Coal remains the single most abundant fuel for all nations in the world today. The lowest cost for making electricity is coal. Enter Jim Wilkeson a CEO SPACE long time leader. Jim runs an leading invention firm in Wyoming – a center of the US Coal supply.

Jim has now issued not pending patents but two fully issued global patents from his beta plant tests. Issued worldwide patents.

Jim has created a nano process to change the molecular structure of coal itself. What does this new technology do? That will affect coal for 1000 years? Jim’s process:

  1. Cleans coal before it enters a plant to burn.
  2. The modified fuel product Coal II – burns clean with zero environmental consequence
  3. The process reclaims gold silver heavy metals and rare earth plus toxins from the goal as it conveyor belts by
  4. The process is CHEAP
  5. The outcome is PURE

Today national press focused on the decline of Coal plants in recent years as the largest shift in modern times. Buried in the press was a 5% rise of coal use yearly into the future – so why is BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH not a head nod to BUY COAL LOW TODAY?

It is my opinion Jim is on to the first trillion dollar technology – reframing energy from oil and the KW cost to lower cost developing nation unlimited energy from COAL. If I were a coal mine I’d invest and partner with Jim Wilkenson and monopolize those patents.

We’ll keep a LIGHT ON FOR YOU on COAL.

Berny Dohrmann – The NEW COAL II is coming – You heard it FIRST HERE

— March 23, 2017

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