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Oct 2nd CEO’s and professionals from across the world arrive at the world famous Disney World Wyndham Resort in Orlando for the Live CEO SPACE Business Acceleration Conference. Ranked # 1 in the world by third party Press globally. The quality to profits members make is unmatched.

Dec 11th 1,000 of our members from 140 nations are retuning. Why? I want to tell you why through a short film. You should see yourself in the film and you will see our money back warranty is never taken because our members MAKE SO MUCH MONEY and ACCELERATE RESULTS to such a higher level using CEO SPACE the missing CEO SPACE.

THE LAST CHANCE in 2017 to RECLAIM a tax dollar into a lifetime business ASSET is enrolling that tax buck into membership in CEO SPACE for Dec 11th. Once a decade we RELOCATE. Our NEW HOME scared 17 states to bring our members the most rich environment to make deals take place – with the lowest price. Holiday Inn Express Prices for a RITZ CHARLTON Experience that is unmatched in 30 years.

I am asking 30 years of our members to return to Innsbrook in our history relocation for the next decade to Tampa Bay. Folks this is the largest riches CEO SPACE since 2005. You get more. You pay less. You accelerate now not later. You save taxes. You make HIGH RETURNS on your money and profit. A money back guarantee protects you.

The 2018 program upgrades are premiered Dec 11th. Dec 10th Capital all new law capital skills training the master SKILL For CEO’s and Professionals the ONE ESSENTIAL NEW SKILL you require in 2018 – is transferred to you as a benefit of December. Just arrive one day early.

Families attend together. Members bring their families. We have seven year olds on their fourth business. Transform the family together this Holiday and profit together as a family in more ways than the love boat for the wallet. You’ll have so much fun as a family unit – which is what we ourselves are doing. Come as a family and we subsidize that choice for you.

Our # 1 teen program ( I am brining two myself ) is subsidized where teens are gifted with LIFETIME membership – fully uncorking their full potential without delays – for the cost of meals and materials as CEO SPACE pays all the rest. Check that out with our teams to serve you ( free ) as you just EXPLORE it cost nothing to explore. The largest pay increase of your adult life time is Dec 11th all you have to do is explore.


Click this short film and see raws – real business owners reporting real results that cover every aspect of business – and why this will work for you – PROOF POSITIVE before our money back protection you have zero risk.

Next week I’m delivering the product to business owners world wide many of whom show up Tuesday and pay at the door – smart use of tax money for profits in the last quarter. You? Yes you can do it just make a better decision for your own profits. Plus you’ll meet ME.

Use a tax dollar to own an asset and return Dec 11th get both.

I’m on stage teaching the NEW LAW 2018 Capital beta class as we twerk it for Decembers enormous attendance. I’m hosting the full CEO SPACE all week as Chairman and founder with my Wife September.

I’ll still be reporting to you – as that always is reliable so you KNOW what IS going on OUT THERE.

I wanted my readers to know we just returned from a large conference in Melbourne where I spoke to a standing ovation – and we drive to Orlando tonight to commence CEO SPACE Monday with our famous free bonus classes and the Capital INTENSIVE for those where capital is what is next for them.

That is a 100 hour week commitment as the # 1 in the World is all about quality and we assure the quality is always advancing forward for our CEO licensed professional membership.

The most successful professional exclusive business acceleration community in the world hosts five events annually for members, and the critical Fall Forward Financially event is starting now.

That is what is going on out there ….for ME today.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and proud FOUNDER CEO SPACE 1988/NOW


PS: I ask our members in 140 nations to JUST SAY YES and plan to join the 1000 grad and more FIRST HISTORIC CLASS AT INNASBROOK RESORT – links mid week next week on our web site under conference date pull down menu to reserve rooms – and enroll on line anytime – great price membership Holiday offers are in place ask any Club president and do not miss this one – I”m asking all my members – this is the VALUE you CAN NOT AFFORD TO not be inside of ….trust me on that one. Just Do IT ! For me and spread the word to our grad membership as you reach out and tell them your going. Bring the entire family to this one. Trust me – you’ll regret not saving the taxes and DOING IT. DO it for the profits – for the profits everyone. See the film I chose for you:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtQAcXfCrAQ&app=desktop