RISKS TO THE SUPER BOOM you are all living through is what I want smart readers to really think about. This Super Boom is the longest now in recorded history. This is the largest ramp up of its kind EVER. This generation will look back and say DID YOU SCORE in 2017? How much of your score did you lose in the SUPER CRASH. Our readers will say we made great money and lost zero in the SUPER CRASH. If you took action on our advice over more than a year of time now.

Today I want you to revisit the blogs on commercial space. The 160 Billion of loans renewing in commercial space, say all your retail malls, in which the bankruptcies in RETAIL are SOARING to a record – never seen before – all time high. So what went wrong in RETAIL SALES which is far more than ON LINE buying – far more.

What went wrong started in the peak recession years. Unlimited money from hedge fund and private equity had no more real estate to buy into in those years of 2010 and 2011 and beyond. So they chose to invest in RETAIL. They bet retail would bounce back in the boom and do great. Only they failed to see that:

  • Consumer buying patterns shifted forever
  • Consumers now buy less stuff and more home value
  • Consumers buy less stuff and travel more
  • Consumers buy more electronic gadgets and have less to spend on retail
  • Buying patterns shifted to on line
  • Buying at retail is still 82% but is moving down down down in same store sales
  • Private Equity debt way over built the retail store physical market place

Today the systemic core change to retail has the largest retail BANKRUPTCY line up in history. Under old prior to 2005 law a PayLess could WORK OUT their issues over 18 to 24 months. Today under new law bankruptcy has 120 days or has to liquidate. So record liquidations are taking place.

The number of retail brands IN BANKRUPTCY in the USA is at a historic record TODAY.

The number coming into bankruptcy the next 12 months is more than the total IN bankruptcy today. The market has never seen bankruptcy like this. Why?

Because of Private EQUITY and INSTITUTIONAL DEBT. The abuse of credit has left retail with declining profits no way to pay the debt. They can not reorganize. The debt holders have no way out. The ripple includes mortgage debt as these major brands Bankrupt the GHOSTING of Malls and the banks NOW RAISING INTEREST RATES to refinance this year 160 billion and over five years a trillion in short term commercial debt, which no longer can flip against zero interest loan floors simply must turn the keys back to the mall owners ( owned by PE FIRMS ). The ripple through financial markets is about to be 100’s of billions of dollars of loss’s. The market has not factored in this factor to Profit earnings across such a large range of retail, suppliers, mall and commercial space, and Private equity hedge fund bond holders and investment banking loss’s.

Puerto Rico has just filed the largest commercial Bond Bankruptcy in the history of the bond market not seen since 1929. The impact of the ripple on this one bankrupt is going to be MORE than the market today has price for in our opinion. The market went up on the day of this filing.

So the market goes up on record retail loss, bankruptcy and commercial loan bankruptcy and bond bankruptcy with the velocity of bankruptcy filings rising like a a space shuttle world wide.

Now put in the FRENCH ELECTION with the UNKNOWN UNCERTAINTIES facing forward markets and the EU itself. All unknown’s today. This minute. Mid year 2017.

Booms typically never last longer than seven years. 2010 to 2017. A growing number of experts conclude the markets will drop 50% in the coming ten months. The trigger events are worth your watching for. The speed of the SUPER CRASH is going to be too fast for your to protect asset value if you remain in the markets.

We have outlined what to do to protect your nest eggs. We’ll keep you fully posted. Watch now for result where Le Pen Conceded her defeat in the French Election minutes ago. Watch for default on debts globally. Watch for a contagion market trigger event.

This blog will keep you ahead – of it all. As always thanks for reading and sharing with your circle. We welcome new Subscribers.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Truth up front just for you