Waking UP from YOUR TRANCE June 25th



I’d like to also state you will feel rested and refreshed but lets get real.

So what do we KNOW?

I know I know. What do the FACTS and DATA have to DO with your loosing all your money? I realize your hypnotized and trading on margin and you just know risk now diskless. Your confident in your software and your stop loss protection. IT is harder and harder to WAKE all of YOU…..UP in 2017.

So the Facts you might consider THIS last week of JUNE !

  1. Factory orders fell for the third Month in a row
  2. Housing starts were down again month after month down and this is the summer peak season. No snow boys and girls.
  3. The Fed adjusted the economic anticipated year end burst from a bullet train to a rickshaw with 1.9% growth down from their earlier TRUMP CHUMP idea of 2.7 % Growth.
  4. Congress is as we stated in January hopeless bi partisan and dysfunctional and nothing is being passed on health care nothing on tax reform nothing economically AT ALL.
  5. The HOPE Chest of the election was made as an ice sculpture and has melted – as Consumer Confidence plunged in June surprising all the experts.
  6. The FED against all this terrible news, raised interest rates. Continuing their policy of utter failure making everything far worse as always – and remaining in full disconnect from appropriate economic policy – which is why we lobby to have the antique 100 year old FED – now obsolete in digital ages – merged into the US Treasury for oversight as the grown up big boys and girls reform US financial POLICY.
  7. The Fed against its own financial and economic USA down graph will now seek to sell its crap portfolio of shareholder ( thats right private banks and investment banks own control of the FED not the USA and their shoulders sold to their central bank contractor to the nation – all their crap bonds etc ) and the FED owned by the insiders they are charged to regulate ( good luck with that fraud ) will NOW seek to sell their crap to innocent investors like nations and pension funds. The Fraud is unwinding however and sale of USA crap is going to get harder and harder for the FED to pull off until failed financial POLICY is reformed by the United States Treasury as Congress passes the one emergency bill that will save the entire world – to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY.

WAKE UP. I’m going to SNAP my fingers boys and girls. Please WAKE UP.

So you now see the EU, in financial warfare and full on TRADE WAR between NATIONS – pass emergency legislation while America is hypnotically asleep – to move all CLEARING for the CENTRAL BANK currency – the EU itself from LONDON and the UK third party clearing. So the Central bank – that is owned by the banks and the investment banks of the EU, is now going to CLEAR its own currency and set its price in the market hour by hour day by day? AH YEAH that is going to bamboozle the super rich and the super money pools – ah yes – they will never not ever figure that shell game out.

WAKE UP. I”m going to SNAP my fingers now boys and girls. WAKE UP.

The EU making the failed debt weapons of mass economic destruction – 100 Trillion of bad loans in the EU block – dress up in Holloween Clothes as if the massive debt where something it is not – good and solvent assets – as the EU says TRICK OR TREAT to sell new bond debt to pay off old bond debt that is pure crap. In Italy this weekend they are redistributing 20 billion dollars of pure crap from failed Italian banks to their remaining solvent banks further sinking those bank balance sheets. When the crap is made to appear on books, as crap, ( ending the world wide bank fraud and Ponzi scheme taking place today ) Contagion will Super Crash all markets, banks and investment banks will fail, and the Blame game will take years as law makers who made it all possible with failed policies – wring their hands and say – how could this have happened – woe is me – who is responsible WHO allowed this WHO did this – and the answer is ..ask not for whom the bell tolls in such Times for the bell is ringing for us all.


So the EU is in trade war with the UK at every level as the UK is now outside the EU. Thousands upon thousands of jobs exist in the UK from EU clearing through third party impartial market clearing. This clearing now is being taken away by new EU laws passed this weekend in the ( dark ) to assure the EU can now regulate clear and set it’s own price world wide. This move lets the EU continue its trade war with the US dollar. World wide.

The Debt BOMB is reaching critical mass and will go off in Asia or in the EU and when it does the contagion will move world wide in 72 hours.


So you believe in a market price bump?

The market next summer is the longest up boom in market cap prices in Real Estate – in bonds – in Equities – in Commodities in over 70 years of recorded record keeping. There is a RATIO of the length of the boom – the height of the boom – and the following corrections. The forecast based on history is dire.

There is a relationship of rising bad debt carried on institutional books legally as good performing assets when that Debt is bad non performing loans and crap. If laws forced institutions to use accounting we all must use or WE go to PRISON – then the banks today world wide would be BANKRUPT. Which is why law makers exempt the institutions from FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING we all have to engage.


So this week a run on ETF’s ( we told you all to SHORT ) is taking place as big money – now moving from scared to terrified – is rushing to ACTIVE BOND TRADING and cashing in ETF’s period. ETF is a new market of fraud and is not regulated. When the crises hits and that is WHEN not IF and you all KNOW THAT children without me giving you FACTS about it being so close – ETF liquidity and learning faced with massive redemptions in this new market space of digital unregulated trading platforms – will cease all liquidity and jam up. You will be saying HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED – as you always do – WHO IS RESPONSIBLE — as you always do – and some one must pay. A Berny Madoff will pay and the real crooks the SUPER WEALTH will have a warm meal in the Hamptons having lost 100 billion dollars in 72 hours betting on the wrong side of the ETF rope.

WAKE UP KITTY CATS – Herding Cats with a blog is so hard. So hard.



  1. Sell High and Hold till you can buy low after the Super Crash.
  2. Buy diversified insurance assets to time machine into that future opportunity moment which is years away earning the highest compounded high returns with the guarantee of principle protected by law. Regulated.
  3. Pay off as much or all debt as you can.
  4. Pay Cash for stuff.
  5. Pay off credit cards before the SUPER CRASH
  6. Own your own business if you do not already.
  7. Grow your own business and invest in momentum now before the Super Crash while everyone is asleep.

The cause of all global wars and depression is abuse of credit by nations. Credit bubbles and bad debts make banks involvement and they finally experience panic, runs on deposits, and they go out of business. Banks finally crash and the core system of the world is bankrupt.

This pattern never varies.

We are nearing the end of that cycle now. My Book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION details all the charts graphs and histories for you all. Get copies for those you care most about and you wish to protect. When you read Redemption the words on the page with the data you can’t ignore any longer scream out:


So remain blissfully asleep and read the false news in the press to buy into the fraud markets and enjoy the roller coaster rise as your core wealth disappears completely.

The time to invest was 2003.

The time to invest was 2010.

The time to sell out is 2017 – the last opportunity time.

Losing your nest egg without any hope at all you can repair that loss will WAKE YOU COMPLETELY UP from shock therapy.

I seek to gently wake you up before that moment.

Children – 1 …..2…..3….SNAP ! WAKE UP.

Berny Dohrmann – Economic Hypnotist for the masses

— June 26, 2017

3 thoughts on “Waking UP from YOUR TRANCE June 25th

  1. Great write-up, I’m normal visitor of one’s site, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a lengthy time.

  2. Hi Berny, Could you please explain WHAT you mean by buying “diversified insurance assets”? What companies and what instruments are you referring to? Buying stocks of insurance companies? If so, what kind of insurance companies or what kind insurance investments? Do you mean funding a Universal Indexed Life policy? Please explain. Thank you! Philip Auerbach

    • Thank you Phillip you will help a lot of folks reading with this one. Diversified insurance investing in my opinion – and always check with a top tier licensed insurance investment specialist who is way above a life sales agent – where the product is investment secure high returns guaranteed – with principle guaranteed always and absolutely.safer I believe than your bank deposits – far safer in my opinion. So check and explore. It costs nothing to explore. So go forth and multiply your own money with improved safety. So in my opinion a diversified insurance investment strategy is to:

      1. Sell today HIGH out of fixed assets equities and bonds and hard assets and remember you did it in 2017. Perfect timing looking back.
      2. Position your capital 1/3 in annuities for bond replacement investing with fixed income. Leveraged to future value cash values.
      3. Position 1/3 of your assets into INDEX Products in insurance with highest returns – to replace your stock market equity investing with highest legal returns with GUARANTEED protection for your cash in any crash or future market.
      4. Position 1/3 of your assets in cash – via WHOLE LIFE or PERMANENT UNIVERSAL LIFE HIGH QUALITY INVESTMENT PRODUCTS – that pay much higher than bank returns – again with guaranteed principle always with tax deductions in all three products for your business – a tax benefited legal saving plan – where cash accumulates if you are a business owner – and YOU CAN GET AND USE THAT CASH anytime you wish – taking it out and putting it back at will. Its your savings account.
      5. All these products are INVESTMENT HIGH VALUE RETURN INVESTMENT PRODUCTS but they all have and option feature like a car that is basically a FREE NO COST BENEFIT when you factor in the returns on money – the protection of capital to bone marrow – the tax deductions possible for business owners – but you also get the optional built in feature of LIFE INSURANCE as an added benefit to your family trust and estate no other investment offers AT ALL – without the downside risk of loosing your money in a pending crash.

      So if you think the market is secure and safe and low risk stay in the market. I am not like minded with that idea.

      If you believe as many do and I myself believe – that the largest longest boom in recorded history is going to crash to an end soon due to misuse of market credit and over leverage, and bad debts, than you will wish to be out well before the SUPER CRASH HITS into the safer super high return diversified insurance investing – that protects your cash – outside the casino capitalism risk taking – where you make ENOUGH and you avoid the SUPER HIGH RISK of the casino markets. Why lose your nest egg now or ever? WHY? No profit imagined equals the day you lose money and you can’t even get out as there is no liquidity.

      So that is my direction to at least explore with a licensed insurance investment specialist with. top tier institution. Share this item with INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS you know as it helps them. Because it is the truth.

      Buy low and SELL HIGH.

      Invest in SUPER SAFTEY not SUPER RISK in 2017 and 2018. I think you will thank me soon. B

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