The USA budget is ripped to shreds by billions upon billions in security breaches, IP theft, intrusion into government agencies – and the soaring cost to counter all that which is soaring with no law maker able to keep up or keep track even. The cost of billions upon billions in back to back weather crises fire crises and property and human costs. The soaring cost from Puerto Rico in bankruptcy needing bail out and Hurricane damages across the USA and Caribbean all in ONE YEAR ALONE is so many tens of billions in cost to the USA we can’t count how fast it is spiraling upward.

No one has final numbers on any of it.

Then we have security and law enforcement from terror – and now crazies in Vegas and Orlando – and the legal cost – is soaring – spiraling out of any control. For nations that spend more than they earn and operate in borrowing red inc. say Spain and France fighting terror and the UK this spiral is serious to budget. Why?

There is no there there.

There is no final copy.

There is no ending.

There is only billions upon billions more. Rising.

This is an economic crises.

Nation’s can not pay endlessly for these costs that add zero to economic fundamentals and values of the nation. These costs are spent to off set loss.

  1. Loss through criminal activity by nations and individuals now digital theft out steals all theft on planet earth yearly.
  2. Loss through weather crises that now having built irrationally in the harms way path of such weather no one can afford the damage cost of earth cycles to weather becomes ever more unfriendly or earth normal but not for human beings. How can such costs be paid for really?
  3. Loss through crazies – and this loss as in Vegas is not loss today but loss in every aspect of security cost rising to take more freedoms from us so the crazy can get their weapons into any venue of recreation and that cost is beyond any piper to pay ultimately. It is soaring. Law enforcement cost is soaring.

So what do we do to change the dialogue? We can’t protect ourselves from crazy people. We never have …

So the spiral crises for the USA and other nations is now impacting budgets seriously. Everyone has to pause to take in the economics. IS there a better way or approach? The reaction cost is killing future generations.

Berny Dohrman – The Death Spiral of nations is unfolding on your watch