CEO SPACE IS THE # 1 RANKED BUSINESS ACCELERATION process in the world. CEO SPACE is an exclusive club for Business OWNERS. Billionaires network with millionaires. Opportunities are sharing in a world COLAB like the globe has never known before. The Space is family valued. Leading Teen Entrepreneur programs are in session this week. Children of all ages populate the seven amusement parks around DISNEY WORLD as CEO SPACE host facilities. Business owners pay a 1988 price – one time – and enjoy acceleration full access to five forward MARKETS to grow their results faster – for free – for LIFE. Lifetime Membership one tax reducing small price to join – forever.

This week CEO’s from all over the world are attending CEO SPACE in Orlando. The program is our largest in many years. The depth of connections, the COLAB ( Collaboration on steroids ) in unique processes to forge relationship between OWNERS that make sense for alliance affiliation and growth.

The best of the best alive Fortune 100 Expert mentors and trainers are donating their time, tithing back to industry for a week of time – no change and endless private one on one meetings. Contacts critical to growth are flowing like a rain of Diamonds.

As you can appreciate my own teaching daily on advanced NEW LAW CROWD FUNDING AND CAPITAL ADVANTAGES todays CEO’s need to update upon is demanding. My own teens are in the advanced TEEN FEAST PROGRAM.

So this is a busy week as we deliver CEO SPACE to our global membership of business owners, half of whom are lady leaders.

Our remaining two meetings are taking place in October at Disney World and the second week of December in our new home in Tampa Bay Florida about 90 minutes by car from Disney World Parks.

We welcome you to click to learn more about this work if you own a business or you have friends that own a business or professionals in private practice.

Enjoy all that information and short films related to your interest. Super Stars are on those films including Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Jack Canfield, and many many more you will know and trust. CEO SPACE has more endorsements from more famous leadership like Tony Robbins than any single conference in the world today.

Ranked # 1 by both Forbes and Inc – there is such devotion this week to STAY THERE as we make the program even better for our business owners.

Accelerating YOUR dreams and your business IS our thirty year speciality and our only business. Accelerating your income.

Thanks for sharing as we never advertise or market. Our membership is our only billboard.

Happy customers telling new members.

And YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman Founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – the industry leader in 140 nations