So, the world promises Lybia full partnership and investment IF they give up weapons of mass destruction.

And their leader does give up those weapons.

Then a decade goes by of impoverishment where the USA and its allies did nothing to bring FULL PROSPERITY INVESTMENT and promise fulfillment to the people of Lybia. They did what we asked and signed the deal and lived by the deal. We lied – and we are seen as liars, and we betrayed the promise we made.

So the world does not trust us.

North Korea does not trust the QADDAFI Plan as they saw what happened.

Gaddafi attacked by ISIS used gun ships on those terrorists embedded with civilians. NATO attacked the nation and Gaddafi died died a horrible death. The people of Lybia have not risen back up to anywhere near the schools – the calm – the trade – the building – that Gaddafi had in place for them. Plus ISIS ran into the nation killing thousands of innocents. Were we better off with Gaddafi? You bet. Where we better off ( the people of Iraq ) better off with Sadam – you bet. Is OUR POLICY an utter failure? Well you bet.

So now what should our policy become?

We should:

  1. Keep our word with Iran.
  2. We should encourage an example of investment and trade with Iran lifting them up.
  3. Lifting them to wealth trade cultural celebrations and partnership and keeping our promise.
  4. They would change if our policies changed.

Now if they do not change, Iran is going to keep its word while we are not keeping our word. We are putting additional black list and sanctions on Iran who kept their promise to the letter. We are repeating Gaddafi history and everyone over in the region knows this and see’s this and believes we are morally corrupt – liars – cheats and we have zero integrity to base relationship upon.

To this end the leaders who are in power – believe the USA seeks regime change. To move more USA ideas of values to their nation. Such as open porn and violent video games they ban to their young brains.

American heal thyself before thou heal unto others.


We have a crises of INTEGRITY in our own leadership. In our Pharms – Wallstreet – Chems – Digital – everything. We are loosing our way of life because God is no longer first in our nation nor our values first in our nation. We need to fix our INTEGRITY and return our way of life so the world see’s America as a LIGHT HOUSE OF HOPE AND OF PROMISE again. An idea so infectious everyone wants what we had and no longer have. WAKE UP AMERICA. Lets heal US and then the world will see US differently.

So North Korea is meeting with Iran. No top leader is afraid North Korea wants to Nuke America and end its entire history in less than one hour. They all understand what a SUPER POWER is. They do not believe our integrity will preclude our USE of our SUPER POWERS. Do you? I mean really?

North Korea as a WORST FEAR is not the use of nukes. No way. The Worst Fear everyone is talking about is North Korea a criminal nation of economics growing 3.5 % with sanctions – double the USA growth rate – does so on illegal drug and illegal trade in general. A criminal nation headed by a mob inside group of elites while the masses starve.

Now North Korea has the most valuable Diamond to sell in the world – 60 nukes and growing to 100’s. Who will buy them? Iran? If they buy them during this ten day trip where the second in Command of North Korea and all their leading military are on site in IRAN for TEN DAYs making deals – what deals ?

As Iran keeping its treaty to not build nukes, buys nukes instead – and trades for them finished pin point accurate missiles to hit any target world wide – both become SUPER POWERS. By year end. Then Saudi has to have North Korea Nukes and the missiles to protect itself from Iran. Then Jordon has to have them. Than UAE. Than Somalia. We are talking a trillion dollar economy for North Korea in Nuke Sales. As long as they don’t fire off any they can sell till the cows come home while the Super Power Gorilla’s pound on their chest and fire out their meaty bad breadth with no consequence whatsoever.

Now when the first Nuke moves to Israel what does the USA do and how fast? Israel being a Nuke Nation how fast do they reply? How fast can this be contained? the Bible says a portion of the earth will succumb to fire. This would do the trick. One hour.

The herd is thinned.

Accounts are rebalanced. The old world order dies.

Who wins?

No one knows.

If Russia and USA go at it entirely – we’ll know in 1000 years not 100.

1000 years.

Everything you know stops in an hour.

What is the way to stop this?

Well the Super Power has to first strike North Korea massively. The example stops nuke proliferation for 300 years. Someone has to be the grown up. Millions or billions.

That is the math model today. There is no morality here. There is just math.

The trigger was lit when North Korea moved to Iran into sale mode. Is there a way to snap off the fuse burning.


Iran has high level talks with Trump – the boss and the boss. The DEAL of the CENTURY is made where the allies invest like a Marshal Plan into Iran. Iran reports the nuke sale to Trump and Trump first strikes North Korea as criminal nation – out of world law and order – a mob at the top – of a nuke nation – and sends  the world a 2017 example. SUPER POWER is expressed by the USE of the SUPER POWER without which there is no Super Power. It is a POWER HOUR and the world order is restored because of IRAN making a deal boss to boss. Law to Law even in differences of culture and many world views but – Iran choses Millions to Billions. Knowing it will cease to exist in the war of BILLIONS and will thrive in the millions to billions – North Korea or all of us.

Criminals never act in their own best interest. See history.

A criminal drug nation – a communist cult dictator that is atheist  and godless – no rule of law – just rule by fat boy – now with his dildo nukes is not about at 3.5 % GNP GROWTH going to make GADAFI deals with the USA – why would our planners ever think that was a possibility? How unrealistic is that. Our planners misunderstand history, culture, economics, everything, about as far from any reality as Opec is in market share loss in failed oil policy costing them trillions but no change in course. Idiots when the outcome is so massive.

Thank God for big boys – grown ups like MAD DOG our General who actually with his tribe understands these principles. Like McArthur who was right in the 1950’s when he was fired for his position to NUKE North Korea – he was so right and the cost to the world would have been so low compared to today. We have acted like we never learned anything. We have appeased the criminals like we appeased Hitler until Hitler Ally Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and won the Pacific war until we could rebuild and get weapons they not have ( Nukes ).  Nuetron Bombs. Hydrogen Bombs like the World has never seen thermal nuclear weapons before beyond any film from 60 years back. You can not imagine what a POWER SUPER POWER HOUR is like really.

So North Korea plays with madness and we have to assume Hitler will be Hitler – NUTS. Isis insane.

So now do we delay keep our voters happy till we are nuked in Chicago and Seattle?

Do we let North Korea sell Nukes to the Gulf and ISIS will be the premium pay buyer. Say the other terror groups right in line for premium pay to North Korea. Their GNP soars to 10% ahead of China and sanctions mean nothing to the gang at the top the mob boss?

Can you make a deal with Al Capone?

With the God Father?

With Worse – Hitler ?

Ben Ladin?

No. You can’t make a deal with madness.

So the GAME is coming to an end folks. Like Einstien feared. Mankind is not intelligent enough to manage weapons that in the ideal is power for energy peace and man kind welfare. Making weapons of such powers is beyond mankind evolution.


So boys and girls what you read in the news is symptom. It has no consequence or meaning nor is it relevant beyond two missions. To distract you from what is really going down and like the Roman Colosseum of history to ENTERTAIN YOU so the news outlets can make fortunes in the frenzy selling ever more mindless consumer crap to all of us as the system of news. Looking for packet ratings at each commercial break and adjusting sensational distraction reports to make sure you stay tuned for the ever higher ratings.

Symptom of cause.

The news you never hear about is:

  1. The old world order is coming to an end due to nuke proliferation. It is the SALE of Nukes that takes away all the options. Insanity versus sanity.
  2. Without USE and DISPLAY of SUPER POWERS the idea as Bin Laden said of Super Powers itself is POOF to US.
  3. Economically the world order has moved in over six years from old trading models to digital trading models that have created a casino speculation frenzy that makes all economic world markets fraud, and speculation driven, where a Super Crash depression and world war are now the next economic risk as out of balance trade accounts and debt can not be accommodated without G 100 system reform and regulatory revolution in the digital market space.
  4. Energy is in a market share war that is likely to end in a regional real war to artificially bid up oil prices for the few against the many. A Marshal Plan by the WEST to invest in the Gulf could restore a sane policy to the region but that level of economic cooperation requires integrity missing between the parties. Iran is going to buy nukes to protect itself. North Korea is going to sell Iran enemies nukes to protect itself.
  5. The economic death spiral of disproportionate spending on defense and weapons, is mismanagement humanity and its potentials for a GOLDEN ERA of DISCOVERY in education health and inventions, due to a crises in core integrity at leadership level everywhere. No one is talking about the cause – the crises in core integrity – and while everyone lies – the spiral toward historic outcome is winding every tighter while news reports symptom but never cause.

So I would not worry today boys and girls. Today it is all just chest pounding. It is 2020 and beyond you may wish to have a seawall and safe harbor. Make money. Invest in growth. Trade up on property. Put in a bomb shelter by 2020 versus investing in the market of speculation and greed all software controlled by crooks.

Develop your own integrity circles. CEO SPACE is one gathering place for that model. Life insurance for your lifestyle next one October 1st. Or not.

Many are called…but so few are truly chosen.

Berny Dohrmann – Truth is painful in a sea of lies as you wake up