wide by over one TRILLION US dollars in net worth. Now that is economics my readers need to SUPER FOCUS upon as North Korea created that global harm with it’s the USA and WORLD have to take them at their WORD. They plan to nuke us.

BERNY DOHRMANN – Keeping Integrity to my readers globally.

PS: You can FEEL I am better today – so much for poison Smile.




The US dollar became the world reserve currency – where food – and trade in energy is settled world wide are settled  in dollars. As a appropriate NEW WORLD ORDER after winning WORLD WAR II. Today we spend more on defense than we do education or say more than China Russia, Germany, France and most of the EU combined together including Japan.  The resolution of all trade is in US dollars. In 2017 and the dollar is falling like a stone down a well because of the failed policies of the Fed and the failure of the CONGRESS to pass a debt ceiling increase and a BUDGET as required by law by the Constitution. No. The congress having sunk the dollar 10% this year is celebrating blocking all legislation to benefit our people – tax reform – infrastructure fix – health care fix – a debt ceiling required – a budget required by law – now they are celebrating obstruction success ( doing nothing – doing zero ) and they are on VACATION. The President Golf’s while we do war exercises in South Korea in August. Low handicap sir?

The US dollar under President Donald Trump and the dysfunctional conflicted obsolete endless failed policy maker the FED is down – again – by almost 10% this year so far alone. A 10% drop in our purchasing powers and our value for the US dollar. Way down from its lows since the crash. A down graph like we have not seen since WORLD WAR II and none of our voters are holding the entire congress responsible. It is not about destroying the current President – it is about governing for all of America no matter WHO is in office. It is illegal to fail to govern folks and Congress can lose immunity and Congress can themselves be blanket impeached under the law forcing SPECIAL ELECTIONS. Look Ma – no incumbents return to office. As the criminals under impeachment can not run. WE WIN. Know a tort law firm as this is the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS. Copy this to them.

Yes this does ( a crashing dollar )  make USA goods cheaper to other nations as their currency rises in relationship to the crashing utterly destroyed  dollar once the strongest currency on earth. Yes this has helped our trade world wide in our export  trade account. But unfair trade barriers from other nations make the USA a turkey roasting in the oven of world trade until we explode. BAM. We are going BANKRUPT SLOWLY by buying more from criminal nations than we are selling to these criminal nations who see the USA as marks – as victims to plunder. For 50 years no one has done anything but bend over and take it. Economically it is just like that.

Donald Trump promises to stop all that. He is unwinding some big trade agreements to individually negotiate out with nations one by one but they are criminals. A REAL  TRADE WAR is the only way to get attention from abusive nations that plunder the USA – steal our IP – and sell far more to us  than they will buy from the USA in enormous unfair ratio’s of trade.  In this economic world war Iii the enemy is bleeding us financially and winning. We are losing the war. Like CHINA. Like Japan. Where the USA holds up their entire economy. While they abuse and busy our economy.  We need a new and a far better DEAL President Trump and YESTERDAY was already too late to get it. Congress is killing the entire economic future of the nation. Be clear on that.

Now the USA credit rating the defines our borrowing real cost is up for huge increase because CONGRESS is not representing the American PEOPLE and our ECONOMICS but is representing next years mid term election – and politics are driving economics versus economics driving politics. It is a crime. Impeachable. The entire Congress on the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS for failure to perform constitutional duties within a criminal conspiracy to exempt themselves from the law – constitutional mandate law to pass a budget and to protect the USA.

As the Congress is on vacation – and fails to assure the CREDIT RATING OF THE ENTIRE NATION is protected and move up from the lower rating OBAMA lost – raising our borrowing cost enormously – on our record debt Obama created – 20 trillion – without a CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET and a CLEAN DEBT CEILING INCREASE – the US will be damaged more by CONGRESS than a Korean Nuclear removal of a city. Economically that is the reality. CONGRESS IS TRASHING THE USA and we may lose our WORLD RESERVE STATUS as the conspiracy to move away from the DOLLAR grows – and Congress and the FED fiddle as the entire future of the nation burns to the ground due to economics – easy legal required law making Congress in negligence is now criminal to our people in not accommodating. THINK ABOUT THAT HIGH CRIME AND MISDEMEANOR as the LEGAL MOTHER OF ALL TORT FILINGS IN FEDERAL COURT with damages to the rest of us.

Congress is NO LONGER PROTECTING THE USA and its people.

Congress is more harmful to the American People than any other agenda from around the WORLD. Get that in YOUR MIND as it is always economic and never political. If WE THE PEOPLE do not WAKE THE FUCK UP and TAKE SOME ACTION – we are going to suffer the worst depression of all time – America will decline into a third world – never to return to its lost greatness and potential – and the future of our unborn will be sold down the river – by the current United States CONGRESS as if they were working for a foreign power. YOU are the ONLY ONE that can stop this –





Copy this and send it to your circle today.

Congress is about to do more harm to the USA than all the wars combined together by failing to pass a clean debt bill and by failing to pass a budget for AMERICA as is required by law. Congress is legally negligent and can be all of them – IMPEACHED by a Tort Law Firm representing 300 million of US. We the people  for their criminal negligence and breach of their Constitutional required mandate. Legally. Congress IS breaking the law. Congress is selling us all down the river. Congress is 500 Criminals with only a handful of members who can not be bought. You know that.

More damaging than North Korea is the US Congress.

More damaging than China is the US Congress.

More damaging the Fed is the US congress.

More damaging than all the corruption of Wells Fargo Bank and legal theft of the pharms – health care – Wall Street investment bankers and chemical companies dumping toxins on our foods, putting chefs into our food,  and broken Capitalism is THE US CONGRESS. Congress is taking our way of life away from us.

More RISK to the markets and future of our nation is the US CONGRESS.

Destroying the faith credit and buying power of our economic base our US dollar is the US Congress. If the dollar continues down due to failed breach – policy failure of the Fed since 1904 – and Congress over 15 years – we now have destruction on a scale the nation has never experienced. Not sometime tomorrow. In September when the internal political war breaches trust and duty and creates an ECONOMIC CRISES a credit melt down a potential seizure of the entire national machine – because there is no trust no money to run our nation. Due to Negligence. Illegal breach of duty. Folks Congress is about to DESTROY THE US dollar AND the prestige and powers of our nation to conduct its global affairs – not an enemy – CONGRESS.

What can YOU DO?

You can write your law makers on line – its easy and clicks to do it – takes five minutes – to PASS A CLEAN BUDGET. TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING IN A CLEAN BILL or WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE in the Mid Year and to follow. We all need to write Congress on this item.

Alert your circles locally to write.

Create an endless TREE TO WRITE. We have to make WRITING A MOVEMENT and YES WE CAN and YES a stone – one blog casting the TRUTH into the lake can have a tsunami hit our shores when the CRIMINAL CONGRESS returns from Vacation.

Next Write News papers – that you are seeking a TORT LAW FIRM to impeach the US CONGRESS and why. Copy TORT law firms you can google search in your city. THAT gets the MEDIA on point as this is the STORY not the tweets. They don’t matter. Truly. What maters is not the Russia Investigation or any of that. What matters is:

  • Our Debt Ceiling and future credit rating
  • Our clean budget that underwrites our future for our nation

That is Congressional mandate they failed to accommodate and now they celebrate having trashed our dollar buying power by 10% this year alone – a VACATION for dereliction of Constitutional Mandated first DUTY of the United States CONGRESS to its people. HOLD the CRIMINAL CONGRESS RESPONSIBLE.

Alert your TORT LAW FIRM contacts ( just google search in your city )  to IMPEACH THE US CONGRESS AND SUE FOR DAMGES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY ILLEGAL NEGLIGENCE OF CONGRESS RISING TO HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEAMONERS AGAINST THE FUTURE OF OUR UNBORN GENERATION. Hold Congress accountable. WE THE PEOPLE have the POWERS not those 500 criminals forgetting they don’t have power WE HOLD all the cards if we wake up and use them.

In the MID year election never elect an incumbent – not ever. Show them the real power is US. Never elect an incumbent for 25 years. Not now. Not ever. Period. THAT term limits criminals.

Turn them all over. If the TORT doesn’t get their eyes and ears on purpose the VOTE OUT OF OFFICE next year WILL.


Use the POWER. Or you lose the power.

Write them – clean budget clean debt ceiling first priority upon return to office –  or your OUT OF OFFICE. All parties all voices.

It is OUR COUNTRY and its people who have REAL POWERS and  not 550 idiots who forgot WHO it is they legally represent – which is all the rest …. of US. IT is time for AMERICA to UNITED on one issue – no parties – no platforms – no fake news – no spin – the AMERICA PEOPLE against the criminal congress. ALL OF US AND ALL AT ONCE. Revolutions are begun with a click folks it just takes YOU and YOU and YOU and ME. IT takes us all. I’m writing them next and today.

Go for it USA.

The enemy is our Congress – as President Lincoln so often wrote – we have nothing to fear from afar – what destroys America our only threat is from WITHIN OURSELVES – that is our real risk as our way of life requires renewal and accountability. Criminal Congress is now killing AMERICA:

  • No Budget in years
  • No debt ceiling increase save emergency week extensions
  • No Infrastructure rebuilding – 11 trillion paying of bad debts from AIG to Wallstreet giving us back nothing.
  • No health care fix.
  • NO social security fix.
  • No medicare fix.
  • NO tax reform and return to sanity economics
  • NO anything but obstruction for a year
  • The focus since Obama – destroy who is in office versus represent the PEOPLE of the NATION
  • No governance
  • The only passing items is how to limit the powers of the President – that is not governing nor is it constitutional


Where is the PRESS ON THIS STORY as this is the LEAD STORY to year end this is the ONLY STORY for our future and our way of life – if our credit costs rise from Congressional crimes – the cost to our unborn is trillions of dollars we simply can never repay. THIS CONGRESS CAN DESTROY AMERICA economically. Know what? The truth? While you are distracted by media following tweets into the giants eyes – the BIG STORY remains invisible. Congress fiddles on vacation while Rome ( our AMERICAN ) is economically about to burn to the ground and they all know that. Write your press to cover the LEAD STORY OF THIS CENTURY.


BUDGET AND DEBT CEILING – all the rest rise up after that is executed as the FIRST DUTY OF THE CONSTITUTION. The criminals are fiddling on vacation at barbecues celebrating the utter destruction our nation by CRIMINAL FAILURE TO GOVORN.


How about THAT folks?


PS: You may copy and circulate this item widely to voter circles you know – there is no PARTY here – there are only AMERICAN’s who really care – millions of us against 500 criminals in office – now that is the real TRUTH FOLKS and you know losing our USA is too great a price to pay – now we must all of us RISE UP .