We have written to you. About the truth. Which the idiots in DC seem to disregard. But the entertainment ratings for viewers to the DC SIT COM and YOUR FIRED – are higher than ever are they now world wide. Ever tweet a new rating bump. It is a sit com versus a government.

So, we told you North Korea would be sanctioned. Today as I type the unanimous UN vote will come down to sanction a new BILLION DOLLARS to North Korea. This billion dollars will never fully execute though. North Korea will make it up in other trade deals – doing 3.5 growth almost double USA growth even under the sanctions – think about that. Their economy is booming. The lies about how many are staring to death are dispelled by any film of the local landscape.

SO we told YOU that – North Korea would make BILLIONS upon BILLIONS by selling its nukes. Who is the first customer? We told you THAT as well.


So the # 2 in command of North Korea, is representing Fat Boy in Iran and staying TEN DAYS. What do you think he is doing with FAT BOY? Taking selfies?

They are discussing – Iran intercontinental ballistic missiles that actually WORK with pin point accuracy – in exchange for NUKES that IRAN can put on its own technology to ONE STRIKE say FIRST STRIKE out Saudi Arabia. SO then Saudi is down with ONE single first strike and Iran rushes in taking over Iraq and Saudi and controls the world oil industry in say less then a week of time. Bam.

Far fetched?

Say FAT BOY armed with Iran technology can now deliver pay loads to Seattle to take out Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks to name a few and perhaps Hollywood with the entire entertainment industry and LA going down that is TWO first strikes – would we nuke them back instantly for the offense? What would we DO? How long would it take for US to do IT?

Should we first strike them before they first strike us or Iran first strikes us? Should we first strike them both? Right now?

Folks – you have no clue how terrible these weapons actually are. Today the crazy brains have the WEAPONS OF ROME. When the barbarians ACQUIRED THE WEAPONS OF ROME it was quick – real quick – that Rome then FELL. The Roman Empire FELL . Why? Because the enemy acquired the weapons of Rome.

Now some one at the top needs to make a decision as the clock now has no time remaining.

It is decision time. Folks.

Perhaps I am alone musing and no one else has these data points to connect. I’m just an eye land.

Berny Dohrmann – Trapped on the EYE LAND of FIRST STRIKE