Greece can’t pay its bills for twenty years. So they borrow more.

When they can’t pay their master card with its low limit.

Lenders give Greece a Visa with a higher limit.

When they can’t pay the Visa with a Higher limit the lenders give them a Discovery Card with a higher limit.

When they can’t pay that rising debt the lenders give them a Gold American express card.

When they can’t pay any of that debt.

The leaders give Greece a BLACK no limit American express card.

How does this work for you all out there?

So Greece spends far more today than it earns or can earn. The IMF refused to participate in the new credit cards. The IMF and WORLD BANK reported that Greece Debt is not sustainable. What does this mean? That the haircuts the lenders will not take – DEBT RELIEF –  ( wiping out debt and Greece no longer owes the money it legally borrowed by contract ) – ends with lender getting nothing from a Greek Bankruptcy.

Consider this:

  1. There is old Greece building a debt spiral that can not be paid off in economic terms.
  2. There is the new after bankruptcy Greece that starts fresh with no debt.

Which Greece is better for Greece and its people. We think THAT is the economics 1 and 2 and nothing else.

The politics lead the economics with Greece. When politics lead economic policy the policy always ends in crises and disaster. That never changes.

When economics lead the politics the people of nations do far better for far longer.

Greece owes 6 more billion to creditors this July. To avoid default placing global lenders in domino contagion crises to the CORE GLOBAL SYSTEM ITSELF – and to avoid the crises to the EU at CORE ECONOMICS to its own system so fragile right now – the lender consortiums who wish to carry Greek truly BAD DEBT THAT WILL NEVER BE RAPAID as s legal good asset on THEIR BOOKKEEPING – ( we call this legal theft )  – are issuing enough new credit dollars to Greece to make the payment in July as if giving them an unlmited black American express card. To be sure they seek improved economics in a Greek system that pays out fully adjusted about 220% of annual GNP in loan interest.

The IMF and WORLD BANK seeing this economically opted out of helping and noted without massive debt relief by creditors GREEK DEBT ( speaking only on economics not politics ) was and “IS” unsustainable.

So the seeds of a GLOBAL SYSTEM CRASH as a RISK to the world order as we know it remains China and Greece Debt along with other EU member Debt and in fact USA Debt. To educate yourself better review the global DEBT CLOCK on the count down to the melt down and SUPER CRASH provided here – but make a FAVORITE of the DEBT CLOCK and check back when news begins to rise up on these points of DEFAULT as in China the weekend of April 9th 2017 and see my Blog on China this weekend.

Click the tabs at the bottom to see the WORLD DEBT CLOCK. Make a FAVORITE in your browser. Share this blog on your walls on your social and email lists – share the DEBT CLOCK URL virally.

Together we the people – fully informed – and opt for policy improvement. Vote for candidates that agree economics must run politics not the other way around. if you want to be more active in helping READ REDEMPTIION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and join the revolution as a leader in our 140 nation army of CEO’s already inside.

Movements effect the few while revolutions effect us all.

Cooperative Capitalsim fully transparent – no secrets – fully reporting and accountable is a better system model and nations can adopt into the “better way”. We have the means we only lack the education and the will.

BERNY DOHRMANN – Keeping Greece in your minds for RISK and WHY today.

— April 10, 2017

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