Over the weekend Fed Kashkari told Jamie Diamond – you need to DOUBLE YOUR CASH RESERVES – nothing personal Jamie. He noted all big banks have a federally required plan to unwind in crises. The living will as it is called – has been rejected by federal planners. The dispute is over the big bank – oh by gosh and by golly – if our bad global off shore speculation bets all leveraged and now bad debts – we owe – and claim are assets when the are really shit balls in a cow field – we will force our debt folks to take stock in our firm and move the debt to stock asset.

Kashkari of the Federal Reserve Board has drawn a Syrian Red line for the banks.

  1. Kashkari points out in a real crisis the folks holding the bad bets have lost all confidence from all markets. Bond holders have legal rights to their money as do structured asset holders on the right side of the bets.
  2. Kashkari points out in “as in DUHHHH” the debt folks want all their money and do not wish to convert to now stock that has become worthless in the market.
  3. Kashkari points out from history – in a real crisis – this moves bad debt to stock – the plan by the people making the bad debts almost NEVER EVER WORKS.
  4. Therefore he is stating based on the bad debt risk the banks are taking as good assets when they are not  good assets the banks need to DOUBLE THEIR CASH RESERVES to withstand paying off the bad bets they are making and have since 2008 continued to make with minimum or no government oversight digital investment banking higher risk world banks now put their core deposits into.
  5. As banks place core deposits for the first time since the 1920’s in SUPER HIGH-RISK asset classes – a spiral of higher risk for short-term profit – there is urgency for banks taking such SUPER HIGH side bet risk to be forced to double their cash reserves.
As leading economists tracking the trend toward the next crises ring the Alarm Bells, the banks and the financial lobby – now one voice and the largest lobby for all nations capitols – fight to block such protections to the public good. Why? Profits.
The mindless GREED MACHINE seeks only short-term profit maximization under a failed economy theory put forth by long dead Milton Freidman of Chicago. His Theory is so wrong it now risks the entire financial system of the world that follow it’s modeling. For one Milton never saw the digital speculation markets and was not able to add that factor into his theory.  Yet mindless Universities turn out Friedman devotion as if Freidman economics was a holy gospel. It is, in fact, a failed economic theory creating the death spiral of the current system.
Super Crash is coming. The reason is digital speculation distorting and manipulating markets for mindless greed, in a spiral that is beyond government current legal framework to moderate.
The Press who would illuminate this issue and keep this issue in the spotlight can no longer provide impartial reporting. The press dependency on financial market advertising support is too much of a co-opt to institute reporting that would attack it’s on cash cow advertising base. The conflict of interest was strategic to the financial voices seeking to also manipulate media to their own outcome, short-term profit.
Democracy works when the people are highly educated in the financial alphabet of their system and are active in control and offset to mindless greed appetites we human’s tend to flow toward as our own core nature. We need box top rules to moderate greed appetites for special interest various uniform playing fields.
Is Democracy the best form of government? I think it could be with reform. I believe the constitutions of any nations become corrupted over time and fail to adapt to systemic issues like the digital age spiral. Without a 100-year CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to retire revise and upgrade constitutions a class warfare consolidates where 1% own more wealth than 99% as Citi Corp reported it is today in America.
Warren Buffet said – we are engaged in Class Warfare and I am so sorry to report to you all that my class IS WINNING.
The wealthiest nation on earth has been legally plundered as its middle class once soaring and the envy of the world is shrinking with no end or hope in sight.
Trump the great hope of a generation of voters who elected him are seeing nothing much is changing really, as the existing system is not being reformed as Trump suggested but truly holds the power in successfully corrupting Trump Visions for revision.
The Super Money is inward dwelling with the focus on how to preserve their existing monopolies and franchises to wealth consolidation.
As the hotel industry for one example consolidated until Starwood was bought by Marriot to create ONE SINGEL SUPER DOMINATION FIRM – where the FTC saw no problem in such monopoly consolidation vacating all diversity of the industry entirely good? An event that would never have taken place in the 1960’s or 1970’s or even the 1980’s in my opinion. As this is taking place across all industry platforms one sees this.
1. Competitive capitalism is failed system as it consolidates wealth to an instability of national interest long term.
2. Socialism and Communism are failed economic systems because they consolidate wealth to an instability of national interest long term.
3. Dictators and Kings are inefficient because they consolidate wealth to instability for nations long term based on economics.
4. Digital economies have outpaced government local regulations due to cloud trading spirals consolidating wealth in years that once took decades. 1-3 are the extension of feudal economics. The Royals take over those who are not only today by hostile merger versus cannons and knights. The knights are Harvard-Yale brains and the take over is done digitally.
5. A new Global economic theory we express in REDEMEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – defines the banks of today are bankrupt if their bad bet loan assets were required by law to be reported as loss versus as good assets which is legal theft of wealth. We also report the CASH RESERVES OF BANKS must be moderated for the public good as a systemic rule of law. New Box Top rules can be executed to moderate greed – place fair and uniform trade between nations – and preclude unwanted consolidation by worldwide fair and transparent tax policies all nations adopt together all at once.
CEO SPACE applauds Kashkari of the Federal reserve board – a private no government institution owned by the SUPER MONEY financial institutions who are the FED SHAREHOLDERS always kept in secret and not reported to anyone – when he speaks the obvious truth this weekend that almost no news in the world reported AT ALL.
We report this important weekend news on our blog because the BIG NEWS is always in small print. But we find it just for you.
NOTE” The bad debt accounts as in Greece must rebalance within economic rules that are unchangable -either through system change, our model for SUPER BONDS reported here – or SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR the more traditional way the world rebalances bad debt world wide.  Its all economics.


— April 10, 2017

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