In July we warned our readers to follow and track EBOLA as a RISK ON item to world markets. Ebola can and may still crash world markets into a SUPER CRASH commercially. I believe we all remember not too many years ago when President Obama declared a world emergency on Ebola. Some nations where quarantined for the first modern history version of this economic isolation and block of all travel in and out of nations. The rest of nations had scanners on arrival and screening for Ebola was occurring in all modern nations. Eventually with thousands dying many hundreds of heroic health care workers dying – the Ebola of a few years ago was “contained” and stamped out. It required a global response – US military – and billions of dollars to contain. The risk to all of us was catastrophic. Why?

Ebola in some strains has no cure or help or control. If you read HOT ZONE the award winning work on Small Box and Ebola you will see in chapter one the abject fear the space suit wearing scientist have of this ancient enemy – this SUPER VIRUS which is constantly mutating and getting smarter.

Ebola breaks out in the South of Congo in a 9th break out since 1976 in the South of nation. 33 die – in the small small village invaded by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Then in July a worse strain breaks out on the North Side of Congo…a larger community more connected to cities and cross nation trading….the community of BENI.

This weekend – following August warnings by The Who of radical islamic threats to the health containment work – attacked took place on The Who facilities.

18 people risking their lives to save CONGO lives from EBOLA where slaughtered in minutes. The ADF the Allied Democratic Forces – which are nothing but a gang of Ugandan extreme muslim radicals – led by crazy brains – engaged in Congo cross border insane attacks – like the one this weekend.  Army and civilians where killed and they are still adding up the wounded.

Now the important global news this catastrophe for humanity leads to. The insane brains have opened EBOLA spread to multiple villages – all of Africa – in which now the 100 who have died since just July as EBOLA is OUT OF CONTROL IN BENI – unlike the early year outbreak in Kinsahasa in the SOUTH – where only 33 in total died…may not rise to 1000 in congo and many 1000’s in the world. Without the fastest G 20 coordinated response – the RISK to spread of Ebola by planes cruise ships and more to the entire world is simply beyond a calculator. It is this human risk to lives and global systemics that must be acted upon. All delay creates too great a wealth count in humanity to pay….but we pay it while the world leaves this to what – CONGO?

Next The Who – the one and only expert team enabled to manage – control and fight back a SOCIETY KILLER worse than any Black Death – where billions could die world wide if the geni gets out of the bottle – billions – consider how fast it can rise from thousands to billions – and we leave The Who isolated and alone …Questions:

  1. Will Trump act like Obama acted?
  2. Will Trump coordinate the G 20 to act in unison and in coordination?
  3. Will massive resources be immediately in October given at once to the WHO?
  4. Will military from the G 20 protect The Who workers in absolute terms?
  5. Will G 20 military go after and destroy Ugandan extreme muslims as they can’t do it?



The 100 deaths translate to unknown infections above that die number and soaring out of control. Because this all rises up as “THE” RISK TO ALL OF US in Beni Congo – it is out of sight and out of mind. Last catastrophe this blog – read well by news outlets around the world – was FIRST ( we are always first with the Liberty Bell size ALARM BELL ) with enough data helped to trigger:

  1. Massive Global media response missing today – and daily not once very 45 days
  2. A Media EBOLA DEATH CLOCK on all channels – daily
  3. A report on which new locations and nations were now Ebola infected

We call on media …to DO IT AGAIN. Why/

The risk to the world economic order is now reset such that:


# 2 – IS Fed interest rates too high too fast – TIME is needed to normalize markets – ten years

# 3 – Congress – Dysfunction or prosperity vote

#  4 – Liquidity – The Fed is drying up market liquidity a huge danger itself and Trade War is drying up critical market liquidity where capital flows into tariff tax versus economic expansion.

# 5 – Regulatory impotency – without reframe to regulate a global “Digital” AI market space


There are enough risks EBOLA can be a tipping point into a DARK SWAN EVENT within a surprising SUPER CRASH and global depression in trade – and world wars. Rather than policies NO NATION LEFT BEHIND in this war on the ancient virus – an every nation for themselves approach or a slow response or a inability to unite as was done by President Obama is a RISK ON to the systemic order – banks could close from America to EU to Russia to China.

If Trump fails to act on this weekend with emergency response – President XI might lead the world state – heavily invested in CONGO mineral pipe – lines to China – and coordinate with Trump and Putin and EU leadership. Who acts first may save the system – President Trump – President XI – EU leadership or President Putin. The world is counting on one of these leaders uniting the others in the WAR ON THIS HUMANITY KILLER.

Folks this is not a drill. We can not survive criminal theft by a trillion dollars of pure waste out of our precious economy – a casino speculation of manipulating stock prices which was a crime one – in criminal price manipulations with almost ONE TRILLION of economic potential squandered in 2007 in STOCK BUY BACKS to make bonus money and fortune for elite insiders – and another TRILLION in criminal stock buy backs in 2008 versus investing in real economic growth. Criminal elites are squandering our future and our economic options.

A fraction of this CRIME MONEY by criminal banks and investment banks most of whom have pled guilty to criminal acts – thefts – from all of us – where no one goes to jail at all – everyone pays their get out of jail free card to bought and paid for justice in America – and proceed to enjoy warm meals in homes you can’t imagine in the Hamptons as they plan their next crimes from San Francisco Wells Fargo Bank to Wall Street East Coast institutions too big to fail and way too big to jail…it would seem. JUSTICE REFORM unresolved – distracts enormous wealth and solution options into the sewer of political justice versus reformed and upgraded justice – as yes the USA that incarcerates more small tiny victimless folks for minor non violent drug and alcohol crimes has institutionalized modern slavery – lock em up and use that labor.

Today UINCOR the exclusive prison slave contractor paying pennies a day for labor in its prison factories and swet shops – is owned for profit – by the billions by prior Presidents law makers and industrial elites. Same for State and County in the land of the FREE that locks more up per 100,000 in population by many 100x% than China – Syria – Russia – Africa – or Congo. The Home of the Brave without Justice REFORM – that Justice knows Trump insists on and therefore seeks to DESTROY TRUMP ILLEGALLY because corrupt Justice is a leadership of Nazi’s in suits.

Woodward he said she said freshman HIGH SCHOOL gossip “whispers in the night” are sand to the mountain of The Head of Justice stating their plan to BREAK THE LAW – SECRETLY TAPE RECORD THE PRESIDENT – ALONG WITH OTHER ACTIONS TO DESTROY HIM AND MOVE HIM OUT OF OFFICE BY FRAMING THE PRESIDENT…that Justice without massive shake up and reform is too broken to fix. Why?


The largest investors in prisons are now hedge fund and private equity. We are building more prisons each year than China builds cities, damns, power stations, highways and water treatment.

The Hedge Fund and Private equity are building the fastest prison growth in America’s largest city in 2008 – NEW PRISONS. As each gets built the Hedge Fund and Private equity private operators – buying old prisons and building new ones – are taking over prisons from state county and nation. These profit making investments by billions require what?

FULL OCCUPANCY. OVER CROWDED PRISONS. The higher the occupancy the greater the profits to their shareholders. This model creates appetite to hyper grow guilty and incarceration from citizens. The more ex convicts – now around 90 million alive in the United States the more control the nation has over its entire citizens. What gets more public money?

  • Tough on Crime
  • Rambo Tough on Crime
  • Super Hero Tough on Crime
  • Terminator Tough on Crime
  • Transformers Tough on Crime
  • NEXT

This mindless MONEY PROFIT MODEL creates a drag on tax payers – investing 100,000 to lock up one inmate per year – versus say 7500 for a program like CEOSPACE to assure minor “crimes that may not be” – do not cost for ONE INMATE 100,000 to hedge fund profit accounts per year…for 5 million locked up going to 25 million which now states and nations can no longer actually afford. The Bureau of Prisons feeds on new appropriation every higher to its on budget – it is a living breathing life form screaming to congress – FEED ME FEED ME. Once the smallest Federal Agency in Ike times of the 1950’s now one of the largest Federal Agencies of them all and climbing.

Ebola gets into Prisons and watch what happens and it will – it is – now that all containment has been suspended – in CONGO as the illness now spreads as those infected flee Beni due to VIOLENCE AND FEAR OF MORE VIOLENCE. The Insane Brains who are not muslims at all – have with intention – sought to assure EBOLA brings down the core system of the WESTERN NATIONS.

Think of this. Where they smart enough dying for their crazy ideals – to infect themselves. To put lap top muslims on planes all over the world to buffer lines at the peak of ebola infection? That is a deal killer – takes say six to twelve and does more harm than ISIS or Taliban in history – did they also do that while they shot them all up this weekend? It was so easy. Kiss an infected. Touch one ..it is so easy – takes two seconds to be an EBOLA WARRIOR FOR YOUR CRAZY BRAIN ideals. Insanity has no reason – ask Hitler.

Don’t ask WHY they do it…..folks….they do it because they ARE NUTS. The press continues to use their own labels instead of uniquely labeling all radicals as CRAZY BRAIN RADICAL MUSLIMS – because in fact they are crazy brains a gang of crips and bloods with less values. No religion and no Allah behind crazy.

So did this weekend open the largest risk to wealth and markets crashing since the last SUPER EBOLA GLOBAL CATASTROPHE just a few short years back that cost the world two trillion in lost commercial outputs ? I think the answer is yes.

How huge is this story in perspective to say Stormy Daniels making a fortune in her chat rooms as a rapidly aging failing very poorly ranked sex worker highly qualified in self promotion and marketing her own business outcomes? It is the nothing versus Mount Everest but look at what the Press is focusing on today.

The SUPER STORY and we are FIRST AGAIN folks – as you find this SUPER STORY outside the United States and you have to search EBOLA on Financial Times of London or BBC to get the story I’m providing to you on this blog – FIRST. It is so hard to find this SUPER STORY in many nations – in the USA – in South America and yet it is the RISK TO US ALL STORY.

So today the summary:

  1. Ebola in Congo is OUT OF CONTROL.
  2. 100 have died since August in a rapid insane climb of deaths out of all controls
  3. Unknown infections are rising as we read – huge numbers – while you sip coffee
  4. Those infected do not know it and they are fleeing across Africa and the world now
  5. The Crazies killed WHO Workers who stopped all tracking and containment Sept 24th

Containment shields rising are now by violence and strategy – down on the ground. There is no effort no coordination. The Who workers are being removed from the area of death threats. Congo can’t assure safety. The UN is not massively responding. No one is massively responding to the # 1 THREAT TO THE WORLD ORDER and BILLIONS WHO COULD DIE.

First again – on this blog – with members of the state department reading – and more – I call upon those who DO to circulate this blog. Ideally to the President. If the pathology President OBAMA laid down – and we wrote him ourselves and had folks hand carry alarms into the White House – which we will do again – but folks – TIME is NOT on our side.

Today in election years around the globe – the agency to DO ANYTHING is slow – not taking root and today we had a HUMANITY EMERGENCY when crazy brains attacked the one containment process – to fire wall EBOLA from its potential …

The Who leadership – expressed today on Monday September 23rd just after the blood bath and attacks on WHO that stopped all treatment – tracking – track mapping – such that the SHEILD being raised has now fallen to the ground and been abandoned – EBOLA is now free to spread like the plague that it is and media reports on Woodward high school political theater when the threat to the world order is upon us today…history suggests The Who words on Sunday as the blood was flowing into the soil…is right…

At the time, the WHO’s Peter Salama described it as a “most dreaded” scenario….of all….

As they said in the movie poltergeist ….THEIR HERE……….

CEOSPACE will be on Oct 9th at our conference for leaders who wish to have options for risk and forward growth themselves – to remain bleeding edge ahead – to have priceless safe harbor constructed as these storm clouds gather …from Ebola today I encourage leaders to save a bit of tax and come into community of AWAKE LEADERSHIP to forge COMMUNITY the priceless COMMUNITY that is required to prosper in any market place – because we lead out front with information others lack – the basic premise of the Napoleon Hill I grew up on his knee…to both THINK AND GROW RICH and THINK AND STAY RICH…another job entirely.

Press – you have the com…as they say in Star Trek – you have the SUPER STORY of this generation – RIDE IT. if you want sound bites from me – ask as I have credits on all cables and networks and see Erin Saxton my PR Agent since the 1990’s – as you all know her to book me for a regular PROSPERITY MINUTE or an EBOLA tracker report.

GET THE STORY OUT……you heard it all first here years ago and again to the minute today.





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Trump wars with bought and paid for media this weekend – what is really going on ?

Trump wars with Media hit a higher level this weekend on tweets in speeches in media. What is interesting is CNBC ( hats off to you ) reported it front page and the major media outlets did not report it at all really. Like the public doesn’t get to see this if it is our public.

So what – is – going on out there?


Into the 1970’s we had no cable – we had three major networks of Television – we had no 24/7 news cycles and we had news policy. All broadcasters and there as FCC FEDERAL OVERSIGHT and it was FEROCIOUS back in those days protecting families from sex and violence and bias news of any nature. The NEWS DEPARTMENT was firewall from OWNERSHIP and advertising influence. Editors were unbiased to their own political thinking and responsible in presenting accurate unbiased factual news and letter audience digest RAW NEWS reporting and make their own minds up what the news reflected to their attitudes – votes – politics and outcomes.

This was true in the CIVIL RIGHTS movement marches I participated in myself – in the Vietnam War movement protests ( participated for the military not against it ) and for all social movements of those times and spaces. No bias just news reporting beyond influence.

Then came Ted Turner and Cable. Ted created CNN and the 24 hour news cycle. The editors of that department started with anchor reporters following the traditional RAW NEWS model. As time went buy Ted sold out and conglomerates seeing how profitable old Ted’s cable idea was making bucks – 24/7 news cycles – they began to forge new cable competitions.

The space became too crowded for profit making to the mass audience of the three network channels now loosing market share for 30 years solid.

These networks formed their own 24/7 news outlets to survive.

The field became so crowded by the 1980’s that the following took place:

  1. To sustain advertising revenue news became CHANNEL MARKETED to bias audience niche market shares – liberal moderate and conservative.
  2. The news firewall broke down and anchors became groups shouting at each other in a ENTERTAINMENT NEWS cycle where if it BLEEDS it Still Leads.
  3. Every brea every ten minutes bean counters review PACKET COUNTS on audience rated share – to bill advertisers in the last segment and it it is down it can cost a ton so making it rise next segment is then story modeled to assure that audience is held – A THREE YEAR OLD WAS SHOT IN THE BOSS IN LA TODAY – WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK WITH THAT STORY – or PRESIDENT TRUMP INVITES STORMY DANIELS TO STAY IN THE LINCOLM BEDROOM – THE STORY AFTER THIS – that packet enhancers is framed to the packet by the segment.
  4. News is bias – bought and paid for – influenced today outside any editor of the 1960’s standards – and nothing like Walter Cronkite but a generation now has no comparison and news for them is brain washing truth – period. No one thinks it through and to say its RAW NEWS is to deny a trend taking place and the FCC is out to lunch now on standards versus censorship – FREE SPEECH does not mean pubic broadcast licenses can deliver endless harmful sex violence and politically influenced packaged news for a purpose versus RAW news to 300 million – but its the Wild West out there in digital cable on line click news 24/7 ranked rated and paid by audience eye balls to the packet cycle.
  5. News is now a business – not firewall from profits – and journalist still so dedicated to do a great job are competitive beyond any generation to generate the SENSATION the NEXT SENSATION at any cost paid too little working way too hard and without the Editorial standards they deserve from the past or the money influence firewalls they were protected from in the past – now packet managers tell editors get THOSE NUMBERS UP in 25/7 super competitive crowded news space NICHED MARKETED to your mind set specifically – feeding you what you want more of – which includes HATE TRUMP TO INFLAMED INSANE PASSIONS NO END TO WHY & UNITE IN AMERICAN UTTER HATRED AND DISRESPECT OF OUR LEADERSHIP – kind of a first really – or LOVE TRUMP AND SUPPORT PROSPERITY OUTSIDE ANY POLITICAL VIEW BECAUSE 10,000 of thousands of democrats and republicans working on the TRUMP TEAMS are doing an impressive job on American PROSPERITY as to POLICY. So click your poison its all bought and paid for.

WORSE the trend. The trend by ownership and management to channel market news for profit is compressing and it appears there is no red line – no boarder – just give us SENSATION at any level – the horrors of humanity – in real time first – the best of the next poison on Trump – any one can say it we’ll report it:

  • Trump has brain cancer
  • Trump has Aides
  • Trump is getting divorced
  • Trump had sex with Nancy Pelosi

Just report the SENSATION. Trump is gay and having sex with Putin.

No President has ever endured not any President in media over our history the massive bias news reporting why? THE PUBLIC HAS NO CLUE. It is all about the MONEY.

Trump is a SUPER STAR CELEBRITY – outside the Pope where not even Rock Stars draw crowds – like Trump. News owners are making RECORD PROFITS AND RECORD INCOME by the choice to use the SUPER STAR for profit maximally. Sensation sells – headlines like TRUMP LIED AGAIN and TRUMP has AIDES CANCER and TRUMP was CHUMPED by North Korea – it never ends. It gets worse and worse.

As we move for elections the biggest ad dollars come from bias packs. These packs with a billion to invest are sending PR that is SENSATIONAL fake news stories – non news – to media outlets to feed the conveyor belt demand for CONTENT in a 24/7 perishable news cycle – gone on delivery NEXT. The rise of bias news to influence our election is not from outside nations folks ( who also fund our packs without shame ) it is from PROFIT MAKING NEWS SELLERS TO KEEP PACKET RATINGS HIGH USING A CELEBRITY TO DO SO IN THE ELECTION FRENZY MAKING MORE PROFIT ON ALL SIDES THAN MEDIA EVER MADE ALL YES THANK YOU TO DONALD TRUMP CASHING FROM BASHING.

That is the growing unhealthy trend of news in modern cable market compressions in competitive capitalism – where the break down is not in leadership – as all leaders are doing the best they know how – Nancy Trump everyone – really doing their best. The break down is in integrity the CRISES IN LEADERSHIP Is integrity. We pollute our earth to extinct ourselves for short term profits and industry protection. We pollute our minds without regard to truth and integrity as we in lies and GREED are losing our ability to know and understand what real integrity is between ourselves even.

What will it MEAN to BE AMERICAN in such a future if we don’t pull back?

I have suggested in my economic blogs that IF:

  1. We have a Democratic win prosperity stops and a Super Crash occurs – while the victors GRID LOCK CONGRESS that will not work just like the last 16 years and they spend a billion to investigate Trump endlessly and impeach Trump ( which has zero chance to win ) – and Trump can’t get any policy through congressional full on dysfunction.
  2. If enough American’s learn the truth – think about their wallet and personal prosperity moving forward and vote a Republican congress in – and CONGRESS WORKS – the nation has to 2030 of up bubble or prosperity.
  3. This is beyond FAKE NEWS the primary bias sensation to sell you mind less crap – for profit -IF American votes their Walter and disgards party altogether – the one issue before the election WILL CONGRESS WORK OR NOT WORK. That is the ONE ELECTION ISSUE. Nothing else but American can not see it because News is not interviewing ME. Smile.



Trump understand media economics as reported here. He made over 800 million before becoming President and 500 million or so today – lost several HUNDRED million a year to serve as medias bashing pole – and donates his President Salary to charity – another first.

Trump this weekend gave his truth:

  • Media is bought and paid for and bias
  • Fake news is evil and hurting America ( and other nations as well )
  • The truth is not being reported.
  • Bashing TRUMP is the profit channel for maximum monthly rise in profit
  • News divides this nation as never before as the bought and paid for third estate with virtually zero oversight and accountability as the 24/7 cables evolved outside government FCC old rule modeling – without a congressional upgrade there is no way to change a sorry trend lacking integrity with no more RAW NEWS just NEWS.
  • News can cause world wars – TRUMP ON North Korea – IRAN – RUSSIA and when its not truth – and it is national foreign policy secrets leaked – and than spun maximally – we hurt the United States and no President none has had this level of attack because – the SUPER STAR MAKES THEM SO MUCH MONEY.

So no one reported that on front page by CNBC and I regard that report as my highest praise to THEM for unbiased RAW news reporting and I wish to thank the editors and the staff for a JOB elevating INTEGRITY in NEWS REPORTING. It is so rare and so appreciated by the smarts that are the majority of this nation at all levels.

We get it.

The majority of us get it – and you see that in how we act.

Let us now see how the election comes out – does brain washing work – or will the SMARTS vote for Prosperity and a Congress that WORKS versus a government that no longer can govern or work at all – prosperity into the toilet so elites can maximizes profits off all of us like we were cattle in their shoot.

REFORM or NO REFORM you decide.


So this week Trump drew a new Red Line and that RED line will rise as the truth about media ( not reported ) is going to rise up and up – and perhaps on day depending on how we vote a MEDIA REFORM AND UPGRADE to unbiased RAW NEWS could return to the land of the free and the home of the very brave.

One can hope can one not – and all this is outside politics it is about the relative new economics of 24/7 NEWS CYCLES in an over crowded industry maximizing profits by channel niching audiences to hold eye balls to sell mindless crap – with TRUMP BASHING being the biggest Super Star we can’t get enough of – lead story line.

In fact the White House may be the highest ranked SIT COM of all time with the children followed like royals – is it true? Hate or Love or don’t even care – more are watching than any show upon the earth and we just can’t get enough. I love it myself.

TRUMPS White House out ranked the apprentice in the ratings.

GO NEWS SELLERS GO make your maximum profits but you just may cause PROSPERITY AND YOUR PROFITS to PLUNGE INTO THE SEWER DRAINS as a Trump Congress gives you all years of maximum profits and a democratic congress will  crash your earnings worse than 2008.

Go to the bank on that news channel leadership – take all that to your own stock share price moving into the future – 2030 record profits never known before – or SUPER CRASH and potential for a real depression and world war and your income will never reach the TRUMP highs again in your lifetime.

Perhaps the leaders at the top will figure that one out.

FOLLOW THE MONEY FOLKS its all economic.

Today the advertisers pay to bias and they advertise on channels that reflect their desired outcomes – which if that is profit – consider if CONGRESS GRID LOCKS the money that it will cost you in the SUPER CRASH to follow. Never rely on competitive insane brains with buggy virus ridden software to act in their own self best interest in fact…..is a good rule …..

Think about it as the conveyor belt of BIAS and SHAME is never ending for the packet count in five minutes from right now…….no channel excluded but Public Broadcasting.





This blog and Warren Buffet for decades present one concept to our readers and followers ….

As investment professionals for half a century…..

….no one including those with millions to spend on charts forecasting and analysts – can ever – precisely time the market or out guess its collective intelligence…….

Invest for growth based on solid fundamentals. Invest over 60 months not 60 minutes.

If you speculate in the casino for short term gains you are going to lose more than you win. Prove it to yourself. You are not an investor. You are NOT. You are a gambler and your risk as with all gambling is odds favored to lose your money over time. There is no risk less risk – all investing has risk and gambling has the HIGHEST RISK. Stop denial and recognize who you are and which is risk reward your end game gambler or real investing …as my tip to your brain software which may be filled with virus code.

We try and delete those virus infections on this blog…..with the truth of better software.

Investment is sixty months and disregards short term AI profit making. New readers have scrolled and become smart in AI controlled capitalism and how markets are made today versus you and I and our plays having any whatsoever impact on real trend or buying or selling value.

If AI creates dips value dollar cost averaging and 60 month buy in the dips. Disregard Face book abortions as a ONE OFF event -buy the dip of your licensed professionals agree to your long term STRATEGY and avoid short term casino gambling or your outcome is gambling – more loose than gain – which is by the numbers on your money.

Moving forward what to expect:


In election years the rhetoric is fierce – bought and paid for and just ferocious in billions being bought and paid for to win your vote – the more outrageous sensation and negative dirty and damaging the better – as the money seeks to part your vote with emotional blindness versus voting your WALLET. Scroll my blogs last ten days to catch up on all that data in the election year reality. THINK your vote through for prosperity not manipulated voting – is my suggestion.

Election year summers always have corrections. I anticipate AI short term profit taking at highs across so many sectors in the late Summer.

I predict real inflation will go down down down and is not a factor in fact and only artificial oil criminal cartel/speculator price manipulations has oil way too high – in the last opportunity for oil producers. Is 1000% profit margin criminal or fair to the 7 billion of the world while the few super wealthy oil elites make ungodly profits hampering prosperity food security and medical challenge solutions for 7 billion in harms way? It is a crime to jack oil up when we have more than we require and oceans more coming on line.

THE WORLD IS LITERALLY DROWNING IN OIL a commodity market outside regulatory frame work by the G 100 – and a market controlled by speculators who are going to have an absolute blood bath. Why? Demand for oil as transportation and fuel utility – the most toxic polluting environmental change agency of all time – is departing its 100 year dominance as energy – and the demand is going to plunge off a cliff for forward decades – never to return to the peaks of today – never – its over. That commodity is toast and those betting long are going to lose so much money to the winners who are SHORTING OIL. Oil is going to crash as we reported and why.

Oil crashing takes inflation into negative math and the FED has no grounds to keep raising interest way too fast way to soon way too frequently as a crime itself of the FEW ( inside banks and investment banks with soaring profits ) against the billions of development space nations who require TIME to gain sustainable prosperity.

Also keep in mind democrats spending a billion to win congress wish a financial down turn to offset Trump’s teams ( 10,000 of thousands ) producing unmatched prosperity in only 18 months – via POLICY that is proving to WORK in fact.

Republicans spending an equal billion to win congress and improve CONGRESS WORKING in forward years – want record wealth by November – we think is likely – noting nations wishing to endless give to our PACKS and influence outcomes divide between Trump PROSPERITY alliances and opposing old rule modeling that wants to go back to the future – and top Trump policy dead in its tracks – but why?

Who wins no one knows. No one can predict not up to voting door. If enough voters vote outside politics and vote their wallet prosperity continues if not prosperity declines. In the end VOTERS control the outcome and no one else. If the majority fail to vote economics and vote politics the RISK is what it is…..majority wins.

We anticipate following Labor Day a MELT UP theory to record profits by year end driven by rising in fact soaring –  GNP. employment, productivity – innovations and profits for all sectors of the American corporate land scape.

The booming market for entrepreneurs with Kauffman suggesting 570,000 new ventures are being created as backbone PER MONTH in 2018. Record entrepreneur growth is driving jobs and the future of vibrant economics.



Trillions are being invested globally back into America with fair taxation today and more likely to come yet – with massive elevations to follow to USA Treasury revenue reducing our deficits projected to rise on charts that are wrong as 5% GNP is not considered fully and the POSITIVE IMPACT on Treasury income is in error today not considering the delay to the USA Pay that is in fact taking place. Millions off welfare taking out and millions in jobs now paying in taxes. Then add in Trade War trillions in Tariff taxes that while nations unfairly tax the USA and we match them precisely to how they tax us – for the first time and they don’t like it – if they fail to make a deal protecting their home grown companies and services and products – they PAY OFF OUR NATIONAL DEBT for us. If they make a deal our prosperity pays off the national debt under Trump Train ( teams ) desire to execute as close a COOPERATIVE ALLIED NATIONAL NEW WORLD ORDER of NO NATON LEFT BEHIND – zero tariff open market world wide by new box top rules that are fair in integrity and Aligned nations agree to cease all digital theft of nations in the FELLOWSHIP.

That is the vision for a new world trade protocol and the USA wins massively in the process – do the economics. The hype on bought and paid for election news is false economics – fake news – and easy to click and offset by real economists if you care to dig as we are always doing for you – or just read this blog for the TRUTH on what IS going on REALLY …OUT THERE. Follow the freakin money its always the money even in politics. Super Money pools wanting the old world order to be preserved with its corruption legal theft and so much more needing upgrading and super money pools opposing in the parting of the Red Sea – generational change and upgrading potentials – truly taking shape now with opposing red seas parting now all of US in the rip tides as the waters ultimately calm into a 2030 prosperity for all of us IF we get it right.

Competition is a first form of human insanity and the cause of all human pain – punishing our diversity in insanity versus celebrating insanity – the idea that anything is good about immortal beings competition like dogs on this plain is GOOD positive and sound economics – is FAKE NEWS incorrect and Competition is a flaw in the human software – buggy awful brain code – being deleted by a more efficient code COOPERATION.

Cooperation is sanity and removes human insanity ( competition thought impulse ) healing the crises of INTEGRITY competition insanity breeds – as the DNA of the Cooperation revolutions is SANITY and super glues upon INTEGRITY. You sane brains cooperate if I am in integrity and if I’m insane in competition punishing versus celebrating all diversity – race – politics – ethnic wonder between humans – economic systems – political systems – religion – we celebrate as sane or punish as a form of competitive ignorance and insanity that which is our BEST our DIVERSITY. We were never taught the truth.

Upgrade your brain software with my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – buy five or ten for the Holidays the best stocking stuffer this Holiday you could ever give those you care for most in your highest circle or best client thank you in 2018:


This book will improve your home switched on turned on home space and your work space. Immediately. The reviews confirm the work is one of the most important human potential works of the past 100 years. Ten years in writing it just for you today. Get yours because you deserve the GIFT TO YOURSELF of better brain tools for a happier more expansive life.

Competition is the cause of all human misery and pain. Its symptom is a global crises of human integrity.

Cooperation is the cure and restores integrity in sane association versus distrust and negotiation.

Advising nations all leadership at the tippy top gets this now and the issue is the HOW to pull back from the BRINK of economic chaos – with time – to fix all the toxic issues related to system abuse by the few wealthy elites in a competitive insane system were 99% of all wealth and power is controlled by 1% and 99% of 7 billion humans suffer because competitive economic box top rules are corrupt software – buggy software and the question CAN WE DO BETTER leads us all into the new economy of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM being born and raised up now by all world leaders who understand cause and upgraded brain software and system software.

We compete we perish.

We cooperate and we thrive.

With your new prescription glasses this blog has brought to YOU and with new 20/20 vision you can read all news as cooperative toxic more of the same bought and paid or to manipulate you – versus cooperative truth that is data without spin – eventually journalism will restore its own greatness too but it will take some time in the editorial suite as the economics reform from vicious competition for ad revenue by ever bias division of audience niche to a more honorable model as we once had and I believe will return to again because…..in American especially the PENDULUM always SWINGS BACK. Michael Drew CEOSPACE Faculty best seller PENDULUM and Adam Markel former CEO of the largest human potential company for 30 years ( now merged into Success Resources owned by Veronica and Richard Tan like family to me.) Adam Markets huge best seller PIVOT is another reader for leaders must have in library.

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In the rip tide of change AI will use every sound byte of the election year to maximally profit in volatility its trading at 90% of all volume creates and profits from within absolute trading ranges the AI sets globally without any regulation today – for the laws are all local and the trades are 24/7 global and in the unregulated CLOUD.

Until we have a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION suggested for economists from all nations on the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII with congress person Jerry Chang arranging all the hosting details for THREE YEARS to reset and invent the NEW NO NATION LEFT BEHIND entirely world NEW FRAME WORK FOR REGULATIONS in taxing – to avoid cheating – securities – capital – speculations and more the world is at RISK. The digital age and AI require the LARGEST RE-THINK OF REGULATORY FRAME WORK SINCE the 1930’s old post depression box top rules where created pre internet – digital – AI or anything like today. Without that we lack regulatory frame work only COOPERATION can CREATE for forward prosperity.

So the summer doldrums on velocity of trading volume is low as the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOL leadership is on holiday until after Labor Day. AI will create profits and a profit taking ( correction ) between now and the fall if pattern holds to past election year market realities.

Then we will melt up – or perk up – to record new highs in 2019.

The Fed may surprise us and slow down but politically they may not do this until 2019 – an error in their prosperity for stability and advancing real sustainable prosperity. If they pause now and slow it two – two rate increases a year – we have an improved economic condition for growth world wide. If they in September create way too accelerated rate rising I fear that will be the FLASH POINT TRIGGER for election year summer correction and sell off.

If your a casino day trader protect yourself.

If your a long term investor – buy in the dip.

You win.



Today there is only one real factor on forward global prosperity – one issue all the rest are FAKE manipulations of your vote emotionally versus economically. Politics is no longer common damn sense.

  1. If democrats win congress with a billion being invested as a side ( wasteful ) economic industry – competitive in the extreme – we have CONGRESS GRID LOCK – CONGRESS NO LONGER WORKS ( as in the past ) and we have impeachment waste and distraction and the momentum STOPS and AI crashes markets for sure into 2019.
  2. if republicans hold congress or improve foot prints ( not political here just economics to all voters voting their wallet for prosperity past politics today ) we have SOARING RECORD WEALTH and forward prosperity into 2030 as Congress WILL WORK and the other stimulus ( required for prosperity advancing ) INFRASTRUCTURE USA UPGRADING – talked about for five Presidents but now a reality in grasp depending on Mid Year Election voting.

That is the ONE economic and PROSPERITY issue all the rest are mute. If congress grid locks we all lose if congress works we all win. The future works if whoever we elect as President we assure they win congress so CONGRESS WORKS. We can control that by voting our Walter on this one POLICY versus politic manipulations – put emotional capital into box under your bed – hate Trump and vote for prosperity anyway – then change it if you wish later. VOTE YOUR WALLET because right here you have COMMON DAMN SENSE on real power – what they fear most you wake up to your own. No longer are YOU manipulated. You vote common damn sense for all of us.

The American WALLET PARTY outside all “parties” is the fastest growing new voter block in the world not just the USA.

THINK it through.

The future is coming and you can predict what it might look like from the past from current data and from the truth of what is really going on out there.


  1. Fed interest rate rising – a total error in economic policy scroll to read more on that data
  2. Liquidity globally – they Fed has removed half a TRILLION DOLLAR from global liquidity and more than that the second half over a TRILLION OF ECONOMIC Global liquidity hitting China hardest and development nations now moving to down bubble due to error in Fed policy. Leaders of Super Money pools and politicians are speaking out against FED GREED – do not buy their spin as it is all lies folks – follow the MONEY. Fed policy shifting is the key to sustained global prosperity where TIME is the missing asset required to do work outs.
  3. Debt Super Bubble with global national corporate and individual borrowing passing 300 trillion for the first time – a record for humanity – and not sustainable without TIME to work out this debt – raising interest to fast to refinance all this debt RISK a Debt Super Bubble bursting too soon – robbed of time by central bank errors in core policy – a risk to system failure and depression and world war – which is 1907 – 1929 – 9/11 – 2000 and 2008 Super Crashes all Fed policy created as cause if you study the fact and data of history They are doing it again.

So the risk is voter shift to CONGRESSIONAL DYSFUNCTION like or hate the 10,000’s of thousands of TRUMP TEAM working on countless upgrade issues – we have PROSPERITY at OUTCOME of policy. If we vote for prosperity we win if we vote to stop it we lose – the Wallet Party will decide when they vote if this issues is known from the tripe they manipulate to win your vote.

How many voters get 20/20 prescription upgrades to have the knowledge of the truth of the economics?

I suggest if you invest over 60 months in America you win.

if you day trade through volatility like we have seldom known your going to lose in my opinion.

Invest or gamble always up to you in the new AI casino capitalism an entirely new market fabric without traditional control on speculation and leveraged getting in the casino for short term maximum gain – you can not win against AI today and AI is only getting smarter quarter to quarter now controlling all wealth circulation of the world.

Invest or gamble…think about what you have read here and tip: Buy the Books suggested they are filled with HARD TOOLS AND TACTICS to help YOU create your own PERSONAL ECONOMY which can prosper in any market.

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CEOSPACE helps our members develop their own personal economy – which flourishes regardless of THE ECONOMY because your ahead of it all.

Information is POWER and knowing what is really goIng on OUT THERE is vital. Thank you or bookmarking out site – special thanks to those who take time to subscribe then comment on this blog site – I answer all comments myself including your coaching questions – always free – privacy guaranteed – and thanks for sharing this site link on your social walls to invite others into a single summary of the news you read daily but what does it MEAN REALLY.

As a source of integrity we deliver powerful software to upgrade your brain daily.

Thank you for using it.

Berny Dohrmann GRATEFUL THIS WEEKEND FOR 10,000’s of Subscribers and 100,000’s of readers with bookmarks – reading in over 100 nations and growing like a viral storm because YOU SHARE THE TRUTH – thank you. One and all.







This blog has reported the owners – the big guns – controlling 90% of Super Money pools and all market trades are on summer vacation to Labor Day. As they return all at once in September refreshed and totally focused now to rebalance wealth for year end reporting  cycles the market is going to simply soar. Also third and fourth quarter results are going to support incurable growth. Record year end wealth is possible with the wild card of year end elections our prior blogs set forth for our now more fully informed readers on the economics.

Everyone including US  is on vacation….wait for it…the boom is on and pundits are so wrong. Wait till the quarter after Labor Day folks and the HOLIDAY 70% of all spending globally – wait for it – best in your entire life time folks. WAIT FOR IT……

Criminal – oil price escalations today – all phony pricing – solely from greedy profit taking oil speculators and OPEC nations investing in wild speculations – advancing a perception of WAR with IRAN and oil supply interruptions no one – especially Iran – can economically survive. Iran disports oil and American the largest oil producer is fine – we stop exports sink the gulf and buy our own better fuels – is all. Bingo. Iran goes into debt defaulting depression and a for sure revolution – Iran doesn’t want that. The notion IRAN will not talk to the USA to make a REAL DEAL versus a fraud deal they pulled off as the best negotiators on the earth with a weak team doing the bend over and take it – is easy fast and costs nothing to fully prosper Iran into the Future. Iran should reconsider and their leader become the Nobel Peace Price in 2018….their people gain so much when economics drive politics not the other way around.

OIL will crash coming forward and speculator spikes may wild move vocality till the OIL PRICE SUPER CRASH forced by America going to 15,000,000 barrels of output. WAIT FOR IT….this blog remains predictive of our opinion speculators loosing a trillion – again – as they make bad bets for greed versus market supply over crashing demand moving forward …..you’ll see soon enough how right his model is….SHORT OIL make a fortune by 2019……

Today China lost its # 2 Stock market position. We have told you how the RUN on China while they like Iran have zero talks on going. They sanction the USA 60 bill and we sanction them 260 billion – 200 to one – is anyone seeing a FULL house versus a weak weak China hand an no new cards to draw from. China is going to recession without a get out of recession FREE CARD economically unless they make a leadership decision for a new fair world trade deal a model the world. Why would China not desire ZERO TARRIFF’s ? Oh yeah – to unfairly favor their lying cheating IP stealing entities where all that is coming to an end as we counter attack the attacks and its without mercy today. Digitally we lost some battles but now we are going to win the wars. China should regard prosperity over politics or they will sink to a point where Americans will never buy MADE IN CHINA for generations – that is not repairable and is rising up faster than China has emotional capital to keep score with.

RISK rising for China.

Meanwhile the Run on CHINA has sunk the stock value into a crash in 2018 where Japan is now the number two stock Exchange – with Wall Street Being # 1 as always ( again ). This blog told you Japan tied with China may now become the # 2 World Economy as China is imploding in political self inflicted economic suicide while Japan is picking up all this China business for decades and roaring past China to become the NUMBER TWO economic power all over again. India will pass China in 2020 or close to it. China is in decline while the neighbors are in soaring prosperity as China will not create a NEW BOX TOP TRADE RULE on two reform models:

  1. No more theft of IP from world markets within new rule of law by treaty
  2. Fair Trade with agreed upon reciprocal tariff’s Trump wishes at zero zero.

Today the Chinese are saving FACE and DIGNITY by utter decline as leadership sees the DIGNITY of sinking their own stock market through utter failed policy happen in time frames once thought to be impossible. This route of value is just starting as IF China continues the trade effects which will not have ANY IMPACT until 2019 – will crash year end Holiday peak buying – final year results – Super Crash their markets and debt default their bad debt into a non recovery recession event. Why?

Silly policy to preclude forging a historic MOVE FORWARD into world fun partnership leadership event. XI wishes this out come but factions in China have zero economic appreciation for their own self immolation financially and forge political policy versus economic policy which to the Chinese ECONOMIC MODEL is pure suicide.

Wait for it….

This Blog has been right on out come – trend lines – valuations – and Chinese timing right to today’s STOCK MARKET SINK to # 3 as Japan is rising as Chinese is sinking and China is giving their wealth away to neighbors beginning with Japan. China is counter intuitive and my great teacher suggested when brains are insane ( competitive versus cooperative ) in leadership only one box top rule should apply –


…..never assume that such leadership will act in its own best interest…never……

So the energy the USA now taxing China precisely as they tax American products goods and services – returning the favor – in RECIPROCITY TAX MODELING – no trade war save for the one China always put in place to subsidize and cheat in their own economic model for their own companies against the entire world – is now at a cross roads.

The one rule we told you to trust remains in just a short time as the world bible today:

Trump red lines are real and do not erase unless DEALS easy deals RESULT…..

The world is in the greatest reform period since World War II and business as usual is suicide economics by insane brains who forge united political capital in China facing such factions splintering and opposition internal to their politics is the NEW POLITICAL GIFT to unite the opposing forces to communism itself – HATE AMERICA. We’ll see how long that economic failed policy will hold the unification….as smart Chinese will see through that business as usual ….eventually a DEAL is prosperity and no deal is depression and Chinese risk of a pure revolution no one wishes for – no one.

Follow the money – the economic dice are ruling 200 to 1 – 260 billion of Tarriff’s that sink China in 2019 and do absolutely nothing to the USA what so ever really

That is the GNP on THAT.

Berny Dohrmann – on WHAT IS important today OUT THERE in case you missed it.

PS: The way forward for CHINA is SUPER BONDS – scroll and see why