What is important research and what is our team focused on this weekend in August? What do we KNOW? We know the majority of SUPER MONEY POOL traders are on vacation. We know AI running markets is maximizing profits up and down the trading rope at every sound bite. We know Face book is solid as a rock and the 100 billion was as BUY DIP once a decade – miss that or not – its out there. One of a number.

Record Earnings everywhere and when there is a miss its tiny the majority of estimates came in just fine including Face Book earnings – they did not disappoint US at all they impressed US go Mark. We know Super Money Pool leadership returning from Holidays in September after Labor Day will work to advance year end reporting to best wealth advantages we feel will create soaring bull markets and record year end wealth up bubble. Keep in mind a democrat presently splintered not just fractured party has so many interest it can not united to create a phony sell off and recession – nor would AI permit it today – such that economic manipulation of elections is now beyond party and their wealthy super money pools and collectively protection wealth trading ranges via AI controlling 90% of circulation for everything globally. This new AI market only 60 months reality is game changing and promises prosperity world wide into 2019. Beyond we have squall or typhoon with WILD CARDS presented here to consider as fact.

Although after Apple the next Trillion Dollar horses that come in next are neck and neck ahead of Face Book by a nose – Google’s Alphabet and Gates Microsoft and the likely next winner Jeff Bezos – only needs 15 cent growth in 2019 to get there – thats like a shoe in on prime from Amazon. Shout out for Jeff for most improving our lives in one man’s lifetime and from SPACE to Home Space – thank you JEFF for always improving for us the outcomes. You deserve to be trillion dollar next – buy Amazon.

China is having serious trouble with its declining economy at speeds unexpected as a trillion dollars US has fled the nation in 2018 and a trillion more is out that door by the end fo the year. Given the number of investments on hold now, companies from INVERSIONS now “re-domesticating” under President Trumps signed into law tax upgrades for the USA – investments stoppered or taken off table – and the capital running out of China ( forever and its TRILLIONS FOLKS digital and fast )  China is becoming an economic sink hole, and the trade sanctions and tariff’s have not had even 90 days to kick in YET. This is all PRE TARIFF effects – anticipatory set by the markets – and they are still anticipating way to optimistically – with the one wild card – WILL CHINA MAKE A DEAL. They kick in due to no deal no discussions that are outside old protectionist preservations China wishes for its national firms – NO DEAL progression – means – CHINA implodes in a hydrogen fuel of DEBT SUPER BUBBLE breeder reactor. TIME is killing China – MAKE A DEAL or SEAL YOUR DEAL. Typhoon or Squall? Economics.

Keep in mind the Trump Train ( team ) is charging with Tarif’s on 260 billion dollars of trade to China punch back of 60 billion to us – WEAK and Of ZERO IMPACT TO THE USA why – we buy 5 to one what we sell and if that does not change China’s prosperity is closing forever. MARK MY ECONOMIST WORDS ON THIS TRUTH. China is now having to pay cost just like they have in fact Charged the USA for 70 years. Do not buy their spin and press and PR which is global. China wishes to caste the USA wrongly using media as its usually dominant flavor of propaganda from Chinese communist media experts educated at HARVARD STANFORD YALE AND PRINCETON and TRAINED in San Francisco and New York. Not second string players on their own agenda. They work to caste lies that include:

  1. The USA started a trade war – LIE and Fraud SPIN from CHINA liars – the USA worked in good faith since Ronald Reagan seeking to get a revised fair trade agreement and IP protection treaty as China is the worlds # 1 THEIF of innovation from atomic weapon planning – to military designs – to space – to industry. They can’t invent it so they steal it with the best hackers in the world. CHINESE STATE BACKED GRADE DIGITAL WEAPONS TO WHICH THE WORLD HAS ZERO DEFENSE. YET. China started the trade war by resisting multiple opportunities under Trump to his RED LINE ON TIME – when the same oh same – talk no reality shift of any kind – became reality for China – still a bit surprised the MAKE A DEAL guy who loves the Chinese People and XI at the top – loves – unlike all prior Presidents since George Bush – draw a red line – and than that is IT. BAM. No kidding.

2.All US  tariffs are RECIPROCITY NEW TAX POLICY GLOBALLY. – we tax them like the tax us OR MAKE A DEAL AND TAKE SUCH TAXES OFF TO ZERO we will meet you folks on the game board of your own taxes upon us match per match we did not start anything we are finishing the abuse from YOU ALL. They wish their 40,000 car to sell for close to 40,000 in the USA. They tax us so our Detroit proudly made products of quality sell in China say a 40,000 Chevy USA for starting prices of say 275,000 dollars in China as they tax us to protect their own unfairly in economics that are now over for China and the world unfairly taxing the USA trade goods we will not MATCH YOU IS ALL – which you an make a deal and set a fresh start – or you can decline. NO OTHER CHOICES ECONOMICS 101.  China also state sponsors through a phony STATE RUN ORGANIZATION system SRO’s funded by the central government where state subsidized business – sells to market at below cost – items like steel – trashing the home steal industries of the EU the USA South America Africa Russia and Japan to name a few who can’t fight back with ECONOMIC TERRORISM – steal out stuff than price dump it back wiping our industries out. They won’t sell rare earths at all thinking they derailed all our technology now they stole our future plans – and they alone would leap ahead in quantum computers IP theft brought to them – AI in general stolen from USA – and now rare earth dependance by all global technology for 80% of it to manufacture tech -is “no more for sale” from the dominant provider – this is TRADE WAR FOLKS and CHINA STARTED IT – we lost the first battles as we do in financial pearl harbors – but now we are as we always do winning THE WAY which for China is make a deal or seal the deal to depression and revolution. It is all  economics not political. Squall of Typhoon coming to markets everywhere ? China is a WILD CARD to prosperity continuation globally. THE USA is not the bad guy in this play – DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHINESE PRESS SPIN.

3. China engages ASYEMTRICAL WARFARE – what you do not know about China is a great deal. First over 80% of Chinese are no longer members of the Communist party a little worry for the small % using their RED ARMY to keep “peace and order”. Read Kevin Freeman Buddy and legendary contractor to the Department of Defense from Dallas Texas two books to become updated on CHINA and ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE in his two books Presidents of nations read and study:

THE SECRET WEAPON – Amazon by Kevin Freeman

GAME PLAN ( Get your own soon your nation has none and why ) – Kevin Freeman

Both in my library from date of release and critical not optional to readers who wish to be brought CURRENT in our new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE?

Kevin talks about the storm clouds being a TYPHON versus a Squall economically and Kevin runs a Hedge Fund of some respect.

Books like President Bill Clinton’s block bester world wide best seller are inspired as are others by Kevin Freeman ( on Faculty at CEOSPACE when we can get him ). So respect this great American patriot ( Kevin and Bill )  and his life work for all the rest of us which we at CEOSPACE support endorse and stand behind. BUY THE BOOKS and KNOW – your reading news will change forever related to CHINA as these works are essential.

Asymmetrical WARFARE attacks enemies ( the USA being the leading capitalist nation we are the target –  the # 2 economy China is about to sink to # 3 and then # 4 as Japan rises again over China almost in a tie now – India passes China after 2020 – and Indonesia is right in there in the nose to nose horse race. Now all of them China – Japan – India – Indonesia – ( where is the EU in there – falling apart in a sea of debt and bad law policy ? ) – are and remain only tiny fractions  fractions of the USA GNP – # 2 is like a earth quake scale – far far 10 x’s far from USA # 1 economy – and that was USA economic  1.8 % growth for 16 years under the last two Presidents of the United States – where in 18 months of the Trump Train – we have 4% last quarter in GNP growth and Fed Atlanta says over 5% GNP growth in the coming quarter all before the Holiday 70% of all buying occurs.  A 100% up improvement in a year are. you KIDDING ME. NO one has done anything like this and it is I’m without apology to all parties – MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN in FACT.  The distance of the US the # 1 economy to all others including the EU is that a fraction of GNP and economics a small fraction – is what the # 2 are. Think of it economically like a foot hill in the Sierra’s against Mount Everest in the Himalayas which China virtually took over from Tibet to soup nuts – CHINA IS A FOOTHILL ECONOMY NOT THE EVEREST MT of which there is only “one”. the USA and  with a Military that is 95% LESS than  the budget of the USA DEFENSE BUDGET  – just funded this last week by the congress and president – a new DOD budget upgrade  to fully modernize and dominate the Asia rule of law by world order and tradition. CHINA has started with allies – the Axis of Evil – Iran – North Korea – Russia and others – World War III with the USA which is digital. A nation state weaponized digital “beta test” almost brought world markets to closing all banks – and the system shut down in 2008 – those attacking us made over a trillion dollars of profit on our pains – enough to carry though all sanctions – by plan – and – proved how powerful digital weapons are in WORLD WAR III. Then they hacked every IP from every state federal and institutional PRIME contractor and innovation firms – bar none. 100% success and all documents from hacks to the NSA CIA White House and more. Read Bill Clinton’s book to see whats coming. SQUALL OR TYPHON ? FINANCIAL STORM CLOUDS ? The war goes on – the war of words and the real trade war is reducing China’s budget into the most dramatic economy referral of Modern times for China. Lesson – STOP AND CHNAGE BEHAVIORS – the USA may have lost the first battles of WORLD WAR III but you can’t seen nothing YET as we simply almost effortless defeat our enemies and win the WAR which the only possible forward outcome – only MAKING A DEAL brings China prosperity – anything less brings China bankruptcy. Why?


4. China borrows 300% more than she earns every year for more than a decade. Communist China phony economics – borrow more than any nation related to GNP. The IMF has warned the world 12 times in 24 months so many posted right here on this blog with our own warnings – THAT CHINA CAN BRING THE ENTIRE WORLD ORDER DOWN. How? Debt defaulting. Asia has over 100 trillion of bad loans from Indian banks but mostly in China with bankrupt SRO’s and bad loans from nepotistic placements never to be repaid – held as good loans on nation and institutional balance sheets as assets. If these junk “assets” were relabeled as losses the nation of China and its financial institutions would be bankrupt with rule of law accounting. China lends more money to third world nations recently Pakistan – itself still classified as a “developing nation” as the # 2 Economy on earth ( come on folks ) . All this is going to overtake China. As her economics turn digitally to a crises mode that their leadership does not realize they are in – and may never resolve in fact to the point of revolution – the survival of China as WE KNOW IT and the preclusion of unwanted interruption in CHINA PROSPERITY is economic symbyism with America – unless Communist leadership unites to MAKE A NEW WORLD ORDER DEAL – and time is running out for CHINA economically to stop their run on the nation – A DEAL HAS TO BE MADE. The lack of good faith to make the deal – business as usual – world war III as usual – and more – ends with Trumps absolute red line. I will be your greatest friend China and or I will be your very worst nightmare – you were born to CHOSE now chose – politics or economics – I”m good either way. However if we take back our production as the tipping point of you rising labor costs and transportation fuel and related costs make profits to move things back to the USA – cheaper – has been reached in 2018 and if we take all that production back – you NEVER GET IT RETURNED OR MADE UP – and if we keep going American consumers you absolute dependent on will simply STOP BUYING MADE IN GERMANY OR MADE IN CHINA unless you stop the legal theft and make a deal that is two way and opens markets to free trade versus competitive versus cooperative capitalism – one or the other – RED LINE MAY NOT BE CROSSED as you have seen – no more talk this is reality – China prosperity or bankruptcy and debt super bubble bursting with world wide pain from China debt defaulting – taking place with unreported riots in nation from labor unrest in many areas. China economically is a typhoon right now not a squall. Their world War III digital has now caught up to them.


5. CHINA is influencing our election with their state hackers and laying the blame on Russia as our emotional capital flows in that direction. Russia and its industries desire a republican congress to avoid GRID LOCK and to make a DEAL WITH TRUMP. China wishes to keep Russia at arms length. China wants a democrat win in Congress in November to hopefully GRID LOCK CONGRESS – Impeach Trump – both distractions – and to limit Trumps Trade War and Tariff “powers” – delay delay delay while they protect their old model pay pay pay days – as long as they can before they have to make a deal. The NSA is going to discover Russia would never leave sloppy tracks and China state Hackers would not either – they leave RUSSIAN FOOTPRINTS to keep the NSA off China as the source of election tampering rising in Digital War World III – part of asymmetrical warfare – Read Kevin Freeman’s two books – to discover the hard data on what you DO NOT KNOW ABOUT CHINA AND WORLD WAR III AND DIGITAL WARFARE seeking to bankrupt the USA. This warfare plan has already failed we are now winning the war and we learned from every battle we lost – note to China war planners – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY which you so have done as a losing strategy in your OWN ART OF WAR – I read your book. Prosperity or failed policy That is the only forward choice. TIME is your issue.

So trade war has not started yet. As we move forward we move forward into what? The 70% of all buying. Holiday season buying. But now 260 billion of taxes on anything and everything made in China as it hits US ports. The cut back in buying from China is going to shock then stun the world as the down bubble year to date frightens all state planners in China following failed policy – still borrowing and still lending Trillions they do not have – outside borrowed money – to lend in the first place. Lending borrowed money to nations who will never not ever pay you back – is well – a lesson China will learn the USA has already learned. China – time is your killer. This is your one guidance to abandon failed economics policies where politics runs economics so you can enjoy decades of new prosperity – MAKE A DEAL BY CHRISTMAS. End the appearance even of competition and move into cooperation. Unconditional cooperation as the USA is there now with an open hand soon to become more than a fist. No winners in the game outside the USA – the largest most powerful engine fueling the entire world economically in the history of humanity.


Trade war with China engaged in thinking they can sink the west – now moves to the war not the battle in which China loses and crashing moves into debt super bubble bursting – debt defaulting – and a cascade into chaos and revolution all due to failing to read economic tea leaves appropriately. Accurately. Trump fully engaged to end the war:

  1. Rule of law no more digital theft on any basis no more digital warfare at all.
  2. Fair Trade – zero tariff’s my goal – as we cooperate and cease competition.
  3. Or escalation to China’s continued decline – a killer on timing by the Holiday

China’s failed communist policy ( trade war not MAKE A DEAL ) leads to China decline in world standing – Japan just passed China again as the world’s number 2 ranked stock exchange by value as China seriously is sinking now – financial collapse – debt super bubble bursting – all beyond planner control – and no recovery as consumers will stop buying MADE IN CHINA for generations – a factor the communist press and media failed spin – utterly failed to consider at all. Its not far off …wait for it …if this continues – huge storm cloud CHINA DEBT DEFAULTING another reason for the FED to slow down – way down. Time is required to normalize – without TIME the Fed tips us all into serious economic risk.

  1. CHARTS – the terror chart for our team is price to stock price a chart not used that much as a reliance today – but frightening as a storm cloud. The Price to stock price index is over 2.2 to 1 and is presently the highest ratio since the Dot.Bomb world sell off and SUPER CRASH before 2008. In the DOT.BOMB Super Crash the stocks affecting the overall where an upside down pyramid. The value TERROR BARRIER was less than it is today – on those FEW stocks effected. Today the Terror is absolute. The Chart is a upside down pyramid too but not the base at the top on that wobbling Pyramid POINT as to proper ratio’s see’s the base at the top – endemic – the entire base of weighted stocks across the boards are PAST the 2000 SUPER CRASH imbalance of price to stock price rations – the tipping point that sinks market.
  2. Largest Hedge FUND with over 5 trillion under management reported after Markets closed Friday into this week to the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD – SLOW THE FUCK DOWN ! We’ll the CEO did not use the “F” word but in financialese talk – its exactly what he told the Fed. LIQUIDITY is the issue. He noted in world wide LIQUIDITY the Fed raising interest way too fast – way too soon – way too frequently way to higher each raise – is normalizing the market over 15 months versus 15 YEARS. Time is required to work out of this new economic beta test never done before. The Fed was told its central banker policies have taken HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS from WORLD LIQUIDITY and forward circulation and investment to create sustained growth. The higher cost of interest – is HIGH RISK to developing nations who can longer maintain higher interest note roll over triggering RISK REALITIES OF SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING IN GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES bankrupting the financial system of the entire world. The liquidation of FED 5 trillion of crap they bought from their member banks making bad bets in the casino – going back Ito the market – is not sustainable liquidity draining and if not SLOWED THE FUCK DOWN we risk a depression let alone a recession – which is historic. The Fed makes profits for its own shareholders – banks and investment banks as the Fed is a private non government institution: read Fed Fraud links : https://www.google.com/search?q=WHY+IS+THE+FED+A+SCAM&client=safari&rls=en&ei=MoRXW7b8KILujwTQpI_4Aw&start=30&sa=N&biw=1100&bih=808 . As a GREED MACHINE the Fed see’s short term profits into the huge Holiday year end season for all its shareholders – as the drive point to win year end reporting upon – and the blinders on profit making represent a lack of independence ( the GREAT LIE of the Fed Fraud – merge it back into USA Treasury ) – and blinds the planners who self justify raising from the huge RISK that is now world liquidity they are draining from world markets. Fed borrowing with US borrowing is up over 60% from this time last year – those dollars flowing now into Fed higher interest debt rolling over – is a LIQUIDITY SUMP that is robbing the entire world of the prosperity the stability of the system requires – is not sustainable economics – and the FED will be the single CAUSE of third world nations going into DEBT DEFAULTING as the dollar SOARS those nations have impossible economic challenges – and the FED is dice – Prosperity or Depression and World War – Squall or Typhoon? We’ll see as more and more come out against FED policy to our economic suicide – NORMALIZE FED just do it over a 15 year graph and announce that and markets prosper stabilize and work out of the debt super bubble with fiduciary TIME as the asset your missing in policy errors today. Plus FED we are engaged in Digital WORLD WAR III of which trade wars are just part of resetting world order – we need TIME TO WIN THE WAR – do you not see TIME as the missing asset in your economics? The Risk is your short term normalization ahead of all other storms in 2020 and beyond. The Hedge Fund leader suggests for his industry ( controlling more wealth circulation than the Fed by far ) is that 2019 will be a far more challenging profit year due to FED accelerated normalization and prosperity is at RISK if the FED does not SLOW THE FUCK DOWN – Risk # 1 after China – world liquidity and circulations required to keep prosperity advancing globally. All nations should rally behind this issue not – influencing congress in the mid year – stay out of that and let America decide – while you advance core economic policies at the Fed to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN or we are economically doomed to repeat history – world depression with debt cascading into defaults – digital speeds to those corrections as typhoon’s over equals because of FED storm making machinery. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR TIME TO BE THE POLICY.
  3. WILD CARD – republican congress grows – surprise surprise surprise – NO GRID LOCK FOR YEARS – Congress WORKS versus is dysfunctional – no impeachment distraction – and the final bill is passed in 2019. INFRASTRUCTURE REBUILDING I THE USA – trillions invested – prosperity into 2030 – if the FED SLOWS THE FUCK DOWN AS WELL – or not. Both don’t happen. Then we see 2020 as RISK on for Super Crash or before due to the conditions set forth here and the triggers set forth here and the history. Fed policy and lack of national spending created the Depression of 1907 FED CAUSED by raising interest just as they are now – too fast – and WORLD WAR I – countless death and misery to rebalance debt economics in that Super Debt Bubbler and Asset Class Bubble – then only a few years later the imbalance in economics grew to never seen in history in speculations and price ratios – 1929 SUPER CRASH ( Fed caused by failed interest policy precisely as today repeating again ) – and WORLD WAR II and over 100 million slaughtered to rebuild and rebalance economics and Debt Super Bubbles bursting. So INFRASTRUCTURE is required as the OTHER STIMULOUS to assure with all other positive factors the USA leads the entire world into 2030 with prosperity and stability the world has never known before in history – or not as FED POLICY also seeks to influence elections – as republicans may merge the FED back into USA treasury where Democrats who created the Fed will preserve the FED in its GREED MACHINE business as usual – accountable to no one not even the President or Congress – immune – autonomous – no power can check of balance audit or hold the Fed accountable for any decision it makes – including printing tens of trillions of dollars enslaving generations of America in debt burdens ( to themselves ) – in a never tried before experiment to bail out their bank investment banks from bad side bets made by trillions into markets where the banks and investment banks owning controlling FED Shares of stock are bankrupt unless bailed out – now the Fed seeks to profit those member banks too fast too soon in a GREED MACHINE that will derail the entire world – who remains economically literate and no press and media spin exists like the FED to assure FEAR drives you always back into their safe arms as safe harbor – the Fed is inland and has no SAFE HARBOR – put on 20/20 reading glass folks for this financial reality to avoid depression and world war – FED SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. ( As blogged about for 18 months non stop scroll and get as much data films and proof’s as you may need from charts ).

2018 is going to be amazing. The growth of mild second quarter into summer everyone is on vacation will surprise everyone – but the fourth quarter Holiday season with the wealth and employment we have to today – has malls in recovery – consumers buying as never before – industry reinvesting at year end those tax saved trillions – companies coming back to USA in record numbers – no end in sight – and a year end of third quarter USA momentum up bubble – and fourth Quarter. Than with way too frequent a rate raise by the FED – 2019 storm clouds from Congress becoming democrats and GRID LOCKING and wasting our leadership on impeachment – no chance of winning – becomes economic TYPHOON versus Squall.

Fed aggressive normalization in UNREALISTIC TIME FRAMES as a repeated 100% failed policy by the Fed historically – screams to place the Fed processes back into US treasury – pay off the debt with 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS – retire forward debt as we stop paying interest to print money – and real time market reporting provides audits transparency from M1 to M6 as models. The Fed was born when the pony express delivered the mail – bad idea in and an economy killer now. Who would risk to violate your constitution and create a third party private company named FED to exclusively have control over a nations money supply by contract – as a contractor – without any accountability audit or check and balance – in the name of telegraph – pony express independent – which the Fed is not independent it is like all private institution responsible to its own shareholders – which is the final point to stabilize RISK Economics – to MERGE THE FED into the USA TREASURY for check and balance over sight the FED IS A FRAUD – read up on it and if its criminal bank shareholders all with billions paid in get out jail free cards – are pure financial criminals – and they own the FED why is the Fed not a reflection of their criminal shareholders? Ignorance is bliss is it not – that is the way the Fed wants voters – don’t vote with your wallet – vote the way we brain wash you by party – never vote by your wallet on the economics – vote on Stormy Daniels and blind hatred of Trump – is their wave pattern – and yours as you wake the fuck up is? So easy to click https://www.google.com/search?q=WHY+IS+THE+FED+A+SCAM&client=safari&rls=en&ei=MoRXW7b8KILujwTQpI_4Aw&start=30&sa=N&biw=1100&bih=808 than scroll on my many blogs on the Fed for more data films and proofs of how this truth is all out on line – if you go past the sound bite of the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ( who is anything but a Spanish Inquisition witch killer – immunity to the majority of witness – say what we wish you to stay and your not indicted and bankrupt and in solitary confinement like those who will not cooperate and who fight us – we want you all to turn on TRUMP one KGB and NAZIS set up – we “set up its all “set up” – is that our American tried and convicted by media today. Example: Friday Harv Weinstein and  I know an have respected him in the entertainment industry – always fair – never disrespectful to ladies at the top around him that I saw over decades in the Entertainment Industry via CEOSPACE projects – filed to dismiss New York state brought charges. The witness alleging rape – for the State of New York has countless emails over years ( after the rape ) seeking to get together with Harv – sex implied as well – that she loved Harv – respected Harv – all in texts and email – for YEARS. Her acts were consensual and she did relished a special relationship with Harv. Should Harv get help and preclude loving sex with beautiful women inappropriate to his standing marriage and studio responsibility to shareholders – YOU BET. Did he commit a crime to go to prison for as his wealth was wiped out along with his industry standing – the SYSTEM NOT THE PRESS should answer that question and WE AMERICANS MUST avoid BRAIN WASHING To conclude – in our great nation you are in political issues today – INNOCENT AND TREATED WITH THAT FULL RESPECT UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU ARE PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. I present that example to just state you are BRAINWASHED TO FOLLOW SIDE BARS AND TO VOTE THE WAY THE FED WISHES YOU TO VOTE – more influence and manipulation than any foreign nation can effect on face book postings my God for real?


STORM CLOUDS – Typhoons or Squalls – it is too early to tell. WILD CARD ISSUES for Prosperity:

  1. Fed SLOW THE FUCK DOWN your the cause of FATAL SYSTEMIC RISK.
  2. Mid Year Election Wallet Party or manipulation to emotional capitalism and grid lock – Congress WORKS or Congress doesn’t work – we’ll all decide that.
  3. Liquidity drain from failed central bank policy is source to SUPER CRASH and Debt Defaulting Cascade which closes all banks in a week or so once it digitally hits the world – IF – TIME is not an asset to fix all this.
  4. Infrastructure and the wall are not passed as final stimulus to 2030 prosperity in the USA ( and thats for sure ) one way or the other way – WALLET PARTY FOR PROSPERITY or party voting as usual for Super Crash as consequence – economics not politics – rule.
  5. China – Trade War or Make A Deal – the world is at highest risk via failed Communist leadership policy on politics versus economics controlling outcome as TIME is not on China’s side. Waiting to the Mid year suggests – asymmetrical warfare with the west is on going politically where Trumps team becomes China’s worst nightmare winning the war – while China is economically utterly surround and blown off the map as a once upon a time – TIME is running OUT for China to MAKE A DEAL.

Storm Clouds in late 2019 and 2020 – with outcomes we will define as the rolling dice hit the side bar of world casino capitalists’ crap table in the mid year Nov American election. RISK ON and RISK HIGH based on outcome. Read recent blogs and you’ll have more data. You have a ton more this weekend – first here – summarized here – and crystal clear economics you can understand outside the spin.

Moving forward the issue for you is Stormy Daniels or global prosperity. Decide as you get better truth integrity and hard facts of which this blog is just one source of WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE and with 20/20 new reading glasses who is really doing what to whom which is always FOLLOW THE FREAKIN MONEY.

Reader comments from all over the world suggest – keep doing what we do to bring you the. truth – and for so many – it was like waking up from a fog – from seeing life through 15/10 vision and having 20/20 glasses given to your new eyes – the entire world is different with the new reading ( economic ) glasses. We are FREE from brainwashing and the spin – we see it all now – we control the matrix. WE voters hold all the powers – we ARE ALL THE ONE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.


Squall or Typoon – There is safety in numbers inside our safe harbor here – share this blog as we become a Wallet Revolution of informed VOTER POWER no longer voting politics but voting PROSPERITY – which will insure RISK is a squall versus a TYPHOON – the big systemic risk the Fed and the Mid year vote – congress grid lock or congress WORKS and we decide that – us no one else. Share with your American friends all my readers around the world – share this blog Link on walls and social – viral on you tube – and reading becomes less personal as you join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION define by: five star best selling book backordered due to high demand ( filled I hours at Prime not days ) :


Lead the revolution or be bled by it……leaders are readers. Thank YOU for being a leading reader within our family of informed 7 billion world wide….and thank you for sharing and subscribing which helps our standing globally – in one of the world’s fastest growing Blog sites – serving 100 nations today with the TRUTH ABOUT WHAT IS “REALLY” GOING ON …OUT THERE….just for your tribe and for YOU today.



PS: Russia economically not mentioned here is an economy the size our say New York as one state budget – and their defense budget is 90% less than the defense spending for the military utter dominance the USA represents to the world. Today Rome is America for the world peace – and all the nations together lack the powers of ROME. Make a deal and usher in the new cooperation – defeat insanity of competition between nations and usher in the sanity for THE NEW DEAL and cooperation and prosperity where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND – new American Trump Train policy. All within rule of law and no digital theft or warfare – the 11th commandment MOSES never received  – thou shalt not Digitally spy steal or influence upon another nation.



This blog has reported the owners – the big guns – controlling 90% of Super Money pools and all market trades are on summer vacation to Labor Day. As they return all at once in September refreshed and totally focused now to rebalance wealth for year end reporting  cycles the market is going to simply soar. Also third and fourth quarter results are going to support incurable growth. Record year end wealth is possible with the wild card of year end elections our prior blogs set forth for our now more fully informed readers on the economics.

Everyone including US  is on vacation….wait for it…the boom is on and pundits are so wrong. Wait till the quarter after Labor Day folks and the HOLIDAY 70% of all spending globally – wait for it – best in your entire life time folks. WAIT FOR IT……

Criminal – oil price escalations today – all phony pricing – solely from greedy profit taking oil speculators and OPEC nations investing in wild speculations – advancing a perception of WAR with IRAN and oil supply interruptions no one – especially Iran – can economically survive. Iran disports oil and American the largest oil producer is fine – we stop exports sink the gulf and buy our own better fuels – is all. Bingo. Iran goes into debt defaulting depression and a for sure revolution – Iran doesn’t want that. The notion IRAN will not talk to the USA to make a REAL DEAL versus a fraud deal they pulled off as the best negotiators on the earth with a weak team doing the bend over and take it – is easy fast and costs nothing to fully prosper Iran into the Future. Iran should reconsider and their leader become the Nobel Peace Price in 2018….their people gain so much when economics drive politics not the other way around.

OIL will crash coming forward and speculator spikes may wild move vocality till the OIL PRICE SUPER CRASH forced by America going to 15,000,000 barrels of output. WAIT FOR IT….this blog remains predictive of our opinion speculators loosing a trillion – again – as they make bad bets for greed versus market supply over crashing demand moving forward …..you’ll see soon enough how right his model is….SHORT OIL make a fortune by 2019……

Today China lost its # 2 Stock market position. We have told you how the RUN on China while they like Iran have zero talks on going. They sanction the USA 60 bill and we sanction them 260 billion – 200 to one – is anyone seeing a FULL house versus a weak weak China hand an no new cards to draw from. China is going to recession without a get out of recession FREE CARD economically unless they make a leadership decision for a new fair world trade deal a model the world. Why would China not desire ZERO TARRIFF’s ? Oh yeah – to unfairly favor their lying cheating IP stealing entities where all that is coming to an end as we counter attack the attacks and its without mercy today. Digitally we lost some battles but now we are going to win the wars. China should regard prosperity over politics or they will sink to a point where Americans will never buy MADE IN CHINA for generations – that is not repairable and is rising up faster than China has emotional capital to keep score with.

RISK rising for China.

Meanwhile the Run on CHINA has sunk the stock value into a crash in 2018 where Japan is now the number two stock Exchange – with Wall Street Being # 1 as always ( again ). This blog told you Japan tied with China may now become the # 2 World Economy as China is imploding in political self inflicted economic suicide while Japan is picking up all this China business for decades and roaring past China to become the NUMBER TWO economic power all over again. India will pass China in 2020 or close to it. China is in decline while the neighbors are in soaring prosperity as China will not create a NEW BOX TOP TRADE RULE on two reform models:

  1. No more theft of IP from world markets within new rule of law by treaty
  2. Fair Trade with agreed upon reciprocal tariff’s Trump wishes at zero zero.

Today the Chinese are saving FACE and DIGNITY by utter decline as leadership sees the DIGNITY of sinking their own stock market through utter failed policy happen in time frames once thought to be impossible. This route of value is just starting as IF China continues the trade effects which will not have ANY IMPACT until 2019 – will crash year end Holiday peak buying – final year results – Super Crash their markets and debt default their bad debt into a non recovery recession event. Why?

Silly policy to preclude forging a historic MOVE FORWARD into world fun partnership leadership event. XI wishes this out come but factions in China have zero economic appreciation for their own self immolation financially and forge political policy versus economic policy which to the Chinese ECONOMIC MODEL is pure suicide.

Wait for it….

This Blog has been right on out come – trend lines – valuations – and Chinese timing right to today’s STOCK MARKET SINK to # 3 as Japan is rising as Chinese is sinking and China is giving their wealth away to neighbors beginning with Japan. China is counter intuitive and my great teacher suggested when brains are insane ( competitive versus cooperative ) in leadership only one box top rule should apply –


…..never assume that such leadership will act in its own best interest…never……

So the energy the USA now taxing China precisely as they tax American products goods and services – returning the favor – in RECIPROCITY TAX MODELING – no trade war save for the one China always put in place to subsidize and cheat in their own economic model for their own companies against the entire world – is now at a cross roads.

The one rule we told you to trust remains in just a short time as the world bible today:

Trump red lines are real and do not erase unless DEALS easy deals RESULT…..

The world is in the greatest reform period since World War II and business as usual is suicide economics by insane brains who forge united political capital in China facing such factions splintering and opposition internal to their politics is the NEW POLITICAL GIFT to unite the opposing forces to communism itself – HATE AMERICA. We’ll see how long that economic failed policy will hold the unification….as smart Chinese will see through that business as usual ….eventually a DEAL is prosperity and no deal is depression and Chinese risk of a pure revolution no one wishes for – no one.

Follow the money – the economic dice are ruling 200 to 1 – 260 billion of Tarriff’s that sink China in 2019 and do absolutely nothing to the USA what so ever really

That is the GNP on THAT.

Berny Dohrmann – on WHAT IS important today OUT THERE in case you missed it.

PS: The way forward for CHINA is SUPER BONDS – scroll and see why



This blog is for my Chinese readers IF they can circulate the facts inside China – which is doubtful.

First this is all economic 101 not political of which I have no experienced as an investment banker lifetime in economics.

Since President Richard Nixon created the new CHINA Policy in the 1970’s to today – China has benefited from the kind generosity of the USA. The USA subsidized trade and helped the Chinese leadership move untold millions from poverty into cities that didn’t even exist and jobs that didn’t even exist based on our trade – we sell less by 5 to 1 than China sells to the USA. Over time this trade imbalance must rebalance or the USA goes bankrupt or China does in a race to the bottom.

President after President has said THE TIME HAS COME and talked and talked and no one took any action to stop the imbalance and drain going on. The drain hole has exploded in size as Chinese leaders said – we’ll work on this – only to make it worse and worse and worse as it escalated and escalated.

The effect has:

  1. Cost the USA impossible economic cost to buy more than it sells – which is going absolutely bankrupt but slowly so you don’ t see it as our debt accounts rise.
  2. Massive shifts in labor and employment from the USA to China have made our debt rise and rise as our unemployed and factory laid off take welfare and unemployment from state and nation while they cease paying taxes to state and nation a condition reversing in 2018.
  3. China uses its wealth from the USA to raise up its military and to challenge the USA. China recently claimed an entire ocean as its sphere of influence removing “rights” of many many nations – which the World Courts unanimously ruled was illegal – invalid – a crime – and only the USA is policing the phony rule China came up with to “OCEAN GRAB” like land grabbing in old days for minerals and wealth under those waters – blocking other nations even RUSSIA – from drilling for oil in claim rights protected for Russia and its allies – by 400 years of marine laws China just throws into the wash.

The old communist motto – holds true today. Push on the USA and PUSH no matter their resistant until you feel the steel of a blade then back up.

Donald Trump has economically assured China feels the blade. He has talked nice on the Golf Course with President XI about the issues China wishes and issues the USA wishes noting where Trump has red line. Unlike prior Presidents Trumps Red lines are all real and when Syria used Chemical weapons Trump bombed a billion dollars off their inventory list in minutes. RED LINES ARE REAL THE USA HAS STEEL.

The World is assured by Trump the USA can be the GREATEST of friends and if not your worst nightmare as an enemy.

Trump is not talking to China. Trump has set down absolutes. So lets look at arithmetic:

  1. China taxes our stuff at 100% higher than than we tax their stuff.
  2. China has been asked then told to change the unfair trade protectionist policies.
  3. China started this and continues this unfair practice and the day of warnings is done and over.
  4. Trump has stated he wants zero tariff’s and trade barriers between the nations.
  5. China refuses to be fair and wishes to bankrupt the USA but Trump caught this earlier enough to bankrupt China – which is now taking place – in policy error by Chinese leadership.


We have told the world in this blog for two years to SELL OUT OF CHINA. We have told the world there is an absolute RUN on China at ever level – which is why China communist leadership imposed ( which never works ) the most draconian currency controls and money flight laws in the world today to stop wealth from leaving China.


  1. Deposits are running out of bankrupt Chinese banks holding untold bad debt that will never be repaid – bankrupt in fact if accurate accounting were applied.
  2. State Run Organizations – SRO’s in record bankruptcy and zero way forward.
  3. The World is running out of China and moving production to other nations.
  4. The investors are running out of China by the 100’s of billions now.
  5. The currency for China has fallen 14% and is in free fall to levels of collapse



Why did Tim Cook meet in India recently? How much of China production can move to India and how fast? As cost of business soars with 25% tariff’s on all China electronics – how fast to AMERICAN FIRMS move if they MUST? Like WARP DRIVE with 250 billion in cash in the bank are you kidding me China? This economic will never not ever return to you.

China is talking to our trade group after failed policy to go silent – until they meet steel that is real that Trump is turning now in the economic soft spot. There is no Chinese Defense.

Meanwhile the Fed in Atlanta predicts 5% Growth for the USA with Trump economic policies coming up – and plants and investment into the USA are soaring – the opposite of the RUN on China.

China communist leaders are slow to respond to events which are taking place economically like CLICK SPEEDS. They don’t see in real time the PERMANENT DAMAGE their failed economic policies – are creating  – where politics drive economics versus economics drive politics. Its business as usual in China. Today they said – we have to respond to the USA ( noting a full on trade war of their replies impacts our GNP less than 1% and at 5% communist politicians – we have plenty to spare ).

I’ve also written as China attacks the USA ( politically only as economics they have no bullets where we buy 5 to 1 in trade we hold all the cards ) – our consumers will stop ( on a CLICK and all at once all of us together as one ) buying anything made in China IPHONES included. WATCH. Never to in generations buy from China ( our enemy ) again. If China takes it this far – the HUGE DANGER to China – misreading American consumers – China moves to not recession – but economic collapse and depression and a revolution takes place in China. Which the USA does not want but well understands WHO is in control of the bride of the star ship Enterprise – economically – while the Chinese drive an off brand they make at home on bad roads. No contest to PHOTON ECONOMIC TORPEDO’s.

China politician’s trying to influence the MID YEAR ELECTION to alter or Change TRUMP’s direction – ( far more than Russia influence it is CHINA wishing Democrats to win and block Trump ) – their last card really – which is a joker and won’t work – failed policy – puts forth FRAUD that:

  1. The USA started the trade wars
  2. The USA is the cause and is unfair
  3. When China had 30 years of requests to revise trade rules and lied
  4. China never intended any change and made things worse and worse by tax law
  5. The USA now has STEEL that is REAL and talking is OVER – plain and simple

China still won’t ACT so the USA pushed the steel in more firmly.

A China tipping point begins to occur if the leadership does not create a new policy but they are not doing so.

They are saying ( for local consumption ) that – they must preserve their DIGNITY as a nation. What a bunch of political horse crap and its smelly warm and misty to the wind.

They make it harder then to reach a real revision.

Trump is going to push to the tipping point:

  1. The RUN on the China Nation economically sinks the country entirely
  2. American Consumers stop buying MADE IN CHINA ANYTHING FOREVER

We are reaching that tipping point due to failed policies of Chinese leadership which could have resulted in a calm market globally and a healthy new frame work that is fair and in integrity. Today it is about integrity and China is doing what it always does – China says one thing and does another – we call this LYING. Cheating. We call this a crises of integrity between nations. Integrity is what is required and desired but we do not have integrity surprising save for Trump. Who like an ice breaker sets his course and then breaks through the sea ice setting a new channel in his wake for America.



This is an important principle – Communism and Socialism as economic systems have 100% of the time led to elites controlling all the wealth ( not much different than competitive capitalism although far more people prosper in one than the other ) and always end badly in wars and bankruptcy. Communist economics are 300 years of failed utter nonsense economically. The world needs COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a revision to upgrade for 7 billion the final revolution for human kind – economics. Those box top rules are outlined in the book: https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 which I encourage YOU if this interests you at all to read – both socialist minded leadership and capitalist as we all get the best of both thoughts ideas and outcomes inside the upgrade to global COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the FINAL REVOLUTION. I plan to get a NOBEL PRIZE for this work 300 years after I’m dead as it is forward in time as IP to the World leadership trapped in politics running economics – always a failed modeling systemic.

So China is in full 2018 economic melt down. Its GNP is dropping like a stone. Bad loans and defaults are soaring nation wide ( oh you didn’t know – the liars do not report it or the riots taking place ) . Capital is flying out of the nation at over 1 trillion alone in 2018 – do you have any idea what this means to the leadership unable to CLICK factor decision making? You can’t get it back when its gone Chinese leaders and its not only going its a whirl pool in your bathtub of failed policy drain. The Ship is sinking and you don’t believe it.

Huge investments are being postponed projects in development are not stopped and all are moving to other locations FOREVER as China lies and dies.

What is needed is a WARP DRIVE move to new trade agreements.

China leadership this week will attack the USA for defending itself against years of being fired upon by China – now that is the economic truth. Enough is enough. We are firing back with full powers China lacks. 5 to 1 – full House for Trump two two’s for China.

Trump is pushing all the Chips into the center of the playing table and calling China’s BLUFF ( steel is real folks – economically ).

China will fold – protecting its dignity into revolution and mayhem the world has not seen for a century. Internal to China as the lay off’s the down bubble in their economics now becomes IRREVERSABLE because the Chinese leadership waited to long to make a DEAL – which preserves Chinese Dignity – not their failed policy of lies and deceit. Its a communist leadership what do you expect world – the opposite is not much improved with politicians.

President Obama said recently

…..the problem with politicians ( world wide ) is they all lie all the time but when they are caught lying up until now they lowered their heads and said oh Gosh and by Golly – but today folks – what is new and different is that the lying sons of a bitches ( I inserted that ) will not stay bought and they….just keep on lying and lying…world wide…….

Regardless of the system.

Insanity for humans is simple – insanity punishes human diversity in any form.

Sanity CELEBRATES and RESPECTS all human diversity faith politics all.

Are we globally teaching this MASTER PRINCIPLE OF THINKING?

No we are entrenching insanity upon your next generation versus sanity the single largest failure of education globally ( read Redemption and load improved software on your own brain CPU and delete the GOD AWFUL buggy virus ridden software others loaded on to your whole brain computer without your ever knowing it – one click to delete your VIRUS OF THE MIND ) https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 then with virus free thinking – share the book as the first global VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. Written for world leaders first.

So virus brains are acting out in China predictably.

Without a trade agreement the water sinking China economically and listing their economic 2018 model – will sink the ship into recession and depression and bankrupt and debt cascade ( worst than contagion and the IMF’s greatest fear globally to entire world system melt down ) – and full on revolution in China – say in the distant future of 2019. That fast from the USA STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE VIEW.

Trump has pushed all the chips into the center of the table and his RED line is REAL.

China has never experienced a President like Trump where all their old manipulations no longer work – nor do their threats work. He tweets them into the sewer where they belong as they are lies.

The Truth is:

  1. China has a very limited time to develop a fair new trade agreement with the USA before their pumps are in overwhelm as the Chinese economic vessel begins to truly sink – no recovery once that begins economically ……
  2. The longer China delays the more China PAYS.
  3. If they had the deal done in 2017 or early in 2018 they would be on a way to prosperity for decades.

The USA wants a prosperous strong Chinese partner – but refuses to be a victim of China trade policy one more quarter in time. The steel is real. The Red line is absolute. China defending its dignity – folks if American’s stop buying MADE IN CHINA which they will when threatened and in a CLICK and FOR GENERATIONS – then China will in rapid count down decline into utter bankruptcy and chaos.


China leadership failing to appreciate the economic reality of the GPS is using maps to navigate into a rocky coast line as they sink into the deep waters. The failed policies of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY are ending and China either rights their economic ship of state now taking on water seriously for the first time since the Revolution – and listing to their port side internally – or – they simply economically sink into pain and suffering their people have not known since the revolution. War won’t save them either. May distract and delay the outcomes but not by much as the economic ship is sinking now.

The time is very limited. Trump is looking at his GIANT USA chip pile smiling at the leaderships fail policy and moves for political dignity – whispering the words – and the USA CALLS…..show me your cards.




A 40,000 dollar car in China made in China sells for under 50,000 dollars in the USA. A 40,000 dollar Chevy in the USA sells for $ 250,000 dollars in China. THAT IS FAIR TRADE?

We started that?

Thats the economics of truth versus all the communist lies.

The world has to educate to the truth versus the lies. We subsidized nations around the world into prosperity.

China is still listed as a developing nation – the second largest economy on earth holds on to developing nation loan grant investment and related privileges when my JAMAICA came off the developing nation list in 2015. Come on. Jamaica is economically so advanced Jamacia is not a developing nation – but CHINA IS STILL A DEVELOPING NATION – lies versus integrity folks.

The time of communist lies is done and their is a REAL STEEL in the Red Line. They just can’t stop testing to see if its all real and they can’t agree internally on what to do and folks in China the run not the NATION itself is beyond all this. Read on. The leaders in China have no one assigned to the pumps and no one is bailing water.



China is the second largest economic nation on the earth lying about being and preserving developing nation status. China forces global firms to partner such the local Chinese can steal the world’s IP and then attack the partner investing business back at home.

What they can t legally via this terrible unfair policy steal – with no rule of law protecting global IP – and those investments of trillions – they hack and steal. They have hacked:

  1. All our defense contractors and world wide the same
  2. All our technology firms
  3. All our entertainment firms
  4. All our industry for alternative everything health to energy
  5. All our space and related IP’s

They are using all this theft against us economically.

They are the second largest economic power via criminal theft, lies and policies that are unfair, illegal globally, and impossible to defend under any rule of law concept. The leaders who perpetuate this old model are being replaced by XI who wishes for reform into world respect and rightful leadership from those reforms. This is the hour this is the time but can it occur fast enough.


Inoculate your brain from the virus of all this prior generation fraud and deceit. Integrity is all the peoples of the world 7 billion of us – wish from our leaders. Simple truth – uncomplicated truth – the real deal.

Trump has painted a GIANT RED LINE ALL ROUND CHINA. The world is fully respecting the Red line as a full on RUN ON CHINA is occurring as the USA as the # 1 economy is Mount Everest from China’s foot hills which tie in fact with India Japan Indonesia and others who may pass China in 2019 and by 2020 for sure as CHINA is nation where the SUN ALSO SETS as it has in Japan. Everyone said once upon a time back in ancient ages of say 1990’s that Japan would pass the USA. Japan is a foot hill and the USA is the world Mount Everest ECONOMICALLY and for Iran’s purposes militarily.

If Iran creates the mother of all wars and Trump fingers his subs Iran is gone in 15 minutes – all of Iran. Economically same thing and that happens in August as a RUN ON IRAN is taking place and they as crazy brains have no interest to what – make a Nuke Deal that is real – where their talk is what they walk and they exchange poverty recession like China for prosperity and decades of leadership in the Middle East with full on world respect. What insanity to opt like China for national dignity for the LEADERSHIP OF THE VERY FEW WEALTHY ELITES AGAINST THE 30 MILLION STRUGGLING AND IMPOVERISHED. Insane policy versus sane policy.

Always evident of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus leadership of the MANY FOR THE MANY so clear in success policy versus failure policy on economics. When economics runs politics you have the MANY FOR THE MANY form of government – when you have politics run economics you have the FEW AGAINST THE MANY as a form of government.

Folks I love social policy from socialists – I just Know economics must balance and you can’t pay for all the good – you have to balance what you can pay for against what you simply can not. That is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM coming to all nations in the future as the only way forward https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 the blue print of HOW. Click yours.

Viral one book to reform the world if you wish to exit the dog eat dog brutal tribal war invested models of centuries for humanity – and step into the future of a better way – a real way forward – in your home space first and your work space second – as a revolutionary – yes you lead as a general the COOPERATION REVOLUTION and as we united 100,000’s of thousands of us now in over 140 nations we not only change your world we change our world and together we collective revolutionaries elect candidates in all political models ushering in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM policies we change THE WORLD.

China has an opportunity with XI and his forward leadership to CHANGE THE WORLD by example to others. Nothing rights the listing China ship taking on so much water faster than MAKING A TRADE DEAL in 2018.

If not – the ships sinks and you know why.

If – yes – the ships sails into the future for prosperity for decades and elevated world leadership with the USA and Russia and EU.

Rule of Law.

Protecting IP.

Fair Trade.

That is the truth.

Everything else – all of it – is spin – is politics and is lies.



I can only convey one message to Chinese readers – which is to buy the Kenny Rodgers Gold record from so long ago.

The cards are dealt folks.

The USA has a FULL HOUSE access HIGH.

China holds two two’s not of same suit is all a losing hand.

The chips are all on the table the USA has five to one of those chips and China lacks chips to call.



And that economically is the one and the only truth for billions of us around the world as we are on the table Side lines audience – and watching the game being played but we all can see the cards of both players and we all know – everyone in China knows and everyone globally knows – WHO HOLDS THE ABSOLUTE WINNING HAND.

Also we are learning TRUMP RED LINES are absolute reality…trust them in fact.

Time is not on China’s side this time. As the water is rapidly sinking their currency and economy – today’s numbers are sad indicators of the recession in China and massive unemployment coming as Holiday orders will be the weakest in years inside the largest economic boom in history – unless they reach a trade deal by September – as Trump knows the loss of the Holiday year end business will be economically fatal.





The IMF has warned the world that CHINA debt policy is the single largest threat to the entire world financial system. Why? Data is why:

  1. China has for more than ten years borrowed 300% more than it earns leading the DEBT imbalance to sustain its phony communist economic model which is a disaster waiting to happen and needs massive reforms.
  2. China is taking borrowed money and re-lending it – world wide to open gateways to influence for trade and minerals. A huge % of those loans economists and me concur will never not ever be repaid to China. Their leaders are betting the world will not let their capitalistic system go down – but they are wrong – they will not bail China out of this policy error and mess economically. Big error in policy.
  3. Pakistan has ripped the USA off for so many 100’s of billions we can no longer count it all and now China has bonds that Pakistan can not pay off when due and the IMF ( China’s phone currency was included in 2017 as a basket reserve currency a terrible IMF blunder in policy ) and CHINA is seeking the IMF to lend billions to Pakistan in new largely USA tax payer loans funding the IMF – or grants – to Pakistan a nuke nation.
  4. Today the White House spoke out as to how not amused they are with this fully dangerous policy.
  5. This type of policy needs integration and coordination with the USA and China and Russia on nuke nations that are about to go rogue depending on the elections. The theft of America wealth into unfriendly Pakistan who secretly protected Bin Laden – is one model of WHY NOT.

China some estimate is facing 100 trillion of bad debt that is kept on communist SRO’s nation and bank balance sheet as fully good assets and performing. As a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IN CHINA BURSTS in DEFAULT CASCADES worse by far than contagion and with AI instant global and without historic precedent one worries.

Why? The counter party agreements to those bad loans are in many instances effecting all banks all financial institutions and all nations. The entire system could freeze up and fast in a DEFAULT unwanted unwinding of the Chinese SUPER BUBBLE and there is NO END IN SIGHT. Record lending and borrowing by China set even new record 2018 highs as if the IMF the World Bank and all central banks advising them were spit into the wind.

The way forward is SUPER BOND THEORY set forth if you scroll or search on this blog with leading bond law firm for sovereigns Hughs and Hubbard. The element of TIME in Super Bonds is the missing asset to reset  the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in China and frankly we know of no other options by the new class of sovereign bonds Hughs and Hubbard can craft into market reality for China and other nations like Italy and debt no way out sovereigns. With Super Bonds there is a way out.

So on one side this week Trump teams are talking and working with China on details of new world box top rules that will include Pakistan. Given our investments include a great many deaths to protect a nation ( Pakistan ) almost as large as the USA and with 300 million in population as large as the USA and about to move into SUPER CRASH and world depression in their orbits – if nothing changes fiscally. The corruption in this Nuke nation threatens primarily India and it is a huge and rising threat as India is prosperous ( within its own debt super bubbles ) and Pakistan is ending its SUPER BUBBLE STRETCH POINT.

The IMF is making a choice – risk DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURST AND CASCADE or insert billions to move time on this reality without SUPER BONDS backwards in time.

China needs SUPER BONDS where yesterday is already to late – XI phone your buddy Roel Campos and explore ( just explore privately )  on a short phone call a way forward for you and your communities. The world needs a way forward. A fresh new option – they have that option if world leaders will explore just explore a solution.

Everyone is watching the DC trail and Stormy Daniels in chat rooms.

The reality is in the details of the IMF and the China and Pakistan super debt bubbles with defaults to China in the wind from Pakistan – it is so serious and the USA weighed in suggesting to the IMF better not use our money for this policy as consequence can effect IMF funding. Given who is boss today.

So the chips are on the table.

Trump has a full house.

Pakistan has no matching cards of suits and China holds two two’s.

As I keep singing – you got to know when to hold them and you got to know when to fold them as economics is in charge in the end and errors in economics can not be remedied by more bad politics. Talks is not going to fix this.

Why SUPER BONDS to reset debt? Here are two reasons of data and fact:

  1. In a shooting war China loses and they know that
  2. In a Digital economic war China loses and they are seeing that now.

Talks is not going to fix this. New BOX TOP RULES by the grown ups – Russia – EU – UK – China – Japan – and USA can and will fix it if we cooperate.

If we compete we perish.

If we cooperate we thrive.

Sanity versus insanity some of the grown ups have to review the hard data and make a real choice here. Systems can replace trust as trust is restored with integrity which is the only DNA of Cooperation.

The world is not suffering from a crises of leadership.

The world is suffering from a crises of integrity.

Berny Dohrmann – Nukes is what is GOING ON OUT THERE AND ITS ESCALATING

PS: There is too much blame not to leave it all behind – we all need to raise the INTEGRITY BAR and move into the future together…..and you know what. It is possible to have a fresh start from North Korea starting a way forward to all of the players.



What could go wrong?

Well let me tell you what has already gone wrong.

China is a commuist economy. That means transparency as known in western market space does not exist- at all. Is Chinese currency worthless. That is the ultimate end game question.

Today we have a ten year recovery from the worst melt down and recession since 1929. The recovery is FRAGILE and not strong yet.

China had to devaluate its currency to stay Ihe game at all.

To sustain order and growth the two communist respected agenda’s they infused untold money following the crash into infrastructure. The problem is the Chinese system is opaque and outside customs of tradition and regulations.

So the loans developed from thousands of banks and tens of thousands of shadow bank lenders. Today 500,00 billion is known to be bad loans not repaying their principle and interest. This number however is a tip of an ice berg in China financial sectors.

The 20 TRILLION DOLLAR shadow banking industry is murky to say the least. In recent years the banks have packaged their crap loans and sold those as good performing real assets to shadow bank syndicates and banks around the world own those note packages today.

The problem – which I keep writing about related to the DEBT BOMB is liquidity. If the musical chairs of passion these bad loan packages around comes home to roast – meaning economics always rebalances from system abuse – banks will have to write off the bad loans.

Which many experts believe is untold TRILLIONS of Dollars. This sum is not manageable by communist central bank planners  educated at Cambridge and Harvard. It has gotten away from the central planners.

Today the growth in CHINA is 300% borrowing over what they ear in GNP output. A year for ten years piling up.

The bad loans to build out infrastructure are not being repaid. The IMF has warned about all this 15 times in 24 months – which we report right here on this blog.

The musical chair game has stalled any rebalancing. The tipping point economically is a whisper away now.

A TRADE WAR is the tipping point and AI software knows that. IT is that smart – say – smarter than I am with more data than I have.

You GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD THEM is a blog I wrote on this topic – did you scroll and read it.

So here is Trump at the poker table. He sells 130 billion to China each year.

China and XI at the poker table sell to the USA over 500 billion each year. That is 20% of the entire Chinese economic system by itself. Just that. And we influence another 30% among our allies.

Trump has a full house at the poker table – five to one we buy from China more than they buy from us.

Who negotiates from strength of the DEAL? Really ?

Five to one.

XI gets this.

The USA in a real trade war sinks China. China goes bankrupt in.a cascade of debt defaulting and a market roar out of CHINA with trillions in capital leaving CHINA. A trillion has already left folks. The RUN on China is part of today’s market space.

Liquidity in China is drying up even before the USA pushes its chips onto the table ( all of them if needed ) and says WE CALL.

You got to know when to FOLD THEM.

FULL HOUSE ( 5 to 1 ) over say XI and communist holding two two’s. Trade WAR?

China can’t pay its garbage removal – water clean up – or basic services. The military crashes into the dust in China Trade Wars.

No one wants this for the Chinese People. Or the World overall.

No one. Especially Trump who understands all this and respects XI trying to lead his nation out of the mind field of debt and the 10,000’s of institutions that drive debt to support the economy over all.

All that is required is FAIR TRADE. A reciprocity trade where trarriff’s are opened versus closed to each side. China will prosper in FREE OPEN TRADE not decline. America trade accounts will balance and re-balance slowly over time and the markets will go WILD. Which is what we expect.

But in POKER folks your tells give you away.

The facts and who holds what are known.

USA Full house.

China two two’s.

Trump and XI have audiences all around the table to please. Politics versus economics while the tipping point is a whisper into the future. Any mis fire and the tipping point is RIGHT NOW.

Trump has to bet.

XI has to match.

Trump has to keep those chips moving to the center of the table.

Xi has to match.

Trump has to be careful when to CALL.

When he calls ( trade war ) China falls. The Tipping point.

If XI can fold into long term free trade and fair trade the outcome is mutual prosperity for a new cooperation between all players.

XI has powerful forces that want to “go against AMERICA” now feeling ( falsely ) they have capacity economically they in fact lack.

The USA has powerful forces on TRUMP suggesting the time to PUNISH CHINA is now – which is actually a huge recession and market risk for the USA as we lack capacity to do that step without consequences that are horrific for the world buying all those bad debts – wipe out could span the globe as the IMF warns. The entire system is at risk here – says the IMF in 2018. The entire system.

On miscalculation at that poker table.

Not in the press is all the moves each sides is telegraphing in private to the other to moderate through the POWERFUL FORCES who lack all the information. Powerful on both sides non the less.

The IMF warned this week the critical card in the game is TRUST. If TRUST which XI and TRUMP have together as leaders – can be built upon to slowly impact the POWERFUL FORCES influencing the game daily – outcomes could be MAGIC.

Miracle outcomes.

If not – the tipping point is a whisper away. In all outcomes the USA wins but not well and not as if we have magic and a miracle from the poker game.

5 to 1.

We hold ALL the CARDS.

That is a fact.

Now the issues is – can China save herself?

New policies are required.

Can she?

Will she?

As there are no alternative options we have to wait.

Imbalanced trading – 5 to 1 – is not sustainable economics for the USA. WE are at the end of economic subsidy to China. We have to now have economic parity to continue. SO rich and positive for China moving forward.

Can she?

Will she?

In politics one must draw on the 11th commandment ….

…never assume leaders will do what is their own best interest – say see Hitler or Stalin or others history has marked for GPS today…..

IT all boils down to Kenny Rogers in America folks – regardless of your position over money today….

….you got to know when to hold them and you’ve got to KNOW when to fold them…….

Timing is everything in the art of the DEAL’s today.

Iran is getting a boast and Saudi is getting a kick in the knee’s today. Another set of cards here.

Folks – we have time. But time and the tipping point are coming to a point in tomorrow no one would wish for. We are that close.