First lets review. Near term to 2021 we have a boom economic market with risks of unknown shocks from trade wars not resolving to agreements and more.

Second lets pause this summer to review our prediction record highs would come following the Spring Dip we predicted in 2015 2016 2017 and Jan 2018 when last all time high markets were reached.

Third in July as CEOSPACE is being hosted for business owners and leaders in Florida ( Next is October 8th before the final quarter ) we see record Global Market highs world wide and record world month highs in 2018 for the US dollar both we predicted as well now come to pass.

The world financial news is filled with Yield Curve. By now our readers are well educated the yield curve is a graph of the short term three month cost of borrowing in institutional government debt say US treasuries – and the long term ten year cost of longer term ten year bonds. When the difference between the risk of longer term bet placing is higher than shorter term betting – the market see’s a wide window between boom times and recessions. When the yield curve FLATTENS and the interest on short term bets and long term bets becomes closer – historically – a recession is coming in a year in 18 months and one might plan to reposition assets against a down turn in overall contractions of economies until the next recovery.

Global super money pools now controlled by advanced AI software platforms circulating some leveraged 440 trillion in capital – primarily into manipulation of prices of all asset classes into the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE, including DEBT SUPER BUBBLES, continues to grow and expand at rates never seen before. The Super Money Pool AI Software has built in algorithms ( we believe as Silicon Valley AI programers ourselves with 1,000,000 lines of code patented world wide in software – THAT – the first generation of AI over money is not “right’ – accurate – or better in any regard to human active management in fact we think given the speculation bias AI over money is worse ). We call the present market the first in the human experience CASINO CAPITALISM. Everyone is betting at the AI casino on 26 red and spinning the wheels.

Ron Paul the former legislator in Congress reported this week ” FOLKS THE MARKETS OF THE WORLD ARE 100% A SUPER BUBBLE – IT IS ALL THE WORLDS WORST SUPER BUBBLE AND IT IS GOING TO EXPLORE PREPARE YOURSELVES” ? Because he has been saying this for a while no one believes him. However he said the 2008 Crash was coming do to the real estate super bubble and he was RIGHT ON.

Back to the Yield Curve. If you examine charts on the New York Fed Site or CNBC Site as we have we find that the basis point spread of 10 year to 3 month debt – remains a healthy 100 basis points or so apart. It is not 20 basis points. Which would ring my alarm bell. Consider the Yield Curve is largely super money pool and AI “anticipation” of trajectory for FED POLICY. The anticipation being built into some flattening of short and long term risk is the anticipation of the Fed moving from FREE MONEY POLICY and virtually no interest or inflation adjusted profit to own such debt bets into market rate interest of higher than 3% rising back to 7%. This anticipatory set in the short term – through the fall – tends to flatten down the yield curve – but against a historic ONE OFF set of circumstances. A generationally stimulus to avoid global depression now moving to normalization of global monetary policy against a more stable world economic environment.

Also we have AI not humans controlling the anticipatory set – all investment that flattens this curve for the first time artificially – and in this context of data I personally join Fed Chairman’s words before congress this week – which he repeated three times – THAT – the Fed sees zero evidence of recession nor or next year or anytime coming they can and we can foresee on todays known facts.

The market message on yield curve BECALMED. We are no where near a canary in the mine and investing is buy in the dip and profit in the year end record global market highs coming as we see our month to 2018 high right now. Things could not be going better. They just could not.


Talk and reality. First the USA did not start anything. The USA talking for 50 years with rising screaming for ten years has stated unfair trade barriers – ( taxes on us while we don’t tax you ) is a cost of business to the USA – that is a subsidy our citizens pay to protect price for everyone else world wide while we are a price dumping ground for your goods and you make our work product so highly taxed we can’t sell them in your nation.

President Trump has stopped screaming and has built a TRADE WALL legally and about damn time. The TRADE WALL POLICY says we will tax you precisely how you tax the USA. The nations being taxed for the first time at the same rate they tax us – of course did not think the USA would ever do that step and they of course do not LIKE IT at all like we don’t like it at all in reverse.

Trump’s team has made it quite clear we would prefer a world of zero tariff of tax – you tax us zero we tax you zero. Or we just match you decide.

As nations see that the USA is:

  • A not backing down
  • Is reciprocity tax policy and its the law now
  • Trade deals are the way forward the only way forward

So with all the chest pounding and for folks back home mud throwing at the USA – great talks are going on everywhere. Talks are taking place from Asia to EU and all over the world. Trade deal final copy is being developed from complex deals with drafts in development. These trade deals will usher in NO NATIONS IS LEFT BEHIND PROSPERITY.

The world is coming together in a new cooperation that humanity has never known before. The old non aligned nations are becoming so few you can count them on your two hands our of almost 300 sovereign nations – NOT BAD AT ALL REALLY.

The great Sadness on the planet given our work to detect and deflect incoming so we are all not wiped out – to tera form climate change to ideal earth health – and to wipe out global poverty and disease – why would MUSLIMS slaughter one another all over the Gulf and Africa. It is Muslim’s slaughtering each other that is the great % of human ignorance and insanity.

It is insane to punish what is different about humanity in any form or way – it is a form of insanity. Competitive mid brain thought pulse – competition is a form of insanity and we should education children their primary responsibility is to preclude insane thinking and to CELEBRATE all diversity in the human tapestry as interesting and wonderful – we learn so much from one another – and to cooperation and collaborate as expressions of sanity versus insanity. That value is universal and until adopted and instructed we risk insane mid reptilian brain competitive inanity. Our violent video games all addictive to create endless mindless profits – and our film industry populated by praising violence versus its opposite socialize the insanity and reenforce propensity for mid brain lower brain function loops into defensive – violent solutions as heroic from the dominant media we see everywhere versus its black out and removal from human consumption as sane versus insane. THE LOOP we are all stuck within creates a repeat of our history in needless insane wars.

7 Billion of us and the majority of my brothers and sisters who have taught me over five decades the Koran and the wonder of the Muslim faith join together in having no regard whatsoever of a Sunni – Whabbi – Shitie – punishing one another for how they worship God or conduct political affairs. We all wish the minority effect to CELEBRATE all differences of humanity versus punish it as my Koran I have on my cell phone instructs us all to do. I find clarity in the Koran for total forgiveness. I find no instructed for Muslim to over centuries kill Muslim just the opposite. So the Civil WAR inside the Muslim Faith must be resolved by the MUSLIM MAJORITY rising up and declaring all who would punish diversity in the Muslim faith as insane and NON MUSLIMS. Those who celebrate diversity in the Muslim community are sane and Muslim.


The World Press needs to label those who punish diversity in the name of faith as CRAZIES. Crazy ISIS. Crazy Talibans. The SANE MULSIM LEADERSHIP says this and that about the crazies. DO THAT and real estate for crazy brains shrinks and recruiting to the insane is never glamorized again.

I’m off my soap box but that huge part of the suffering for so many mommies and children and daddies and uncles and aunts and so many suffering – one bomb one suicide in the name of Allah after another ( its insane to punish diversity of anything that is human ) it is sane to CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY.

The Great awakening is occurring world wide to this thought process. The defining work on THINKING and WAKING UP since Napoleon Hill ( who raised me in my home a good deal of my life ) is and remains REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can buy world wide to WAKE UP YOUR HOME – and families and teams – a book that reads you while you read the book. Amazon has the book and I wrote it just for you to wake up.


The Fed Chairman made his appearance to congress and reported the economy of the world and the USA is strong and no recession in sight. HE is so confident of the strength he intends to reward his secret shareholders ( the banks ) by raising interest rates so the banks who secretly own the FED can profit as interest is 100% of higher than it was only last year. No margin is growing faster than the cost of money in today’s casino capitalism.

Every time I hear the words – THE FED IS INDEPENDENT – I think of pure FRAUD and criminal fraud on all the rest of us. The Fed is owned in secret by the banks they regulate.  How economically insane is just that idea? Any Google research of FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD ( do not take my word for anything just click  I just did lick and here it is if your too lazy to do it yourself and it applies world wide to your central banks folks ….):

And you get so many pages – say AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD.

Wake up.

Central banks are stealing the wealth of nations. Also central banks given our DIGITAL FULL GLOBAL TRANSPARENCY TO MARKETS TODAY need to retain all their policy and processes but be merged back into their respective TREASURIES for oversight – audits – and a firewall to assure nations do not pay anything to print their own currency say like China.

Folks – it was bad policy to create central banks and it is horrific sea anchor on economies of the world to allow an elite few in economics to profit so enormously by controlling the money supply without oversight audit or any aspect of check and balance.

The constitution in the USA does not allow a private firm to print money. IT IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.

Folks read the link in this blog and educate to first just first define the Federal Reserve Board is a private company not an agency of nation in any way at any level. The Fed should be called Tony Sappano’s bank – as if the MAFI owned the FED because folks the criminal banks ( all of them ) that have paid billions in fines for crimes and they just do more crimes like Wells Fargo BANK ( Now having a run on their banks as a trillion dollars moves out to non criminal banks ) own the FED – so if the criminals own the private firm congress allows to print our money for 100 years – when the Treasury printed it for hundreds of years – zero depressions – zero world wars – global depressions and world wars only began for the USA when the FED criminal central bank and their 100% failed policies is reviewed. READ so your hypnotism is removed and you wake up out of our economic trance and this applies to all nations world wide.

Now if 100% of Fed Policies have failed – and the politics of today are historic – they raise interest following crashes their failed policies created in the first place ( but the criminals are never executed let alone put in prison ) THEY create by raising interest far too fast far too soon far too frequently far to high – a SUPER CRASH A WORLD RECESSION AND A WORLD WAR which they uniquely make massive profits from doing while we are all slaughtered suffering.

IF that is their future for us – why not elect candidates to congress who will MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. Ask your candidates everyone on that one policy and vote in those who say yes. Keep in mind the candidates have no clue of what you know unless they read this blog – they are economically Fed Hypnotized.

LEARN EARN AND RETURN is my motto on this blog.


Monday Prime Day Update July 16th


Prime Day bends to the “NON ALIGNED” Powers of influence are best included in policies of inclusion and dialogue. The outcome is always reduction in cost. Cost can be:

  • Defense cost mutually bough down by agreement including disagreement but not with a fuller clarity on issues points.
  • A process – on going – to resolve disagreement to consensus.
  • A Collaboration replacing conflict
  • A FRESH START within new box top rules that revolve
  • Agreement versus disagreement
  • Sanctions cost everyone and removing sanctions within agreement and new box top rules prospers the entire world and the Russian PEOPLE.
  • Putin has an 80% approval rating at the voter polls. No leader in the world has more population support that PUTIN and you can not defeat that truth.
  • Dealing with Putin is a talking point for so many Presidents going back 20 years – now we are forward of Reagan talking to Gorbychav now Trump talking to PUTIN.

What comes out of the talk can only be long term positive – irrespective of playing to hostile audiences in both home zones – requires management politics and double lines. The forging of new box top rules takes times, requires teams and nations can reset and do. This may be historic to do just that. As Putin is the STRONG MAN where we are not – in Syria and its outcome with Iran non their dirt – with Iran to meet Trump – with North Korea to really engage – and with China to resolve Trade and really support North Korea engagement – the resolution of Russia – to common ground – is not a small agenda and the first stone in the lake is today. We’ll see where those ripples take us and the public consumption never tells us the actual facts. For example:

  1. When Camera’s were not rolling what to the wise Queen of England as the leading lady leader of our century tell Trump about PUTIN. It was important.
  2. What did May tell Trump about Putin. It was important.
  3. Other World leaders.

Meanwhile Democrats and their surrogate sound bite leader – an energy of President Trump from the campaigns days – John McCaine ( a republican by any other name is not as sweet in fact it stinks in Politics to have betrayal in the leadership on cornerstone votes like health care ) – but – they went to press to STOP THE PUTIN MEETING. Really? Thats the answer?

As I wrote so many times – Trump and America economically hold a FULL HOUSE of their cards aces high at the table. Russia and China hold two two’s. And have losing hands on their economic debt driven cards. Russia is an economy the size of New York State so you have the math model. Russia is a one off nation driven by Petroleum and mineral exporting. Russia spends 90% plus less than the USA on its military and is not in deep recession and can’t afford to pay its military as will prices begin to crash. Which Trump is not fooling around with phony cartel oil price manipulation.

This weekend Trump suggested we sell tens of million of barrels from our billions in strategic reserve to drop the price in July. Doing something versus talking about issues is re-setting trade – tax – infrastructure – immigration and cornerstone policy in the USA modernizing and upgrading very old antique laws passed when the pony express delivered your mail folks.

Like the 80 page act that made a private stock NGO ( Non Government private stock corporation ) look like a Federal Agency ( a pure fraud in 1900 ) known as the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. There is nothing federal about this never audited – secret shareholders and inability to check balance or overrule any Fed decision. Its a bad if not horrific item of legislation. With full digital real time transparency on money supplies for all nations – central banks are obsolete. Worse 100% of their policies enrich their bank shareholders – steal from the tax payers of their nations – for ungodly profits never reported or even taxed – and all while we all PAY INTEREST to print money that was FREE TO PRINT when our treasuries printed the money.

So we lament we need to MERGE THE FED to modernize money management of nations back into the US TREASURY – seeing all Fed systems and people who will stay – up their pay – save the interest and pay off their absence debt all at once in 2019 and 2020 with 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS via Hughes and Hubbard leading bond firm for nations – via Roel Campos father of SUPER BOND THEORY with me – and former SEC commissioner who with the George Bush leadership team ( five cabinet members and Roel ) in my opinion – saved the entire financial system of the world. Merging the central banks back into national treasury with oversight audits checks and balances real time reporting no secrets any longer and monetary policy that is clear compelling and makes sense is what is required for nations. Legal theft with FED 80 page acts passed largely in rush and secret before automobiles – phones – radio – TV – the internet or technology existed has now defined how antique the FED model of a private contract to a private corporation operated in secret with no oversight at all but phony fraud appearances of oversight – is in fact – the red line for nations to prosper or be manipulated into world war. The Fed causes all crashes and all wars and If you fail to appreciate the economics of 100% failed Fed Policy since 1907 you need to hit the GOOGLE and start a little research – Federal Reserve – SCAM – FRAUD – DECEPTION – FAILED POLICY its not hart to get because today not only will the TRUTH ( reported here ) set you free but GOOGLE will bring you the truth as never before in human history – click and check if I’m right on this cornerstone item.

So without politics I endorse the meeting with PUTIN for all the right reasons.



We have told our readers to read BILL CLINTONS book on cyber terrorism a novel of fiction – but not so much as his report in this months AARP magazine defines. Buy this book. Also buy and more important for knowledge on cyber WORLD WAR III ghat started in 2008 -is DOD contract consultant – Kevin Freeman who runs a hedge fund PE firm – as well – in his books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN on Amazon. If you want to really scare yourself read both and you’ll become current with this weekend.

This WEEKEND the top Authority on US intelligence hit the media to tell us – all the following:

  1. The US is being attacked right now in July as never before.
  2. The attacks are CYBER WAR FAIR.
  3. The attacks are on our prime fortune top secret contractor our national agencies – including our military power grids – water grids – transportation systems and core vital industries across the board.
  4. We are under attack and the BOSS stated this weekend ALL THE RED LIGHTS ARE LIT UP like they have not been lit since 2008. RED LIGHTS lit up everywhere right now from cyber warfare full on.
  5. The Boss reported these attacks are 24.7 and no let up or breaks and are taking place from North Korea, Iran, China and Russia and Russia is more than half the WARFARE.


The Boss was asked if he was at the meeting with President Trump what would he tell Putin. He leaned forward into the camera and told the world with a passion you would have to review in that sound bite –

..I would tell President Putin that if he would modify behavior and deal in integrity with us in collaboration with us we would back away from this warfare and move into a prosperity he can’t realize without such moderation in action to the world…..if however you persist with Cyber War Fair as you strategy to weaken us morally economically and as a successful democracy ….then sir I advise you with all the rehouses at our disposal America will move forward and DEFEAT YOU ……

We will BEAT YOU where his exact words this weekend. BEAT YOU.

Donald Trump has that sound bite will ready to fire his silver bullet. From a FULL HOUSE – with the largest military that can and would remove Russia from the planet earth – and the economy to tear Russia into depression and economic utter collapse – a FULL HOUSE with Putin holding two twos irrespective of his super duper sonic weapons he pounds his Judo back belt chest upon as he becomes finally a truly OLD MAN. Time is running out for Putin to chose prosperity versus calamity and Trump is a friend you would never wish to be your enemy – I believe Putin has figured that prime agenda out completely and is meeting to explore what is frankly possible. What more could one anticipate for a very first meeting with such broad divides on philosophy politics and economics.

Another Item to consider as this blog is read so well by Russian Press and Russia leadership – that – despite spin over decades the American People fought World War II with the Russians as allies and defeated Nazi Hitler only TOGETHER with the UK and other alliances as we freed all of the EU first – the Gulf – the Asian community and th world. American’s love the Russian People their history food music culture art and futures. Russian people love Americans and we all read past the politics. We want PEACE and COLLABORATION as a PROCESS of sanity and we want insanity and conflict to simply STOP.

Two leaders in charge for years – can effect super change. Relationships matter. Developing a relationship to bridge the rouble waters – the great divides – is work and takes teams and times. But is worthy statesmanship and leadership and the teams on both sides in all parties who made this SUMMIT happen – my hat salutes you all.


Economically I do not believe with the price of oil removed from recent inflation data – that – the Fed needs to raise interest rates nearly as fast or as often. Normalization patience builds a sea wall to developing financial debt super bubbles that can not work in orderly process through the economics of the entire world with 300 Trillion in record debt loading at all levels – nation – institution – individual – global – UNLESS the central bank policy accommodates TIME into their metric of planning. As they failed to do this step in 1907 they caused a depression and WORLD WAR I. Then they failed to do this step in 1929 causing a world recession that was so much worse and a far larger WORLD WAR II. They caused the DOT.COM bust in 2000. They caused the SUPER CRASH of 2008. The Fed. No one else. Fed failed policy. They never not ever are held accountable because leaders are financially and economically illiterate. By design.

The duel edge circulation removal of trillions in stock back backs, in super deb bubble carrying costs now with soaring interest in months 300% to 500% higher than January are not sustainable economics. We will SUPER CRASH with oil soaring and interest soaring as we reported here.

The Super Wealthy are by majority building bunkers to survive what they report as THE EVENT. They focus in the summer of 2018 on how to pay and retain loyalty for their para military teams to keep all of 7 billion of us out of their projected RITZ Bunker compounds under ground and in secret locations. Consider that item a bit .

Super Money believes THE EVENT IS COMING. A digital World War III economic event that ends the post world war system are core – banks globally fail in a debt super bubble collapse and we all have zero – power – water – or toilet paper being restocked. Are you considering THE EVENT? Why are billionaire super wealth preparing for THE EVENT? Look under economy on CBNC news on google and read the article about the EVENT if you want some chilling real time facts current to this very weekend. No kidding folks this is no joke and it is a global item of discussion this summer Holiday in the SUPER WEALTH class – world wide. You and I are just not included in any form of care for 7 billion of all of us.

Can THE EVENT be derailed as an outcome?

Yes IF: insanity of competition is replaced by sanity of mental response of leaders such that:

  1. The USA and China collaborate – forge new trade deals and end up closer than ever before.
  2. The USA and Russia follow a similar pattern moving forward – we’ll see – the crises is simple – its INTEGRITY. No one cooperations if both sides lack integrity at core.
  3. North Korea proceeds into prosperity versus war.
  4. Iran process into prosperity versus war.


The EVENT evaporates with such a PEACE rising for the coming 300 years within new box top rules.

Instantly – NOW – the economics of the world are stretching to breaking with EXPLODING INTEREST COSTS and SOARING OIL PRICES at the same time. Bringing both into a moderation would do more to provide TIME to LEADERSHIP to moderate the post world economics – as the IMF and World Bank call for.

Will the Fed slow down interest rate raises and frequency which maximally profit their shareholders – banks and investment banks? They pay you next to zero to deposit and hold and management money and they charge the world increasing premiums at Government loans – institutional corporate loans – and individual loans – our home loans our car loans all our credit cards.

The ratio of debt is higher today than 1929. The 300 Trillion of record debt reported this month is global – not sustainable – and will as a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE crash the world into depression not recession – and world war and a new re-balancing of economics via wars – IF the price of OIL is not moderated by September and the interest rates rise more moderately bringing TIME into the global debt reset as monetary strategy and historic guidance as a way forward and economic policy that is sane.

If we follow the insane policies that led to all super crashes and world wars – we must repeat past history at a global population of suffering unlike mankind has experienced in its entire history.

Our weapons are not survival as as a society in a any WORLD WAR. We are a hair trigger from Bill Clinton’s book becoming reality. Our enemies believe FIRST STRIKE may in 2019 be winnable. In fact FIRST STRIKE is Global extinction for modern society as we know it in any form. Insane thinking.

As all economic greed policy is insane and world wars are all insane repeating such capacity of humanity for insane outcomes with 7 billion largely more educated and woken up souls alive today how would an elite super wealthy greed insane brain trust sacrifice itself and us if not from insane thinking.

RESISTING INSANITY is the primary objective of FREE PRESS but we are seeing a new bought and paid for press that lacks the controls and resets that a NEW GOLDEN AGE OF JOURNALISM may well up as sanity in press replaces insanity and bias.

Never has press and media been an entertainment until 1990. In todays digital age sanity is on line and we all work around the truth with information like your reading now and here. Supplementing agenda for pure economic sanity. Facts. Data. The Truth.

So Monday as the boom goes forward into December with record new highest to asset classes – your wealth effect is secure by current account momentum world wide.

One might ask – rather than fight the largest oil producer off our shores Venezuela – why not if Trump can meet North Korea – not meet Venezuela our neighbor and with a alliance MARSHAL PLAN rebuild Venezuela prosperity – infrastructure and trade – creating an oasis in our own back yard ? Economics versus politics.

We want communism defeated. Why? Who cares what a people chose as their Government – Kings – Dictators – Communist democracy – or Western style democracy of which there are many models and versions?

If we punish diversify of politics of peoples we are insane.

If we celebrate diversity of politics of people no one will attack us and we celebrate all human faith creed race politics and economic diversity as a tapestry that is the best of our own selves – the tapestry of diversity. No one is absolute and right. No one is absolute and wrong.

Conflict between diversity is a form of insanity.

Celebration of diversity is the new world order and is sanity.

In the end we humans repeat history of insanity or we wake the fuck up and collaborate in new integrity world wide and we celebrate our diversity and stop attacking one another in any form over diversity.

That is the new world order …we just have no clue if we get to it before THE EVENT or without THE EVENT.

The Billionaires are convicted the INVENT is close now.



May I invite my 100,000’s of thousands of CEO members and Friends of CEOSPACE in 146 nations to watch this video as a call to action to consider Tuesday WHEELS UP for your planes to register at the door into the PROFIT ACCELERATOR of 2018 for your success and second half of 2018 growth. The FIVE TO THRIVE minute video is life enriching to our CEOSPACE members.

Thank you for watching. The DECISION MATRIX for leaders facing you at the mid year is defined in my blog before this one and I request you print and read it for your own evaluation. It is smart money.

We’ll report to you after the PUTIN visit trends. As we have repeatedly told you the markets are likely to reach new highs by December and the sea saw of AI taking profits on a China well publicized in advance set of tariff’s to assure change happens versus talk delays everything – is where AI takes profits one day and then buys back in to the dip AI created and makes more profits the next day as AI rebounds these market trends on profit taking sound bites. Its a new day in casino capitalism all software at war with software within 10,000 super money pools where the investor individual market – almost 90% now in AI software AI ETF trading schemes – has zero influence – as investors trading for their own account are now the tiny % of the market without any influence at all. AI is totally the influence and soon to become more advanced until with quantum computers you have the GREAT AWAKENING of AI self awareness some are stating is already here – but shrouded in national security. We’ll see.

The outcome of all this is presented in my 2019 book DIGITAL MANNERS sure to become a major motion picture.

Stay tuned and thanks for watching this short film – it has data you need to simply consider for the financial up ramp of your own lifetime.

Members – truly consider my message today.




Question: what is the WORST performing down crashing – equity market in the world in 2018?

Answer: China. Before trade war spirals upward with some 500 billion in Chinese primarily trade goods effected in that ramp upward , capital by trillions of US dollars are  flying out of China – customers are moving to other nations to MAKE STUFF and China is in a Canary is dead in the mine shaft already in 2018 and the WORST IS YET TO COME for China. Millions will soon be out of work why? Because the serious work of making a deal has been and continues to be in trade wars – every nation for themselves period. Yet the old subsidy model where the USA pays to be economically stabbed to death is ending. Economically stabbed.

Question: What is the Canary in the Global Mine Shaft?

Answer: The USA Stock equity markets. If the trade war unwinds the US equity market space and you see the threads  in the robust markets of 2018 begin to unwind and stay unwound if US markets begin to crash truly  – the Canary dies in the mind shaft – you KNOW – that a serious recession even global depression and system freeze up is around that corner in that mind shaft. So WAIT FOR IT…….


My opinion is never advice. Get advice  from licensed investment professionals exclusively. My opinion is my own. This blog  information is a source in draft for you to consider even as you gather from many other even better  sources you may elect to draw from until you and your professions reach your own final copy by cementing all information into your own frame works. My opinions are simply my own. Another set of data to consider one of many you draw from as our Blog policy always restates for your best guidance. NEVER ACT on a single source of information not ever.


First I would avoid developing and emerging markets. Capital to those markets is likely to dry up for long periods of a trade war. Debt economies like Italy and China will not be able to invest in developing nations while their own debt burdens limit their activity during trade wars which crash their economics.

Second I would focus on the USA. The largest strongest economy rising up substantially in 2018 and into 2019 is getting stronger and stronger while China and other developing countries are in serious decline like Italy and many EU nations. India is in a banking crises with over 100 billion of bad loans on state bank books, the tip of that ice berg as another trillion is not yet reported but is there as well – and if forced to write off those bad never to repay  loans of  today off in 2018 or 2019 many India state banks would be bankrupt. A common economic condition in developing nations so watch those canaries. Debt default cascades is an item to watch as trigger for with digital counter party agreements debt defaulting spreads to balance sheets of financial institutions in minutes not hours or days. A first in digital debt contagion new very dangerous economic history – as the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is unlike anything in prior depressions and is pure scary when you do the math to the rising DEBT LOADS of nations institutions and individuals globally.

I would focus on retail and back bone infrastructure industry that will benefit from trade wars – those made in America shifting as American buyers who are massively PART OF TRADE WARS cease buying brands NOT MADE IN THE USA. This will shift trillions of buying powers to USA made everything and have long long lasting economics following trade wars. Many industry’s will benefit in America from military ramp ups, infrastructure rebuilding, and simply made in America offers to America along brand advertising coming soon – HELP US WIN THE TRADE WARS buy Nestlies – or Wheaties or US AUTO’s or US FOODS exclusively – etc. All that is likely outcomes to WATCH FOR as trade war spirals up and up which is historic till SUPER CRASH occurs from the trade wars not resolving – which has always been historic.

Fourth: I would focus that failure to cooperate as we moved into the insanity of competitive spirals of trade wars – failure to get real reform agreements – which could completed by now in good faith for sane economics – but never in  the 2018 trade war mind set of only DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION which is where we all reside today -which  means a LONG LONG PERIOD of trade war spirals upward and the process of negotiation may not reach new agreements before a SUPER CRASH the trade war crashing economies – creates globally and we fear most is super debt default cascades triggers by global slow down from trade war effects – watch those canaries in the mine shaft..

Fifth: I would invest in the SMART TRADE WAR BENEFITING plays and I would stay around from massive DEBT LOADED bets or firms who spiraled up debt accounts. If investing yourself versus insurance managed investing – would review debt loads of any firm you buy into.  Many ( you’d be surprised ) loaded upon on way too much debt with Fed Decade ( a policy error ) of FREE MONEY – putting a pig inside an economic python world wide. Today trillions upon trillions must refinance into 2020 from zero interest and FREE MONEY into MARKET RATE INTEREST on average a roll over averaging 500% higher loan cost ratio’s – 500% for US Treasury we are over 300% already this year – and soaring spiral upwards as the FED raises interest rates in error policy – too frequently – to rapidly overall and very much too high to fast. This failed Fed Policy caused in trade wars the global depression of 1907 and World War I and a few years later again the Depression of 1929 and World War II. What caused those horrific outcomes – failed fed economic policy. Which is why I lobby to merge the FED back into treasury as the USA will face a system failure and World War if failed Fed history repeats in the coming years of trade war. History has no lies inside it. Accurate economic history anyway. So avoid Mountain of Debt firms at all cost and buy backbone dividend paying companies largely neglected in the boom. I would sell out of TEK early and move into backbone equities sooner. But thats me. Time is not on your side as the trade war spirals.

In the Second Half of 2018 expect unforeseen surprise events to upset markets and cause huge upswings in markets as well. Volatility is going to be wild into year end and we suspect and overall uptick in market value. Largely driven this year by over one trillion in stock manipulation to price ratios via stock buy backs which as this level of casino capitalism, should be an illegal speculation with each buy back approved under new anti speculation laws congress needs to empower the SEC and fund them adequately to assure NATIONAL SECURITY include economic security which we do not have today – no way close – as Bill Clinton’s Best seller on all book shelves defines is possible – one hack from no more America just one hack. Read Bill’s book so your in the know of those realities facing markets you invest into.

I’ve stated my safe harbor opinion  to sell out high this summer in the best up bubble and sell high. Then explore moving all investing into:


  1. Diversified Insurance investing is the highest legal returns permitted by law in the most regulated industry over your money – the most conservative money management, where life insurance is a free bonus product you get as reward for the money management you trusted into insurance professionals – who paid out when banks were closed during the depression -the only winner for investors in 1929.
  2. Fixed income investing – explore annuity products with their many various high return products in 2018.
  3. Equity and growth investing – chose index products of which returns and benefits vary so shop shoo shop – its easy to get the pitches at any level small medium or large – and recent history ( check it out yourself ) shows returns averaging say 14% in some index products with principle absolutely guaranteed. A high enough return to keep your powder dry in the coming recession from trade wars.
  4. Bank liquid investing where you need money in 24 hours bank wired to you – permanent whole life products which also pay many many times what banks pay to store money – and you can always get your money – and it grows so fast as you deposit and for entrepreneurs you can write off your payments making the IRS buy you a savings account with tax dollars. Ask your life professional if that is a true economic reality just check it out – because what you do not KNOW is killing you financially as options are the answer. Get your SAFE HARBOR BUILT now before the other shoe drops and just explore with licensed professionals options. Just options. You’ll be shocked at the safe harbor options as right now events to protect you maximally.
  5. In the worst Super Crash and worst economic markets you still get income, you still have growth, and you lose not one penny of your investing. If banks close again ( and they well may folks they well could ) then your still safe within diversified insurance investing. As deflation crashes all asset price classes – we don’t see equal safety in real estate in downward crashing assets in any economic re-balancing – but we see you safe in diversified insurance investing as the island in the storm that protects you in the shelter of their track record through past global depressions not just recessions. PROTECT YOURSELF and explore options – it costs nothing to get the information next week -start with top ranked insurance companies from Google New York LIFE being one of my favorite but I like Columbus and CNG and Hartford and many other primes. CHECK THEM OUT. Google rank them 2018. Then explore. Note you do not seek a life insurance agent you seek an insurance multi licensed professional when you call up. At CEOSPACE you meet great professionals live with knowledge. July 16th and you can explore confidentially one on one privately and learn about options is all.

Brokers locked to equity and bond markets have their own opinions and experts providing advice. You have to explore options and make your own safe harbor choices based on what future you think is likely.

I encourage you to print this page and go over it with licensed insurance investment professionals and just explore what they tell you when they read 1 to five above and the customized spread sheets they can provide to you – where their numbers never lie. Check it out at least just check it out as if your financial life depended on the outcome – and in fact – it well may or could.


  1. Trump economics which is new – wins – and sanity and cooperation develop trade revolutions the world has never seen before without wars. A WORLD WIN if we get that outcome and first in historic economics – as it has never happened before.
  2. Trump economics gets agreements but years into a trade war that sinks the world into deep recession and rising tensions for wars.
  3. Trump economics fails as a historic repeat of trade war history with failed Fed rate policy – that has always historically created SUPER CRASH system failure globally and world wide depressions where economic accounts rebalance by world war. Everyone see’s the insanity in that but we human’s keep doing it over and over.


So in July as we approach the critical July 16th CEOSPACE ( read my blog before this one on the CEOSPACE option and opportunity July 16th as it is staring you in the face screaming for you to register and get superior information to map our your now to December of this year )  – the blog ON CEOSPACE I so encourage you to read next –  tells you the WHY. July we are approaching a spiral up into full on trade wars with multiple escalations from Canada Mexico EU and Asia – multiple economic fronts in full out economic warfare which includes digital remember – which all works to destabilize markets as you well know. We suggest before you see the trade war run out of technology the most effected by ASIA counter economic warfare costing to tek  – into base line industries that benefit ( a lot ) from Trade war inside America –  protected in trade war primarily is the majority of  USA investing – safe harbor investing – we suggest you explore with professionals selling out at peak high now and spreading risk over diversified insurance investing. As the whole world is going to run into the USA as safe harbor investing – we suggest you move into DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING EXPLORATIONS and if you see a better safer way let those professionals manage the USA wave for maximum gain for you. Make sense to just explore the options for a truly safe harbor. Later if you lose so much of your wealth look back and realize the golden key to the bank vault to protect you you read on July 8th 2018 and recall the WHY you failed to take action to just explore on Monday? Leaders are readers. Winners are decision makers and they take action.

Which ever market unfolds you will be safe and profit maximally inside your own safe harbor plan. . Without risk of other forms of investing. The one and only last depression safe harbor plan that proved to work.

If your conservative with your money follow your advisers often limited and conflicted advice. If your super conservative as I am than follow my opinion and explore the facts with licensed insurance professionals and protect yourself now and sleep like a baby when the bad news is unfolding because the bad news no longer effects you as it would have had you failed to act – failed to re-position in right timing into safe harbor investing to preserve your wealth and savings.

Circulate this blog to those you care for so they have the information just copy the link in an email. We hope your circle will also free subscribe to stay current with WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

So now you have the real canary in the mine shat.

So now you have the options to explore.

So now you have some study areas for what to invest in where to hide out as investors during trade wars to chat about with your own selected trusted investment professionals who guide you.

Make your own tough choices.

The time to reposition your money is NOW through OCTOBER. October and after election markets will likely bring a new peak to year end close – be fully re-positioned before that final spike which still looks likely if nothing changes in between.

Berny Dohrmann – June 8th Sunday IS GOING ON OUT THERE

Phone Jessica Lowe to explore CEOSPACE July 16th – 256 850 4710 during Florida business owners – it cost nothing to explore and we never sell we only invite and provide data …just explore.



CEO SPACE LEGACY starts right here in my mind and heart. Thursday as I went into surgery, for a tear in my tummy wall, never pain free, and always a risk, I was filled with gratitude. I was overwhelmed with peace and joy that in a worse case of complications I have left the world better with CEOSPACE inside it, serving 140 plus nations today and growing toward 200. We can no longer count the Entrepreneurs blessed, the futures transformed, the teen youth upgraded, the CEO’s having thrilling lives, all within a pay once for a lifetime membership value that just keeps on contributions over an entire life walk. Who else does THAT?

Ranked # 1 – the One Conference if you OWN A BUSINESS OR PRACTICE you can not afford to miss – the # 1 fresh to quarter very advanced C suite management training options – all by third party press ranking CEOSPACE setting journalistic records for FIVE YEARS IN A ROW. No one has ever done THAT.

Standing for full partnership for lady leaders, with half our conference CEO’s five times annually in Tampa Bay, are ladies. Our example is our CEO and President and all Vice Presidents and silo leaders at CEOSPACE are WOMAN. While the old boy 25 year club of leadership got us to third party press # 5 on the global rankings – the ladies ( as we Stand for full partnership for woman in every aspect of life ) reached # 1 their first year and kept us # 1 for half a decade. We should have put woman in charge twenty years ago.

So how proud am I – retired now and watching from outside?

So proud. Founders who achieve the impossible – replacing themselves before they needed to – create institutional legacy. It is hard to let go but is so important for communities being served. As you approach 71 years of age you want to assure the institution of CEOSPACE serves entrepreneurs world wide, better tomorrow than ever was done yesterday. CEOSPACE excels at that single mission.

If you scroll you will see CEOSPACE JULY 16th in Tampa is an opportunity to accelerate second half of the year results. You will see my blog on SUPER CHANGE which should speak to any entrepreneur running a business or practice at their very core. CEOSPACE is the leading process for Fortune Institutions and any size venture space in any silo to be brought CURRENT and to remain CURRENT in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE that challenges us all.

I get to cheat. I have world leaders – world economists – world law firms – world insiders at the tippy top – attending CEOSPACE every sixty days and I get to learn from all of THEM as a master student – my self appointment for life. CEOSPACE attracts teachable spirits and cross mentors CEO master mind mentorship like no other venue in the world.

CEOSPACE is a transactional process where real deals get completed to grow faster doing the event. CEO’s benefit from expanded markets, processes, customers, or capital source relationship access.

Unlike Seminars and workshops, CEOSPACE Is a CEO ladies and gentlemen club at the top. CEOSPACE associates CEO’s in master minding to help one another without condition of any kind – six hours a day at meals and networking breaks with food. This RELATIONSHIP MIXER is a proprietary process that CEO’s report on video they would pay 50,000 dollars ( us ) just for the DEAL MEALS and their benefits to the bottom line.

Three hours in the early evening CEO’s follow up with appointments made by other CEO’s at the DEAL MEALS to Seal the Deals yet another proprietary process unique to CEOSPACE.

This technology creates the highest “unnatural artificially created” efficiency environment for solid lasting networking outcomes. Traditional networking – revolves around competition and creates node networking. A contact may give you a contact and tell you to say they referred you. GOOD LUCK. All that CEO really wants themselves in 99% of all networking is to secure one non crummy contact and get out OF THERE. It does not work.

And yet your NETWORK defines in 2018 your true NET WORTH.
The qualify of your NETWORKING is your superior growth pathology as a CEO leader. You best get results CEO to CEO if you can find a venue that qualifies and secures higher connection tissue to your core networking.

CEOSPACE processes create an all HUB NETWORKING MODEL from Tuesday to Saturday using artificial stimulators to maintain the quality of pure HUB NETWORKING. The box top rules preclude competitive impulse – everyone is safe – IP is secure with contract NDA’s with leading IP litigation law firms every CEO signs to get a name badge making the entire community uncommonly rich and uncommonly SAFE.

CEO’s network at higher effective outcomes from the time they put on their name badge to networking on the Shuttle to plane home. No second of CEO time is wasted. CEO Pacing places you in a break to run YOUR BUSINESS VIRTUALLY every hour – missing nothing at home while you profit from the critical contacts your making on site CEO to CEO at the highest level.

CEO lifetime members report to us ( on video always ) that they created a ten year new network in four days which is priceless to their forward growth planning. All CEO’s report they improved their planning – their teams to execute improved plans and added in missing resources that would have outside CEOSPACE consumed years of time and untold cost.

The vast majority of members report CEOSPACE reduced cost ( by a lot ) and time by ( a lot ) to secure growth goals the CEO had set in place anyway. CEOSPACE was their short cut to goal attainment.

There are numerous price plans to fit any and every budget within price plans unchanged ever – since 1988 to our member protection. WHO DOES THAT?

July 16th launches our largest richest CEO to CEO networking event of 2018 richer as parents wait a full year to bring their children to our FAMILY CEO FORUM in July including our leading award winning TEEN FEAST OR YEP ( Young Entrepreneur Program ) all game theory teens love versus class room learning these super fast learners view as ….not so much.

The CEO Family forum develops switched on home space for the sacrifice leaders must make to run their ventures ever up. Members tell us this is a truly priceless unexpected benefit of a program that starts and ends in prayer for all worship modalities including atheists. In cooperation we celebrate all differences to our human tapestry and ever punish human diversity inside that celebration. The world we all want is the Community CEOSPACE members create and maintain together globally and its huge numbers 30 years of service later.

Legacy – I woke up out of anthestic thinking gratitude that I get to see even more of the futures being transformed. Today is my first blog outside oxy and pain management feeling truly GREAT. So I wanted to share what goes through your mind at such moments.

YOU were on MY mind. Thank you for reading and sharing my blog. One of the faster growing blogs globally read by CEO leaders business owners investor private equity hedge fund and national leaders world wide for the content we try and present as useful when mapping forward planning inside SUPER CHANGE.

We have never advertised CEOSPACE.

We never market or sell CEOSPACE.

Our programs are filled by members who tell other CEO’s and professionals by word of mouth.

We invite guests to explore and consider turning a tax liability in 2018 into a business core asset of lifetime membership.

You call:

Jessica Lowe Vice President 256 850 4710 Florida office times to explore – no selling – just what we call SHARE & CARE. Answering your questions. You know what to ask when your exploring for you.

Nancy Murphy Global Vice President of our Markets 256 850 4719 with her vast customization of CEOSPACE for your venture or practice or Fortune Management teams when seeking a new fresh process to REMAIN EVER MORE CURRENT in the fast SUPER CHANGE markets we reside in quarter to quarter. The new C suite essential skill in 2018 and 2019 and 2020 is CURRENCY in SUPER CHANGE. What is your process for currency?

If you lack your own ideal process in this essential step for leadership you might phone and just explore an ideal fit for yourself. As our team learns about your growth plans and your challenges we will define specific short videos for your business silo or practice from other CEO’s in your precise field for hard data as you explore further. It is all fun and never holds any obligation of any kind. We are the lowest pressure zone in the industry world wide which is another reason we retain our # 1 ranking. Service standards to our prospective CEO’s exploring.

There is nothing like CEOSPACE. The experience we are told by you all is nothing like anything they have ever experienced and they are so grateful CEOSPACE is new – fresh – and out of all boxes the CEO knew of before.

Which is what the CEO wishes for as a leader.

Leaders helping leaders at a higher level of completion. That is the acceleration CEOSPACE provides a money back warranty on precluding risk to OUR CEO”s on their fit and taking all risk of any table to a new member – because we guarantee our own performance to you in absolute terms you not we can measure fully and we make sure no member is left behind – another unique on site pathology we invented. NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND in their business growth accelerations.

CEOSPACE is the # 1 Growth Acceleration Process ( GAP ) we close those CAPS to grow faster now not later. You gain the second half of this year – the biggest longest boom of any CEO adults lifetime – when 78% of all spending this year lays ahead of us. To improve strategic harvest of the second half of this boom years capacity to your venture growth is what the July 16th four days upgrades your life and future forward into.

Whats the catch? There are several.

Member in pre class set up on line programs are reminded you must contribute as much as you consume as a mind set. You must as a CEO leader at any level:

  • Mentor other CEO’s without any condition and with your full capacity to help other CEO’s for four days
  • Be generous kind and unselfish
  • If these attributes do not appeal to YOU we will FED EX back your lifetime membership before the program begins
  • Our money back guarantee repays YOU if you feel it is not a fit upon attending – before you depart the hotel – zero risk


I know of no other superior four days of 2018 to grow YOU as a leader – as a person – as a business – than CEOSPACE creates in your future –  July 16th.  The huge opportunity option of the 2018 year for those who explore and get the facts data and details.

As you go under surgery that could be life threatening following your 25 double pneumonia this June – which all makes you think differently. I was filled with gratitude for legacy. I thought – you know my life is “enough” more than enough in contribution. Nothing perfect like any life – full of laws mistakes and redo’s you learn from to be sure – but always seeking – always searching for mentors and teachers – to make ME a better person. In the past five years I’ve worked with Dr. David Gruder author of THE NEW IQ INTEGRITY on my personal integrity upgrading to the leadership world interface with heads of state deserve. You think your IN integrity until you work with a master on YOURSELF. Dr. David Gruder is teaching July 16th. My mentor. As is Adam Markel. As is Sharon Lecture Super Star author of Rich Dad Poor Dad which sold for 40 million as a successful CEOSPACE brand win. Greg Reid author of THREE FEET FROM GOLD and many New York TIMES BEST SELLERS and founder of THE SECRET KNOCK the CEOSPACE # 1 recommendation for our members to also attend this September where I myself teach. You access SUPER STARS like Bob Circosta of HOME SHOPPING ( who puts products for our CEO’s on Television before the Holidays in 2018 ) through meals and one on one coaching – up close private – one on one time with the super star mentors.


I aslo have worked for five years with thought leader author WENDY DARLING on emotional capital – on baggage one does not even know they are carrying – and at age 70 working still so hard on YOURSELF is the mark of leadership I personally admire and try to example. My fathers famous saying – to his nine children –

….always remember children the Lord God is never through cooking YOU. When you are best the Lord requires you be excellent. When you ARE excellent the Lord requires you become fantastic in a never ending journey of coming close to your real source – love your journey to that source and never not ever cease working on YOU…..

Dad – I’m doing the work in 2018 and 2019 and I won’t tire or quit attempting to personally know source even more intimately always a solo journey no one can take for YOU.

So now healing up and out of the envelope of threat I still retain a gratitude for a legacy that helps so many all over the world and has passed from the era of the founder to the next generation. An award winning program that keeps improving, keepings winning # 1 status and frankly ask yourself…..

….when is it time for YOU to profit from the # 1 leadership development program and business accelerator in the world versus anything less than # 1 – ranked by third party press world wide in 2018? IS now- right NOW your time to improve and grow? Everything you wish for comes from that choice you realize?

So I use CEOSPACE to grow ME. For thirty years. It never fails ME.

I recommend it for you. I suggest delay is the one cost too great to pay. Delay in missed opportunity. Delay in missing income. Delay in options. Delay in your own growth tools and tactics. Delay in resource acquisition. Delay in superior mentorship.

If you show me your results I will show you your mentors. Success is a feature of the equality of upgrading you decide upon in your own mentor circle. Yesterday its already too late to upgrade your MENTORSHIP in your life and future.

The quality of our CEOSPACE Fortune level mentors is unmatched in the world today. Our mentors is one reason our members never leave not ever once they believe.

Do you ever terminate members or faculty? You bet. If members or faculty exhibit predator behavior we protect the community and self regulate the POLICIES of membership a privilege not a right. Acceptable conduct of CEO’s helping one another is required to sustain membership over time with kind generous like minded CEO’s cooperating in community. Competitive behaviors has zero tolerance inside CEOSPACE COMMUNITY which seeks to example a safe – positive – environment for conducting VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentum in business agendas community wide.

Members have access to members in over 100 nations. Everywhere you travel is a tax right off when your a member as fellow CEO’s can’t wait to meet you whoever you may land for life. Geographic markets open world wide faster and for less cost with CEOSPACE community helping you. For life. For one low fee tax transfer into a business hard asset. A no brainer if you explore and just phone to get proofs on profit making.

If you know your investment creates high returns which ripple for months and years after your first one why would you not turn a tax dollar into a pot of pure gold? If you get the data you will of course.

Now there is no perfect answer or community to be sure. CEOSPACE is # 1 and a better answer but there are no perfect answers. In the end every CEO must make their own decisions and build their own venture. All the help in the world does not replace working smarter versus harder. Only you can effect those outcomes.

Many rank CEOSPACE highest value beyond the profit making and into the BALANCE MAKING. We assist CEO’s to restore balance in their lives which so many lack all the joy the work efforts also should bring to you in full measure as owner. CEOSPACE processes work with mentors at the top on BALANCE – leaders in this outcome for you. Is yesterday already too late to restore balance to your CEO lifestyle or practice lifestyle. Only YOU can answer that question.

New CEO’s also discover CEOSPACE is the world’s largest SUPER STORE. From IP audits with top law firms – to any legal second opinions on anything – to resource acquisition to lower cost to get anything done at high quality in less time for lower cash out – CEOSPACE is ranked # 1. The savings in the first year for outcomes you are doing anyway is another way membership is paid back. This aspect you have to experience as it would require.a three day workshop to explain the GRID of resourcing on board CEOSPACE.

Our members call CEOSPACE a new GRAND CLASS Cruise Ship for the Wallet. All that goes on – on board – is not clear till you benefit from it all as an experience – than you own a new tool for challenge solutions. The value CEO’s place highly to CEOSPACE.

Make no mistake – CEOSPACE is not a workshop nor is it a seminar and it does not experience as one. If you click our main web site before phoning our Vice Presidents listed here for your exploration – at and book mark this to share with CEO’s you network with here and there as a blessing to them as my reader family – you will see films under QUICK LINKS packed with proofs on process and methodology. CEO grade information. You will see a big room with lots of people and your mind goes – looks like a big seminar. However you only network in that big room and your only in it a few times during the July 16th week in Tampa Bay on the 900 acre guard gated Innsbrook PGA Golf ( 72 holes all suite hotel ) resort compound. You are 9 hours a day developing new customers resources and markets or investment connections. No waste to your time with us maximizing your CEO productivity with other CEO’s at your level of ownership and senior management for institutions or government ( who also attend ).

The # leadership development program in the world – the one and only on going process not a one off event – with layered development of leadership. Your first one you learn how to work the controls of the STARSHIP CEOSPACE and you never not ever will ask for the keys to a car to move your business forward into the future to follow. The second and third SPACE you CREAM it as your expertise how to get most from it rises and you have a CEO community who now know your business and help YOU moving forward.

We tell all our members one sentence – WELCOME HOME – and many stress weary CEO’s ladies and gentlemen all – burst into tears they are so grateful to be HOME inside this much unconditional help and support.

So now you have a window of my gratitude for the institution I have charged the next generation to move into the future for half a decade….and they have and they are …all without me. That GLOW you can only know if you also have done that legacy step in your own pathology then YOU KNOW my gratitude this week.

You share it with me. You know the blessing of the work.

If you join and register to attend CEOSPACE in July you will make a lot of money faster. You can have private mentoring with me just tell the staff your a member of my BLOG COMMUNITY and they will block time for US private one on one in my Chairman Conference room during the week as often as you require. Sessions are tape recorded and include FLIP chart and work output at the highest challenge removal level for CEO’s ramping up. I can’t wait to meet you frankly and get to know you.

I ask all my readers to comment on blogs as we love your input. Feel free to strongly disagree with any opinion I present as my own as I welcome your views in dissent and I learn from them. I so welcome your comments and I personally respond to each and every comment which only takes seconds to share thoughts view and when appropriate praise for any help your receiving from the data we scour the world to present to you the best we know how.

I always caution my BLOG is opinion – my own. Also I never give you investment advice. I give you suggestions on how to explore solutions with licensed professionals to advise you without substitution as the PRO’s are your guide current to the market moment. I present questions for you to explore to examine potentials for superior outcomes in a market defined by risks that are often not as clear as they might be with just some added perspective on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

Our past record of accurate more often than not forward prediction – like the SPRING DIP ( and we said the boom is not over and buy in the dips ) we predicted in 2015 – again in 2016 and 2017 for 2018 proved again prophetic. But no past accuracy from any BLOG even one as old and mature as our own can be relied upon into the future as we will all be wrong too. The Market of SUPER CHANGE is like no other in the world. For the first time over 80% of all global credit and capital flows are AI digital – a first for humanity. This merry go round is new frontier and no one knows how the FIRST GENERATION of AI over CAPITAL Flows will work out. We use past history knowing past history may no longer apply in the NEW SUPER CHANGE.

We want to be one of many information resources our reader use for perspective to their own choices and we always suggest your licensed professionals be directed to read this blog as they advise you against disagreement or agreement with some or all of our data points expressed just for consideration as draft to your choices never final copy. Only you can chose your own final copy.

Our privacy policy is absolute. Over decades our data base has never been violated due to protocols that protect you. Our subscriber lists are never used – we never reach out to you – we never use your data ever – and your absolute privacy is appreciated by tens of thousands of our readers world wide. We appreciate your subscribing as it effects our counts and search engine standing . We appreciate your sharing our BLOG LINK on your social and by emails to those you care most for. WE grow so fast because our readers are active and share like crazy and we thank you for that.

Much larger numbers book mark as non subscribers and read weekly or more often.

As a Top Forbes KEYNOTE Speaker I’m booked ( often by my readers ) to speak at events world wide – India to UK every year globally Romania to New York in weeks.

During peak SPEAKING engagements I can miss a few days of blog posting but as you know I catch you up quickly. WE try and keep the BLOG current to the world sound bite issues taking place to the moment. Readers have seen news reported here FIRST almost always first or a tie become national news stories in hours of a post as journalist subscribe world wide as a pet resource to their content and editor assignments. We release use of our blog information to any purpose and repurposing our readers may desire.


Always FREE a free service first to our vast CEOSPACE community of leaders and CEO’s world wide and then to our readers who are tippy top in silo’s across national leadership fortune firms press and investment institutions.

A pure resource on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE as an opinion. We never engage in politics. We only report in our opinion on economics that may effect business in the great global age of THE ENTREPRENEUR. 2018 is an APEX for entrepreneurs. The Kauffman Foundation we so endorse you donate into – the leading Entrepreneurs support foundation in the world today reported in 2018 that:

….a record new business creation at 557,000 a month or almost 7 million a year is rising into job creation and wealth creation for nations……

We believe Entreprenuer laws in nation are the most important economic stimulation for any national economic health and well being. We consult to nations seeking to address legislation deficits to their future economics fostering rapid entrepreneur development in nation. CEOSPACE is seeking to have nations engage CEOSPACE to offer our rapid acceleration program to their small business in nation a mature phase of our institution with governments who are seeking such rapid tax base development.

If you have access to national leadership copy and share this one blog with those contact as a possible contribution to national prosperity. The # 1 program is reaching out to nations next.

Gratitude for legacy.

You are up to date on me and CEOSPACE and I hope this blog was helpful to say two of you if just that because you two took action and registered into July 16th transforming your own future this year.

YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE for your best possible future.