The weapon of Mass Destruction for financial markets remains for me – the default potential of Greece to bow out of the EU, unless endless financial support- that has no hope of being paid back dollar for dollar – under current models – occurs. Greece has NOT reached agreement to pay its short term rotational debt load by tens of billions it is short of cash to pay. Defaults rippled through the entire world.

Italy is bailing out bankrupt banks that would ripple through its entire system and bankrupt its nation after Greece. Spain is right behind. While this is playing out Italy is being down graded to JUNK status from the billions used this month to bail out too bankrupt banks and the entire banking system in Italy IS bankrupt.  If nations recognized assets as required by law for you and I and any corporation anywhere – Greece would be bankrupt – Italy would be bankrupt – Spain would be bankrupt – and the domino effects would wipe our China to half the world’s nations. That would be a WORLD DEPRESSION worse than 1929. Is it possible? Was there any digital war going on then? No? SO IT IS MY OPINION NOW IS WORSE and the IMF and World Bank are the last courts to block the impossible God Bless them because they truly know the danger taking place in digital warfare today. They  ( Italy ) just do not recognize their bad loans as liabilities in a financial reporting system that is fraud for nations and all financial institutions  – allowed by regulators to avoid fair market reporting of assets in their own fraud system  – where crap is recognized as gold – on the bank balance sheets  and on nation balance sheets – an inconvenient fact that they all know so well.

The inconvenient truth is that FINANCIAL POLLUTION on nation and financial institution balance sheets has lost all our INVESTMENTS AND ALL OUR LIQUIDITY WHEN SUPER CRASH flies digitally across the world. 2008 will look like a wading pool against the economic tsunami of the 1000 foot high wave racing at impossible speeds to all shores of all nations all at once. We warned about ll this for 20 years. We are passing the TIME the small window where SUPER BOND THEORY the only reset legally that is possible – economically – the one and only – will be TOO LATE TO EXECUTE. The crises is the crises of INTEGRITY and Game Plan defines the integrity crises .

Kevin Freeman and I work to execute into nations ( ours first ):

  1. The FIX of MARS Mutually Assured Reconstruction – as the invention to protect AMERICA FIRST.
  2. SUEPR BOND THEORY that is the one and only economic FIX to the current issues that has integrity.

Todays casino capitalism is a giant SHELL GAME. Only the insiders know how bad it truly is and no one wants to recognize the crap and adjust their books to integrity. The crises is not in leadership. The world crises is in integrity. The financial books of nations and financial institutions are lies, frauds, and lack integrity required for fiscal well being of the entire financial system. The System is mired in a crises of integrity and is an utterly failed global system of imbalances that can not continue. The global bad debt bomb will kill the present system. Of its own weight and the longer integrity is disregarded the greater the blast will be when the debt bomb explodes as liars are compounding the explosive powers to an order of ten by magnitude to which the world has never seen before due to technology co dependance and its consequence when digital destruction takes 30 minutes and a way of life and order ceases to exist. Read GAME PLAN and REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for the problem clearly set forth and the solution clearly set forth.

The INTEGRITY CRISES is the “only” issue globally. The one SUPER ISSUE – INTEGRITY.

World WAR III began with the 9/11 attacks. The Pearl Harbor was the FIRST DIGITAL WEAPON fired at the West by the AXIS OF EVIL. Using programing weaponized attack on line “cruise missiles” our enemies – Russia and China  and North Korea – using proxy programing in North Korea – tested their weapon. Collectively they earned over a trillion dollars and ruined the US dominant post war economic model.

The world has sunk since that attack into an economics of stealth distrust negotiation and trade wars. The USA has been in catch up mode suffering from attack after attack. All the IP of the US has been stolen through digital warfare weapons of mass destruction.

DWMP Digital warfare weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION represent the new landscape of war.

The war in its first phase is financial. To weaken the adversary by endless costly attacks. All the WAR IP for weapons – transportation – technology has been stolen. The NSA has been hacked. the CIA has been hacked. The entire tax data base of the USA has been hacked. Industry ( all of it ) has been hacked.

Kevein Freeman in GAME PLAN ( the best selling book on World War III and his first book THE SECRET WEAPON ) define the unfolding war game plan. And why the USA is loosing the war.

The attacks are weekly. The pace is picking up intensity sophistication and frequency. North Korea hardened bunkers deep under ground enabled to survive bunker busting nuclear strikes ( thats not going to work for them but they think they got it ) – are the point of the Russian and Chinese spear. They are carving up the POST DIGITAL WORLD into spheres of influence between them. Iran is coming to see itself as a pawn rather than partner in this play and may switch sides before it is all over ( I would ).

ISIS was so successful because ISIS which stands for IN SANITY INTERNATIONAL STATE – was groomed with digital weapons to avoid detection and attack soft western targets only insane brains would even consider – like young mommies and their children. Only insane brains attack innocents which is not political or of god it is of a mental institution which they have no cure for this insanity so deletion is desirable. Considering the Arabs invented math it is odd and only the insane would see “kill one of ours and we kill 10,000 of yours” lets do that math on THAT as millions of yours are now DEAD. Gone. Leaders included. Insane brain deletion math. They seem to never have got the play station game to work out the details of the insanity. There is nothing for ISIS but the west dancing on their graves. The AXIS of EVIL is dancing too because they watch the victory and say – at what cost at what cost in cash and distraction.

The AXIS of Evil using Korea is planting trojans in each attack on “everything” in the west to secure a war launch of shutting down all power – water – and sewage. What you can’t appreciate it is when this digital war is fully launched the power does not come back on. The water does not flow. There is no water pressure. There is no showers. There is no running water or lights or anything. Fuel runs out as it can’t pump. You are not going to fix this.

In LA say with 20 million who now have no toilet paper of food but do have 50 million weapons and ammo – what begins to happen do you think?

Then the shooting war starts only you have no TV.

No radio.

No anything. You can walk or ride a bike but you may get shot.

Roving gangs with weapons take what they want. In such a post war digital attack first of its kind. Keep in mind there is no radio. No power. Every good item is rotting. 120 in Arizona is killing everyone no air conditioning and it is not coming back on in digital warfare. Never coming back on. That is what folks don’t appreciate about the vulnerabilities of Digital Warfare.

Now North Korean can and fully knows with three space digital explosions over USA – no one hears and no one even see’s – all electronic’s stop and are fried – military – government – state – civil and yours. The process to replace them are fried. There is no recovery. We are in horse pack and steam engines if we can make them to just move food. We start and kill one another until then. It takes less than 30 minutes. BAM.

Now to be sure North Korea would be fused glass 30 minutes from that moment and they KNOW THAT. There is no winner hear. We would recover but we would be gone as the leading world power. China and Russia would be the leading world power. Only our three space based weapons already over their nations – would have them join the party in 30 minutes. So they would be done. And riots in their nations not under rule of law without control from digital tools now gone – would collapse their order. Ours in the USA would hold because there is only one feeling on earth like WE ARE AMERICANS. Every race in America gets that which those off shore simply can not from the false news.

So the issues:

  1. North Korea is going to be a world wide nuclear power rogue nation. Built on criminal wealth. This is a huge win for the AXIS of Evil fighting the proxy war with the Western nations of the UE and USA and their allies.
  2. The USA and the West are being financially drained since the 2008 digital weapons attack by countless new almost daily digital warfare attacks in a war we react to but fail to lead. Financially we are being trained on multi front wars attacking our wealth and prosperity long term.
  3. The AXIS of Evil is controlling the asymmetric warfare they are winning and we are loosing as a winning strategy war plan the first digital war.
  4. The failure of western nations economically due to debt defaults will lead to world wide depression – starting with nations like Greece and Italy. How long can they hold bad assets on financial balance sheets as good strong assets when they are crap – is the moral and legal and integrity issue the only item holding the system together today is “legal fraud” to the public. A crises of integrity and economics.
  5. Competitive capitalism and communism are failed economic theories and models. The Future belongs to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM because the others are insane the Cooperative Capitalism outlined in the best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – is the final political global revolution of sanity versus insanity – the many for the many – versus the few against the many or elitism.

The summer markets are rolling around as we told you like a drunker soldier. The big buy this summer is APPLE in the DIP – I’m getting my share. After this fall the Apple shares will rise into 2019. Secure safe and for sure in my opinion.

But the unknowns are upon us. If Trump escalates North Korea now a short war where millions die – thats right millions – ends with North Korea becoming a Peninsula of America influence versus Chinese Influence. The real war – where proxy of Russia and China to North Korea and Iran ( pulling away as proxy now ) is unfolding and the real players are fully known to the West.

The losers in any real war are:

1 The planet

2. All humans

3. Everything else


There are no winners. We either COOPERATE and thrive or we COMPETE and we PERISH. Bill Clinton made this point clear to a billion people last year in media globally. Thank you Bill or your integrity.

The crises is INTEGRITY.

False news is all the news you have to filter all the news yourself.

One line is better than TV.

Finally – the Gulf States are going to invade QATAR and take it over in our opinion as a proxy war with Iran. The shut down of unwanted shite voices in a war of philosophy that is easily resolved with cooperation as sane versus competition which is by Allah insane – can be had. But the insane seldom wish to wake up. They are addicted to the rush of brain chemistry where one party is RIGHT and the other party is WRONG – an insanity itself – when they are all right. From one point of view – God’s.

So the markets this summer are hostage to war policy in:

  1. Evolving escalating digital wars
  2. North Korea nuclear war threats
  3. Iran influence and war competition to gulf neighbors
  4. The insane desire to manipulate the cost of everything – energy – using war with QATA as OPEC has become a joke you talk about over coffee cake – so that price of oil soars due to war. Its always follow the money in a crises of integrity.
  5. And the USA is fighting the proxy war with China and Russia united in the asymmetrical warfare they designed and perfected.

That is the Fourth of July Weekend Reality boys and girls. Presenting the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

Read with new glasses folks so you remain informed.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Light on just for YOU and those you love.