So the markets up again just as we said. Why? Because of lies. During the Obama years when USA unemployment was so ENORMOUS, the labor department changed HOW IT CALCULATES UNEMPLOYMENT. And BANG we had U 3 and U 6 and even more U numbers. You can always MANIPULATE data if you are the most powerful central government on earth, and your population is no longer educated to think and participate and keep you HONEST, and you just lie to your own people for political agendas. Money really. You become common. Like the majority of nations. Versus leading and remaining the HOPE & The Promise of the world. In America, the pendulum also swings back and we believe the PEOPLE will wake up. Just takes time.

So U 3 the silly number of those frantically seeking a job actively is at 4.7%. The real unemployment in the USA is around 9..7% quite high by historic standards and down from almost 15% at the height of the recession by almost half. Still, Trump is right in the tens of millions having no jobs and the over 40 million receiving FOOD STAMP support from the Federal Government inside the richest nation on earth. All that is a crime.

So based on the lie the recovery is strong when in truth the recovery is so weak and fragile it is a coin toss, IF the Fed policy, of pouring 12 trillion in money into markets, is going to prevent a depression and SUPER CRASH in the end. We think their policy has failed and the Fed should be merged into the UNITED STATES TREASURY as a common sense revision of monetary policy.

So the liars will raise interest rates two years too late. Inflation will overwhelm the nations of the world in the early 2020’s with no end in sight – remember you heard THAT first here.

Super Crash may occur due to debt default contagion and the full break up of the EU at any time, and deflation may replace inflation as we slide into world depression due to debt abuse globally. System tampering by feds.

South Korea moves it’s leadership out with no new leadership. It’s largest firm. it’s national government. Will North Korea take advantage of the confusion? YOU BET we suggest another RISK that is mortal for economies.

There is no better time of opportunity for North Korea and no better time will occur. If they fail to act now they lose their window. What are the odds they WILL ACT? I’d say high. As soon as THIS WEEKEND.

Remember you heard THAT first on this blog. Track it.

So the risk is rising. Asia is unstable.

China has threatened SOUTH KOREA with billions by cutting off tourism, trade, cruise ships and more to Seoul as PUNISHMENT for the USA missile defense system rushing to installation now – which China well knows blocks much or all of its Missile forward launches against the USA and South Korea and Japan as it does North Korea and much of RUSSIA. So they do not want the missile shield that makes their ultimate atomic power impotent as is about to take place.

So all this is now rising in front of TRUMP. Can the deal making a business man, become a peacemaking statesman?

We are about to find out folks. We are about to find out.

I see the market going up on nonsense and the market is so very over priced so that investors will lose fortunes coming up. Remember you heard THAT here.

I see the instability factor in the EU, in Asia, in the Gulf rising. I don’t see a spiral to peace and cooperation anywhere.

Do you?


Berny Dohrmann – CHAIRMAN CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and founder 


PS: Iran is helping the USA in Syria and Iraq why don’t we meet with IRAN and make a long term deal for restoring people to people cooperation?