It is a sensitive time. Russia and China seem to preclude North Korea during its huge anniversary celebrations this week from further red line crossing. But it is not over until as we say THE FAT BOY SINGS.

Today Nike and other stocks came not the DEATH CROSS of bear market indicators when the markets were down – the worst seek so far in too many to count – where Nike is 50 days lower than its last 200 a DEATH CROSS moment.

We explained 70% of corrections have occurred in October a triple witching hour reporting month. We explained the crash of 1987 was in October a blood bath. We said if we get through OCTOBER without a SUPER CRASH the next period of danger our charts indicate is SPRING 2018.

We reported IF Congress passes a real budget – a real tax reform – we feel the expansion is secure and will continue If not – then a correction is a higher risk factor.


Huge History was made today in Palestine. It would take a lot of real restate to recap all the recent history between the two leading parties from Arafat to Gammas. Today the two major parties agreed and the exiting ruling party will run both Palestine West Bank and now Gaza including border control with Israel from Gaza. This is a milestone event for the peace process. With this agreement the issues change dramatically. Arafat’s party legacy is that they WILL RECOGNIZE ISRAEL.  Hammas in the past not so much. Today the parties in agreement unite the Palestinian PEOPLE as never before. President Trumps team now has a WORLD CLASS OPPORTUNITY to create a permanent last peace accord that would alter the Middle East dynamic. The agreement of the two ruling political parties today as nothing short of a 70 year milestone for the entire REGION and 100 million people in the Gulf. It will not be easy still but the hope and promise President Trump ushered in included the art of the deal suggesting WE CAN ACHIEVE A PEACE DEAL ON OUR ADMINISTRATION WATCH. Now the impossible …..looks possible. This is great news for America.





Being right all the time is a feature of data charts and research not luck. We told you to go short on oil and win and not to long on oil and lose.So many billions have been lost because of FAILED OPEC POLICY.

Oil plunged again today. Why? Two reasons:

  1. The Global Energy institution noted demand would be static or fall and oversupply and stocks would rise from now through 2018. No end in sight on over supply. Demand is going to simply fall off a cliff faster than anyone thought. Why?
  2. OPEC failed in its model to factor in TECHNOLOGY and EFFICIENCY. The cost of producing shale was profitable at around 60 dollars.

Opec Plunged oil prices from 120.00 to 39.00 almost a 90% destruction of price as normalized supply demand took over and the GREED Of a CARTEL of the few against 7 billion in the world needing lower cost energy – sought to destroy American oil shale.

As the price plunge took place by selling oil in velocities never seen before keeping cash pouring into oil the adjustment OPEC SOUGHT to return prices to high cartel levels failed to occur. Why?

First oil supply from non OPEC nations from new discoveries moved the scale of supply from OPEC to other sources including America – and a MARKET SHARE WAR took place where a run out of OPEC began and is now uncontrolled. OPEC is every nation for itself for if they remain with SAUDI failed models every nation loses their market share and may go bankrupt truly.

Second OIL SHALE technology developed where shale oil the largest supply of oil on earth ( endless ) is now profitable at $ 37.00 dollars and falling even at that number. New robotics may drop it to $ 25.00 in less than 36 months.

Soaring supply from non OPEC MEMBERS with America now at 10 million barrels each DAY and soon 20 million – OPEC is begging and threatening – to get America Shale to support their cartel requirement for 60 dollars a barrel – making developing nations crash versus rise to full partnership – so the few ( OPEC CARTEL MEMBERS  ) do not go broke – as their debt models for their economy only work at above 60.00 oil.

As sixty dollar oil is not returning without war they may create a war. Why?

They as producer nations go bankrupt without elevating prices regardless of how toxic such GREEDY CARTEL THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY as a hidden phony tax on all peoples for the one cost of everything else – energy – may be. The selfish price controlling criminals only care about their own survival due to economic miscalculations spending made over decades by the super rich. These decisions are now destroying their economies at under $ 50.00 oil.

Meanwhile OPEC % of supply is falling as fast as global demand is falling. All the while new oil discovers are soaring from non OPEC members.

OPEC started a market share war it had no weapons to win. Now they have lost the war and are economically dying from twenty years of growth relying on oil prices of above 60 dollars. OPEC is falling apart. Members are leaving in droves because they can not keep MARKET SHARE for their own futures inside OPEC failed policy models.

As a last desperate measure OPEC is being asked by CHINA to pay for oil at a trillion a year by betraying America and going of the dollar payment standard to use the phony communist Yuan another bankrupted currency in the world. If OPEC does that they are dead on arrival as an economy. China will also Super Crash as Trump responds to such an economic war tactic as per our blog yesterday if you scroll on that news.

You hear all this first while everyone is focused on Trump Tweet World the real news unfolds and no one is reporting it.




HOW BAD IS THE CRISES FOR TIM AND MANAGEMENT AT APPLE? Why is the stock just plunging as we told you it would? So management failures showing something is very wrong in Apple and it is no longer anything like the QUALITY CULTURE expected – no there is a system change and break down that is core and management is the responsible party – TIM is responsible and may have to GO. Here is WHY:

  1. Apple releases the KEYNOTE and has the easy to avoid SUPER GLITCH by management failure for quality control demonstrating the NEW IPHONE X does not work with a billion people watching. HOW UNCOOL was that scream – management system on quality control like DUH rehearsals and check lists – is NO LONGER WHAT IT WAS IN THE PAST – obvious.
  2. Next I0S 11 is the worst new operating system the most buggy god awful software – alright its official – EVER FROM APPLE and I mean as a programer from silicone Valley that worked with Steven Jobs – as in EVER. EVER. The fix I.01 was horrific. The fix 11.01.02 was like so buggy 1000’s of user complaints came in per hour. The fix today of 1.01.03 ( seems like fixes are every 72 hours so awful is this failed management quality control release of crap to 100’s of millions – the issue is management break down on quality at APPLE – no longer what it once was no longer reliable – I got my update with my phone jammed to the IPHONE STORE for hard reset and upgrade to the just in .03 version my fourth since the KEYNOTE. The customer service unit has no fix as they say its core buggy god awful software.
  3. The batteries in the first month of IPHONE 8 are so inferiors from CHINA whose quality is shattering now first with Samsung now with IPHONE 8. IPHONE 8 batteries are swelling from recharging to crack the IPHONE 8 in two and separate the cases and destroy the phone entirely . This is the new flawless upgrade hardware IVY? The APPLE brand is being trashed by all this as is the STOCK TIM and I’m a stock holder. Your in CHARGE TIM its all you no one else. Your systems are broken and you have to fix the systems allowing this not bandaids the symptom.
  4. Customer Service in the past Apple said – the problem is run batch x we recalled all those units and its isolated and we are replacing them all instantly at our cost and etc etc. They TOOK RESPONSIBILITY.  As a culture and trust item. They apologized to their users. Now with 100’s of millions of users just screaming they say – “we are aware and we are looking into it”. YOUR LOOKING INTO THE BILLIONS YOUR COSTING ALL OF US? I run the largest small business institution in the entire world with millions relying on our guidance. I can’t use my phone . How do I tell my customers apple has no clue why all these Mal functions are occurring and they are in crises model trying to fix their god awful quality beaches one shattered customer experience and complaint at a time.
  5. This creates the following. Oceans of users move to alternative phones and customer service. Stock prices reflect the management crises with a sell off in Apple that may be just the tip of the ice berg given TIM again is not in front of this because his steam roller of errors and break downs in management and systems has rolled him over as the leader FLAT.

No one has done more to trash the Apple Brand than John Sckully firing Steve Jobs who hired John in the first place but TIM in 2017. The change in HOW Apple accepts responsibility and apologizes is stock chilling as management is not illuminating IT and IT alone IS responsible. I vote for a management shake up at Apple and I’ve been a fan.

The problem is core systemic and endemic.

Apple you can’t con con con con restore CON fidence the way you are going.

Confidence shattered momentum shattered going into the Holiday Peak Sales is crises for Apple folks.

That said I trust Apple will shake up Management and learn from this so I ordered IPHONE X ‘s today in pre ordered as my IPHONE with buggy IOS was jam jam jammed up and would not reboot event. The VERIZON expert said my phone is locking up just like yours we are getting so many complaints I no longer sell phones I just respond to APPLE COMPLAINTS from our user base.

So that folks IS a crises. Call it for what it is today.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it Real For YOU – Read Trade WAR WITH CHINA please.