The thousands of supporters who could not even get in to the SOLD OUT Trump Rally – dwarfed the couple hundred protestors who didn’t even matter. President Trump said basically I’m NOT LIKE OTHER PRESIDENTS I KEEP MY PROMISES have you noticed that at all…and the crowd went wild.

He pretended to act Presidential even doing the PRESIDENTIAL FORMAL WALK and said – see I can do that – but its not ME and I chose to be me – cut up have some fun – be outrageous to those bought and paid for egocentric old antique law makers – and I chose to cut up on the road in rally and have some fun DO YOU MIND and literally the entire crowd of tens of thousands went absolutely wild. They want TRUMP not a package that was obvious.

I turned down the invite given my honey is off to a West Coast Conference and it was my son’s 20th birthday – lets see the Donster or my son – I chose my son. He had a rally of all his friends and a blue birthday cake I ate way to much of frankly. So we had our own rally in our family.

AT home versus the parking security and all that JAZZ.

The Rally was sold out and thousands came to the attend the support outside and believe me the team felt that support. As the mid year election heats up the polls and the press might be cautious from their overwhelming prediction HILLARY was a shoe in for President – and the congress would land in Democratic hands.

Not Since they predicted President DEWEY as President have they been that wrong.

I read off shore press report on the Trump Tampa Rally and its pretty accurate. I watch US press report like CNN and its so biased – chilling – attacking – not news – it is pure spin. The Communist News Network as my United States Marine calls them – is alive and well with spoon fed bought and paid for spin. So you can fly to Fox for Trump support and by ratings the largest by far viewer audience or you can fly to CNN or MSBNC and read the left side and Trump Bashing. The truth is in the middle some where if it exists at all anymore in BRAND SPACE bought and paid for bias advertisers now having their brain washing flow outward versus say THE NEWS.

You can click to get the real news but its work. You can check in here and get economic takes on news versus political anything as we care less about the politics. We focus on the economic policy and outcomes. So our readers can plan.

The rally suggests to us that the mid year election is not as CNN would have you believe a slam dunk for the democrats in fact a huge pick up for Trump is likely. The majority of the USA the national WALLET PARTY is voting in private with their wallet. They want MORE. More 4% growth that 16 years of prior Presidents failed to deliver. Thats fact # 1 that IS NEWS. They want more in their wallet which tax cuts did deliver and frankly as promised by a candidate – delivered in full. That IS news. They want talks with North Korea 40 years of Presidents failed to deliver – talks with China on Trade and EU and Mexico and Canada and yes YES and RUSSIA. Those are facts and NEWS. They want infrastructure and the sinking USA turned around and rebuilt to be the model of the world – a republican congress gives all of the USA THAT and anything less does not.

I suggest one not under estate the TRUMP teams and the unity of purpose. There were a LOT of democrat moderates at the TRUMP Rally in Tampa Bay – a lot. They see their policies fully embraced by Trump who is beyond parties and politics. They want the RESULTS the OUTCOMES the PROSPERITY.

The spin on Trump is a failed Nancy Pelosi model of Justice gone bad – obvious to everyone – Stormy Daniels and METOO needing checks and balance and rule of law versus guilty by press as FREE PRESS is bought and paid for bias as you can see and no longer NEWS ( Good Night Chet – This IS Walter Conkite saying GOOD NIGHT AMERICA – remember those days of real news now long long gone ? ) . We don’t trust those institutions any longer or the spin doctors who try and brain wash a nation.

The billions to brain wash America are NOT WORKING.

The fringe left is not united and is bonded by a hatred of everything Trump and a love of everything free and liberal one can imagine – but they lack the votes to win anything.

America is alive and well. Her majority is composed of massive democratic unity and republican focus on THE AMERICAN WALLET PARTY AND PROSPERITY outside any party – politic or spin doctoring.

Forget its Trump as a personality you may find is not your style frankly.

Consider the TRUMP TEAM made promises and has more than decades of Presidents delivered on those promises. With a republican congress can you imagine the PROGRESS INTO WORLD PEACE AND PROSPERITY moving forward given what you already have seen and know in fact and that is NEWS.

Think about it American readers and the same for any nation – think about your leadership all over again.


PS: Apple is soaring and the market is going up including Face Book did you buy in the DIP and don’t rule TESLA DOWN they will surprise the world first and than stun them.

Market – Fed – Apple – AND YA ALL

Market – Fed – Apple – AND YA ALL 

BLOG readers – recall we told you buy Apple in the Dip. We told you the issues with Tim are largely resolved. We suggested Apple would stun the world experts – nay sayers and up to last week suggesting Apple was a sell not a buy and Apple Short buyers just had loses – massive losses they can not cover – and those loses will get worse and worse and worse. The weight of the entire stock market is titled to a % on Apple that is somewhat disingenuous but that weight is likely to last in software parameters for a time.

Keep in your thinking the following:

  1. We are in a new global casino capitalism the world has never known nor had history upon a new ECONOMIC.
  2. The world inter-connection is one aspect.
  3. The speculation of buying massively – say an ocean of buying on side bets to a future price up or down on both sides of the rope – for all money pools – by software – and a small Long Beach Bay is the entire real economic market of a stock price or a bond price or a commodity price – the price of everything – controlled now by software not human speculators.
  4. The Casino is consolidated from bases of the past to the controlling % in 2018 for the first time ( EVER ) by AI digital software -that is an evolving ever more SCI FI socphistciagd software war – of AI over money and the winner will control the wealth of the world. The first very fully digital global market dynamic fully outside obsolete global regulatory frame works. Today the trades are in the cloud and the regulations are impotent largely and local entirely. Legally. WE need to upgrade all that.
  5. Consolidation has less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS in AI software WARS with one another controlling market price ranges. The least gossip can move markets as AI seeks to profit in flash high volume trade against the other AI where volatility – is profit making and desired – versus stability in market. No one can predict if this is all working out to be good or to be bad.

The FED is raising interest to normalize way to fast and way too soon. Their inflation model is broken. The removal of OIL price as a pure temporary cartel speculation – takes inflation away. The case for a more moderate rate policy is in place. However the FED driven by pure greed for itself and its shareholders – as my prior blog defined for you – the FED is a private stock from – like say FACEBOOK only the FED has an 80 page contract from congress to control money with zero oversight or accountability. The Fed and its bank shareholder members – all secret – make fortunes as the rates rise FASTER. So the conflict against our national and global interest to the ultimate people of the nations best interest is not resolvable morally ethically systemically or in integrity – unless the FED is merged back into the US Treasury. In my opinion as the only sane fix.

The US dollar is doing something it has not done since 1980. Thats a long time folks. If you char the dollar ( as economists do ) you can see the ups and downs since 1980 where no new peak was ever at the old peak – all new peaks since 1980 were lower. Until now. Until 2018. Now the new peaks are higher for the FIRST TIME SINCE 2018. The treasury and the Fed in union with trade wars between currencies of nations are returning the US dollar to price ranges they have already decided upon.

We told you here – buy the dollar the trough. We told you to buy and hold dollars. We told you the dollar was not rising back it was ROARING BACK. The Dollar is ROARING BACK right now. This makes goods around the world cheaper to buy or the US and our goods more costly to buy in their nations unless they have dollars – which they all do have dollars and now desperately as it is roaring want more dollars at the price of 2018. 2020 the dollar will be hugely higher.

This makes OIL less costly as dollars settle in oil. Today oil dropped ( a lot ) as we told you yesterday it would.

  1. We told you buy Apple in the dip – we were so wise no?
  2. We. told you buy the dollar in the valley – wise no?
  3. We told you oil would tank – and long buyers would get killed.

The double reality. of America OIL STORAGE filling up again to maximum – Iran pumping record oil ( which we told you yesterday was unstoppable and Saudi trying everything like WAR ITSELF to stop them ) has lost on oil policy – lost on OPEC which is in fact SHATTERED IN TRUST by any measurement. OPEC meals have paid a trillion to lose market share of five trillion in forward years because of SAUDI.

Saudi bidding oil higher for a 90 day period – only to see Oil fall to the$  50.00 range – in the coming crash we told you is coming this summer – is economics not political or personal. We love the Saudi People and its leaders. We admire the leaders even when we refer to the PUPPY KING as a 30 something dreamer has so much vision but has some “issues” on regional political wisdoms and economic wisdoms. Saudi is at 75.00 dollar oil ( and it just plunged from that high ) in the RED in DEFICIT almost 60 billion dollars. Think about it. They just robbed without due process over 10o billion from their own Royal Families in 2018 – right? And without that 100 Billion they would be in the RED almost 200 billion this year alone. However – they lie about numbers and provide no real support on forward oil assumptions – opaque far from western economic reporting and transiency – nothing like Apple today. So you have to read Saudi economic tea leaves and bet that things are much worse than they are telling you. Short term they are fine but their Aramco Offering may have to come later than they wish as markets punish the failed POLICY ON OIL and oil crashes. So many will lose so much coming up – again – all because of Saudi. More and more are trusting Iran and seeing beyond the SAUDI spin to the world about IRAN.

IRAN is not what the press suggests and we ask the world and the press who read this blog to consider a more balanced reporting of how far Iran has come and is coming and how honorable they have been to their agreements – its truly historic. They should be rewarded for it and they are fighting real terror without a national agenda outside protecting their customer stability who they trade with – their partners – their trading sphere – who would not?

The Gulf Community knows how to read the tea leaves. The West has a bit of a propaganda model to wade through to learn the TRUTH. Saudi is wisely encouraged to:

  1. Disban OPEC outside a steering committee versus a price setting body of anything. As that game is lost and over.
  2. Let others run OPEC not SAUDI at SAUDI new policy.
  3. Pump at market rates that are appropriate for market share and focus on best service and price to buyers versus ripping them off.
  4. Meet IRAN and form a REGIONAL TREATY that brings stability and peace everywhere.
  5. Resolve from that Israel in a peace deal that comes from the King or Jordon on behalf of all Regional Partners. Usher in a GULF AGE OF MASSIVE PROSPERITY IN MINERALS FIRST and all economic diversity second – the next wonder of the world the GULF. The Puppy King wins big time. Lead the peace not the war.

The USA is in the drivers seat. In rising dollar strength – soaring economics – with an infrastructure deal – the future is so GREAT for the world. The Debt Bomb in time can be worked out. America needs the Special Prosecutor to with integrity stop looking to frame a case outside Russia Collusion. CLOSE THE SPECIAL INVESTIGATION and encourage by doing so border legislation the wall an infrastructure and maybe a TAX PLAN II. America would as engine fo the world usher in a NEW DECADE OF PROSPERITY.

Why would any law maker wish something less?

IS it time to with integrity – remove politics from US JUSTICE? Perhaps that ultimately is a huge win for TRUMP even if he has to do it on the other side or an indictment everyone will see as a sad sad day for politicized American Justice. While no President is above the law no NAZIS IN POLICE STATE SUIT – is above the law and accountability – such as Congress Impeaching the office of SPECIAL PROSECUTOR and holding JUSTICE REFORM to its own powers – for the good of the nations is a right now event.

Big wheels are turning. Will the Fed in GREED CONFLICT to maximize profits for itself and its bank shareholders in a private stock company we wrongly call the FED versus say Tony Soprano’s private bank no one can audit touch or oversight ever – is profits now. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

OPEC is not the rightening cartel trying to knee jerk oil higher for greed and need of their own decades of bad planning and policy. No. CENTRAL BANKS globally as private criminal corporations – owned in secret by the banks – are the MONEY CARTELS that CONTROL MONEY OF THE WORLD. Why is that desired at all in 2018 within a digital fully reporting age in real time? Or needed? MERGE the central banks into state TREASURY and generations prosper versus the FEW.

The only reason we don’t take on this public policy is the power of the MONEY CARTELS and the fact that the people who matter are distracted BY THE MONEY CARTELS keeping focus off the one issue of our time to reform the world maximally – MERGE CENTRAL BANKS INTO TREASURY.

You were kept ignorant for a reason on these economic truths.

The internet is making you all smart and fast.

I spit in the wind to 30,000 subscribers today but 100,000’s of click this blog site and they include the SUPER MONEY POOLS who are sharing this blog ( because they make money with its data ) and the press and institutions of nations and heads of state.

I personally have created a new bond class to re-set the debt the entire debt of nations in 24 months – and infuse endless new capital to those nations – keeping them in the black and resetting their debt CLOCKS. I welcome inquiries from administration of nations to effect this outcome fast. Working with a growing number with pride.

My readers – small business – institutions nations and the press – are receiving my best effort to review data restate date and let you make more informed balanced choices moving forward on what?

WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – so you understand it better. Its all economics folks always follow the money.

Now as.a Forbes top 10 Keynote Speaker I am speaking all over the world. Folks use the phone on this blog page to contact me and book me and form India to Romania from UK to Africa ..I am out speaking till the end of May right now one city a day non stop. Teams help me create data to extract news current to the sound byte you watch tonight.

The issue always is – do YOU wish to best informed always?

If yes – you already subscribe and share this blog on social twitters and walls. In one year we have gone from zero again as I fresh started – form an ISIS Hack ( those crazy brains have no sense of humor what losers ) – to 30,000 subscribers and huge readership globally in 12 months from zero…so thanks. You all did that. I’ll let you know when we pass 100,000 subscribers and one million again. Won’t be long as the TRUTH is treasured today.

You can’t buy it but you can read it.


PS: To the loads of great men and woman in Justice – you all know we love treasure and respect YOU but really – CAN WE DO BETTER and you know we can and we should and we must. Now is the time for reform and improving the system don’t you agree? Thank you for your service. Apple is having a great week and we told you so…go APPLE – I own your stock myself ….




Half a year out of iPhone X and the false expectation and hype of an APPLE Super Cycle – evaporates with this weeks Apple Earnings reporting. What is the crises:

  1. Worst Product release in Apple history.
  2. Erros in stage to a billion watching.
  3. Operating OS worse upgrade ever – six releases to get it fixed over half a year of time
  4. Untold user pain and Tim brand bashing that lingers for unknown time
  5. Inovation anticipatory reduced expectation – does Apple still have IT ?

As a proud user of Apple everything and a Microsoft programer – I’m witness to suggest YES – Apple and their amazing teams – still more than HAVE IT to lead the world.

Still there are financial storm clouds.

Apple made bets on China manufacturing.

Apple gave privacy keys to China based warehousing a great risk to the brand in time.

Trade wars could shift Apple away from China.

China fails to protect Apple IP and favors internal Chinese firms to rip Apple off and try to go by them with their own IP and inventions now trained by Apple for two decades. The Apple IP rights are not only not protected their marketing is ripped of in unrelenting local law favorites to local firms making China far from a level playing field or rule of law.

Apple is going to lead the world in innovation and service into the digital divide of the future.

Buying Apple at $ 165.00 or so in a dip – as it explodes this summer and fall back to 197 and perhaps over 200 is why I own Apple and suggest buy in the dip. Dollar cost average profit.

Typically earnings rising to records is not enough.

The market punishes Apple for its own expectations and not realizing imaginary targets the market has set up – frame in – as digital software profits in short selling Apple and then profits in moving Apple to new records.

The markets are all digital.

The markets are fully manipulated outside regulatory frame work by digital global software and 10,000 super money pools.

They will profit from Apple in trading ranges already digitally defined.

Avoid the fake news.


Buy all of the market with expert licensed advice who knows the digital landscape is able to explain it to you and is able to educate you on options for yourself.

Be informed.

Be better informed.

Expert licensed authorities can help you.

The ON LINE research can help you.


Be better informed.

Than act.

Apple with a now superior IOS totally fixed and leading again  – is BACK.

Out Front in the most complex digital hardware software launch since IPHONE itself as an upgrade last October.

Tim whom I feel mismanaged the launch – and is responsible for the crises – I do tip a hat to – for his calm non public work to fix the crises with minimum damage to the APPLE brand and base. He exists with maximum bonus and history.

The issue for APPLE is now succession. WHO WILL take over from TIM.

That needs to be defined and soon. Just that asset will make buying in the dip a prophetic moment for wealth planning.


That is the answer the market needs next on Apple.



PS: I”m eating some crow here – but Tim – as CEO – job well done 2018 !




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As an investment banker economist with experience running a large, global, investment banking, publicly traded, institution for years – may I suggest CEO’s of investment banking global public firms are a rare tribe. As they are the Captains of the Starship of economic headwaters globally the source waters – we know well how markets are made and how markets operate. We tend to predict with more wisdom than most other tribes. But the community at the top ( my tribe ) is limited and rare.

I listen to predictions ( almost always incorrect ) from idiots all over the 24/7 news space and I think how challenging it is for investors, of any size compared to say the 1970’s or 1980’s when the three news changes signed off with GOOD NIGHT CHET and This is WALTER CRONKITE. Different world back then.

Today the sheer velocity of data points and the Super Change day to day hour by hour in 24 hour market marking is first and above all else rapidly evolving – and unlike any prior market.

The days of floor traders and common outcry are gone.

The future is digital software controlling all prices and trading at a % level of market influence that is virtually total. Price ranges are now under influence of 10,000 super money pools trading trillions around the world in 24/trading – moderating risk by new AI – in fully AI wars to advance trading risk moderations using software. The market of so vast a pool of trillions is consolidated in base to AI software super money pools to trading ranges.

Profit making is advancing to a perception of “right and entitlement”.

I suggest the risk to global market ultimate stability is what I call LED or Liquidity Evaporation Day. Circulation is now the Achille’s heel of Ai software trading VELOCITIES. The very speed of AI to move say all trading switches to sell versus buy ( for say everything all at once and keep it there ) was demonstrated last month with the 1700 point drop and the worst Feb in years with a 1000 point net loss from AI.

We almost reached LED but not quite.

When LED is reached the world market freezes and a CASCADE occurs that exceed software parameters that next work in full automation to protect loss from never ending sell off but there are no buyers at all by RATIO. This creates market seizure. While value is wiped out.

A first. Never seen before.

The ever new AI and software upgrading is moving theories into untested un-regulated waters that must and will – eventually – ( and we have time say five to seven years ) exceed software parameters. Within such instant in time – we have LED followed by Cascade and these new market realities are far different than the Depression and Contagion – scary enough – for LED and CASCADE bankrupt all institutions and nations in 72 minutes. That is what is new. As raw potential.

That is why we have called for a new SEC and world regulatory re-think of the entire frame work. Look I’m 70 and at the end of my life. I’m contributing this thinking for the younger power players to advance stability into their own desire to keep the overall system while we move into SUPER CHANGE.

The new world order requires a United Earth Federation Dollar and monetary scheme. Every citizen of Planet Earth requires a 75,000 current to inflation today personal income – more for families of four – and these citizens only need to SPEND to circulate sufficiently for economics in all nations with no nation left behind.

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September Dohrmann was born on Jan 23rd 1980 in Ohio. Her family is all from OHIO as are so many of my business partners and friends I think all the solid folks – are born in OHIO.

She was raised in Nashville by her father Dr. Robert Minzak, and her step mother Susan Minzak ( mom ) and her late recently graduated Gram Myna Witt – the foundation of all wisdom till she left us.

September was staff and teamed in her fathers large contracting business. At its peak the firm had 1700 employee’s – did most of the high rise work in Nashville and built the city, and the star homes structures and designer welded drive way fencing and gates to their tens of million dollar compounds in music city. As a young man Bob was a technical AV guy for the Grand Old Opry and hit the road shows with Super Stars. He did the best air guitar I’ve ever seen and loved music teaching us a ton on point.

Her dad broke his back working high rise iron, and September his only natural child, nursed him day and night back to walking which the doctors said would never take place. He would however suffer from pain, and pain pills from those years forward fighting it as.a sober 27 year recovering alcoholic. He helped so many with wellness till he left us. Dr. Minzak not being able to return to construction liquidated the firm after the 2007 melt down.

Dr. Minzak studies and graduated in his post graduate work in natural herbal and healer in  medicine. Dr. Minzak was gifted in this space and we all wished him to super focus on his talent. Dr. Minzak worked in CEO SPACE until his passing two years ago.

Dr. Minzak passed on in his graduation, while September was opening a CEO SPACE in Las Vegas, at home in Nashville his choice –  the anniversary to the day and to the precise  hour of his famous Mother graduating two years early – again his choice we both. believe.


. September suffered so losing her life time companion TORA the smartest Akida or any Dog I’ve ever known – she knew more words than I did,  and her both  guides  her best friends, and closest family – ( outside the boys and I and our children ) her Father and Gram who left their values and principles deeply encoded inside  her. A forge of personal leadership and strength I have never before seen and it is magic in my own life.

September went on as her father was in post graduate work having dissolved the huge construction  business following the real estate melt down of 2007 – and  September easily got her real estate license. She was successful in Nashville in real estate. She was a prior licensed hair designer in the celebrity spa stores for the stars. while studying for Real Estate in booming Nashville markets. She for years successful built a real state brand in Nashville.  She also did readings as the cliental discovered she was among the most gifted angelic prophetic guide to resolve that which was not resolvable or healable. September healed it all. Providing precise directions in relationship to parenting to career and her readings remain famous at CEO SPACE events where she is in high demands from billionaires famous faculty and CEO”s seeking out of the box inner guidance with FULL CLARITY – her brand and email. You can email September at Her legacy brand to that business which remains world wide with heads of state and celebrities – she has done readings for Tony Robbins and the top and always with WOW from the lucky leader taking this advantage. I of course get THAT every single day – she reads my email in her head before they come in – we’er good.

So between them she was busy and in high demand. He real estate business resolved in our relationship, as she sold her last home to a CEO SPACE Faculty member in Nashville who still remains grateful. We dated while and where engaged awhile and quietly slipped into the best marriage both of us knew was possible and now like a fairy tale we live inside of in our work of high contribution and in our partnership as best friends upon the earth.

September and Berny are a love story you could make a movie about.

September spent almost five year as Chief Operating office and Treasurer for CEO SPACE in the deep recession years, mastering our business operations in 140 nations. She was complimented by inside department heads and by outside third party Fortune and vendor CEO’s from throughout the community world wide for half a decade. Which thrilled me but she is so humble praise is hard for this behind the scenes leader who is reclusive in personal life versus her stage and public life.

She is a writer, she has podcasts interviews on FaceBook’s CEOSPACEINTERNATIONAL you can friend and access all that free content for – from the most famous of the famous CEO SPACE leading faulty on line right now for a click. Her content gives you hard options for immediate use and profit – while you play podcasts and her interview style ( a TV SHOW will flow form this I suspect ) due to her talent on air. Click and see yourself.

In 2013 I set up passing the baton of ownership, leadership, and legacy for CEO SPACE to September, resigning for the first time since 1988 as President and Chairman CEO – passing the CEO title on to September as CEO SPACE and as  President globally. I truly stepped back and let the legacy transfer ..completely. Truly.

September went on to develop her own board and all lady leadership team at the top of our leading silo’s. She learning quickly from mistakes and engaged management leadership training weekly from the coach who has coached leadership for  Mark Zunckenberg  at FACE. BOOK, and  Larry Paige at Google and many others who chose September to Coach at the United Nations spotting the talent and legacy work, and Tony Robbins in 2018 as they are buds. My chosen husband  and wife Fortune 100 CEO leadership faculty  team – CEO SPACE faculty Bob Wright coach September weekly over an extended time frame – which is work – and she has grown to an IPO head of a public institution in the making next.

This transformed the CEO SPACE PRODUCT from # 5 on the Forbes List to # 1 on the most prestigious ranking lists in our industry globally- in a historic record in publishing four years in a row – a first. CEO SPACE for example is the one and only firm that made the cut from 2017 to 2018 to let you know just how hard this ranking at # 1 is in the world today in third party press.


And # 1 in Ink and other third party recognitions world wide that come in within our press section world wide via the interviews that September is in high demand from in anything entrepreneur world wide from an increasingly ware of September Global Press as an exciting knowledge commenter on current news and issues effecting business.


September Dohrmann has under her tenure,  expanded our reach globally, and opened up divisions to deal with sovereign nations exclusively. Which she delegated ME to lead. Knowing I love the legacy of taking the work to the highest part of our business plan. Increasingly I am advising heads of states and their teams in economic developments CEO SPACE brings the sovereign nation as fresh options. No nation has matching options and all are grateful.

CEO SPACE is the largest, oldest, most successful Entrepreneur CEO Exclusive Business “OWNER”  CLUB, as the leading  business accelerator  ( our one of a kind IP in the market )  in the world today serving over 140 nations. September is comfortable today in her CEO President role setting the policy and unfolding what comes next which will BE OUR FORTUNE GRADE all new Web Site first upgrade and global lift on line since 2008 – and its huge. Check back to this weekend to see her vision “before” as right now today – and this weekend when the new BIRTHDAY GIRL takes her global web resource on line LIVE TO THE WORLD.

Making CEO SPACE better is what this teacher, educator, leading CEO does these days. September has spoken at the General Assembly of the United Nations and is available to do workshops or keynotes as you wish a LADY LEADER on your stage.

September is working on engaging private equity with a passion to grow Entrepreneur Space , to invest with us, as pre public IPO event, with Hughes and Hubbard of Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC COMMISSIONER – guiding  and mentoring September on these next steps to make a firm that has never advertised at all – a house hold name as # 1 Business Growth Conference (BGC )  in the world in the third party press and by success outcomes with proofs on line to all claims.

Her vision is to demand side HYPER GROW – the  CEO SPACE city club system of today, large already,  by recruiting 1000 NEW  Club Presidents ( a $ 500,000 business opportunity in a box that is FREE to natural networkers world wide ) who wish to join a career Track in self employment where all start up investment  is provided by CEO SPACE and the contractor pays zero to start up in their city. WHO DO YOU KNOW?  As the demand side and private equity advertising and marketing grow the institution September envisions:


Tampa Bay Convention ball rooms – of six ball rooms with 5,000 each filled to waiting list registration – five times a year for our week long BGC’s. Our Fortune Faculty mentors for CEO’s rotate between those ball rooms in tireless service. Our trade show and our Super NETWORKING events we call SNAPS will take place within the yellow – green – orange, red, pink, blue ribbon separated classes with 30,000 attending until those ribbons are CUT –  putting  all 30,000 CEO’s  in the world’s largest trade show for ENTREPRENEURS as an IPO public institution within networking the world has never experienced matching efficiencies for. Invented by September and her teams as process unique to CEO SPACE and the IP that makes us lead the world.

September plans to deploy public capital and human talent to reproduce this WAGON WHEEL business  model in South America, Africa, EU, and ASIA. The founder Forum in North America is hosted in the same week as the other  CONTINENT NATIONAL wagon wheels – training and expanding venture growth in unmatched time and cost reductions to reach growth goals  -within ever growing CEO lifetime membership – the most exciting institution serving Entrepreneur acceleration.

CEO SPACE is not a workshop.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar.

CEO SPACE is the first new model of a business trade show that uses unique Lady and Gentlemen CEO relationship mixers to align agendas grow customers markets alliances affiliates in real time while each of FIVE TO THRIVE events occurs every 12 months rolling.

CEO SPACE grows profits. Accelerates own goal attainments.

1100 firms offer your money worth and they are all good with our sister highest endorsement for Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY and SECRET KNOCK and LAUGHLINS WEALTH PRESERVATION CONFERENCES being truly GREAT  – and you go on after CEO SPACE to that or you go on after MASTERY to CEO SPACE. A perfect fit.

CEO SPACE is designed to get our customer MEMBERSHIP FEE FULLY  BACK VERSUS their money worth – huge difference in IP and design of a one of a kind CEO  product in the world of pure quality today. Which is why September has CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL ranked THE ONE CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS – # 1 ranked – the LEADER – year after year – by third party press.

I know of few lady leaders of equal youth and experience having a matching global impact and legacy in world contribution and measured employment, jobs, and Super Brands everywhere in the globe today. CEO SPACE is legend in putting our CEO’s in hyper growth and keeping their.

September’s business plan considers five Wagon Wheel class rooms as her teams  demand model is built out by her most current upgraded  business plan, serving Entrepreneurs tirelessly  each and every week of her life and every one of our five  Forum Weeks – or BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES  – which as her model fully guilds will serve in each BGC over five WAGON WHEELS GLOBALLY – 150,000 CEO’s globally  per week  ( as her ultimate vision for CEO SPACE membership values ) and with almost a million  CEO’s served annually on each of five continents. Members can rotate to move products to the markets they wish to open next within the global accelerator model chasing their market of next highest opportunity. As members rotate between the global BGC’s – the entrepreneur world becomes more cooperative, less competitive and more one in box top rules to better processes.

CEO SPACE seeks to KEEP CEO’s current in the age of SUPER CHANGE as no other venue exchange for time and upgrading the CEO leadership from solo business owners to Fortune institutions served over our history.

September is engaged in partnership discussions with global Universities and a growing number of SOVEREIGN NATIONS who wish to massively impact job creation using accelerated entrepreneur class development in hosting nations.

September is also promoting SUPER BONDS as a method to resolve sovereign nation debt within a new class of bonds, being brought exclusively to sovereign nation heads of state in every part of the world today.

Finally September is working on bringing SUPER TEACHING ( a qualified in USA Title I technology for federal funding, and now moving to Canada and other nations. Super Teaching is new way to outfit technology to class room design, that is low cost and changes pacing and learner performance and retention.

September works with our growing alliance partnerships with very large institutional partners helping each other brand grow. She also works with sponsor institutions who wish to sponsor the leading Entrepreneur Trade Program for their brand profits and values in the CEO SPACE community – a wonderful sponsor channel today with the # 1 ranked brand partner.

World Famous Tony Robbins cut in person and live  the SUPER TEACHING  RIBBONS on the University of Alabama Super Teaching class room ( films on the web site ) before ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS and all major press. Big world coming out party in higher education. September first met Tony Robbins at our class – but deepened the relationship in the  big milestone ceremony at UAH campus in 2010.

All this keeps the President of CEO SPACE very occupied in a growing circle of service to the CEO Entrepreneurs including those in private practice world wide.  She commands our advocacy work in DC which influences rule making and laws with congress and agencies seeking CEO SPACE input when entrepreneur outcomes flow from the beltway today. Itself a high task of specialized direction at the leadership suite playing with the biggest voices in the market from TAX LAWS to CROWD FUNDING.

September is now working on a  vast data base of CEO SPACE to accommodate Grad member engagement as never before inside the community to further on line assure the SPACE never ends and that CEO members  can data mine resources at will – coming up next. A huge new community service to entrepreneurs over 30 years in nations everywhere and so many at the top of institutions that matter. Investors will also have new references to FINRA CROWD FUNDING PORTALS.  this link from September Dohrmann President of CEO SPACE provides the web site of 100% of FINRA your governments regulatory agency for new CROWD FUDING on line legal portals – an investor due diligence click and save to your file of opportunity as you explore an area I think ( venture investing in crowd funding ) is peak opportunity for diversification in the high risk super high return venture space. Mining the early adopters in this growing new industry will rise from a billion dollars to a trillion soon enough. As congress intended for massive USA and world job creation with new laws September assisted in creating with her husband and our teams in DC.

Her vision is unlimited and the legacy of CEO SPACE is moving to fulfill her global contribution we call our  business plan. Our business plan is legacy in the ENTREPRENEUR industry.

September is working with educational institutions to monetize the 1500 modules of entrepreneur educational content on high quality video – the largest library of its kind on content all high quality broadcast quality – computer indexed fully – no education institution possesses today in their entrepreneur studies. Subscription revenues fro this aspect of September’s work alone drive public share prices higher in a future IPO if her plan reaches that desired outcome.

Private Equity partners wishing to explore or Hedge Fund qualified legacy investors wishing to invest in a pre IPO business plan model, and step up to multiples in an institution moving into its fourth decade of global service, never having a red month in three decades, may appreciate a dialogue on a rare opportunity and the business team so proven that brings a rare option to your market space. CEO SPACE feeds rain to the investment  PE partner that invests with CEO SPACE by virtue of the never ending incoming of investors to CEO SPACE who seek deals that are uncommon in quality and opportunity, that result of rain making  replenishes the lake of investment for our partner without delay  by and in  itself. CEO SPACE feeds partner investors deal flow like no space in the world yet another intrinsic value to the PE partner bottom line. Due diligence defines the economics as well as the intangible top tier model of a mature business plan now unfolding to mission in the best BOOM MARKET to do so since 911 in our opinion.

September on her birthday is doing all of that.

But I wanted to praise this rare best friend, life partner, soul mate, noting her husband is a bit complex in the world today, for her tireless devotion to her first priority – he relationship with God – her relationship with HER HUSBAND – her family – in that order – never gets that priority confused not ever – and  with everything career in perfect balance so rare as well in leadership at the top.

This dynamic business leader in the board room, is unmatched a gourmet cook – wood worker ( her hobby ) – the warm inviting home she makes that everyone feels comfortable in it – our family values – her perfect roll as MOM to the greatest boys imaginable – and her mommy – ing to all nine and adopted we parent together for life and  on demand as they are grown and busy too and spread all over AMERICA today. Her perfection as wife and soul mate are what movies are made of and what everyone wishes for and what we have and live within as precious air – day to day – that never ends.

So September Dohrmann ON her Birthday is being celebrated. Her fans an go to her wall on Face Book and fuss at her with thanks or text or sing the B Song into her VM if you have her number.

Happy Birthday my darling lady – of whom I am so very proud in every way beyond what words could ever convey here.

1-23 – 1918 – IS YOUR BIRTHDAY