My readers have tracked almost 100 predictions since 1988. We predicted the stock market crash of 1987. We predicted the Dot.Bomb crash. We predicted the 2008 crash in 2007 and the BIG SHORT Folks read this blog and are still reading this blog.

Financial analyst economists advisers to Private Equity Hedge Fund and Sovereign Wealth funds all read THIS BLOG.

In 2016 we predicted:

  1. The Trump rally was a fools rally.
  2. We suggested getting out of the market like so many authorities are confirming today in 2017 and we suggested the safest harbor of where to park your near and dear resources.
  3. We predicted 100% of experts were wrong and that oil ( the cost of everything ) would not go up with OPEC’s move, that OPEC was a sham and had lost its credibility and even influence factor on global oil markets. WE predicted oil would not go over $ 70 which all experts predicted – we suggested the world is drowning in oil and investing LONG would become a blood bath. Today we are CONFIRMED as Oil plunges toward 42 oil just as we predicted just when we predicted.
  4. We predicted the market ( insanely over-priced ) would begin to a correction the SPRING of 2017. Today we are confirmed – precisely – in our correction as folks betting on this market are losing as speculators on the wrong side of the BET are loosing so much money because they did not believe what we told them or why. Big mistake.
  5. Finally, we suggested wild cards include Iran the vote in France building to a LEAVE EU and the vote in Italy on LEAVE EU with a world economic meteor shower as the EU breaks up over the coming 36 months – a result we predicted for two years.

The China debt and the Russia debt make the movement to war adventures likely to take the attention off their failing economies. The world does not get YET that the communist economic model in China and Russia has failed and the are both broke. Dying. Polluted economies without hope of a stable recovery.

America needs reform. 

America the economy.

However, America remains the most diversified, inventive, vibrant, wealthy ( even with left undone poverty to uplift still in front of us ) and successful economy on earth. Far from perfect and needing improvements to be sure but without politics, just speaking economically, Communism has failed and capitalism has succeeded.

Competitive capitalism is a failed model which consolidates wealth just like failed communism such that 1% of the elite class own more wealth than 99% which is where the majority of nations find themselves in 2017. This model is immoral, unethical, socially toxic, not sustainable, and driven by selfishness, greed, and power. A revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM will take the positive economics of socialism and capitalism and marry these IT WORKS modeling into a moral-ethical system of economic integrity. The MASTER PLAN the BLUEPRINT for nations to achieve this revolution of laws and leadership is set forth in: the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – order your copy for your national leadership from Amazon. Become part of the solution for the unborn generation in your nation today. Get the book with your note to reform the core economic model into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM and frankly – they will -because it is a better way. The present way leads to world war the future way leads to world peace and our own longevity.

So the predictions we make here are life-saving to your nest egg if you use the information and take action.

You have the most accurate forecasting prediction tool on earth. Spanning three decades of the accurate spot on predictions – often against all the experts who continue to be wrong ( say Crammer ) and here – you see it right time and time again. And spot on as to timing. Spot on as to WHAT WHEN AND WHERE AND WHY. You can take action with better information.

You protect wealth.

If you follow the crowd, you through your wealth off a cliff.

if you see predictions and take no action the loss is on you. My wealth is secure if I could charge just 5 bucks for the phrase …Mr. Dohrmann Mr. Dohrmann I so wish I had listened to you – the cost for not listening I just can’t tell you – or the other minority that says Mr. Dohrmann I don’t know how to thank you for what you saved our family in emotional pain and financial loss we never knew and all our friends are going through – thank you is just not enough.

Five bucks. 

That is all I need. five bucks.

Berny Dohrmann – CEO SPACE MARCH 13th and I just can not wait …you coming?

PS: Precision accuracy is our goal and two of our 2016 predictins are now CONFIRMED this March in the market precisely when we stated they both would occur.