Consider that CEO SPACE is the Forbes and Inc Magazine # 1 Ranked Business Accelerator in the World To grow your bottom line and profits faster. CEO Space is a gathering place for CEO’s who own their own business in 140 nations. Five Times annually the new model of CEO to CEO trade show – to get business done – to get real deals made – to get capital – to get customers and markets – occurs. CEO SPACE is a low cost pay once pay plan for a lifetime access to FIVE accelerator trade programs each year spaced about every sixty days apart in Florida USA.

For 30 years we have helped more brands and businesses to grow faster than any other option in the world today.

As experts we provide financial information our community of global business owners. This information helps them to invest more prudently, make more informed choices, and have deeper perspective on what is likely in the near term and bit longer term. They can far better assess risk.

We have been suggested to our business OWNERS that they:

  1. Take profits from the market at the all time wealth high today
  2. That they invest at the half year point in their own growth in 2017
  3. That they invest in the vital second half of 2017 when 72% of all buying occurs
  4. That they advertise – ramp up digital tools and web funnels upgrading everything
  5. That they INVEST IN THEIR OWN VENTURE setting up the second half

For those who wish to grow faster we have encouraged our readers to JOIN CEO-space Membership on line at . We make it easy to explore our videos are filled with CEO grade information and joining is a click. Special prices apply to May 5th than those prices go away. The Mid Year CEO SPACE program at Disney World Orlando is May 22nd. Many of my readers would profit taking a tax dollar to speed up their venture growth in the second half of 2017.

We call this detail to attention to our readers, and to those business owners they know and network with.

Our members run business operations all over the world. Some of our CEO’s fun the largest institutions in the world. Our membership which is enormous globally expect this blog to sort out details, present economic truth and perspective they can not find from the news anywhere.

Hedge Funds Private Equity and a growing tribe from media banks and financial space world wide read this blog daily. Increasingly information presented FIRST here next appears rapidly in main line media. We have led for decades on financial reporting. We have suggested 97 predictions since 1988 and they all have proven accurate.

We work very hard to research and present the fast breaking issues that will effect trade markets currencies prices and customer mind sets. We also present to our business owners:

  • What we expect to occur
  • What action they can take to prosper in any condition
  • How to remain current inside SUPER CHANGE

My new book this year HOW TO PROSPER IN SUPER CHANGE will be a huge best seller. The sequel DIGITAL MANNERS will be even a larger best seller. Years in the making these two back to back global publications are now in cue for you. We will keep you posted.

Sometimes we make waves. Such as noting North Korea is run by crazy brains and suggesting FAT BOY ( their idiot leader ) is mentally ill, paranoid, delusional, and OCD obsessive on phallic symbol nation building at all costs to the prosperity and stability of his own nation – does not sit well with crazy brains. So they hacked me. But our three letter folks caught that hack and now they are blocked out. They are still trying though because FAT BOY lacks a sense of humor. Trump today said he is a pretty smart cookie. Hitler was so smart he sank his people into a crushing destruction of the entire nation. FAT BOY is like that smart I believe.

So occasionally telling the truth the whole truth pisses off some stupid crazy brains from ISIS to Iran to North Korea. The World is moving into global collaboration and cooperation. Those who fail to align interest are really not well mentally. As their people are so harmed and prosperity is so impossible when the opposite is available.

The world is going to become massively prosperous. Longevity, health, nourishment, and the problems of past ages of humanity are on the verge of disappearing forever. We have some painful steps to go through yet to get there but we will get there.

Competition as a thought form remains the one virus on human thinking globally.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool.

Competition is a form of insanity.

Cooperation is the healed software of the mind. Better brain software.

Competition is buggy flawed brain software.

Cooperation is debugged collaborative and improved brain software.

One is insane and the other is sane.

Everyone can decide for themselves.

As May 1st comes and go – half your year is about GONE.

What will YOU DO DIFFERENTLY to get MUCH IMPROVED RESULTS in the second half?

This one thought is what I want you to consider.

I want you to regard:

  1. Real estate is at an all time high
  2. Bonds – all time high
  3. Stocks all time high
  4. Wealth estates all time high
  5. The world is stable and growing into the future most of the growth is the second half the year

Missing the best BOOM second half of any year since 2007 last peak period – is a sin. You will require some new skill new tools new connections to grow faster in the second half of the year.

I encourage you to resolve the issue of making a much improved plan to assure you do not miss the FULL HARVEST of the second half of 2017.

I with you prosperity inside this market space.