FOLLOW THE HERD. Thats always the way to make a lot of money and to lose your principle at the same party. Speaking historically. Huge loss will occur from a market that is FULLY OVER PRICED. This cycle you have seen  firms that make zero that have outperformed firms that make billions on a Price Earnings Ratio. As there was no earnings at all these price earnings ratio’s are made up of thin air and the super money manipulations.

The PE ratio is at the highest level – well – ever.

The ratio of all the past crashes from 1906 to today now fall under the PE ratio’s of todays casino capitalism markets, who are seeking risk alarm bells the deafen the economic student.  If you track that kind of data. I of course do precisely that kind of comparison. History in economics matters. Folks. It is your GPS.

So what is coming next?

  • Record stock prices. Thats all we have seen since Donald Trump got elected. Why? No reason. No economic reason at all.
  • While this rising Super Bubble in all asset classes continues the risk in the world is soaring. The cliff you walk out upon is new – longer – more brittle – than any in prior history.
  • The Fed is about to change the dollar to preclude dollar forgery which is presently about 50% of all dollars in circulation. Countries like Iran and North Korea and Russia are the biggest Forgers which totally offsets their sanctions. As they economically work at destroying the USA in the market starting with the world reserve currency by simply printing real dollars – although forged dollars and putting those into their circulation accounts and that has been working for 25 years. Forging the dollar is easy today. As the Fed changes the dollar the dollar re-defined may be market rejected. We’ll see. The forges wish to end the world reserve currency status of the US dollar and they have united to do so – which is an economic war they are winning. Look at the dollar price today and we do nothing zero to win our own battles. We are loosing economic world war III today. Or have you not notice THAT taking place? At all?
  • Labor Day the big boys and girls return to manage the SUPER  money – noting the largest move from human money management to software money management is taking place in less than 24 months for another data point   – ONE CHAPS SOFTWARE BETTING AGAINST THE OTHER CHAPS SOFTWARE now is dominant in managing trading ranges and all asset class pricing. The SUPER MONEY SUPER POOLS betting with software no control and manipulate all asset class prices including all stocks and all bonds and all commodities and currencies.  When the trading falls outside the software capacity to disintermediate – CASCADE happens and when CASCADE happens liquidity disappears inside the worlds largest SUPER CRASH over which for the first time nations have zero regulatory influence moderation or control as they did in the last crash of 2008. Why? ETF and Super Crash capital consolidations into software controlled market spaces that have no regulatory offset – none – no influence of ability to moderate outcomes. A first in world market history.
  • The Triple Witching hour of the fall this October is a historic watch period. August being the worst month of the year for professional traders now all on summer vacation at the end of their holiday period only mildly attending to market foundational sources. We anticipate software will March us through year end into next year – without a huge third party trigger event. The big item to watch.
  • Can the market keep rising with herd’s pouring money into the markets until every saver returns and risks their money in the biggest SUPER BUBBLE driven by free money and leverage in recorded history? You bet! You bet  the market can keep its drunken sailor retune setting new high peaks – within software controlled trading RANGES until the market SUPER CRASH’s with full global contagion passing  beyond software barrier codes to instigate the new market reality we call SOFTWARE CASCADE where liquidity dries up and software no longer works at all to moderate or organize the market at foundation level. The old world order dies. We think we are within two years of this market event – which is now any anytime by third party trigger – risk on – cornerstone aspect of a market fully over priced and leveraged beyond historically proportions. The market is now a casino run in each wheel turn by software. If your IN order a drink and ask the dealer in the casino to HIT you. Good luck on your next roll of the dice.

The financial news will focus your attention upon  each new high and on individual stock earnings as opposed to the true health of THE MARKET PLACE GLOBALLY  versus the present mindless feeding frenzy that always bids markets to record peaks before they steaming ( all played ) as they all collectively  fall off the record cliff. They all die economically on the long fall as they spin and tumble down but they can not get out of the fall as there are only sellers and there are NO BUYERS at all.

Personally I’m out of the markets and have been since Donald Trump was elected. I’ve missed all those wonderful profits. I don’t care. I’m not risking any of my wonderful assets either. I’m making enough profits and I don’t need to make any MORE within the risk I could margin and love that risk to profit  MORE THAN EVERYTHING. As some of you folks will in the next 24 months fully margin and leveraged in your trading – lose more than everything. Do the math.

Wish I could tell you the WHEN.

You know the Gulf is heating up between Saudi and Iran right?

You know that Pakistan and India are heating up to a boil right?

You know that North Korea is about to start a real war right?

You know that China and India are at a war stage footing right?

You know that the USA and China are heating up with allies over the South China Sea to a war footage right?

You know the USA and North Korea are in a death spiral?

You know the USA is in a spiral with Iran close to war now? Right?

You know that real trade wars are scaling up right and the lead to real wars later? The world order as we know it is about to alter from the trade wars spiraling up and soon out of control – you know that right? Trade wars lead to real wars you know that is a solid historic fact of economics right? You learned all that in school?

You know the risk of serious Regional wars from Africa to the Europe theater are in the extreme high range do you not?

You know that digital war world III is unfolding and nations are attacking one another with digital weapons right? You read Kevin Freeman;s THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN right to prepare your own nest egg with great information right?

Your reading the news today with posture and economic glasses so you see tea leaves the others lacking information this blog water falls into your brain – has you KNOW before you FLOW right ?

So the casino manipulations will continue from the super money the super elite the GREED MACHINE that is writing all the software that controls CASINO CAPITALISM will manipulate profits ever upward right? Software doing the heavy market lifting right?

Sovereign nations are leading the Casino profit taking with their own State Sponsors Software which is frankly more powerful than the Professional money pools. Software like BOCS ( the Broker Operating Control System ) may be the most powerful trading platform of AI ever written in human history. Who owns BOCS? No one really looks into these things. Be amazed how limited the information on the SUPER SOFTWARE controlling the casino today truly is. No one regulates and no one has the information. It has all changed too fast. It is all changes too fast. It is all SUPER CHANGING. No one KNOWS folks and no one is KEEPING Ahead of it all – no one. There is no plan. There is no strategy. Just as with the last global depression and world war that followed it in 1929. No one had a plan or a strategy. Let the good times roll. Do not touch what is working? Do not risk tampering with the success? Ah thats the answer. Put your head between your feet into a sand hole that will protect your ass from loss?  I guess if your a specific breed of bird that really doesn’t work for you either does it ?

Why do I know this information and you don’t? Is it relevant to your security and future market pricing inside the Casino? When you seek safety do you think you can find it in 4X trading at today’s super leverage within free money? Do you think you can find safety in stocks and bonds today? Do you just want to make the most money in the least time and get in and out? Why my gosh your like everyone who engineers software advantages for trading for yourself and your inside tribe in the casino. My gosh your one of THEM?

One Chaps Software betting against the other chaps software. Within a box top rule set that includes this Monday as the week starts:

  1. Super Money pools like the world has never seen consolidated control the market through side betting and price manipulation using software.
  2. Free money and fantastic leverage for super money pools within spirals of debt and consolidation of riskless risk pols of investing in asset class consolidations create debt Super Bubbles the world has never known before.
  3. The new CASINO CAPITALISM operates in software trading pools outside all regulatory frame works without supervision or accountability to anyone in any legal frame work.
  4. Sovereign nations have joined the casino and now are its highest level manipulators.
  5. Economic World War III began with the digital weapon attack on the Casino Market in 2008 and digital weapons like the world has never known before are being developed to profit from and Super Crash the world order as we know it today – which has never been MORE OPEN OR MORE VULNERABLE to such attacks.

Leadership largest financially ILLITERATE much to the tax payers surprise – lack appreciation for the problem and its core causation and therefore lack information and perspective to fix the problem. The financial lobby profiting from the casino has no interest to regulate itself or its profit taking.

WITHIN this mindless soup of economic consolidation leverage and manipulation for Greed the old world order is systemically dying having been placed on life support in 2008. The tools to save the patient are no longer effective nor are they working.

The last rattle and gasp of breadth is taking place while all the visitors are in the cafeteria focused on sugar and caffeine fixes for their lingering bad habits or they are outside on a smoking break.

No one is with the dying patient who remains fully unseen in their death rattle and convulsions. Doctors come in and read the charts and say – oh he’ll be alright we’ve seen this behavior over time and they always stabilize. The doctors continue the on going medications that only further mask the symptoms of the now dying patient. Speaking economically.

There is no plan. No one has a plan. Of any kind. No one has a strategy. The consolidations of money are spiraling into further lack of economic sustainability. Circulation will be cut off as the spiral creates flow dynamics that constrict the ability of the entire world system to continue. Thats all. No one has a clue a plan or an idea of what is really going on. Its sad to watch them try to define the CASINO market space in old antique models that have no modeling reality to the truth of how today’s markets actually function. The news speaks Latin the market speaks another language – software language – the senders and receivers of information have no clue how to speak at all.

Perhaps you see all this as one of my readers.

Perhaps you don’t.

As I’ve told YOU what to DO to reside within economic safe harbor the remaining issue is – have you taken action to remove yourself – your circle your tribe – from the CASINO before it is simply – too damn late to do so ?

Either way you will always remember this blog, its prediction – and forecasting and time lines as presented here. The important thing is you remember you heard it here –  in clear plain English FIRST. Protecting YOUR TRIBE and CIRCLE is our only intention. We told you how to act on a plan how to embrace a strategy here – first – did we not? Is that ENOUGH? We believe it is truly is more than ENOUGH.

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking out out on core intention today