We are of course VERY proud to be so highly ranked by prestigious third party press like Forbes & Inc. Magazine.

CEO SPACE charges the OWNER of a business or a private practice licensed professional a ONE TIME fee for a LIFETIME access to five, every 12 month – business accelerators. Thats right. Our Members can return for free – for life – every sixty days. The owner of a business or practice benefits from:

  • New customers
  • New markets
  • New alliances
  • Challenge list resolution from superior mentors
  • Accelerated growth for the future
  • Reduced tax payments for years

Knowledge is power.

Your circle is power.

No where delivers MORE than CEO SPACE. Our next SUPER MASTER MIND is October 2017 – the first week at Disney World. Anyone can learn about CEO SPACE and enroll on our main web siteĀ

The current CEO SPACE is our largest in five years. The program is still in session as I type to you. Hundreds and hundreds of smart awake leading business owners are helping one another inside an UNCONDITIONAL COOPERATIVE environment with zero dog eat dog competition expressed inside our four walls.

The environment is as precious as the connections and the content shared between the billionaires millionaires and those just developing up.

Investors plug into the HOT SPOT of deal quality. A growing investor tribe will NO LONGER invest if the CEO has not attended CEO SPACE for the tools and tactics to moderate risk over time.

Last night our TEEN FEAST PROGRAM ( Free Enterprise Accelerated System Training ) had standing ovations of CEO’s as the teens presented their SNAP’s on business requests. It was magic. A time of young miracle expression.

When twenty year old Teens called their parents out to come up front and acknowledged them and thanked them and expressed their commitment to make them so proud – there were tears flowing like rain from the adults across the ball room. Real truth between mother and son and daughter and father and son and father it was a time of pure miracles and my legacy in life.

When CBS and ABC and NBC and Fox News or CNN ask me – what is your highest point of contribution. It is not the peak brands we have helped to accelerate – Chicken Soup, Airborne, Gum Chucks, Piano Wizard, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Green Glider, Tow Truck in A Box and countless others you walk by every day at Wal Mart – nope. It is the TEEN FEAST PROGRAM and the thirty years of witnessing teen transformations. Teen futures.

I wish to acknowledged Dr. Deborah Charlton who runs our Teen Feast Program and elevates it again in December and March. I thank Eve Hogan our founder for Feast and all the Feast Teams who have ever blessed us with the legacy of this gift to families.

Today we are in after glow for the TEEN experience.

As with all things CEO SPACE there just are no words – you would have had to HAVE been in the room – as it so far beyond a tweet or a face book post – it is REAL LIFE and it is as REAL AS IT GETS inside life.

I am so grateful that I myself was in the room to witness it all.

Berny Dohrmann – Live from CEO SPACE Disney World Orlando