I said Apple shares are a pause moment. After saying they would be well over $ 200 a share by March. What is my thought and B of A’s thought to the market driver stock.

We all know smarty pants attorneys have positioned Apple when Steve Jobs was the BOSS such that tax haven IP siting in Ireland ( Microsoft does the same thing ) results in Apple holding over 200 billion in tax free cash reserves in the EU. This money can not come back to the USA under present Congress stupid laws without huge taxes.

The new Tax Reform Act will punch Apple Valuation to the moon and investors will factor in the new TAX FACTS to multiples of Apple creating a soaring stock value. At least that is what BofA said TODAY.

I said pause because Apple is in crises which the media has yet to slam home but they will. The crises includes:

  1. The horrific botch at the KEYNOTE with 1 billion watching when the face recognition would not work and they had to use another phone. Rehearsal would have precluded that but the lack of quality control on the most important event of the years speaks to Management and system controls that are not LESS than Apple standards. The problem is MANAGEMENT.
  2. Then Apple releases I0S 1.0.01 – the worst IOS operating system filled with so many bugs that are impacting user experience to the mud floor – that it is simply the worst quality control break down effecting tens of millions of users – in ten years. The WORST management obvious breach of Apple quality control in a decade. The problem is MANAGEMENT.
  3. Then Apple has IPHONE 8 they just released less than one month ago – just a few weeks – and the IPHONE 8’s are destroyed by BATTERY SWELLING FLAWS in hardware quality control – the batteries swell and DESTROY the new IPHONE 8 – users see the phone is bent in two – cracked open and unusable – and it is DANGEROUS. Batteries swell that fast and that much before they explore or burst into fires. See Samsung. This quality control break down is a MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROBLEM and the issue is again MANAGEMENT.
  4. Product flaws like their MAC BOOK PRO Screen leaks glue that destroys the screen. Then you repair the screen with a new Chinese screen that is not fixed and also leaks Glue – I’m on number TWO myself. They say they are aware and looking into it – must be a robot that put that phrase out.
  5. They have additional quality control problems ask any apple tech on software to hardware issues in the worst year 2017 for quality breach on hardware and software in Apple history ever.

Apple said to these horrific issues – we are aware and we are looking into it. In the past Apple always….. TOOK RESPONSIBILITY apologized to users – and they moved to rapidly fix the issue. They were responsible no buck passing and they were transparent in what action they were taking. Not any more. THAT IS THE BRAND CRISES management has made errors in changing course upon. IN my OPINION Apple world.


We are aware and we are looking into it….is MANAGEMENT SHIFT and is core to future results. it is potentially BRAND SLAUGHTER see David Corbin’s ( CEO SPACE FACULTY ) book on this topic.

Apple in this month of October is in PURE CRISES MODE. They are trying to manipulate media so the crises of their brand slaughter  does not get reported as a crises at all. Ah that would be lying.  World wide. As they have not opened orders for their X said TEN. IPHONE 10. They call X. ( Another mind blower of management in iPhone world )

Personally I assume the delay in IPHONE 10 at holiday profit time is not be desire but is to put out FIRES. I can’t imagine the flaws in the IPHONE X but I assume given the complexity of a first run they are greater than the battery swelling of the IPHONE 8. Now if you add all this up – you have a company of department heads in utter and pure crises rolling into Christmas and 80% of their profit and buying. Are you starting to see the APPLE CRISES or still looking through old glasses?

So Management. IS the CRISES. They failed on systems and quality control and they failed on response. We are aware and we are looking into it. ( Dangerous battery swelling so fast in hours the entire phone is bent broke open and destroyed ). ARE YOU KIDDING ME APPLE MANAGEMENT That is your response?

Say the word no one can say.

TIM. The problem is the Board and TIM.

At some point the investors are going to be on to the reality Apple is in a crises. Their head of Cloud their essential service group just left. A departure of key department heads crucial to Apple leadership have left in the last 24 months and the deportees picked up speed in the past 12 months. Why? Management folks. A lack of confidence in Tim. A lack of reliance on culture that is now core changing at Apple.



Apple is in Crises Folks. It may take awhile before the market and the press pick up on this. You remember that you heard it all here.

Stock price. I am an owner.

I think the stock price will be over $ 200 by March. I think the CRISES could change that and I’m watching. How many more wheel wobbles will we see from MANAGEMENT that has lost the confidence of its own circles and peoples, has altered the switched on turned on work space culture, has been unable to control quality where it counts most on their software main product and on their hard ware main product. In most firms with this level of multiple quality control crises the CEO is replaced.


So I’m saying you are going to see major events in Apple Management until this CRISES – they are AWARE OF AND LOOKING INTO is fixed.

I suspect the Press will rise this up to Trump Tweet Level soon and you will see APPLE IN CRISES all over the news. Where there is one to two dozen flaws so serious the IPHONE 8 is Destroyed by dangerous battery swelling due to Chinese Quality issues – along with say the screen on MAC BOOK PRO most expensive models leaks glue onto the screen due to shoddy Chinese quality – where the screen is DESTORYED and must be replaced. I know I’ve done it – they told me at the Apple Store – we are AWARE and we are looking in to it.

But the new screen leaked glue and my second screen is destroyed while they look into it.

When does this become a user CRISES issue for Apple as their famous quality sinks into battery swelling that is all over their new release in first days only destroying the phone.

Why is APPLE IN CRISES not Front Page news in the Wall Street Journal versus Bank of America suggesting BUY APPLE as a PR SPIN. Distraction to the real issue – crises and shareholder right to know and understand a bit more than WE ARE AWARE AND LOOKING INTO “IT”.

There is a growing list of CRISES IT lists and it all comes down to SHATTERED QUALITY CONTROl which folks SHATTERS BRAND CONFIDENCE.

See Samsung. Their CEO who did the exploding batteries is in prison.

So I’m suggesting the PRESS begin to shine illumination on the elephant in the building. The lead stock driving the entire market is in serious CRISES FOLKS.

My readers ( press  ) Hedge Funds and Private Equity are pretty smart cookies and I think as an economist investment banker they will think like this blog reports and be all over that we ARE aware and looking into it is such bullshit that they will dive in deep water on the real APPLE CRISES – Management – Quality Control break down across the product lines – and shattering brand confidence – and what next – and yes TIM.

So this is not going away.

This IS going to get worse. A lot worse. I did not create this fact set. I just report it so you know the truth from what is spin in the market. With 200 Billion in cash you can put out a lot of spin with big players.

I”m stating the truth. APPLE Is in panic crises mode running on the hamster tread mill like they were on meth.

Berny Dohrmann – Apple has some rot that needs to be cut out