Should human’s cooperate with the planet, bet self sustainable, and protect its gases  ratio – its sea and water quality – and avoid toxic introductions to a closed system? Should we take a tail pipe and stick it into our mouth from a car? We seem ok to do THAT with the earth.

Now then the earth self cleans.

The earth is a living system, alive, with consciousness and all its life is connected at energy levels we can not measure yet.

The earth is growing self aware ( of itself ) beings to take as the seeds of the earth is systems of life to the stars as in time the Sun goes Super Nova and destroys the earth and the earth too will die. Only the earth too will live forever if life it creates which may not be human takes the earth life energy to the stars.

Intelligent life is sane if it cooperates with the mother planet and protects the mother planet. Intelligent life is insane if it invests the wealth of the planet to construct weapons of destruction to wage war upon the home planet and itself versus invest the wealth of the world ( living earth ) to protect the earth itself from incoming strikes and life extinction events. The Earth is growing self aware versions of itself to do just that but so far we have been too insane to know the master plan.

So rather than self sustain ourselves, and feed everyone, and assure mutual prosperity, we assure 1% of the few elites own more wealth than 99% of all life. We invest more by 1000 times in weapons than we do in education. We invest more in destruction than we do in food. We are insane. Collectively.

So the earth. Lets look at some issues of fact:

  1. The Earth goes through periods of enormous climate change of present gas to methane gas with temperature swings that change the entire earth. Over long periods of geological upheavals normal to earth cycle times, climate change moves from glacial ice age to desert life extinction phases. Gas changes dramatically. Methane releases from under the seas and heat traps keep earth change momentum to remove polar ice to flip polar locations as the earth flips on its access by degrees. Wind of 400 miles is followed by mud rains for years. This resets all earth life and is normal to earth cycles.
  2. Human’s on the earth for the least time of any species ever – now records record all time earth heat record by these short timers to earth cycles – over what a 137 years. This is not a blink to the earth this is shorter than a blink by 1000’s of years to earth cycling. I mean really. We caused that change over 137 years? Changes that happen all the time over earth time without any humans at all. I mean really?
  3. The earth self cleans with its living changes of climate, conditions, poles, and resets. Offenses are wiped away. As are offending species not sane and intelligent enough to protect the earth and move earth life energies to the stars.
  4. Humans reside on 1/4 of the planet that is land and on 10% of that land. 95% of the earth has no human’s at all. Humanity can be supported by 100’s of billions using floating self sustaining earth cities in the seas – moving under the water of the sea  in storms and above during park like weathers. Self sustaining non polluting geodesic domes following engineer Bucky Fullers designs for cities of five million – endless capacity from the earth for humanity if we cooperate versus pollute.
  5. So now the earth is moving in a cycle change of geological active period following the most quiet period earth samples show us in 2 billion years ever. The period humanity had its chance. Now we have massive earth events – valances – super valances and tsunami – and so much more. One SUPER VOLCANO and the temperature of the earth cools in that month for 100 years or more.

Human changing earth environment? Really? ON our tiny space on the planet? Compared to ONE VOLCANO can heat the earth or Cool the earth more than all the effects of mankind in any year of time. One impact event can change the climate and life upon the planet more than humanity which goes extinct as we ourselves failed to protect the earth from incoming – while we could – but we instead chose to kill each other for how we worship or govern. Insane or sane?

Humanity has no idea of the earth systems.

We just a couple hundred years ago killed and put others in prison and to death if they suggested the earth was ROUND versus flat.

Our ideas of time, of space, of matter have all reformed more than in all human history in the past 30 years alone. We don’t know the DNA words and paragraphs as we just learned the DNA alphabet. We don’t know quantum computing and travel or energy production yet but we are in discovery. Everything we thought about our solar system is wrong and the ideas we had about Mars about Jupiter and Pluto are unfolding with each new sensor pass.

Our ideas about environment are like children in pre school discussing current advances in particle acceleration and physics being rewritten by grown ups every single WEEK.

Folks – we don’t know WHAT IS GOING ON in earth SPACE but you can be assured if we went back to horse and buggy the world would continue to heat up. When we grounded all the planes and car use was minimal after 911 the largest HEAT UP Of the EARTH took place as the reflection of our industry travel and gasses ceased and the PLANET with no humanity involved super heated due to its normal cycles as reflection by man was REDUCED.

Should we balance economics with sane enviromental policy. You bet. But with consent we KNOW NOTHING YET. What we do know is for sure wrong and inadequate. THE PLANET IS MOVING INTO A HUMAN UNFRIENDLY CYCLE and there is only the PLANET to reset it – one Volacno or two like we had in just the 1800’s. The Planet is cooled as the earth farts as its natural way.

To suggest WE can do anything related to all that is simply insane.

We need to reset economics to enjoy full prosperity planet while while we protect the planet because we made humanity safe and stopped the insanity of killing one another.

Planet intelligence is so much greater and more advanced than human intelligence. Mother Earth created us and can end us.

If we cooperate with Mother Earth we can prosper.

IF she made insanity in a specifies she will start fresh.

You should really enjoy your planet each hour of your life.

Stop worrying about things that are the PLANET while you cooperate with the planet and stop competing with the planet.

Again it is COMPETITION that is the cause of human insanity and it is cooperation that is the removal of the insane virus on collective conciseness of humanity.

Lets wake ourselves up together folks.  The competitive models of the present remain fully insane between nations.

Berny Dohrmann – Opting for a better sane way forward ….