As investment banker economists what are the REAL USA unemployment numbers. So the good news is:

  1. Recent week unemployment was much better than experts predicted at 180,000 new jobs coming in at over 211,000 new American jobs. Good Job America Entrepreneur base of 34 million small business creating 92% of all those jobs amid large firm downsizing.
  2. The real unemployment rate as dropped from 12.6% in 2010 to 8.4% in May 2017. We are not at 4% full employment that is a statistic manipulated number.
  3. The participation of labor in the labor pool in America has fallen from 82% in the 2007 period to 62% in May 2017. 40% of labor in the American Market has opted out of even looking for work.
  4. The average wage is reported by the government to be 26 dollars an hour in America and weekly average income is 900 dollars a week for my off shore friends.
  5. However I caution massive jobs are available at 5.00 to 12 dollars an hour and finding those average higher paying jobs is rare challenging and I can’t find them easily. PhD’s are earning high school drop out income. I see them bagging groceries which is why their constituent group at 40% just opts out of the labor force.

As the SUPER BOOM in America goes on – and lower oil prices will drive this super boom – the labor on the side lines will come back in. There is plenty of room for American growth and SCALE UP.

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