Oh gosh. We are there now. Going at warp speed with no controls we won’t come out of warp inside a super nova.

You see once upon a time boys and girls the money managers of the world like Black Rock with 5 trillion under management – Sovereign Nation leading fund in Norway just passed 1 trillion first time ever – Black Rock Trumps nations – and Carlyle at 4.9 trillion is right behind them.

You see boys and girls these great money managers are now investing billions in Artificial Intelligent their new toy – that isn’t. To mean the judgement the history the perspective the emotional intuition capital of humanity – is not present in algorithms. So these self learning codes or first generation AI will seem pathetic by the tenth generation oil 2030. My new book DIGITAL MANNERS defines the future. Following SUPER CHANGE in 2018.

Folks AI is not AI. Its an experiment.

So the geeks making AI and I happen to be one with 1,000,000 lines of code patent issued world wide in my own name for SUPER TEACHING ( look it up ) as a child of Silicon Valley I get this one. As an investment banker economist who really KNOWS how markets work at core and issue head waters – this new AI manipulation in the casino capitalism market is well – FI. Foolish intelligence.

SO the disaster waiting to happen ( but not yet not this year ) is Super Crash. The Super Crash occurs from:

  1. Economic global system abuse.
  2. Credit abuse with a debt Super Bubble Spiral.
  3. Manipulation and price fixing by AI software trading at fantastic leverage.
  4. Black Rock can influence 50 trillion in market manipulation with its reach.
  5. The deflation spiral crash in all asset classes.
  6. The Super Bubble in all asset classes crashing from CASCADE.
  7. Contagion across markets that free fries AI liquidity – all sell orders no buy orders.

So the theory is risk less risk.

There is no way the market can move to all sell orders.

No one has that theory.

But me.

So as that theory becomes reality – all sell orders no buy orders – hour by hour the market crashes from 30,000 DOW to 6400 DOW.

You can’t get out.

Of anything.

Of any asset class.

Your worth is worth less as there are no buyers and your value is crashing.

Not just crashing SUPER CRASHING.

There is no end in sight.

There is no recovery.

There is no liquidity.

AI creates the SUPER LIQUIDITY destruction of the entire system.

So we have weapons of mass destruction – Space bursts of three bombs and no more western civlization – transportation – records – digital anything – electricity is off never to return – no grids – no transport – no communication no recovery. That is a risk.

You have same outcome from Digital Warfare.

Now you have WEAPONS OF FINANCIAL MASS DESTRUCTION – warfare weapons on markets to sustain CONTAGION SUPER CRASH and flips into all sells no buy orders.

The AI planners can not imagine it.

Sub Prime planners could not imagine nor did they have one single model for years of down pricing in real estate – which became the reality in the blink of an eye. That was a test of system failure.

Today the leverage and manipulation and greed has reached a point of system abuse from speculation in leverage and debt that the entire system has no way to recover from. To rebalance the system must die.

That is SUPER CRASH the AI guys who are FI guys really are creating having zero wisdom they are doing so.

No one has the breaks on.

No one has the what if games.

At least not the WHAT IF games I play – like you know 100% of all economic history and record keeping.

So on we go – where no global system has ever gone before – look ma its right now – and like Space Mountain at Disney World where I am now – raise your hands children and scream in glee on your risk less risk ride like GOOFY with your FI software – screaming ya whooo whoo whoie.

You’ll probably wish to ride again.

I’ll just watch for when your car derails.

Meanwhile enjoy the ride children everyone is in line and only the wise and the informed are watching.

You know – Like me.

So put your hands up children the end of the year will be thrilling. Watch the turns and loops in 2018. BY spring make damn sure you are buckled in tight on that safety rail.

Thats all I’m saying kids.

Berny Dohrmann – Being Consistent on AI and Casino Capitalism following Black Rock’s profits and confidence like split into a the financial hurricane – takes some time before it returns into your eye AI guys.