White House “APPRENTICE ” SEASON # 1


Half the audience hate the show but they are loyal watchers. Highest ratings world wide in history. One tweet from the next higher rating of viewers.

Now PREIBUS is fired as head of staff. Home land Security run by the GENERAL – hey thats an important job – is yanked off the job to become the NEW HEAD OF STAFF.

When Donald hires you as HIS APPRENTICE ( we assume you watched THAT show ) you see – his Mode of Operation. If you don’t meet the EXCELLENCE he desires and requires – YOUR FIRED.

YOUR FIRED he made famous.

Nothing new here.

He is building a dream team. No leaks. No egos’ . Loyal to the boss. Competent in the extreme. If you can’t handle the pace. If you can’t handle the quality control issues. If you make a wrong turn why then at any level YOUR FIRED.

The public can not get enough of all this.

Washington has sunk into a dysfunction never seen before.


Donald is not playing by the old rules and they are not teaching HIM anything.

Donald has their dial up number.

Donald is rewriting history and the rule books.

Donald is as he has from Election Day one:

  1. Set the agenda
  2. Derailed their agenda
  3. Remains in control and they don’t
  4. Their pounding chests on all sides doesn’t matter to him.
  5. He is leading and he doesn’t care about the establishment.
  6. HE is working to DISMANTLE IT and by George he actually is.
  7. They not HE will have to make a deal to get re-elected.

If they remain this embattled – if they damage the USA credit rating – if they don’t fix health care – if they don’t repair tax failed policy – THEY will be BOOTED OUT OF OFFICE IN A LANDSLIDE and that will be the ultimate tearing apart of the OLD ESTABLISHMENT.

They are staring to feel it now the wave.

The highest ratings in history.

Donald is controlling the agenda.

And the old guard who used to do so are not.

Try and rise up over the boss in any disloyalty or ego – YOU ARE SO FIRED.

Apprentice its season # 1.

Beware as the DREAM TEAM is being formed.

Watching after five decades of lobby work I see it as the most entertaining show in the world – love him or hate him – stay tuned.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching the RATING –

— July 29, 2017

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