ISIS in 2017 has lost the war. The large % of their funding has been stripped from them and the budget is drying up. Completely. They can’t restock weapons manpower or pay their teams and feed them.

ISIS is dying a slow ongoing death as insane brains – a global gang – that in history means really nothing.

The lesson is to more rapidly remove insanity from any money or power.

The key leadership has been killed by huge %. The organization is in disarray and fighting inwardly. They KNOW they are LOSERS.

LOSERS cornered to a wall die hard.

In Egypt, we see what they can not do at home. They can still fund a bomb here or there and have a young insane brain die for no reason killing lovely innocent people – why you may ask – because they are truly insane – they are NUTS. That is why.

Looking at the EU the 150 terror instances this generations parent saw are down to around 50 although much more media makes it seem to be more. In terror terms, this generation has fewer terror events than their parents saw as terror has been here forever. Insane Hitler. Insane brains.

They are not political. Religious. Anything. They are damaged insane brains who got lucky and funding and attracted followings as the insane can and do.

Media would serve us all better if they labeled all reporting about ISIS as we do here such that ISIS is insanity in the world. INSANE BRAIN ISIS.

Plus you all get how they are losers. Truly. They have already lost it all. Now it is mopping them up. All of them.

The world is mopping up the insanity.

No one is supporting the insane today.

Isis hacked my blog site a year ago. They didn’t have any sense of humor about my labeling their leadership INSANE. Now that was high praise. I was so proud to be noticed by their insane tribe at the tippy top.

For ISIS the end is coming and will be with great mercy as we delete the insanity. Deletion is the mercy to the insane. They ISIS  are uncurable.

Insanity like the NAZI insanity is like the flu. Master Race. Master Faith. Insane ideas that have no historic life. Insanity is short-lived among all us sane.  A celebration of all humanity and all diversity from God IS SANITY expressed. Punishing diversity in any way is insane. A form of insanity. Expressing itself. You shall know them ( insanity ) by their works.

ISIS has nothing to do with faith or religion. If Allah had any grace for their insanity why are they losers? Allah never loses. They are such LOSERS because they are the ultimate loser and not ALLAH who has not blessed them but is punishing them. Appropriately as is the divine law. ISIS is an insane blaspheme.

We know insanity is contagious.

We must treat insane leadership as a virus we remove like small pox.

Insane leaders use sarin gas. Sane leaders do not.

The lesson to the world is to remove insanity faster because it is merciful and effective. Delay always increases the cost while the insanity is allowed to grow.

Power ( the world powers ) always overcomes  FORCE ( insanity ).  POWER TRUMPS FORCE.

We are so sad for the Christian families at Easter in Egypt the whole world is. Families. Children. mothers. Celebrating their faith. Their holy holiday. Only the insane would enter that space. Terror ? I don’t think so. It is madness expressing its core nature.

Insanity showed up.

The rule in dealing with insanity is: For we who are sane

1. Accept what you can not change it just is.

2. Find the lesson inside it as they are doing in Egypt now.

3. Forgive all the rest and go forward always move forward.

You never forgive what insanity does.

But you forgive their insanity because they are sadly NUTS.

The world is deleting the insane.

That is for sure. That is reality. The reality the insane themselves deny while they disappear. Completely. Faster if media labels them all insane as defining to who and what they are walking among us – that helps. See with new glasses.

They are being deleted From us. The sane. So we can celebate each other and exist in peace beside one another.



NOTE: I try not to write about ISIS much because in the global priorities they ISIS are a small gang of insane brains and have no place in history or the news. I wish terror had a global news black out and they never got press or blog space at all. Sane no?

— April 10, 2017