Isis is a well funded ORGANIZED CRIME INSTITUTION of Crips and Bloods in the Middle east led by CRAZY INSANE leadership driven by personal greed and power. They are rising to Match Crazy Hitler in brutality but have yet failed to kill the 100 million Hitler massacred as a CRAZY BRAIN of the last century who was “allowed” to rise in powers. Is is not a nation. ISIS is Tony Sapron’s. Organized crime running out of weapons manpower and money. Eliot Ness is coming for you ISIS ( I know that dates me ).

Crazy Brains must never be allowed again to rise in power. The longer one waits the greater the cost. McArthur was fired for wanting to use Nuclear Weapons in North Korea in the 1950’s in a war that never ended. We may wish we listened to McArthur before e are done with CRAZY BRAIN NUCLEAR NATIONS ” we all allowed to rise up in powers”.

Crazy Bains must never be allowed to raise up in powers.

President Trump has GOT THIS as policy.

Today the most informed powerful and leading Military on earth – concluded ISIS felt they could migrate from their losing battlefields and take over Afghanistan building a base in that nation further dividing Afghan people and policies.

ISIS has moved enormous weapons and huge manpower to STAGE their migration into Afghanistan. Trump’s policy is and remains WE WILL DESTROY AND REMOVE ISIS as a crazy brain threat to any nation.

The US MILITARY today used moderate measured and controlled POWERS  – months in intel and planning  – placing the MOAB Super Bomb, 11,000 tons of TNT bang power, only Atomic weapons can go higher – into underground cave networks. UP to a mile was directly destroyed and up to five miles damaged from fire and explosions of ISIS ordinance all along the cave system.

Communications, massive weapon systems, a billion dollars of ISIS planning investment and money was destroyed. Hundreds upon Hundreds of crazy brains were deleted today. They are nuts.

Weapons of mass destruction were destroyed today.

Leadership was being staged and the planning for the nationwide migration was made in full swing in CRAZY ISIS WORLD.

Team Trump put a big PAUSE in that migration plan. It cost them a fortune to create the staging strategy for the migration. Now their entire team is up in smoke.

War is always horrible. No one wins ever. Cooperation which is sane always Trump’s insanity of competition and war.

Today in Syria the US in error from a warplane miscalculation – as smart software controlled targeting and weapon systems remain always imperfect like we humans and we killed 18 of our own good men. These mistakes are troubling but infrequent. Of the tens of thousands of raids in this one war, a handful of errors has taken place. In the war that has always been a risk factor for both sides. Happens to the Russians happens to Syria happens to the USA. We alone apologize – take responsibility and labor to adjust the CAUSE at SOURCE to remove repetition so any new error is new and never a pattern. We fix it.

But we are so sorry for those 18 who died today.

For the ISIS insane butchers whose mass grave work in Iraq and Syria is showing horrific tens of thousands of innocent women and children just slaughtered – their deletion today no one is sorry for.

Crazy time deletion – Team Trump GAME ON ISIS just like he promised you.

Prosecute for Peace Isis or you crazy folks will be simply dead or in prison. All of you. Every last one of you.


Today they lost big time – their planners failed and our planners WON.



PS: Actually it not the US who has limited options in North Korea it is actually North Korea that has limited options and the clock is ticking out of time for their crazy leadership – invited to the party but never joining the feast – because – they are NUTS !