So, this week amidst all the weight spin of financial news, manipulated to the bone, is the good news on jobs and the uptick in factory orders and ramp up and the decline in balance of trade as USA exports ( driven by OIL ) soar. As we reported to you here – first – Apple buyers in the dip 60 days ago when WE SAID BUY and the market said the day of Apple is OVER – is now at RECORD HIGH APPLE STOCK and the experts now – sixty days later – say there is so much MORE to GO. For those who acted and bought Apple in the DIP you made a ton of money and more is on the way – your welcome. For those who pay attention the 72 hour oil ramp up after Opec liars meetings – has reached its peak ( already ) and fallen back down JUST AS WE TOLD YOU. If you bought in long on oil you joined the third blood bath of the year. One oil hedge fund announced today it is throwing in the towel and CLOSING ITS DOORS. Oil is heading down after summer drive season ends in a few weeks – we promise you. OPEC has lost control. All control.

Supply and Demand and the market is now reclaiming control of the “cost of everything”.

IN a time when America is a little over 1% growth – despite 11 trillion of Janet Yellin Fed Spending, inside the weakest recovery ever reported, Janet and the Fed begin to consistently raise interest rates. WOW. The market is not recovered – none of Trump Stimulation to infrastructure has taken place – and – we are heating up in wars all over the world with Russia even ( all of which we can not afford financially ) and inside this moment, Janet raises interest rates?

The over leverage, the SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes, made possible by NEVER SEEN BEFORE BORROWING and SPECULATING IN SIDE BETS on which way markets will go – in electronic trading markets – electronic trading funds ETF’s – and super pools of credit at consumer – commercial loan – auto’s – agri – inventoriers of everything – there is so much – so much more – all being PACKAGED and the Fed stock holders – banks and investment banks – are the folks DOING THE PACKAGING making all the MONEY no matter who and what soars or falls. They profit no matter what.

By making the market of 2.9 Trillion in trading BUYING SOMETHING – call that the real economy – MORE PROFITABLE by borrowing so that you can profit on 440 trillion dollars of speculating in musical chair games with financial instruments – driven by JANET YELLIN FREE FREE FREE MONEY to her inside members – the market has over her rule become DISTORTED. Worse than any economic distraction ever in any prior market ever.

No one seems to GET THIS FACT of economics.

The base supporting the trading volume is the lowest since 1929. Think of an upside down pyramid. Most of the money is in cash. At the top and not playing in the market. Yet the market has record sales at the top of the upside down pyramid. How does the little pointy base of so FEW PARTICIPANTS in the market actually support the record trading volume.

Do you see the upside down pyramid. Draw one on a piece of paper. Let me teach you economic principles in 2017 in class 101.

So put at the bottom point – record few institutional Super Money Pools.

Put at the top – Record Trading Volume due to fantastic leverage at FREE MONEY by the Super Money pools.

Now ask if this is stable or likely to wobble?

Ask yourself if it is sustainable or if it will become top heavy and CRASH over on itself?

A three year old can answer this question.

Now add in Crazy Janet Yellin leaving soon to make huge multi million dollar income from the folks she made so much money for via her POLICIES that favor the super money – the few against the many policies. She knows. She has this.

So she raises interest rates. The loans will have to refinance from FREE to ever rising higher rates moving back to 7% and 8% and higher.

Many can’t make a profit from FREE MONEY in the wobble and crash – periods and pay the higher interest – they fail – they go broke. The bigger sharks then buy them up and further unwanted system consolidation occurs as the dark hole of SUPER MONEY elite pools consolidates further in power.

No consider this.

The Fed has supported DEPRESSION AVOIDANCE by how? They have bought their member bad bets in bonds, in crap in the market, for ten years and now hold 5 trillion dollars of primarily crap financial instruments. These are not guided grade A assets folks.

When has the Fed under ANY CHAIR PERSON built up 5 trillion of pure crap on their Fed balance sheets as good assets – when they are not good assets? Answer – NEVER.

Not ever.


So WHAT does THAT mean?

That means the Fed the anchor of the world financial system has abused its own system with debt, in a way at a level the world has never not ever seen before. We are engaged in an uncontrolled financial experiment the outcome of which no one has a CLUE. Especially this crazy Janet Yellin Lady. She should have resigned when Trump took office. For her country. For her own future.

So Crazy Janet holds on to power. What is she doing inside the weakest recovery ever recorded?

Stimulating? No.

She cut off stimulation. Good call crazy lady.

GNP fell again and again as she did in the USA.

Did she keep interest low to at least hold the bar.

Nope. She raised interest.

The IMF downgraded the USA GNP over and over again this year alone. Due to crazy Fed Chairman Janet Yellin.

Is she telling congress to raise the debt ceiling of the USA so we don’t default on our loans and cease to pay our bills as a nation?

Nope. Crazy Janet has done nothing to promote the congress pass a budget protecting our own credit rating and borrowing nor has she done anything to get the debt ceiling raised in a timely way. The penalty of her crazy leadership everyone one of US is about to pay in the USA. Time has run out. She knows this.

What is she doing to help grow economics?

Ah, she is hurting growth now.

She is going to SELL the 5 TRILLION OF UTTER CRAP back into the weakest market to make such sales ever. Now Crazy Janet Yellin knows what you do NOT KNOW. But this blog is going to tell you and tell you right now.

Note these dates folks. Write them down on a post it in your work space. Go Ahead write them down.

1921-1922, 1928-1930, 1937, 1941, 1948-1950 and 2000.

So did you write them down?

These are the last dates the Fed sold its CRAP assets back into the market. Why are these dates worth your writing down?

Because- in each and EVERY TIME – that is 100% of the Fed doing so they caused a world wide recession or depression Super Crash:

1921-1922, 1928-1930, 1937, 1941, 1948-1950 and 2000.

Write them down. Each time. These are the LAST DATES the Fed sold 95% less Crap into the markets and the world market went into the crapper globally. Today with the upside down pyramid of leverage, debt, where debt is the SUPER BUBBLE driving all asset prices, the Fed is about to cause a SUPER CRASH as they sell their crap back into the market.

Will Donald Trump get all the blame for this?

Janet Yellin who just HATES Donald Trump and his team, hopes so. Donald Trump wants to explore MERGING THE FED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY for oversight and fiscal revolution for our way of life. The Fed is going to throw sand into the giant’s eyes – the voters to confuse them – to blind them. From the truth.

1921-1922, 1928-1930, 1937, 1941, 1948-1950 and 2000.

Those last dates the FED SOLD its crap into the markets are like speed bumps at your fast food place. Today Mount Everest of Debt is about to SUPER CRASH when the Fed lights the fuse. The Fuse is fast burning. It is being lit by Janet Yellin right now. There is no power on earth to stop her as the Fed has no check and balance and no oversight. NO ONE CAN OVER TURN A FED MONEY DICTATORS DECISION as they are not accountable to congress or to anyone. They have never been audited in 100 years folks.

The public has no clue. None. No clue. Like lambs going to absolute financial slaughter.

Janet Yellin is about to as this year comes to a close begin the process that 100% of the time – say historically –

1921-1922, 1928-1930, 1937, 1941, 1948-1950 and 2000.


Janet Yellin is the WORST Federal Chair Person in history – EVER.

I just wanted you to at least know who is going to cause all the pain that IS coming.  I wanted you to know. To understand.

What can YOU do about it? As individuals? These are my tips:

  1. Build a safe harbor sea wall for your lifestyle. Now.
  2. Own your own business. Entrepreneur’s will get through when no one else will.
  3. Grow your social capital your networks before the Fed acts.
  4. Get specialized knowledge grow yourself.
  5. Invest in growth while the boom is on going.

Sell out of markets about to be effected and reposition in diversified insurance investments. Remember I told you.

So ask an insurance licensed insurance professional HOW the IRS in effect buys your investing for you. As you get this SECRET KNOWLEDGE you will see the highest returns permitted by law with guaranteed principle have become your safe harbor in any future market space.

Finally write your law market which you can do on line today that as a small business OWNER you advocate the US CONGRESS merge the FED back into US treasury by an emergency act of Congress.

Time is almost gone to save the system.

What America needs is GREAT AMERICANS – US.

I want to BE a GREAT AMERICAN. What my country needs – is US. All of US. Together. As one . Collectively. My country is already great. What we require is for all of US to simply “BE” GREAT AMERICANS… we go back to the future.

Berny Dohrmann – Dispelling the lies within Fed Truth Today

1921-1922, 1928-1930, 1937, 1941, 1948-1950 and 2000 2018