Well I’m working very hard. I want to build MOMENTUM while the CRAZY SUPER BUBBLE expands until it bursts. This is I believe the last up cycle of this generation in this profit making Casino Capitalism. The old world order is coming to an end, finally, due to credit abuse and systemic speculations that sink all economic models since Rome. What is sad is leadership never learns, and fails to reform.

Today we have Venezuela about to enter into a full out civil war. The failed Communism economic model, which fails in China fails in every nation including Cuba outside empowering the elite wealthy inside a few against many systems. Competitive capitalism is not far away from AS BAD where its elite control all the wealth as both systems are broken and a new model needs to be installed but the Super Money will not let THAT happen although it prevents world war and is good for them – but they – them – them against us – they do not see it. From their lofty thrones the driver is preserve our status and “that is the way we have always done it”. They don’t see the rubber band stretch to break and they don’t see their own wealth loss and world war. Even when economics make it so obvious they do not see it.

In competitive communism and capitalism the dog eat dog mind set is never ending economic warfare. In COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the reformed model – it is collective prosperity with principles of Cooperation controlling the new collaboration box top rules – where compassion and ethics and integrity within full transparency and no secrets in the system – create circulations like the world has yet to experience, that are sustainable. We then have the tools and tactics to heal the earth – heal ourselves form illness and aging – and discover the stars really as we are the seeds of this earth space – taking our world to other spaces – and preserving the earth when the Sun Super Nova’s as it will. We are the future of the entire planet earth or we will vacate in favor of intelligent seeds she will make next having failed with US.

How many see this? Comment and let me know? How hard is it really?

So today we have the entire world come together to tell Fat Boy in North Korea – Hitler like behavior and competition – will not be allowed by the nations of the world. Russia and China voted on this and are sticking to it strictly. So now the tension ramps up. Why? Because the insane can never be relied upon to ACT in their own SELF INTEREST. Why? Because they are truly nuts and the sane must protect themselves from insanity ( say Hitler ). The earlier you do that protection the less cost in lives economics and loss in general. Insanity is the largest killer next to the flu.

Oil as we said went down. Why? The world is drowning in oil. Keep in mind economics is now filled with FAKE NEWS. Fake news from Super Money pools spreads FAKE NEWS the retail industry is deader than a door nail. They have invested over one TRILLION DOLLARS to short retail stocks. If these stocks shoot UP they lose a trillion dollars. They needs those stocks in the casino capitalism market to go down. This type of speculation should be a crime, a criminal manipulation of market prices – and folks doing it should go to jail like they did way back in history say in 1998.

The commodity modernization act – passed by a unanimous vote of congress three hours before Christmas break – in the Bill Clinton Leadership – his last big bill – destroyed all the check and balance laws of the Great Depression and allowed banks – to take your grand mothers deposits at 50 to 1 leverage in debt to play the bet we just defined in the market place. Which is what is taking place today.

In fact the Retail space just turned in in REIT land – not that anyone noticed – the real picture – that their earnings are all UP and the FAKE NEWS is all wrong. Retail is doing GREAT. We are still touching and feeling things and we like to go lookie loo because we are HUMAN BEINGS. My wife likes to try things on before she buys them. She takes far less than she tries on because what she choses FITS and LOOKS good. She can’t do THAT on Amazon and never can. She likes me to try on the jeans and clothes because the same size does not fit the same way. She puts back what doesn’t fit and in back to school world that goes for our boys at home this week. School starts in Florida on Thursday.

So folks, RETAIL is going up and the Super Money placed a wrong sided bet and is sailing up a river of profits that is going to lose some folks a lot of money. Think about that. The REIT’s are trying to change the narrative because the story is all Fake News form those betting a trillion on he wrong side of this bet.

Just like the OPEC and related investors LONG IN OIL are trying to preserve the potential loss of a TRILLION Dollars by being on the wrong side of the OIL BET that prices will soar in a market of massive supply over demand. So Demand falls like a cliff after Labor Day. Global Warming means enormous shifts in using fuel for heating. Demand is falling as we all move to electric cars with endless supply from natural gas in which the USA is the world leader not the GULF. We do not NEED OPEC OIL and we especially do not need OPEC oil at premium cartel manipulated prices for the greed of less than five nations. Supply over their supply is being found everywhere – in Brazil – off South America – in the USA and everywhere. More and more supply. As demand growth is slower than any period in recorded history and about to decline in the future. IN THAT market only FAKE NEWS can raise prices. Opec has called out all of its men and all of its billions and all of its market bets and all of its global press and all of its buying long and Opec can NOT PUT THE OIL Humpty Dumpty back together again. That egg has shattered forever as this blog told you it would. Inflation? How can the cost of inflation go up when the base cost of everything OIL which creates fuels – fertilizers – chemicals – pharms – and pesticides – or THE COST OF EVERYTHING at core base level – is going DOWN. Permanently LOWER? Inflation?

The Fed policy has to fight a decade of DEFLATION just like Japan only they have failed to win over 20 years falling from the number 2 economy to number 3 under China because of deflation. The USA is failing to win on this because Janet Yellin is the WORST FED Chairperson in 100 years – and her policies are utter failures which will take America forever to recover from as she vacates into a Super Money pool cushy position for life with huge income and never has a Greenspan moment of blame the FED causes all our SUPER CRASHES each and everyone boys and girls.

Which is why the first step to revolutionize capitalism is not tax reform it is MERGE THE FED and its money management tools and tactics back into the United States TREASURY where all nations do the same – vacating the 80 page. bill that created the FED as a private stock firm a NON GOV ORGANIZATION – such that a) the USA no longer pays interest to print money – and b) the management of money is accountable to congress and the Treasury for oversight on POLICY. The Treasury will free of conflict of interest such that the Fed is owned by banks and investment banks it regulates with zero oversight audits or accountability – returning money management in digital space to full transparency – accountability and removing interest on money as a cost exchanges insanity ( interest to a third party to print money ) to sanity ( we the people print money from Treasury with oversight like we did under the constitution for hundreds of years without depression cycles all appearing after the FED creation ).

THE FED is dead. They just don’t know it yet. Either after the war or before. Sanity or insanity. Too many are from the internet just like are reading – getting it. Read the FED information on line and you will become horror struck with how insane this fraud is. Write your law makers to MERGE CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO TREASURY. In other times and ages they would have an accident ( though I don’t drive much ) for my call to action. This is the headwater of all economics. Money creation circulation and interest cost ( the real cost of everything ) to the world community. If the Dollar IS the world reserve currency earned by WINNING WORLD WAR II – then – the Fed should preserve the value of the dollar. The Dollar has sunk to its lowest level “in modern history” under Janet . If the FED is failing – to preserve our World Reserve Currency status – our credit status – our future – why don’t we MERGE THE FAILED FED POLICY into the US treasury by an emergency act of he US CONGRESS when they return from recess fully accountable now to the US Treasury. We just revolutionized our economics without a bullet.

Also Congress can issue SUPER BONDS or 100 year bonds to pay off all Fed Debt – say 20 trillion – where the cost of the repayment is made from the FUTURE ECONOMICS and larger tax base and population over time. All short term six month to ten year bonds disappear into SUPER BONDS using TIME as the final economic asset to reform sovereign nation debt ( say Puerto Rico’s problem reform under SUPER BOND THEORY with Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner senior partner with Washington DC Law Firm Hughes and Hubbard – adviser to sovereign wealth funds – being the SUPER BOND THEORY KING for execution to markets ). Yes you can do this reform and yes it puts American in the BLACK – accommodates forward Medicare and social security and resolves the entire economic model – from failed competitive capitalism into cooperative capitalism. The Credit rating of the USA goes back to AAA and the future of nations has a new tool and tactic. Everyone makes so much money in the solution to the problem.

Because it is core versus symptom. Then tax reform works. Tax reform within competitive casino capitalism is the few against the many. Tax reform inside box top rules for Cooperative Capitalism works expression the many for the many.

The frame work for this solution is all spelled out in the best selling work I produced for law makers and leading Super Money influencers who care – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Super Money pools can see the future more clearly from this read.

Today the largest reported consolidation of capital is the movement from “human managed money pools” active trading funds of all kinds brands and sorts – into ETF or software non human managed money trading pools names and brands. But the movement is 60 months and fails to define the real consolidation. Why?

Because the laws are all LOCAL and the trades are all digital and IN THE CLOUD. What does this mean?

It means law makes have lost all control of economic circulation and laws no longer influence or matter to the larger casino capitalism market now free of regulation. When dark pools or non reporting pools ( why are these not crimes again ) and shadow banking super money pools also dark – beyond all national regulatory reporting are included – it is not 3 trillion from reporting pools that have moved since 2010 from Human money management to software money management – it is actually 440 trillion.

So if the market is around 3 trillion in stake holder buy and sell real trades annually – and the Super Money manipulation that market price as to the real cost of everything – a hidden tax on all of us – is 440 trillion – how does the dog not control the tail wag again? You all get this right?

So I have called ( for sanity ) to have the spiral of unsustainable economics speculation and price manipulation into the modern casino capitalism economic we all live within – for – the LARGEST GLOBAL RETHINK OF REGULATION FRAME WORKS IN MODERN HUMAN HISTORY. Why? The laws all lack digital over sight and transparency.

Cooperative capitalism defines economics that is:

  1. Fully transparent
  2. Fully accountable
  3. Has no secrets

In real time digital we can create this frame work of new global regulation.

Only IF the G 100 nations all cooperate. By hosting a GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS – seeking to invent entirely new world wide box top rules for market circulation equal access as speculation and price manipulation are crimes money decision makers go to real jails for committing. The system moves from CRIMINAL CAPITALISM away from financial terrorism – into a system of PUBLIC INTEGRITY all the peoples of the world have equal access to and are proud of.

Greed moderates under these new box top rules as does corruption. Everything is symptom. The Cause is the Central Bank box top rules of an antique obsolete economic modeling system everyone just tries to PRESERVE when what is needed is REVOLUTIONARY REFORMS to the core economic so we can all play nice together.

Integrity is the crises.

Competition is the cause.

Cooperation is the cure.

New box top rules.

So the President plays Golf and thinks competitively.

Every nation is in it for themselves.

The competitors are playing economic chips on the casino table and calling one another’s hands into endless new deals. All this fails into SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

The solution is REVOLUTION to the economics where no bullets need to be fired. IF and only if the mine field we cross is our own MIND FIELD first.

The problems of the past and the thinking that brought us those problems have reached the end of what is possible for solutions.

A new model of THINKING is required – cooperation ( sanity ) versus competition ( a form of insanity ) rises up inside the collective consciousness as it becomes educated to the possibilities.

It is for this reason I took TEN YEARS to write and create REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as the software download for the minds ready to upgrade their core operating system from competition to cooperation in the home space, in the work space in the public policy space.

Calling all leaders.

Lead the revolution. Read the book and take action.

Berny Dohrmann -Hoping the Presidents handicap is low today

PS: His first year approval ratings from all voters is very low.