Alright as Chairman and founder for more than 30 years let me try. The CEO SPACE web site is http://www.ceospace.net . The QUICK LINKS section lets CEO’s who own a business or professionals who own their practice as OWNERS explore this unique, 140 nation ladies and gentlemen club. New members join with spouse subsidies, family pricing, and promotional pricing for a full lifetime membership. You pay once and can use Five to Thrive week long “markets” over any 12-month period, for life. You can return for the full bonus days and week at grad rate packages or actually return Thursday of any SPACE Week – for FREE for life as well as anyone in your party – corporate – team – partners – lifetime membership for life partners children and family members such as brothers, sisters aunts uncles cousins etc. No institution we know of, offers five of anything a year, as an on going process to accelerate bottom line growth, or permits entire group access, for a one time fee entitling members in good standing to lifetime free access. CEO SPACE always retains the right to terminate memberships, as a culture quality control item at managements discretion as a contract condition. CEO SPACE also makes the brand promise we will accelerate your growth results in your first week with us, or we will refund your membership cost less meals and materials cost for that event you attended in full before you depart the host hotel. No risk to our members. Not ever. That is different.


CEO SPACE presents five “markets” to foster CEO owner to CEO Owner cooperative networking. Think of CEO SPACE weeks as a giant collaboration, a super master mind, in which CEO’s unconditionally help one another and receive help in return. If this model does not appeal to you, and you enjoy the dog eat dog depletion of brutal competitive modeling for enterprise, CEO SPACE would not be the game changer to attend. A growing number of CEO’s attend to learn, earn and return, to foster WORK SPACE CUTLURE REFORMS from a competitive ceiling on performance in the work space, into highly cooperative box top rules for switched on turned on work spaces from a Dentist  office to a Fortune institution. We have been Praised from 3M corporation to AT&T over the years by management, for performance gains in institutional work space silo’s.


Senior members of the Accenture Booze Alan and McKinsey teams over the years have joined FACULTY at CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE seeks faculty from a third party vetted background published on line in CLEARDIRECTORY.COM. This vetting team has done work over years for the NSA, CIA, and other leading government institutions, and for Fortune institutions in background vetting that is deeper than you customarily explore. CEO SPACE seeks EXTRAORDINARY skill transfer mentor expertise, in every CEO challenge category one can imagine. Over time CEO SPACE has developed the largest SUPER STORE for the CEO to draw down resources from, critical contacts from, alliances, affiliates, and out sourced solution providers from, saving leaders oceans of time and vast seas of money all while improving quality for outcome results. Mentors at CEOSPACE are ranked as the BEST OF THE BEST in the world today. Mentors are highly paid, some earning very large incomes, from the largest brands, and CEO’s globally, and each volunteers to tithe 15% of their life time to no fee mentorship at CEO SPACE pouring into CEO’s hyper growing their development space firm or division of a Fortune institution or anywhere in between.


A pre program “class’ prepares the CEO at their level of no non-sense – CEO to CEO information – always short – fun – and useful to a CEO suite level player – to get the maximum from their time with CEO SPACE. In the pre program CLASS on line CEO’s discover that every hour they are in a break ( engineered as a benefit we call CEO PACING ) Such that CEO’s can heck in with text, emails,, phones, meetings by skype or zoom and otherwise run the empire virtually while attending CEO SPACE. The CEO is comforted to know they are never out of touch with in process obligations, more than 60 minutes while attending CEO SPACE.  Many CEO’s find this point relaxing to their choice to attend.

CEO’s Attending do so for the following benefit reasons, or all of them combined:


  1. The CEO Membership is a tax repurposing fully deductible into a corporate asset.
  2. CEO SPACE membership is ranked the # 1 Business Conference in the World to effect advanced upgrading of the leaders essential skills, inside a SUPER CHANGE MARKET PLACE by third party press.
  3. CEO SPACE provides unmatched TEAM MENTORSHIP for CEO SPACE challenge resolutions. CEO’s are encouraged to make their own or a team silo challenge list that experienced experts in each challenge can resolve providing $ 200,000 worth of market rate consulting outcomes without unwanted delays, within a compressed no waste of CEO Time week. These sessions are on demand by the CEO on their schedule not the mentors – endlessly – one on one privately – during each CEO SPACE week – five every 12 months. This higher level solution installation represents an on going never ending new tool for the “C” suite, that is not offered by other institutions at this press ranked # 1 quality level.
  4. CEO SPACE provides from check in to exit – non stop CEO to CEO Networking. All CEO”s agree to help every other CEO. As you arrive you approach fellow CEO’s with CEO SPACE MANNERS – saying “Tell me what your doing and how may I serve you as to what you looking for next”. You upon discovery with THAT CEO suggest you will SCOUT for them as you lack critical solution paths for that CEO or you say SEE ME with provided SEE ME CARDS to rank follow up solution quality. This culture is explained in the pre class program, live by local Club Presidents and by CEO SPACE to all guests on arrival in the opening MEET THE FACULTY GAME that fosters this exercise – which is conducted from arrival to program start. Some of the moat priceless contacts occur in the first 90 minutes of arrival from the intense CEO to CEO networking and relationship mixers the unique CEO SPACE program creates as an intended business result outcome at CEO level.
  5. CEO SPACE is seen as a conveyor belt of new clients, customer base, markets, channels, access to B to B, affiliate and alliance partnerships, sponsors and five times every 12 months a never ending water fall of the highest quality for rain making or any scale of enterprise agenda, in 30 years we have delivered performance across every sector of work space, to profit our membership. CEO SPACE also provides the only CAPITAL MASTERY skills education in the capital area, suitable for institutional fund raising, not for profit fund raising, and early stage venture rounds of funding. Investor introductions occur from CEO’s attending in the normal course of CEO to CEO networking on site. Over 50% of our membership are lady leaders. Our senior management and boards are dominated by woman leadership as CEO SPACE was founded standing for full partnership for woman. Ladies and Gentleman hold a high bar for collaboration and a no member left behind culture also proprietary to CEO SPACE culture. We are told our results are a consequence of our cooperation versus competitive culture. Cooperation is a better way and CEO SPACE has proven that premise over many decades of constituent systemic modeling CEO’s are quick to embrace and adapt.


Typically when the new member exploring CEO SPACE concludes that their economics are likely to follow a pattern of repurposing a tax dollar to earn a multiplier back in profit, they acquire membership as self amortizing. A money back warranty precludes risk to the CEO for acquiring a lifetime asset with CEO SPACE.


The proof’s provided on the http://www.ceospaceinternational.com/ web world, include video KNOW BEFORE YOU GO video’s, from every industry level of CEO responsiblitity. Aks our Club Presidents for videos’ for our profession or work space category.


Proofs include THIRD PARTY PRESS which in the end, over so many years remaining the # 1 Ranked Global Business Conference, that CEO’s the press states – can not afford to miss – entices a final decision from CEO’s who well know how challenging it is in brand space to not BE # 1 in 2018 but to remain # 1 worldwide in 2018 – AGAIN just as CEO SPACE was the # 1 choice for CEO’s by third party press in 2017 – 2016 – 2015 and in years before. TRUST that ranking as it is so rare and precious and no firm in the world has that historic ranking – CEO SPACE stands alone in CEO SPACE quality.


CEO’s become members when they conclude that there are 1100 wonderful brand firms offering CEO’s choices to seminars and workshops to receive their money’s worth. In a value proposition.


CEO SPACE is not a workshop or seminar and time in a big room with a lot of people – is not the CEO leaders way – and you are only in a big room like THAT say four times over a week fo time with us. Even when in such a room as with your very first session – you are in networking as you have never seen equal outcome for – at a ladies and great gentleman process CEO’s commanding larger responsibilities where billionaires network with millionaires network with development space firms bringing IP to market. Everyone helps everyone. The results are astounding. The majority of CEO time inside CEO SPACE is customized to their business outcome – one on one – and highly accelerating to CEO agenda and result outcomes. CEO SPACE Is a enterprise growth ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR that speeds up goal attainment in less time and for lower cost while advancing BOSS leadership core skill impossible in the time frame with other models of events. CEO SPACE is a unique new experienced designed for CEO leadership that compliments your culture and requirements and magnifies outcome results for you. Thousands of hours with 10,000’s of testimonials from CEO’s include untold millions earned and untold billions of funding into ventures. The proof is all available for CEO’s seeking the best to TUNE up their CURRENCY in a Super CHANGE AGE we reside in – while developing new opportunity for accelerating growth impossible outside the CEO SPACE quality of market – CEO to CEO Super Networking™ .  We trade marked it in 1991 it was such a break through at CEO levels.


This appetizer conveys a unique value proposition. If the CEO ( and many have ) wading through our entire web site, reference sites, third party partner sites, our complete video library of hundreds of films and thousands of hours – you would report as 100% of CEO’s over 30 years have already reported – that – with such pre membership due diligence at CEO grade – 85% of CEO SPACE deliverables where unknown to you before the experienced. That’s right – 15% of CEO SPACE hard deliverables where understood by the member at best when making the positive financial choice to join CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE is always an economic choice to accelerate enterprise growth – our only outcome – versus any emotional choice. CEO SPACE although fun and exciting is a totally bottom line focused experience. It would take a multi day intensive workshop to make more of the 8%% you suspect is provided inside CEO SPACE but the How and even all the what of this largest super store for enterprise in the world must be implied by third party press ranking as accurate and not promotional to that boss making the choice to grow themselves and their venture. CEO SPACE is all about tools tactics and results for CEO’s. We are not a seminar or workshop format. We are not like – unlike – anything else or any other experience the CEO has engaged in. If you wish to achieve goals in less time for less outlays – and you wish to have more balance and be a far improved leader personally – CEO SPACE is the one on going process that delivers on these outcomes to your agenda continuously versus in a single event. If that is value based for you – just try the accelerator elevator once as you learn earn and return at CEO space until you push the PENTHOUSE FLOOR as our desired outcome ultimately.


CEO SPACE is explosively replenishing to the isolation of CEO responsibility within a CEO to CEO community that rocks because it is not competitive at any level you have known before. This alone resets CEO energy and their own cell phone battery to full recharge. CEO SPACE is core and essential versus optional.


If CEO SPACE did not exist every CEO suggests they would have desired to invent it.


CEO SPACE answers a digital super file of agenda and resource items the CEO faces and which they never  believed could professionally confidentially and immediately resolved in single venue. CEO’s do not see outside the experience the customer base that is available by continued use of the CEO market place. Every essential agenda is sped to resolution. The only resolutions CEO SPACE fails to effect are the challenges you forgot to identify for us and even many of those our experts discover on site. CEO’s who learn that every outcome will take longer and cost more outside CEO SPACE and be a lot less fun, elect to explore CEO SPACE membership as a time tool to repurpose CEO Time to higher level outcomes. This compression of time is on going at CEO SPACE.


A post graduate at Wharton running a large institution suggested to all attending CEO’s, that –


…ceospace is organic…it knows the level your at as you arrive and it delivers what you need at your level …as progress to complications millionaires and billionaires uniquely face, ceo space knows and defines your unique rare air to breath and play in at your rising level – always knowing – always organic – always correctly aligning resources to your specific level desired. Frankly I’ve never seen anything at this close quality level …not ever…..


A navy Seal Commander on video reported to Vets attending from all service branches globally ….


…anyone who knows Navy Seal team leadership knows the excellence the quality that a Seal team leadership is expected to exude and example in a never fail at your mission outcome level. Since leaving Navy Seals and until I found CEO SPACE I simply had never again experienced a NAVY SEAL command quality of play – but I have now  – and in Navy Seal Leadership you graduate on one final display of unique outstanding character – we Navy Seals will simply NEVER LEAVE one of our own behind – no Seal Left Behind – and I had never SEEN THAT outside Navy Seals – until I experienced the NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND POLICY practiced at CEO SPACE. I knew I WAS HOME AFTER THAT – and I’ve come back over years to grow my ow business and my own vet business community of brothers inside CEO SPACE a safe space for our VET entrepreneurs including private practice and to my SEAL and special forces teams – you can trust this space – and I ask you to.


You can see Navy Seal Team Leader Len’s film on http://www.ceospace.net/ at our main videos under quick link or our main full video library under Quick links or go to YOUTUBE and search CEOSPACE for the full video library and your CEO interest area over a beverage break.

The typical process the majority of our CEO’s go through to join CEO SPACE is:


  1. CEO’s find out CEO SPACE exists from our enormous grad base in 147 nations who share CEO SPACE with you.
  2. You explore CEOSPACE at our web site http://www.ceospace.net/ and make a favorite – you’ll be back – and you’ll share CEO SPACE everyone does.
  3. You see typically two videos’ from our QUICKLINK section and price noting membership rpice has not changed since 1988 nor been raised ever – all on cover page of our web site – membership is a tax transfer to an asset
  4. You talk to a Club President phone us and we’ll introduce you to an account manager who serves you will tell you but will never sell you at all – enrollment is self enrollment process for CEO’s.
  5. You may request a mentor call where we invest in you with recorded and CEO level dynamic consulting, free, upon which we anticipate a final decision to join as you seriously are exploring membership at that level. If you enroll first we always attempt to schedule a mentor call pre program if your time permits to add in value.
  6. You register on line and reserve hotel space at group rates – required – under QUICKLINKS FOR HOTEL – and our Club President account executive serving you assists you with clicks to join and helps you save your hotel confirmation # and your PRE CLASS orientation on line – a member only class virtually produced for CEO’s on their own schedule.
  7. Upon arrival the PRE SPACE PROGRAM sets up what is first actions and the program is automatic from that point forward through sequences you flow through in gracious CEO ladies and gentlemen club exclusive for CEO leadership.


CEO SPACE is not for everyone.


It is not for competitive systemic mind sets that believe Competitive systems produced superior outcomes. I’d pass if that is you.


CEO SPACE is not for the unkind, the uncharitable, the selfish, the user taker. I’d pass if that is you and your proud of all that.


CEO SPACE is for the opposite of leadership that is generous, kind, cooperative, hungry learners, self motivated, and seeking.


CEO’s who wish to dramatically close competency gaps in their leadership and they do not wish to delay that outcome should enroll.

CEO”s with teachable spirits should enroll.

CEO’s who cherish rich CEO communities and understand their worth and value should enroll.

CEO’s who wish to accelerate – and they do not wish to  wait to accelerate – should enroll now.


CEO”s who wish reduce time and cost to reach goal attainment should enroll.


You know who you are.

You know who you are not.


CEO’s who believe there is no crises in leadership but believe there is a global crises in INTEGRITY should enroll.


If you lack integrity or you are not open to elevate your own personal integrity – you should pass on membership in CEO SPACE.


CEO SPACE is a community of planet shifters who collectively are improving the world we reside in.


Competitive CEO’s who believe in competitive capitalism – to excel at delivering profits to stake holders at any social cost to that outcome as priority that drives all other priorities – need not regisgter.


Cooperative CEO’s who ….are obsessed to deliver every higher quality to the customers they serve all the while making a profit –  are ideal CEO SPACE members.


CEO SPACE is not for everyone. You as a CEO exploring will discover if CEO SPACE shares your values and if CEO SPACE is therefore right for you.


CEO’s uniquely attend with their families as stake holders in their game. CEO SPACE improves CEO family life.


CEO SPACE features 7 year olds up front of every program some in their fourth business.

Our highly testimonials on line – for our  leading TEEN ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM or YEP – the YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM – has transformed futures for 30 years.


CEOSPACE subsidizes life partner attendance and children where families attending together – report CEOSPACE was like the LOVE BOAT CRUISE for the wallet – a pure blast for the family unit.


No other Business conferences is designed with the family in mind as a core benefit. Families can participate or not as the resort is packed with fun for all.


The more you explore CEO SPACE the more you discover how unique and award winning CEO SPACE is – and – why.


Each CEO follows their own self enrollment choices.


CEO”s in smaller ventures attend local city Gatherings and network as a way to meet and talk to fellow CEO”s.

CEO’s at higher levels are met for no host meals and deep dive to address their decision process reducing time to the value outcome decision.


The EXPLORATION PROCESS set forth here is how CEO leaders in over 147 nations have learned about CEO SPACE and elected to join for the profit acceleration. Then they received so much more. So much more is on going and lifetime. The on going benefit and support are truly transforming to every CEO’s future prosperity.


Our slogans are:


…we just will ot quit until YOU win…..


….and how may we serve you better with each new delivery…….of benefit……


CEO SPACE is a 30 year mature institution commencing our fourth decade of uninterrupted service to business owners.


Our reputation is the stuff of legends.


We obsessed how to make each of our SPACES improved over the last for our member benefits.


You are our one and our only reasons and you are all our reasons.

If that appeals to you as unique in the service sector for busy CEO’s who lack time to waste – you will FIND CEO SPACE is your new favorite watering hole.









One of a kind.


Thank for exploring faster growth outcomes starting March 19th at Innisbrook near Tampa Airport in PALM HARBOR FLORIDA.


I’ll be there and as founder I can not wait to get to know YOU.


We appreciate your time and yes you may copy and share this item.

Berny Dohrmann

Founder Chairman CEO SPACE


PS: Please make a book mark favorite for http://www.ceospace.net as Ceo’s share this site with CEO’s over long periods due to the unmatched value and quality at the  C suite level of play.







CEO SPACE is inviting investors, hedge funds, and private equity funds and brokerage firms to the March CEO SPACE as our VIP guests – where you pay meals and hotel rooms providing you register the week before the event in Tampa Bay FREE for qualified guests. Take a look at our New Web Site March 1st – as it goes live – http://www.ceospace.net The videos in the QUICK LINK section on the new cover page will define WHY – CEO SPACE is ranked the # 1 Business Conference in the World in 2018 by third party press. This exclusive offer is a management gift to the qualified tribes named here.

We reside in a new age of SUPER CHANGE. Bringing leadership CURRENT is the new capital in the “C” Suite for ownership and executives as well as leaders in private practice. Discovering new skill to learn faster – unlearn even faster and warp drive relearning – is the MASTER of the Age of SUPER CHANGE.

We thought things were going to slow down and go back to a new normal. Well they are not slowing down. In fact the pace of acceleration is moving from warp 2 to Warp 6 and Warp 10 and fast.

Even the acceleration of change pacing is accelerating. It is now and it is remaining expoential.

We have to CALM DOWN to CATCH UP.

Remaining CURRENT in the Age of Super Change is the new leadership capital that is most obvious to everyone else. What is your process to REMAIN CURRENT IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE? Do you even have a process.

Check out fortune trainer and record breaking best selling author Bob Proctors film on just this information:

CEO SPACE is a five time a year – business acceleration process – that keeps leaders CURRENT. No event can do this task today. The change is simply too accelerated. Every quarter ideas become obsolete as do entire industries.

Currency is the priceless leadership asset in 2018. Do you wish to be upgraded in currency?

CEO SPACE invites the owners of business and those in practice to register to the ONE CONFERENCE – CEOSPACE MARCH 19th in Tampa Bay – at http://www.ceospace.net – explore – prove the value proposition – and appreciate the money back warranty on time and tax dollars to acquire a LIFETIME membership – and make March 19th your platform to be BROUGHT CURRENT – FULLY CURRENT – and to accelerate bottom line results in 2018 impossible without CEOSPACE. Who says? Third party press says  – and for years and again in 2018 third party press says you can not afford to miss CEOSPACE MARCH 19th – just one meeting gets this press – just one – think on that.

TRUST THIRD PARTY PRESS and the # 1 ranking that press places on CEO SPACE in the world. If you deserve the BEST and nothing less – you just found it.

Millionaires have a single Mind Set attribute common to all I’ve coached for 45 years – MILLIONAIRES TO A PERSON “TAKE ACTION “NOW” ” . Everyone less does not take action NOW. Millionaires ACT NOW on better opportunities. Everyone LESS just considers and never acts. RISK WINNING is the way Currency leads you forward in life.

CEO SPACE is a better opportunity. That is well proven if your even reading this. But if you fail to acT nothing changes for you nothing improves for you.

As an investment banker economist with experience running a large, global, investment banking, publicly traded, institution for years – may I suggest CEO’s of investment banking global public firms are a rare tribe. As they are the Captains of the Starship of economic headwaters globally the source waters – we know well how markets are made and how markets operate. We tend to predict with more wisdom than most other tribes. But the community at the top ( my tribe ) is limited and rare.

I listen to predictions ( almost always incorrect ) from idiots all over the 24/7 news space and I think how challenging it is for investors, of any size compared to say the 1970’s or 1980’s when the three news changes signed off with GOOD NIGHT CHET and This is WALTER CRONKITE. Different world back then.

Today the sheer velocity of data points and the Super Change day to day hour by hour in 24 hour market marking is first and above all else rapidly evolving – and unlike any prior market.

The days of floor traders and common outcry are gone.

The future is digital software controlling all prices and trading at a % level of market influence that is virtually total. Price ranges are now under influence of 10,000 super money pools trading trillions around the world in 24/trading – moderating risk by new AI – in fully AI wars to advance trading risk moderations using software. The market of so vast a pool of trillions is consolidated in base to AI software super money pools to trading ranges.

Profit making is advancing to a perception of “right and entitlement”.

I suggest the risk to global market ultimate stability is what I call LED or Liquidity Evaporation Day. Circulation is now the Achille’s heel of Ai software trading VELOCITIES. The very speed of AI to move say all trading switches to sell versus buy ( for say everything all at once and keep it there ) was demonstrated last month with the 1700 point drop and the worst Feb in years with a 1000 point net loss from AI.

We almost reached LED but not quite.

When LED is reached the world market freezes and a CASCADE occurs that exceed software parameters that next work in full automation to protect loss from never ending sell off but there are no buyers at all by RATIO. This creates market seizure. While value is wiped out.

A first. Never seen before.

The ever new AI and software upgrading is moving theories into untested un-regulated waters that must and will – eventually – ( and we have time say five to seven years ) exceed software parameters. Within such instant in time – we have LED followed by Cascade and these new market realities are far different than the Depression and Contagion – scary enough – for LED and CASCADE bankrupt all institutions and nations in 72 minutes. That is what is new. As raw potential.

That is why we have called for a new SEC and world regulatory re-think of the entire frame work. Look I’m 70 and at the end of my life. I’m contributing this thinking for the younger power players to advance stability into their own desire to keep the overall system while we move into SUPER CHANGE.

The new world order requires a United Earth Federation Dollar and monetary scheme. Every citizen of Planet Earth requires a 75,000 current to inflation today personal income – more for families of four – and these citizens only need to SPEND to circulate sufficiently for economics in all nations with no nation left behind.

Job dis-intermediation will present in less than ten years % declines in jobs via automation and AI and massive demand increase for jobs but there will be none. The birth of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM I have suggested in my work being read globally – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – at Amazon puts you out from of the SUPER CHANGE and I believe keeps you safer in what i call the 2020 period of the GREAT TRANSITION.

In my new book to be released next year – DIGITAL MANNERS – i advance the theory that in the 2020’s period we succeed with real AI that is a new species and we together experience what I call THE GREAT AWAKENING.

I really can’t define in short blog the changes that are coming to you in 2018 and 2019. I encourage you to check out CEOSPACE and invest in membership – to the # 1 ranked conference for your own quality networking and result based plans to accelerate but more important to be BROUGHT FULLY CURRENT IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

To be left behind increasingly is to make work products and performance and your own freedom hostage to the stress and struggle of SUPER CHANGE itself as a by product. You either LEAD or your BLEED in the age of SUPER CHANGE.

As there is only one convene in the world ranked # 1 by third party press in 2018 – there is only one conference presenting CURRENCY PROCESSES TO LEADERSHIP – you simply deserve in todays AGE OF SUPER CHANGE a solution to being maximally successful.

I encourage you to consider joinIng CEOSPACE flying into Tampa Bay – you register and reserve hotel space on line at http://www.ceospace.net. Our automation then sets you up for pre program preparation – from what to pack and wear – to every minor detail on arrival from shuttles to beaches. We pamper you in ways that will impress you first and stun you during your four days with us.

Every hour your in break to run your empire virtually.

See a short film in your industry category or just go to Youtube and search CEO SPACE for a full library of video information created for CEO’s at the top.

If your seeking acceleration and your tribe within mentorship that is # 1 – than you are coming home on March 19th.

Berny Dohrmann – Rolling out your welcome mat – do it NOW !




Happy New Year. CEO SPACE was ranked for the fifth year by third party press as the # 1 Business Conference any business owner or CEO “can not afford to miss in 2018” – # 1 ranked business conference in the WORLD …..click the link to see….just in 2018 for you…..fresh….


Share this link for us on your Face Book – Social Worlds tweets and walls takes 60 seconds to paste and click and creates a social storm fo us. We appreciate that NEW YEAR support as we open this year with the GREAT NEWS.

September Dohrmann has created free blogs outside our web site for you…from world famous faculty on tips and tools for business you can share free – with your world – in the age of the entrepreneur. The leading Entrepreneur skills program serving 140 nations now entering its fourth decade of leadership in the rapid development of successful job creating entrepreneurs in any culture or nation is http://ceospace.net .

Our next live program for individual, corporate or Platinum memberships is March 19th at world famous Innsbrook in sunny warm Palm Harbor Florida – the first of FIVE TO THRIVE business accelerators offered this year. You should come.


I want my readers to share this link and blog on walls and posting for us so our ranking is clicked all over the world by entrepreneurs and dreamers we can help. From billionaires to millionaires to the Iran Couple I coach on starting up their new Camel Business. These free PODCASTS have priceless information from the # 1 ranked Business Conference in the WORLD in 2018 – the one third party press suggests you can not afford to miss.

Some Factoids for you:

  1. Five to Thrive conferences every sixty days at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor Florida starting on Business New Years March 19th as the Spring returns and we globally all massively go back to our dream works.
  2. CEO’s network with CEO’s – 70% deal making – 30% intensive off the chart training including CEO grade lessons current to 2018 on raising capital at any level of play – billions raised at CEO SPACE click ceospace SHOW ME THE MONEY on google. See that film.
  3. $ 7500 individual 1988 priced lifetime memberships for CEO and $ 10,000 corporate memberships ( rotate teams in to all five ) or $ 40,000 Platinum Memberships with perks and money making return packages ask us.
  4. Stay Current in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – CEO’s face impossible challenges to stay and remain current in leadership technology – in technology itself – in on line – off line marketing – in brand strategic modeling and so much more all achieved at CEO SPACE that Wharton Stanford Harvard and MIT Grads tell us from Oxford to Beijing – is simply superior value hands down.
  5. Ranked # 1 by third party press over a span of time world wide that breaks all prior records on quality and results for CEO’s at the top.

If your a development firm starting up – a charity – or a major biotech or technology play – if your in revenues as mature mid sized or a Fortune Institution CEO SPACE is a comfortable safe space for your CEO’s and senior management teams. Team packages reduce prices on lifetime memberships.

Family packages do the same and our world famous Teen Program is legacy for CEO Families. On site you will see the one and the only. business accelerator that includes the entire family where seven year olds report on their successful FOURTH BUSINESS at CEO SPACE all laughed within CEO SPACE. Dad and Mom are so proud world wide.

CEO SPACE is the only WORLD FORUM serving cultures in all communities with the highest respect world wide. Our faculty represent and mentor Fortune senior management for huge fee’s and are famous in their space. Collectively their tithing back to CEO’s five times a year brings in senior skills from firms like A&Young Accounting – McKinesey – Accenture – Booze Alan and others at the tippy top. Team mentorship for CEO’s at the leading bleeding edge provides options not possible via one on one team mentorship to the CHALLENGE LIST you bring in – each quarter. CEO’s at the top suggested ” you made us billions and saved us millions”.

For everyone else we saved you TIME and COST to reach your own growth goals – which is why CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 in the world.

September Dohrmann and her all lady team run the institution in 140 nations. They stand for full partnership for woman and they have taken my work of decades forward into a fourth decade where legacy is quality that is on going after the founder turns it over as I did in 2013. The result is rising quality from ladies at the top of our leadership teams, faculty and boards. As half our community are LADY LEADERS as CEO’s and senior managers they applaud our example.

The gentlemen CEO’s gain value from the male and feminine options not possible outside TEAM MENTORSHIP across silo disciplines simply not offered any where else – one on one – CEO to CEO individually over a week of business building.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar.

CEO SPACE is not a workshop.

CEO SPACE IS a business building machine.

CEO SPACE is the one and the only business building ENGINE.

Ranked # 1 in 2018 world wide as the ONE BUSINESS CONFERENCE a CEO can simply NOT AFFORD TO MISS by prestigious third party press.

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To our Members special thank you to the 100′,000’s of CEO’s owning life time memberships in more than 140 nations today proud to be CEO SPACE community for and with each other CEO to CEO and professional communities world wide sharing and caring.

CEO SPACE is the HAPPY SPACE and we invite you March 19th to explore acceleration for profits with tools and tactics available no where else on earth.

Our work is just beginning.

Being # 1 ranked in the world was hard work folks and took a decade of improving our core product.

September and her Lady Leaders will tell you and confirm to you the harder work the much harder work is STAYING # 1 for half a decade within a world field.

Not one firm on the 2017 top list is back in 2018 as quality continues to rise UP ward. Always upward.

September has improved CEO SPACE so dramatically in 2017 that the leadership in 2018 was secure for sure.

That effort that enormous vision and effort is on going and is her work for 2018 to make 2019 and 2020 even better for our members.

Her culture is obsession.

She is OBSESSED with giving CEO’s more of what they desire require and wish for. She polls and listens’ really listens to our successful CEO clientele.

Our platinum community presented in 2017 92 suggestions to improve the Platinum program.. At Year End 2018 September’s team had implemented and executed 88 of them as suggested.

Quality rising within total obsession on CUSTOMER BENEFITS is what makes Amazon —- AMAZON and # 1 in the world….and it is what makes CEO SPACE —–CEO SPACE —– and # 1 in the world.

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Berny Dohrmann – HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2018

Casino Capitalism Last QUARTER — CEOSPACE.NET




October 3rd at the Wyndham Hotel resort at Disney World CEO SPACE serves small business owners who wish to accelerate profits. 72% of all spending will occur world wide in the months of Oct Nov and Dec in 2017. The global financial expansion or BOOM TIMES in 2017 is 28% of all spending TO DATE. You can click http://ceospace.net   TO CHECK OUT RISK FREE MONEY  BACK guarantee when you exchange a tax dollar you reclaim into a hard lifetime business asset that makes the highest return on money of any adults lifetime. The # ranked business accelerator in the world by third party press in 2017 is CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. It may be your turn for more income and higher profits as an outcome to this final whale quarter about unleash on all of us.

The Mount Everest of money circulation will now occur moving into the future in the WHALE final quarter. Are you upgraded in plan and community to get your larger share of that circulation? CEO SPACE is assurance you will get higher outcomes.

CEO SPACE provides business owners with pure opportunity that includes these elements:

  1. The Top ranked business conference in the world by third party press
  2. Pay once with tax dollars to own a LIFETIME membership pass to 5 accelerators every 12 months – or every sixty days a new customer pipe feeder for CEO’s.
  3. CEO to CEO networking in models that are unmatched in quality world wide.
  4. 30 years out-reaching to 140 nations and leading voice in DC for legislation
  5. Money back warranty if tax dollars saved for membership are not returned with huge return on investment to the CEO – higher fourth quarter yield results.

Business owners anywhere in the world who wish to speed it UP use CEO SPACE to Speed it up.



Casino Capitalism is creating a spiral of manipulation and greed that using unregulated by nations AI software – has taken digital control of markets where all asset class prices are manipulated under new economic theory ( which we state is false ) to which the digital elite of 10,000 super money pools are confident they have arrived at a new world digital order that presents markets with RISK-LESS RISK. They feel the software moderates real risk and outcome – which has historically proven false in all risk-less risk theories – as in the sub prime with real estate risk-less risk failed theory model.

In fact software has created the largest economic SUPER BUBBLE in human history using free money and leverage outside state regulatory frame works as all existing frame works were not designed for digital regulatory supervision. Further the SEC has been hacked and their information used by AI to make fortunes in criminal insider trading. The largest RE-THINK of regulatory frame work in modern times is required by the G 100 a FACT we have been advocating for some time.

Historically spirals into SUPER BUBBLES have a predictable outcome – SUPER CRASH – world depression and world war. That has not once failed to be the outcome. This time we have SUPER DEBT BUBBLES that are spiraling to such a fantastic rate and our weapons are so over the top – it is not risk-less risk – it is risk like the world has never experienced. Our way of life stops with outer space EMP pulse bursts that in 60 minutes erase all digital records – fry all AI and chips – including cars trucks planes – records of who owes what who owns what and there is no MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY for our nation – which Kevin Freeman author of GAME PLAN ( get your own because the nation has none ) – and I have been lobby for in the DC for FIVE YEARS. Suggesting to the DOD that MADD no longer works without MARS.

It remains an uphill battle. No budget and no early  adopters to sponsor reconstruction from a new term EMP event – when they see the EMP  open pit of economic  exposure to the entire way of life issue for all nations – it is only a 30 minute boom you never even hear or see that does it and all the planes fall from the Skye. . No food and no toilet paper in LA with 30 million people and 100 million weapons – every life for itself – what do you think will happen when national guard and military can not communicate transport or organize?

Folks – that is a sixty minute North Korea right now event. Which is why 100% of the world has united to take North Korea out or reform North Korea policy – prosperity or extinction – as a world threat. Smart really. The only language their elite can hear.

Long before that we have  potentials for economic threat  events. China borrows 300% more than it earns a risk to the entire system, credit rating just downgraded and the IMF warned they threaten the entire global system in and of themselves. If they pull in the debt funded communist economy going down now for 15 years – the social issues can create revolution. Its a very challenging problem for them.

Italy the largest Debt loader in the EU now resides at over 130% of debt to income. Their GNP slightly up is about 1.6% growth which is at or near recession levels – as next year’s election between one party in power and one party rising seeking to EXIT the EU entirely votes. Watch that one on economic punch.







So today as we come up on CEO SPACE what are we looking at:

  1. Record wealth
  2. Record market prices
  3. Record real estate wealth
  4. Record asset class wealth and dollar rising in value
  5. Year end ramps by AI SOFTWARE to expand year end final balance sheets.

Folks will say in 2020 …”did you ramp up in the good times of 2017 and 2018 or did you miss it?

I say….why would you leave $ 3000 hard US dollars in your tax authority possession when legally you can deduct CEO SPACE membership in the best two accelerator programs we offer annually to new member professionals and business OWNERS – the Oct 3rd and Dec 11 back to back BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES. It is so smart to advance into the final 72% buying with a BETTER GAME PLAN. Because:

  1. You build safe harbor for your life style when market shifts – first priority
  2. You need COMMUNITY to grow faster and CEO SPACE is ranked # 1
  3. You make so much more money in the final quarter – you PROFIT
  4. You tune up – you gain new skills and you are a more effective leader yourself
  5. You acquire mentors at levels you can’t afford that serve you for life

We believe two assets are urgent to buy with a tax dollar if you are a professional in practice or you know one ( copy and email this to a professional who seeks better practice management tools and tactics ) or you own a small business as CEO ( and some of our small business owners are billionaires ):

  1. Higher fourth quarter profits – guaranteed – much higher –
  2. Safe Harbor – you’ll hire in the next downturn while others fire – prosper in all markets because you have the secret knowledge to do so from the best

CEO SPACE serves 100,000’s of thousands of business owners in nations across the world for decades. We keep you better informed. We spot trends and put you ahead of them. We caution on market movements and protect you from harms way so you keep the money you work so hard to make. We make sure your money your keeping is working as hard as you do. The largest BUSINESS SUPER STORE ON EARTH present owners with quality solutions to any challenge where every dollar works like five in reduced cost and speed with quality unmatched for outcomes.

Lifetime Membership in CEO SPACE is an asset that grows in value over time:


  1. Individual member price – lifetime – $ 7500.00 ( established in 1988 ) Offshore customers we subsidize ask us for currency exchange and travel cost reduction.
  2. Corporate Membership – $ 10,000 1988 price never raised – where corporations can rotate Executives forever into each of our 5 accelerators every 60 days.
  3. Platinum – $ 100,000 presently limited number $ 40,000 with a benefit package that will BLOW YOU AWAY – as you step into the inner circle of the elite if your seeking larger 2017 tax for asset choice making.

CEO SPACE is a blessing to any business owner. My favorite film by world famous Bob Proctor star of the Secret – one of our original founding insider my team closest friend – and Fortune 100 company CEO Training – 1.5 billion people have seen or read the SECRET another project CEO SPACE helped promote globally like Chicken Soup and Rich Dad is click linked for you here:


I hope you’ll share this film by email with three to five business owner you know who would wish to save year end tax hard dollars for a guaranteed ACCELERATION to their profits in the 72 % of all 2017 spending – the final 90 days. Doing what you always have done will get you precisely the results you have always gotten. You need something powerful to yank you out of HABIT into higher outcomes. CEO SPACE is that space.

For the first time ever in my blog I will give you A URL you should make a favorite book more for – to our entire video library on line. If your a lawyer see attorney films. Health care ditto. Any category a film in your sector is present to define our money back lifetime membership tax swap for asset and growth assured outcomes. CEO SPACE best money opportunity for a new member is always Oct and Dec because 72% of all spending occurs during this period and we are in an all time global GOOD TIME boom. To miss that and not get the FULL MEASURE of profit you deserve is silly. Here is the main video library to answer any possible question for any possible outcome:


Our world wide main web site is easy to navigate. Under the pull down menu’s you can contact us or write me here if you want to join and require a coaching call first – include your email in comments – and request. You can enroll and you can reserve hotel space following the LINK under CONF dates. It takes five minutes to swap a tax dollar for a lifetime asset membership in the most accelerating business CEO to CEO community in the world. Plus you make more money faster and you have SO MUCH FUN Making it.


Many are called.

Few are chosen.

The chosen who are chasing their communities and world join CEO SPACE to example business forward modeling in cooperation shedding all aspects of competition. Everyone just helps everyone. Nothing else like THAT in 30 years.

Fun and profit and tax savings – or what you always get from what you always do.

Opportunity IS knocking but only YOU can answer the door.

Tools and tactics grow YOU …the question is ..is yesterday already too late for your better outcomes?



PS: Thank You for sharing as you transform futures when and as you do …..




We live in the age of the ENTREPRENEUR. There are 1.7 billion Entrepreneurs running small ventures all over the world. There are millions of NEW VENTURES started each year in nations all over the world. Millions upon Millions.

No school no training provides skills tools and tactics to the business owner that are systemic entrepreneur classic skill required at the boss level supports. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL for 30 years stands alone leading in this space. Click the logo’s on the link below to see the 2017 world wide rankings that are unmatched for CEO SPACE as the ultimate INCOME ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR IN 2017:


As founder I compliment the all Lady Leader teams that have elevated CEO SPACE to this global leading stature – and my wife September who is the best of five Presidents of CEO SPACE over 30 years – leading as PRESIDENT CEO of CEO SPACE globally since 2013. September has brought the millennial leader into full embrace as well as my older tribe of leaders into the matrix of tomorrow’s skills to WIN.

WHAT IS THE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR and HOW DOES IT WORK with the next meeting on March 12th?

First The Accelerator Elevator is a pay once and own a pure LIFETIME ASSET where every sixty days you can return for FREE for the rest of your LIFE. The membership fee the one-time cost is tax deductible. The one-time asset acquisition is repaid from profits you make from the contacts you develop inside the MARKETPLACE OF THE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR.

The Accelerator Elevator IS:

  • The world’s largest SUPER STORE of resources for the CEO and founder
  • The world’s unmatched SOCIAL CAPITAL mixer to get you new customers.
  • The leading alliance and affiliate joint venture builder available anywhere
  • The mentor challenge solution machine unmatched anywhere – one on one
  • A 70% networking to get net business and 30% challenge resolution skill transfer
  • FUN a replenishment for the boss
  • Layered Learning – keeping you CURRENT inside SUPER CHANGE Markets 

If Forbes on line ranks CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IN 2017 – that’s # 1 in the entire world – HOW GOOD do we have to BE to win that stature in the world’s most prestigious financial press? Can you trust and rely that you should experience the # 1 business skills transfer training in the world for the owner of a small business. A third of our guests March 12th at Disney World will be solo entrepreneurs and development space firms. A third will be mid level three to to fifteen-year mature business owners seeking to hyper-grow and develop higher exit prices. A third will be those at the top. Everyone mentors everyone.

Details on becoming a member are available ( make a book mark or a favorite for ):


Under CONFERENCE DATE TABS in the pull-down menu you can see all our dates into 2018 and you can book hotels by following the hotel link from inside that tab space. You can enroll on any page. Anytime.

Everyone likes in fact LOVES value. The first of the year in our FIVE TO THRIVE PACKAGE for 2017 – if two of our entrepreneur new members come together – just bless a buddy business owner – and come together – you can both pay $ 4000 ( US ) each for a lifetime membership – with most meals included. Versus $ 15,000 total. It is s a huge savings as CEO SPACE IS “BOGO” or TWO FOR ONE until March 12th – your lowest membership acquisition option. Help CEO SPACE GROW and we will help you with ( lower price ) to GO. HELP US GROW WE HELP YOU GO now that is value.

I’m sharing with the over 25,000 subscribers world wide to my blog and the 120,000 who click daily and read. If you want to step into an INCOME ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR the worlds most prestigious third party press ranks # 1 in the world in 2017 – make a decision to invest a tax dollar to earn huge returns on the investment within a 30 year proven track record serving 140 nations. New Members will be coming world wide. You? Anyone you know and wish to bless? English speakers are desired or bring your own interpreter.

Grads and members – don’t miss the all new format and return for FREE or Staff or the Meal Pack option. But do not miss it. Encourage other members to return with you and enroll and book hotel space ( which will SELL OUT but we have five over flow hotels in walking distance so we will get you all in ) – and bless with BOGO business owner you as a lifetime member network with weekly.

If you want to see a video here is a video from world famous WES CHAPMAN:


Share THIS one VIDEO with other business owners anywhere in the world – to KNOW before you GO how the ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR WORKS. The DETAILS you require to assess – if you put up a tax dollar and you earn a large multiple profit back and you know that before you decide to do it – and you see the third party ranking knowing that promise and you see the proofs and you see the results with your own eyes the HOW not the WHAT but HOW it unfolds business OWNER to business OWNER no nonsense at the top…you decide MEMBERSHIP IN CEO SPACE is safe secure acceleration to bottom line profit making …OR…the cost of not attending March 12th is a cost too large to pay in missed options and opportunities.

When you understand THAT fact set is TRUE for YOU then you become a member.

If you wish our team will set up free coaching for you and your venture with me and I am the COACH to the COACHING. I only ask you tape record and you take notes on that coaching game planning. So we will INVEST IN YOU before you invest yourself.

What I’m wanting is those among my readers I can save money for – where in our FIVE TO THRIVE SERIES this year to serves as your income ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR – I want you to get two memberships for the price of one and pay HALF the normal cost to own a lifetime asset as you join the acceleration March 12th. You click over a beverage and you see the film proof set for for you here.

https://www.youtube.com/user/CEOSpaceIntl  SHORTEST FILM – SHOWS IN UNDER 2 MINUTES “WHERE” IN MARCH

Let me show you our shortest film about the ORLANDO Hotel and environment you will reside within this March 12 – till March 17th rising in the ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR and see others just like you TELLING YOU – click this super short link: https://www.youtube.com/user/CEOSpaceIntlnd…. it is so short but packed with PROOF and letting YOU SEE WHERE you’ll BE staying. Share this short film as a blessing with business OWNERS you network with and know. HEY HAVE YOU SEEN FORBES # 1 INCOME ACCELERATION CONFERENCE IN 2017? Just that with the link.


  1. Is an income accelerator elevator with 30 years track record in 140 nations.
  2. We only serve owners of business and professionals in practice.
  3. Over 100 films on our main web site: http://www.ceospace.net and rich content
  4. Enroll and reserve hotel space via pull down menu under conf date tab
  5. Know before you go you will make a lot of profit on your membership 

The Accelerator Elevator everyone is writing about ranking # 1 as millions learn about CEO SPACE in 2017 in the business ownership tribe – the ultimate ladies and gentlemen club at the top – you will reduce TIME reduce COST to reach growth goals.

Draw a pyramid on a clean sheet of paper.

Put the top – New Customers alliances  and affiliate and joint venture partners.

Then at the lower left corner of your pyramid put – CURRENCY new CEO skills bringing you current with tools and tactics fresh to quarter in the markets of SUPER CHANGE.

Then on the right side – put CHALLENGE LIST RESOLUTION 250,000 of mentorship to remove from YOUR CHALLENGE LIST via one on one expert mentorship everything you wrote down the only thing we didn’t resolve was what you FORGOT TO WRITE DOWN.

You invest a tax dollar and make an enormous multiple on each dollar.

You get the FIVE TO THRIVE SERIES this year for half off.

Call 256 850 4700 Ext 0 and ask for an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE TO SERVE YOU.


Tape record and take notes and put the coaching call on speaker phone if you wish team participation and input as your first value from CEO SPACE.

Reset your velocity to grow this year by considering EXPLORING just EXPLORING a faster way to reach your own growth goals. A safer way. A more fun process. With so much more support than you have today.

The film a TRADE SHOW THAT WORKS we put in this blog is the one to share with your world. We jammed packed it with detail for the owner of a business.

Our slogan for 30 years….we JUST WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL “YOU” WIN.

When it comes to your forward bigger profits – YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TO LATE TO ENROLL YOURSELF.

CEO SPACE IS ON BOGO – at half off the normal price since 1988 I can’t give you more value. You have to commit to receive that value. If you own a business or you want to start one up – I would find a way to be in March at Orlando on the 12th. I’ll be there with you.

Berny Dohrmann – FOUNDER CHAIRMAN and asking you to just explore.

PS: Thank you for sharing the accelerator elevator  with a paste and click – to business owner you wish to bless.