As you know I am an Apple shareholder and advocate.

In Apple history they have not yet – not ever – released a more buggy IOS operating system. It was not ready. IOS 11.0.1 the fix is all bugs.

The reports I’ve made to Apple Customer Service note they are receiving endless complaints daily. The bugs include:


  • Screen malfunction
  • Navigation mal function
  • Messenger complete chaos
  • Loss of information
  • Information not being where you think
  • Phantom screens coming up
  • Lots more

So Apple – like HOUSTON on Apollo 13 – HOUSTON WE HAVE. A PROBLEM.

I was lucky to tell my wife in time DO NOT UPGRADE. I had to restore my phone but it loads the buggy Apple 11.0.1 again.

So now what?

As the word gets our and the PRESS PICK up on how horrific global and wide spread the WORST IOS ever is for Apple. I suspect the stock price won’t be favored till they fix it.

Thousands upon thousands are complaining. In my own firm I asked everyone including Beta testers how they were with the bugs – and they all said it was awful. But they did not report it.

Apple users are so faith based that Apple KNOWS how bad this is and they are working over time to fix it and an update will come. But the days of pain click by as the update is MASSIVE across the entire IOS. This is not a quick fix.

The quality control and the release process is buggy.

Apple has lost here.

Customer service have now fix. They KNOW how awful it is believe me they told me up to supervise level. I wanted to install the prior version which worked so well. You can not do that. You have to live with the painful version.

So what is changed and now broken at Apple:

  1. Its flawless quality control before release
  2. Its fix of the bugs and its publicity out from truth to tell you
  3. Its cover up how bad this is
  4. Its culture on all that
  5. Its faith breach to its user base in the process

So will this move people over to Android and Google and microshit remains what it is and they are worse than Apple ever thought to be – although 10S 11.0.1 is Windows ME all over again.

Yes. Apple is going to lose a ton on this unless they miracle repair this operating release.

I’m head of the largest entrepreneur institution serving 140 nations in the world. Imagine the following and consideration CEO’s in nations everywhere have when ready my blog. They trust me. For 30 years we have not released an IOS 11.0.1 that caused customer so much pain for so long.

Customer service can’t fix it because it is innate to bugs in the core IOS Apple operating system. They say wait for the update. They have no clue when that might occur. No clue.

Me either.

No clue.

So we work around. We don’t want to throw our phone away.

If it goes on too long I’d leave Apple.

Staying with Apple now as a shareholder and client in a global enterprise is hostage to how they manage this. In Integrity or not in integrity.

They are not putting out how bad the problem truly is to a billion of us.

They are not telling us what their fix modeling is and they must not know.

Tim must be seeing the billions I lost stock price as an omen.

I see this item as the largest management failure since John Scully fired Steven Jobs. In Apple history.

First the error in the keynote – a child’s mistake that misled the markets and was the only topic after. What management break down does that suggest to you. They can’t even quality control an event 100’s of millions view? I could do better for sure on that hosting CEO SPACE complex keynotes. Its a symbol of management break down which is my mentor area of expertise.

The buggy release of IOS 11.0.1 and the quiet on how bad and awful it is and a lack of a quick fix – the earlier version was better than the update which was BUG STEW.

Who is responsible.

When did they KNOW?

What actions did they then take?

That as hedge fund and Private Equity investing is what I’d want to know as an activist investor or board member. Some one has to be in charge of a CRISES AT APPLE.

Is anyone?

That is what is going on out there – Today – Berny Dohrmann reporting