So Fat Boy with his tiny little nation and his tiny little military has a view of the world that drug use would explain. What else?

So he says he is going to teach the USA the one Super Power in the world today. His military know what that all means. They are smart and they can’t all be using what they sell to the world – drugs.

So they say they will strike Guam. If missile are launched toward USA targets a) will they even hit them and b) would they even explode and work?

While in the air to our targets the response from our military – the grown ups – now seriously at war with North Korea – would be unleashing a FIRST STRIKE Salvo such as history and humanity has never seen before – North Korea would simply cease to exist and be gone. The world would see a lesson that would last for 500 years.

There would be no doubt.

Insanity would be deleted.

Sanity world wide would be elevated.

No one would go down that ROAD again – no one.

So are we there there yet?

Of course not.

Fat Boy is talking in his megaphone to no one. The generals he commands would kill him before they commit self immolation. They KNOW that they face PROSPERITY without Fat Boy and unlimited security and growth for their economics – or evaporation with insane FAT BOY.

Donald Trump is talking on the Golf Course to no one at all. No one listens to Donald Trump. The USA is running with the grown ups and the entertainment show has its ratings as a side bar. The grown ups are protecting America and Fat Boys generals know this. They are not miscalculating. It is all talk so much too much over such time frames. After all they just miscalculated and now a THIRD of their revenue is just sliced off with MORE TO FOLLOW.

They launch new weapons – it costs them.

They do anything to the USA they disappear.

Really a zero sum game the grown ups all understand.

Our Super Power Grown ups GOT THIS FOLKS. Calm down.

The markets – globally – they ‘ll set new records and new records till we have the crash. The Crash will be horrible from ETF and a possible digital attack we suspect.

Meanwhile it is all oars in the prosperity as the sails are full and the earnings are a rising. Apple is going to blow the market A WAY coming up and then Christmas in this market – I mean my God.

Fat Boy should dress up as Santa Clause and host world talks – and move to prosperity from playing with his dildo’s. What a waste of a drug user leading nation – an insane brain temporarily on top of his world …we’ll see for how long. Grown ups tend to wax impatient when their survival is at risk – say an hour away at any time – according to Fat Boy?

You think he will nuke himself?

I don’t…I think he has enough hot air to launch his own space program. I tune him out and the rest of the world considers him truly silly. A clown leader with a sadness for the peoples of North Korea all of us wish to welcome back into the world.

One Fat Boy against the entire humanity.

History is filled with them – see Nero forward to Hitler.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it sane for you out there – on he said she said day- on the Golf Course