As Giant Financial House Morgan Stanley saw over 26 billion dollars flow out of its own managed funds into electronic passive funds or ETF markets – they issued a warning yesterday. It was dire.

This blog has told you the degree of leverage and the lack of oversight and regulation to the growing Trillions in ETF investing is posing a systemic risk to the world financial system far greater than the Great Depression.

Depression are caused when regulations fail and speculation – side bets on which way asset classes may go into the future – exceed the stake holder trading real market and economy – making the market a casino. This took place in 1906 – when liquidity was sucked up by the 1906 Earth Quake to the financial center San Francisco – again in 1928 – and all much worse now.

Today the ETF markets Morgan warns lack HUMAN INTELLIGENCE. In the next crash the ETF MARKETS driven by software without humanity inside – sell off past trigger floors creating a CASCADE Or FINANCIAL CONTAGION which is what Morgan confirmed – our blog has been reporting about all last year and this year. WARNING WARNING WARNING GET OUT OF ETF OR YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU HEARD THIS AND FOLLOWED IDIOTS DOWN THE CATTLE RUN TO SLAUGHTER.

The GREATEST RISK to global financial full on collapse into total bank failure and the forward GREATEST DEPRESSION EVER is unfolding without Government oversight – as the unregulated ETF markets globally rise to exceed stake holder trading.

Casino capitalism is here.

All nations are making so much money they don’t wish to change a thing. The Feds ( a failed regulatory model needing absolute reform and merger back into their treasuries ) are legally stealing so much money they are making it all SO MUCH WORSE. The Fed since they were formed to stop depressions – caused them all. The FED IS THE CAUSE. Failed completely in their mandate. MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY before economically there are no remaining options left.

Time is running out in the leverage of the casino.

One liquidity event – where ETF’s can not clear trades – and the world order is now TOAST and beyond repair in the Morgan chided just yesterday CASCADE driven by failed ETF theory without regulatory oversight.

The market is a CASINO.

Investing in the GREED MACHINE will feel good like heroin – but when you come down and lose your assets – you will have a depression and shakes worse than any withdrawal you have ever known.

At that time you will remember this blog and our repeated cries to you to SELL HIGH and invest in diversified insurance safe harbor investing. IF you fail to do so soon – the laugh folks – is going to be on you.

See Morgan Stanley for a reference how prophetic and early you had the information Morgan is only confirming our blog upon – this week.

Right again.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH ON JUST FOR YOU

PS: Who cares if some one went to just listen at a meeting? How many meetings did Clinton go to? When he went to the Judge to argue his wife should not be indicted – I’m sure the judge just listened. Did any one get indicted? NOOOOO. Who cares if a kid went got nothing and moved on? Who cares about that? What crime? I mean really folks the circus is insane and the real issues are hostage to a congress beyond dysfunction just like we told you last year and in January – NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN on TRUMP AGENDA and the result is a FOOLS RALLY that will collapse by its own financial weight with dust rising from the fall. Soon folks you’ll see how right we have been. Smoke and mirrors – follow the real money and lay off’s.