The market is not FROTHY. That would be 2007 and 1928. Nope. We are in FANTASTICAL VALUATIONS going where no economy has gone before. Why?

The Fed. The Fed interest rate rises are causing DEFLATION SPIRALS to entrench. The Fed never one to admit they fucked us since 1907 – never admits their own terrible failed policies that created two world wars while the profit in a greed machine – not being a federal agency but truly just a private stock firm owned by the Wallstreet they are supposed to regulate ( look up on google Federal Reserve Fraud and you’ll read all about ) – but the wool is so tight over your eyes you do not get – the cause of all crashes and pain IS THE FED.

So the recent Mystery ( according to Fed bandit Janet Yellen ) is inflation not rising. Inflation and wage growth are not rising because OF the Fed who will in error raise interest rates again in December and that will tip the markets into serious recession as the FED stops stimulation and begins serious tightening – a policy you do with soaring inflation only we have zero inflation – and as they do it – in the wrong timing – they kill their own golden goose.

Why? Because FED POLICY MAKERS are conflicted in their model by their shareholders that control the Fed that even the USA can NEVER audit and know who the real controlling share holders are by the worst law – 80 pages only in 1907 – ever passed by congress in 400 years. Resending the FED CHARTER is the first act of Congress not recessing OBAMA CARE – to save our nation and merge the FED into the US TREASURY – just one emergency act of Congress passed by December.

Never happen.


Well in m opinion the last President team to do that was Jack and Bobby Kennedy both of whom I knew. Jack pitched my first little league game. Its all in my book. They were going to merge the FED into US treasury an idea my famous father gave to them both. It was serious time. So they both had to die.

Too much money folks. Follow the money.

Today it is so much worse.

For you see today the Fed owned by the WALLSTREET INVESTMENT BANKS WHO NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME SINE 2007 HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS to the Fed FREE MONEY WINDOW because the depression fire wall laws – that kept banks from being owned by investment banks or vice versus were destroyed in the Dec three hour last unanimous vote of congress in 1999 as Bill Clinton left a balanced budget – where the Fed owners won in a class warfare and the USA citizen’s lost. Since that change the USA middle class has been vaporized.

The Wall Street Fed Stock Owners – make money on INTEREST. So raising interest where they increasingly pay zero for deposits or close to zero and then charge RISING MARKET RATES for interest is the wealth of nations. The Fed charges interest to the USA to print money which the Treasury for 100’s of year printed for free. AH if you saw the movie feature film Dumb and Dumber lets review:

Print money for free?

Pay banks and investment banks who are shareholders of the Fed a non government organization tricking the nation by using the name Federal – instead of Jamie Diamonds’ criminal bank. Better name really.

So the Fed is owned in secret and controlled by private shareholders – the banks and investment banks WALLSTREET symbolically – that the FED is supposed to regulate.

Come on Congress. You have zero oversight over the Fed.

The notion of INDEPENDENCE may have had an argument in the pony express day but in real time internet transparency a secret private stock firm that is not a government anything – controlling a nations money supply is a LIE. It is a FRAUD. If you audit Fed policy and see they caused all boom bust cycles – they caused two world wars and profited enormously from both – they consolidated wealth in America where 1% own more wealth than 99% – which is economically not sustainable for anyone – the structure is DUMB & SERIOUSLY DUMBER in 2018.

So the FED with FREE money caused the current run up in wealth where:

  1. Stocks exceed value charts before the 1929 crash and the 2007 crash the most horrific ration out of balance economically in human record keeping.
  2. Same for bonds.
  3. Same for real estate.

The FED shareholders make all that money. As the Fed shareholders ( WALLSTREET ) sells out of these assets their rising interest will create profits like have not been seen ever. The rest of the world economy will falter. The owners of the FED will consolidate and buy up those that falter.

As you look at the math think beyond the Christmas year end buying cycle making manufacturing and building rise seasonally into the Fall and consider:

  1. 25% of retail is now ccc lowest junk bond rated that they may and probably will default on loans – highest in history.
  2. That this ratio is anticipated to reach 35% in 2018 and 40% in 2029. We bailed out the auto industry to assure it was healthy as economic back bone. We are setting up a cascade – of defaults in retail and shopping real estate malls like economics has never seen before This cascade topples the entire system if you do the math like we have.


Then you have Spain so much worse in Debt ratio than Greece to the EU with Italy likely to move out of the EU as a EU catastrophe to how things look now – next year when they vote. Spain has bond and debt cost on its higher ratio of annual debt oil the EU than Greece ever was – soaring just this week. Why is the cost of all Spain Debt cost soaring? Because 1/3 of Spain economics is Catolonia and they are waiting for that 1/3 to say we are now an independent nation. That independent nation can not pay its debts like Puerto Rico and Span as Catolonia leaves is BANKRUPT in the EU. That contagion is CASCADE CATASTROPIE TO BOND MARKETS.

Puerto Rico economically could not pay 70 billion in bond debt and filed bankruptcy to protect itself. After the hurricane Puerto Rico can not restructure the debt and pay it back. Why? Because today there is no Puerto Rico economy. Their economic activity – with no electricity cell phone communication transportation working ports roads wear houses – water – there is  90% destruction of the economy with no instant fix. When Trump says that 70 billion is bye bye – its gone – they can’t pay it – the bond holders are going to have to write that off and that creates ECONOMIC CASCADE – panic into consequences of default spreading to the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE that freezes liquidity to the entire system. One Cascade and the entire system goes down.

The Fed has zero tools to fight the next CASCADE.

They can not lower interest to 5% below zero.

They can’t not stimulate they already own 5 trillion of crap if you audited them.

Which can’t be legally compelled by anyone.

The Fed is accountable despite appearances which are deceiving to no one. They can report to congress but congress can not audit their books – get financial transparency – nor ownership audits of who owns the private stock firm. The law in 1907 made it impossible for Fed powers to be subjected to third party review. Bad law in a nation our Founding Fathers wished the following to always be base line:

  1. Only the US Treasury could print money
  2. All systems have checks and balances

Is the Fed ultimately a violation of the US Constitution.


Why is that not long ago managed?

Money and greed.

Wallstreet is the largest lobby influence on 550 law makers.

The majority will not vote to MERGE THE FED INTO THE US TREASURY.

Many are financially illiterate and don’t appreciate the real economics.

The rest are bought and paid for.

How does it get fixed?

The rebalancing of economics will occur and the Fed is powerless ( even in panic now ) to predict influence or control anything about it.

Their failed polices to enrich their member shareholders make it all so much worse.

So everyone is sailing to the edge of the cliff having warm meals and parties in the Hamptons today.


We are getting close to that song folks.

The Fed will Blame Congress. The Congress will Blame Wall Street. The Banks will Blame investment banks. The investment banks will Balme the banks and everyone else. The Blame Game will keep eye’s off the cause – the FED itself.

Only the economically literate will really know the truth.

You know the truth.

What can you DO?

You can be active form groups committees and PACKS to merge the central bank of your nation as its all the same – into the Treasury of your nation.

You can advocate SUPER BONDS that are 100 year Bonds refinance national debt and new infrastructure needs balancing your budgets in nation.

You can protect your own assets by getting OUT OF THE CASINO before CASCADE hits which is any time but not right yet.

Don’t be fooled by the ramp from the final base camp on Mount Everest of phony stock value to the summit. If you profit to the summit you will lose nest egg dollars in my opinion and comment here – wow I wish I so wish I had listened to YOU.


Thats what you CAN DO.