The expects predicted 4000 gold. Gold has fallen to its lowest level this year – just like we told you last year. If you bet on Gold going up you lost a lot of money. If you bet on oil going up you lost a fortune.

If you followed our input and protected those bets you made money and lost nothing.

Our view on Apple to buy in the dip remains strong as to our opinion. We feel by next year you will see an Apple Stock that will astound the experts and we anticipate it will just keep on going in 2018 t0 2020 as Apple lands their new Mac Book Pro pre orders will define as record pacing – new IPHONEs – record pacing – subscription revenues which are about soar – as to quality – into their new 2020 age smart wearables and glasses and driverless smart cars – but in the AI level we anticipate the philosophy of Apple will surpass in quality anything else which will not even come close including Amazon – not to mention that Apple wins the technology war in the following areas:

  1. Most fun to use – nothing else comes close
  2. Reliable performance – you lose so much productivity in other choices
  3. No hacking the safe zone of apple products again is priceless when the virus rain hits other platforms
  4. Quality in every support including unmatched customer support which is instant and beyond anything else and personal
  5. Currency and Design – leading bleeding – in rigid materials and customer experience. Apple designs utility we need want and use versus anything less in so many alternatives – Apple is years ahead of the field and stays there.

Your return is better …your life is better….your results are better. As more and more market share appreciates this American designed made and inventive technology leadership shift in market share from lower behind the curve technology will pick up and MARKET SHARE will shift from those who steal American technology but never get it quite right to the loyalty factor of AMERICA FIRST with APPLE FIRST and we believe THAT TREND is just taking off – Apple rising MARKET SHARE driven by quality and security without hacking epidemics that plague other technology endlessly.

The stock we feel will surprise all the experts calling Apple over priced when it was in our opinion not even near peak. The DIP. I’m buying Apple but you do what you wish and see who is right later. We were right last year on Apple. We were right the year before. If your tracking.

Never do what I do always do what your own research and gut tell you.

I am a windows programer. I used all windows since it was founded having known Steven Jobs well. I switched when my office producers on APPLE had 3x the output performance at CEO SPACE than windows. My first surprise – conversion. It was minutes and easy and flawless.

My phone was fun and worked so much better.

My computer looked just liked my old desk top. All my office products worked flawlessly. Bam.

There was no learning curve.

Windows was like driving a Sherman tank that needed to restart all the time.

Apple was like a ballet dancer at my finder tips in art that was a joy.

I had so much more productivity and so much more FUN.

I wish everyone could just switch and see how rich their life upgraded into.

My son finally went from Windows and Google to APPLE. The younger generation. He said thank you Dad you were so right. I am having so much fun and getting so much more done. I never lose anything I never lock up I just have no virus and I work. I should have done the switch when you said in 2000.

Apples software pipeline is filled with innovation and leading new events, improvements and upgrades which are massive and on going – with apple the best never ends. You are always flawless upgraded.

The new software is world changing. The Subscription offers from home to office to personal are gaining so many billions of annual renewing income that the shareholder market has yet to factor appropriate multiples to the epigraph on strategic residual income offerings and Apple is building more. The App Store open source choice of last year is landing in forward years with revenue quality to applications that the world can only get from Apple. These are work and life utility as well as fun and joy necessities as well as recreation and play time. The quality is not matched anywhere nor is the user experience.

As a culture Apple is not focused on any competition. Apple is OBSESSED from Steven Jobs culture mantra – with their own customer experience getting better. They want their customers to be addicted to the joy of use the ease of use the quality of flawless performance – faster performance – zero fault break downs – and Apple never brings you a product that crashes or ¬†catches on fire or explodes in your home or office. A product endless infected by virus and trojans. Apple protects your privacy more than all the others ever will or could. ¬†At some point the market is going to cease rewarding pirates that steal Apple Technology – and then bring us killer products that actually harm and kill us from their rip off’s. Products endless infected by crashes and trojans and virus code. Products that are slower lock up and lack the items we need where we can find them and use them instantly. The culture of INTEGRITY in product marketing is going to win and Apple is going to be THE WINNER. It is their obsession on us the user – their endless drive to bring us what we want desire and need that sets them so apart. It is attitude that drives their share price altitude.


This is for the world – an AMERICA FIRST MOMENT. Your just smarter with Apple. Better than Starbucks for your image.