Say the internet. 

Say this blog you’re subscribed to and reading frequently.

Say the smartphone.

Say how many NOTIFICATIONS do YOU GET in a single day?

Your Pad.

Your video’s as attached files today.

Your PDF and word and worksheets and SaleForce and Hub Spot and more.








Apple Pay

Mircoshit ( pretty much unchanged )

Blue tooth

Iwatch and wearables



Games that teach you everything

Endless Porn

Endless news 24-7

Instant Message 






Identity theft

Online bullying

Sex bullying 

Cyber psychologist

A lot has changed in 25 years – the span of a generation – and the adapting of human brain power is being tested. Today in the USA the largest demographic is 26 years old. The ECHO GENERATION the generation of the Baby Boomer Generation. The 55 to 70 is the youngest, most active, still spending still investing still starting ventures, the group in human history. They are not doing what economists thought hence the worldwide stability boom even after massive credit abuse in the trillions of dollars worldwide.

The age 26 ECHO generation now in 25 years offsets any decline in buying as the ECHO is larger than the boomer – group and will now buy houses – and there are none to buy for this four million strong and GROWING buyer group – and credit users for cars and children goods and schools and housing – all of which this group will create a shortage for and massive inflation for. The FED and economists are seeing it.

In 25 years everything has moved from BOOMER economics to ECHO economics are you up to speed on this? Are you investing in what it takes to do that planning and opportunity grabbing? CEO SPACE is teaching small business OWNER ceos and those in professional practice about OPTIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES you might otherwise miss. With over 20 nations attending and the host HOTEL SOLD OUT some time ago – now in overflow hotel space – in this SOLD OUT CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the first of five to thrive off the year – next is May than August with TEEN FEAST and then Oct then December and our new home for SIX YEARS in Florida.

CEO SPACE is modified to include the ECHO business owner entrepreneur. If you are age 25 to age 35 you went through all these changes and more listed here as if you were breathing as you reached your adulthood. For you, the change was your NEW NORMAL. You expect HYPER CHANGE you thrive in SUPER CHANGE. The Boomers have to acquire new tools and new mindsets to stay current with SUPER CHANGE.

The new education is to LEARN TO UNLEARN AND TO RELEARN as defined in my work SUPER CHANGE coming out this YEAR. The definitive work on HOW TO PROSPER  IN SUPER CHANGE. I encourage my readers to REMAIN CURRENT and find our own process for doing so. 

This blog is one tool and it is YOURS always a click away.

But get a full compliment of OPTIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES to PROSPER in the developing age of SUPER CHANGE.

It has been 25 years since the first email broke ground with the first ever attached file. History was made. Big files took an hour or more with the telephone modem bandwidth. There was no wi-fi. There was no high bandwidth. There was no cell connection or 3G or 4G and no one imagined 5G or more.

You are the first generation of human condition and history to adapt to SUPER CHANGE. Human’s will go extinct or prosper largely in response to their adoption to SUPER CHANGE.

The old model and now proven form of insanity of competitive thought, can no longer as a problem layering delivery system, resolve the problems of insanity with more insanity. Only with human cooperation and collaboration can we resolve the problems facing us in Super Change. Think of these extinction events competition created for us as a human form of collective insanity where one believes competition is wholesome, good, contributing and in any way SANE:

  1. Every 35 million years or so the earth and our system, spirals through the densest part ( rock storms ) of our galaxy. This has produced countless life extinction events for our planet. This is important because humans have intelligence today to cooperate and construct a DETECTION AND DEFLECTION system to protect our home planet. However being insane and competitive, we permit 1.2 billion to starve to death this year – with enough food to feed them all – AND – we kill enormous numbers of humanity with every hideous weapon we channel our productivity into – to punish diversity of political or religious thinking ( competitive insanity ) versus celebrating all human diversity no matter how it’s expressed. Unless we get sane the universe will cause us to go extinct. That is for sure.
  2. WE have prospered in civilization during the briefest period of geological acquiescence. During this period we have not had the earthquakes, the volcano’s and the methane gas releases to wipe out life as we know it. However we are insane and have built our Atomic energy plants and most toxic plants close to the rivers and oceans, polluted the earth so badly a state as large as TEXAS of toxic waste floats in the PACIFIC OCEAN and just grows,  and as the earth returns to historic pole flips and magnetic flips and geological more active periods, wipe out from rising seas, ocean tsunami’s returning, earthquakes, massive volcanic action will wipe out much of humanity globally. Our capacity to build in safe areas, create cities underground, and keep the surface as a park, and avoid the catastrophic costs insanity is bringing us as we save a dollar and lose it every time we have a hurricane, remains insane. But we learn nothing and continue to compete with each other and the planet versus cooperate.
  3. We massively create pollution that will make humanity extinct in air water and land.
  4. We massively create weapons that will make humanity extinct in record time frames as we rush forward to use these insane weapon systems any sane specifies would never have created.
  5. We are now dealing with the largest digital change to the human condition in history and we have no controls or rules to bring us together morally, with every greater MIND POLLUTION taking place on the line. An example for a morality of values for family units and nations ( the enormous majority ) is that today GRAY and DARKER THAN GRAY is the biggest seller against the bible worldwide – so that at a click it is now alright to explore by the millions sex through pain until unlike torture and snuff to death films make the Roman Coliseum look moral by today’s standards. INSANITY and competitive. Games are increasingly sexual or violent or both resetting young brand wiring to expectancy humanity never experienced before without moderation from school or family. Drugs and social decay is the epidemic of illness is rising where even antibiotic overuse is going to be the extinction event as the VIRUS population inherits the earth.

CEO SPACE is a revolution of thinking. Of enormous numbers of real LEADERS who matter come together to learn COOPERATION and to remove COMPETITION as a virus on their mental software. If you can not attend CEO SPACE in your lifetime – invest in my book REDEMPTION and read it with a marker pen of how YOU WILL PLAY at home space work space or political space in the unfolding world revolution we began 30 years ago.  to rush the book to you today. Save the URL to bookmark so you can order for others.

Sanity is all of us coming to together r in cooperation. To COLLAB. To get rid of competition as a mind pollution. The virus causing everything else. Once unconditional cooperation exists in thought – the world for humanity flourishes for the future.

Your future.

Your Echo generation futures.

Your children and grandchildren future.

What if there are a better way and half a million are living it through CEO SPACE, where millions upon millions are influenced to better thinking and lives by those CEO leaders of the revolution and professionals who joined them. UN Ambassadors, senators, lawmakers and senior administration officials from nations all over the world today as well as leaders in finance from Wall Street to Bejing to London. All CEO SPACE members today and more and more reading this blog as the word gets out to them as we don’t promote our blog – you DO by sharing it. WE just started it last year and over 25,000 are subscribing with 250,000 clicking to read.

Should you not learn more about that revolution for a better future?

I recommend it to my readers.

Berny Dohrmann – Revolutionary for COOPERATION VS. COMPETITION ( insanity )