Putin made a critical error to support Saudi which is now costing him a trillion dollars in lost market share. His oligarch’s are not amused with this error in policy. Putin is not capturing billions back – through investments Saudi is making into Russia and for Russia technology by passing the USA. America is not amused either as our oil production hits two million export barrels a day – markets at 49.00 that Russia at more costly crude to refine – at 57.00 dollars has trouble selling. Cut back quota’s ? No one will buy from these failed losers as they paid 100’s of billions to force their own customers to leave them forever – that is how stupid they are.

Now the King looking like he will topple over and fall in Moscow at any minute so frail is this 80 something leader – suggests the oil market is demand over supply rebalanced.

What a lie.

Oil supply is soaring. Reserves and stockpiles are going to soar all winter long watch.

Electric cars are going to erase 5 million barrels a day from the market by 2025 that demand DOWN bubble is irreversible. Robotics and AI will evaporate another ten million a DAY from the oil market by 2030 as will electric planes to that total number.

Demand is moving to down bubble for thirty years ahead.

Demand peaked and is done peaking.

Folks Supply is soaring as the earth itself farts oil and gas as I’ve long reported. Both are RENEWING RESOURCES not scare and only cartel monopoly influence can raise prices as a hidden tax on the 7 billion poor folks upon this earth for the advantage of the 1% super rich folks on the earth. The Few against the many.

The Few against the many OPEC and Russia have lost the market share wars. They paid 100’s of billions to lose customers forever.

Dumb and Dumber is a good movie to watch putting the King of Saudi as Dump and Putin as even Dumber.

Today knowing just how DUMB both are the bankers the backers the circle around them are now politically unsettled. The two leaders are surviving and in pure panic. They are trying with LIES to suggest untruth will make market price for oil rise.

Folks the market price has split into two markets.

The world market from USA 49.00 the better to refine world market split.

The OPEC dirty crude 59.00 harder more costly to refine world market no one wants and no one is buying save a last resort.

So their capacity to get business is drying up.

Their market is crashing in the following classic market panic ways:

  1. Their customers are leaving in droves and forever the loss of their market share wars.
  2. Their customers are leaving because they have better cheaper sources.
  3. Their customers are using less and demand is never going to what it once was by ratio.
  4. Their share of the market by % has crashed not fallen.
  5. Opec is marginalized and a joke in world oil markets.

Now then the PIDE PIPER PLAYS ( the King and Putin ) no one comes to the meeting but the little mice in their own inner circle. The world oil Market has left them out of the picture. They are marginalized and their influence is truly a joke today. No one forgets they ruthless raised prices and restricted supplies for their own selfish caret greed which market forces by passed.


The OPEC of caret tells is on life support from their own internal heart attack.

I do not believe the patient will recover.

So that is what is GOING ON OUT THERE….for the cost of everything – Russia and Saudi in pure panic – trying to use PR and cosmetics to over come the split in GLOBAL MARKETS selling best crude at 49.00 dollars falling back to low 40’s – while they try and sell dirty crude at 59 dollars saying the oil market is recovered.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the cost of everything real for you while the Putin and King do the TANGO FANDANGO in MOSCOW – NO ONE TAKES THE ROSE FROM ANYONE’S MOUTH BECAUSE THE ROSE WAS DEAD ON ARRIVAL .