Ok pundits reported as we told you last Spring Apple’s day was over – it was a declining brand – it was tired – it was done – and hedge funds and pirate equity and the smarty pant investment bankers all sold Apple down to its lowest stock price in 2017.

We told you in this blog how insane all that was and why. We told you to buy buy buy. We told you to buy this dip and make a fortune in Apple Stock. Did you profit from the Spring Sting?

No? Feel silly now.

Its far from OVER.

Lets look at the economics:

  1. Apple is rewriting the rule book or the entire market place.
  2. Apple is moving up to 160 dollar stock price and now is at a all time record stock price already.
  3. The subscription income revenue is soaring and underwriting a new model not based on hardware. Apple leads technology in AI and in everything of quality.
  4. New IPHONE and new Everything is coming out this fall on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. This upgrading will raise Apple profit we think by 20% the market already as it down for 10%.
  5. The market does not see the innovations – like ISCROLL we penned off to Tim in 2015 and 2016 – wait till the INNOVATIONS hit the market and drive stock price to levels the experts had no clue to. Remember you heard about ISCROLL first right here – try and remember THAT when it is released .

The Apple team Jobs created is the DREAM TEAM in technology innovation where TEAM WORK makes all DREAMS WORK. There is nothing like – Apple innovation – Apple quality – Apple lifestyle.

Apple is generationally ahead of Microsoft and other providers as they all copy Apple from Day one. Apple is the FUTURE and in 2017…this fall….

THE FUTURE “IS” NOW…your about to receive the future stock price.

Ah…yes we told you.

And told you.

Right again. Like very single time – is anyone noticing? Just how right RIGHT …IS?


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a RIGHT on just for you on Sunday


PS: An Apple a day keeps your poverty away – thats for sure.