We told our readers do not get caught up in the FOOLS RALLY of October to Now. What we call the HOPE rally. The Truth is:

  1. Earnings are fantastically challenged.
  2. Stocks are idiotically over priced.
  3. Bonds are risky too.
  4. Inflation is soaring as Fed waited TWO YEARS to late to raise interest rates
  5. The global economy is enormously at risk to geo political events

So with this in mind, todays news that retail sales had the worst decline in half a year – while soaring cost of price points created replacement for all inventory at now rising prices that shock experts. It is all just starting.

Price soaring for Real Estate at 20% plus in Seattle can THAT bubble continue – no I don’t think so.

We have told you the SUPER BUBBLE “is” the COST OF EVERYTHING. IT is ALL a bubble today. Unlike anything in history. Speculators have bid up the COST OF EVERYTHING now controlled by greedy software bets.

Trump is a hair away from a serious trade war that can destroy speculator positions and wipe out financial holdings across a lot of lines.

We have told you to anticipate SUPER CRASH. We have suggested as no one knows the timing that:

  1. A likely serious market correction is likely this spring
  2. A Super Crash is likely by next spring or there around that time

We do not see a strong economy. We see a FOOLS RALLY economically and we see insane pricing on asset classes. So now we will see if the FOOLS suggesting we are in this amazing up bubble are right – or economics 101 prevails.

We have told our readers HOW to protect their nest egg’s and we hope they have done so. If they have not done so…we ask them to hold on and fasten their seat belts.

The ride is going to make volatility …..need …..a new name.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE now in session live in Orlando 

— March 16, 2017

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