Developing countries supporting 7 billion human beings need low cost energy to rise – shelter and feed their populations – create jobs and economic growth and energy and oil as the COST OF EVERYTHING from fuel to packaging to transportation to 11,000 base products now essential in any economy – is plentiful. There is no shortage of oil.

Producing nations have banded together to restrict and limit the plentiful commodity so that prices are low and developing nations can realize full partnership – taxing them for their own greed – by manipulation price through cartel action and control – illegal under laws of civilization.

Market price for abundant oil would be 35 dollars a barrel ad 1.50 at the pump in the USA.

The difference is a tax by the few against the many for greed of a few nations.

The criminal manipulators.

The problem is they as criminals no longer control enough oil to dictate the price in the market. The USA soaring production ahead of any chart expert forecast or projection is stunning the market by the month. The flow from AMERICA has no end in sight as America becomes the world’s swing producer no longer is it the Saudi market. America is selling oil at 47 dollars. The criminals are selling crap oil at 59 dollars but no one is buying their oil.

The criminals talk like they control the market.

The market has SPLIT.

The world is now priced in two markets from the USA Sweet lite crude to the Saudi heavy crappy hard to process crude. The crap is sold at a higher price the good stuff is sold at a lower price.

How do YOU THINK the market is reacting?

The customers are rushing in to get the better cheaper plentiful oil.

The MARKET SHARE WAR is in full swing. The OPEC criminals are losing.

Eventually they will have to sell what they can to earn what they can to pay their bills.

They have lost and are loosing so much market share it is possible they will bankrupt out their nations in debt.

They are operating in the red and borrowing to stay afloat today. Russia leads in this space as their economy is shattered really.

There is no recovery for Russia. They can not afford their war game cost unless they take over some nations which they may do because they now have to.

The problem is the old model of criminal flow control on oil against all the nations of the world has broken down as the USA and its friends have more oil than the criminals.

Demand is falling.

Supply is soaring.

There is massive sums of oil.

Soon development nations will be able to grow economics with alternative energy outside oil dependancy. As this unfolds the Criminals will have a use for oil they have yet to try – they can pump it up their ass.

They should try that because that is about where the price is going.

The day of criminals controlling the price of oil is over and nations all over the world are furious with the criminals.

NO one see’s them REBALANCING they see them choking the world economic so they can make a buck as a tax on everyone else.

Cartels are criminal.

The way distribution works is open market price and supply dynamics which when tampered with is bad economics and when controlled criminal economics.

So think about OIL CRIMES against humanity.

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking out against the criminals for the development nations who need low cost energy to prosper