Economists like David Stockman Presidential Cabinet member and adviser yell the sky IS falling well and like me.

No one listens to us chicken little’s.

As the casino fever races on.

I suggested the market driven by manipulation and greed – inside a class deflationary spiral, would super bubble till the market SUPER CRASHES. I stated the market may down to 6400 DOW. Stockman agree’s as do others.

So the rule is buy low and sell HIGH.


Base camp at Mount Everest. The highest level of stock valuation and bond valuation and real estate valuation ( with zero inflation ) in recorded record keeping. The Fed reports why there is no inflation and deflation remains is a MYSTERY. Meaning:

  1. The market is out of their influence and control
  2. They are marginalized to the market truly
  3. They have no ammo left or remaining but speeches – words
  4. They are panicked and have no clue what is going on out there
  5. They have zero tools and tactics to stop the casino stampeded for greed

As this precise model occurs before every serious SUPER CRASH we an look backwards to see forwards. Government loses control of regulatory frame work of markets. Speculation at 440 Trillion manipulates all asset class value and prices at 3 trillion of real economic stake holder buying – out of control speculation and greed. With fantastic borrowing using free money from failed Fed policy.

We reported 70% of Septembers end down by history but we anticipated a record end to September.

We were right the 30% ruled. Over 70 years.

The super bubble we think goes to year end.

You are at base camp final base camp on Mount Everest on this mountain now. If you want to play your wealth nest egg and funds to the SUMMIT good luck as no one can time the market now to super crash.

We advise our CEO SPACE clients sell out of all stocks all bonds all commodities all trading and move into diversified insurance investing. Annuities for Bond and income – Index products for higher returns – and whole life for savings and banking at highest legal return rates. A time machine from now past the SUPER CRASH fully out of harms way.

Those who take the advice will comment how we saved their nest egg. Those who don’t won’t.

We said the Spring of next year is the risk point IF we get through October without an incident. Super Crash IS coming the only item now is when.

You know it.

I know it.

The box top rules have to rebalance to reset global economic accounts. It has no room for error – economics is unforgiving for abuse.

Berny Dohrmann – Economist investment banker on the truth for you