We continue to call on your readers to influence their association’s in media and the media, and our own readers in both, to define and to label:

  • Insanity acted out again in the markets of the sane
  • Terror is a form of insanity
  • Cease using labels of legitimacy
  • Terror is not political
  • Terror is not a religion
  • Terror is insanity a pure  form of insanity

As we consistent globally define terror as insanity, we reduce recruitment as there is no cause. A small gang of insane brains is NOT  a cause. Not something anyone joins. They are insane and without sanity to the world. Insanity always fails which itself is insane. Sanity always win because it IS sane.

There is no value to the UK experience other than to reaffirm the unity we all as sane have with one another. Sanity celebrates versus punishes diversity of faith and politics. Insanity punishes it.

The world unites as a SANITY behind the UK and its traditions today as one.

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking out for sanity

— March 23, 2017

What Do You Think?

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