So the Holiday in the USA of Columbus Day a dubious Holiday if you understand the real history but there you go occurs on the 10th. The issue is that it overlaps with North Korea”s anniversary of its founding by a DNA damage family with insanity as their legacy. FAT BOY will find it impossible to resist showing his people that the USA as a SUPER POWER really has no – absolutely no – SUPER POWERS to use against him.

Actually an insane thought conclusion.

So will Trump shoot down Fat Boy’s missiles after red lines and warnings? Or will Trump initiate total destruction and first strike. At some point Fat Boy the real insane oh with big phallic toys – makes a fatal miscalculation. As Fat Boy makes that miscalculation and all his Kings men and all his Kings women will simply not be able to put Humpty Dumpty ( with very bad hair ) back together again. That is the real truth about SUPER POWERS.

So we wait. It is the big wild card this month.

Iran the trading partner in missile technology with North Korea and North Korea selling nukes to Iran ( make no mistake about that axis of evil ) is about to have a SITUATION INTERRUPT as Trump bows out of a Nuke reward agreement in which Iran is not abiding by any spirit of the agreement to preclude exporting Terror through North Korea Qatar and other nations in its proxy war with Saudi Arabia. The Gulf is in full on proxy war of Saudi and Iran and the USA has to chose sides. Thats the truth really.

We have no great solutions or even good ones.

But we have have to chose. Russia has chosen Iran and Syria. They are not helping us. They are playing the long game with energy and the Region and they are winning and we have been losing. Trump intends right or wrong to change that balance of powers from 30 years of failed policy to future years of improved policy. In such changes there are always unintended consequences. Trumps model is DO SOMETHING and fix it as you move forward versus try and make it perfect which you can’t and avoid action all together. So we’ll see.

Apple released the worst operating system IOS 1.0.01 EVER. The bugs were so bad it was worse than Windows. They know have released a fix and you can text again finally. That was a SAD DAY FOR APPLE which has had surprisingly sad days since their failed keynote with the error in face recognition to a billion watchers. Nothing like all that. Their head of Cloud services their rising star of revenue just left over internal hissy fights at Apple. Things are NOT GOING WELL FOR TIM and my buy recommendation is now downgraded and on hold because of it.

Today we find that IPHONE 8’s are destroyed by swelling of their batteries. Over a dozen “known” iPhone 8’s are cracked bent and destroyed because the battery swelled up inside the case ( typically happens before a fire or explosion which has not yet occurred ). What does that quality control failure by Apple with their love affair with CHINA we warned about and warned about as CHINA quality is falling.

My main computer you read off of Р as as the latest great Mac Book Pro Рbought this year Рthe latest and greatest Рhas had its screen replaced because the Chinese have GLUE come through the screen and damage it. Less than six months later I have glue coming through the screen again. I have to lose my lap top and you guys to have the SCREEN REPLACED again.

So batteries are swelling.

The screens have glue coming through them.

Is APPLE in full on CRISES MODE?

Is Tim unable to sleep at night as these items:

  1. Buggy awful and failed IOS release by a team that has been unable to debug software before it releases for the first time in 11 years. Horrible for the Apple customers.
  2. Glue leaks through the screen of their most expensive high end costly MAC BOOK PRO and destroys your screen forever. No fix but to buy another buggy screen from China or warranty replace which does not fix the quality as the new screen also leaks glue through.
  3. Batteries on the NEW IPHONE 8 in weeks of first release sweet and destroy the units cracking the case.

Apple is ahead of it all like normal?

Nope. They do not admit the issues or apologize like normal. No way.


This may be the instant on Monday that an ocean of Hedge Funds Private equity and investors sell out of Apple Stock. Warren Buffet may rethink his fiduciary responsibility to his shareholders and for the first time stage sales of Apple Stock.

Tim and his Apple Team have some rot in the apple.

The Apple is in full on CRISES MODE.

The problem is not what we KNOW.

The problem is the system decay that has allowed Apple to quality control breach its trust with its brand and its customer base.

This is what drives customers to Google and Microsoft and the rising N brand for business.

Folks this is a CRISES AT APPLE.


Though you heard all this FIRST here you will begin to see media who use this blog as a resource site get all over this – it will become a lead story – as the primary driver of the stock rally – is faltering into full on CRISES. This will ripple across value multiple space.

Apple has cracked the illusion of its own quality control and its primary premise – we will never release to our customers anything less than a flawless experience.

THAT truth is now a lie.

Crises at Apple.

Watch the stock folks and remember who told you first to sell Apple and I as a shareholder and advocate am a die hard jumping ship. Its economics folks nothing personal.

Apple is now in full on CRISES:

  1. Buggy awful IOS release worst in a decade or ever for Apple.
  2. Key people are living key departments with no replacement.
  3. ICLOUD service is in crises.
  4. Phone batteries are cracking IPHONE 8 in first days of release world wide and that is growing.
  5. Botched Keynote with a billion people watching they can’t even rehearse and make sure THAT is RIGHT which says an ocean of where they are right now on ability to MANAGE the FUTURE.

Now the market has only questions and they all repeat….


So with Apple – I would say the symptoms suggest a core cause crises that warrants a sell until the cause not the symptom is fixed and the cause is going to focus on a NEW CEO I suspect who can fix shattering Apple and restore Apple as Tim has utterly lost control of quality.

In the end that buck can not be passed and I like Tim.

So economics 101 – the market is unforgiving for error.

The market punishes lies and spin and cover ups.

Apple is not admitting how serious the growing list IS.

The problem is now management and the loss is going to be core confidence and this will effect the entire market place.

As I noted years ago the core problem is CHINA and Apples error to move from America to China co dependency and now that symbolic mistake by MANAGEMENT I suspect is going to cost Apple more than any gain from invention as all teams are punished from TOP MANAGEMENT either leaving or unable to function in crises with Tim bailing a boat that is taking on a lot of water for the first time since Steven Jobs was fired by John Scully and phoned me to vent.

Apple needs to get ahead to the crises by the CONFIDENCE they are doing just that is weak and is not good to great in any context.

Until THAT is fixed by management…the market will circle and focus on the single issue – MANAGEMENT – where confidence in the market is now shattering.


Berny Dohrmann – Reporting Sunday news for you – its all big 30 dead from Nate for example


PS: Would you hold Apple seeing a death spiral to stock high valuations given the multiple crises we know of and suspecting there are so many more we don’t know about….? The market will be unforgiving for these spirals of management mistakes – that is the prediction you can take to your bank regardless of what you DO with Apple values in stock price.