The EU offers what? Italy has almost 40% youth unemployment. The debt is almost 150% of income. Italy is polling to leave the EU in 24 months or less with the forward elections looming.

France is in its election moving to depart the EU for its own reasons. How will France pay the overwhelming debt loads of the other majority membership? EU demographics are destroying French culture.

Greece is about to elevate into a debt crisis that without an end of EU paying Greece endlessly, Greece joins the UK in leaving the EU.

As these conditions unfold and SPAIN along with others are right behind – the shattering of the EU effects investing, stability, known box top rules – and until new box top rules are created over 25 years looking forward of the EU has one easy word.


As the failure unfolds in forward time the world markets must adjust. The big winners will be only one. America.

Financially speaking.

This is not said politically but economically.

China with its 300% debt over income will shatter into debt bomb default when the EU collapses. Which it will as we have predicted for five years on this blog.

Now the end is closer.

In real time in 2017.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching the unfolding math and data for you

— March 23, 2017

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